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Aduke-Episode 22


Aduke-Episode 22

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Never judge an unfinished artwork, never underestimate a crawling boar.

The moment I saw franklin, I knew things are destined to go bad .

Getting angry was an understatement, I was boiling and at the same time I was wondering.
"How did he know? Has he been spying on us? " those two questions kept reoccurring in my mind until I realize the quote that says, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

I thought I was done with him for good, but his backwards ram came back even more stronger.

He came with his families behind him, her mom whose happens to be a sharpshooter couldn't wait to explode herself out with talks.

" franklin is this the small boy that is tormenting your life? Is he the one that collected your job and even your wife from you? " her mother screamed out as she set her gaze on me in a nasty way.

" that's him mom, he once told me that's it not the size of a dog in fight, but the size of a fight in dog. I guess he was right, cos his dog defeated my tiger, but my tiger didn't die, he who lives, still lives to fight another day, I'm here to claim the full responsibility of the seed I put in Mercy " he said.

I was so pissed that I had to voice out.

" oh please shut up, what rubbish!! don't you have no shame, you came here with all your families for what? Who invited you here? Who... "

"Ayomi what's happening... " Mercy cut in as she erupt outside. Her ignorance came alive when she saw franklin. She stopped on her track cos she was surprise to see him.

" what are you doing here franklin? " she asked calmly as she tires to hide her anger.

" I'm here for you my love " he replied with a smile as he move closer to touch her.

"Franklin you are not welcome here please leave " she said slowly, but this time her anger can be easily be detected on her face. Franklin move more closer as he tries to calm her down with his words.

"Baby listen to me I want to... "
" I said get out!!! " she screamed .
Her voice alerted everyone and they all come out to see what's happening.

" mercy what's happening, we heard you shouting is everything okay here" her father asked as he appear in view along side with everyone present inside.

"Ay is everything okay? Who are these people and why is your spouse wearing that look and even you ? " my mom questioned.

I've never been that confused before in my life.

" mom... I don't even know where to start... "

" of cos I do" franklin cut in. " let me help you, your son stole my wife and he's claiming my unborn child, we came here to stop him and to claim what is mine "

There's a tribe in Nigeria that don't fucking care who you are or where they are. They ain't afraid to talk where talking needed be. They are called the igbo's.

There's also a tribe in Nigeria that won't talk when expected to, instead they'll wait till the first speaker is done, they knows the right answers to every fucking questions, no matter the situation or the weather, there's always an awaiting answer to every fucking questions. We are called the Yoruba's.

" whose son's is barking " my mom thew out without even looking at franklin.

" you clearly can't say that to my face" franklin's mom challenged as she move closer to my mom.

" I repeat, who owns the dog? " my mom said confidently as she looks directly into franklin mom eyes. It seems the two of them happens to know each other... and they ain't cool.

" it is your son that is a dog, like mother like son, thief!!! Sitting on something that doesn't belong to them. That's who you are from the day one of your life till you'll die, you will always be stealing things from people. thief that's who you are and your son" franklin's mother said insultively which came as a total surprise to everyone.

" are you done ranting cos you've clearly graduated from being just an idiot to a market lunatic. Oh this Ankara looks fancy decorated on you, who brought it for you? the 9th or the 10th husband, cos I'm pretty sure that you can never ever afford to buy a single pant to waer by yourself. That is why you kept moving from one husband to another depending all your life on men. " My mom let out contemptuously.

" see this mad woman ooo, na today I go teach you lesson wey I suppose don teach you long time ago, I will deal with you, I will beat you bend... "

"Metala è ko to bé!!! " mama ayo cut in. " baba nla ku e ko to be. Ma ti na e ju, ma ba tie je! Iwo da? Ma lu é wan shi e mo. weré!!! "

Before we realize the two women has began to tie their rapper and ready to fight each other, I hold my mom down while franklin just stood watching her mother as she made to attack my mom.

Franklin mother was close to hitting my mom when sade quickly come in between and push her away.

" mama e sun meyin jor abi eya were ni? Ema lo wa ooo, I fit break bottle on your head ooo. Idiot you no fit hold your mama down abi? " sade let out angrily as she face both franklin and his mom.

" can someone explain to me what is happening here!!! " mercy's dad shouted in his topmost voice. everywhere was silent in a seconds until franklin broke the silence.

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" I owns the baby " he said
" which baby? " Mercy dad threw back.

" the baby in your daughter womb, I put it there " he finalized and everyone began humming.

" son is that true? " my dad asked calmly but I know he's very disappointed by everything that has happened.

"Dad, I.. I.. Can explain he's just... "
" I want a yes or no answer from you, give me a reason to call the police. I'm asking again is it true? " he asked and I can sense the way he's trying hard to hide his anger.

" I don't know... I'm not sure dad" I replied slowly with my head faced down.

He took a deep breath then he let out calmly.

" very well then, take your mom to the car, call the rest... I'm very sorry for the inconvenience we bring into your peaceful home, I'm sorry for the drama my wife created, we will come back after light is being shed on the darkness. I hope you'll accept my apology " my dad said as he made to prostrate in front of Mercy dad which quickly stopped him from doing so.

"Please don't do it sir, I'm the one that suppose to be begging you not to be angry with us, it is not your fault, it's ours. It's our daughter fault, she's the one that brought us shame, she's the one that turns herself into a prostitute that didn't know who impregnated her, it's not your fault sir, it's ours, so please forgive us" he said pleadingly

I saw aduke crying bitterly as we drove away from the scene leaving them with franklin's families .

We returned back home to akure the following day, my dad didn't say a word to me because of the guest and other family members among us, but after they are all gone... Hell broke lose.

it was really a hell for me cos I lied to them, I lied to them that I was her first, I lied to them that I disflowered her, I said all this while I was trying to convince them to support me with the pregnancy issue. Now if I'm telling them the opposite of what I told them, it means hell, they are still going to tongue lash me, no matter how much they love me i'm still going to receive different varieties of tongue lashing . I made them look stupid by lying to them.

" you and your son embarrassed me totally yesterday, I've never be that embarrassed before in my life, you turned yourself into a fighter while your son made a fool of me. I'm very disappointed in the two of you " my dad said firmly then he shifted his gaze at me

" yes you, do you have an explanation to everything that happened cos I can remember vividly you telling me that you are her first so who's the second guy claiming the pregnancy! " he asked pointedly. I think he deserves the truth so I spilled everything out.

"I'm not her first, I'm sorry that I lied to you. He was her first, but he raped her. They broke up and I appeared in the picture. I made love to her and when she told me that she's pregnant, I believe I'm responsible since I'm the only one she love, now that he showed up claiming the pregnancy, I'm perturbed, I'm not sure if it's mine or if it's his"

My dad took a deep breath as I narrated everything to him, I dare not look in his eyes.

"Only a DNA test can prove if you are the owner of the pregnancy or not" my dad said calmly which came as a surprise to me.

"Yea only a DNA test" my mom added.

" we can go do the DNA test next week to know if I'm the father or not " I said cheerfully but I got a long hiss from my mom.

" we can't" she replied.

" why can't we, I'm ready " I muttered abruptly.

" you can't get a DNA from a fetus, the baby will have to be born before we can know the true father, so for now, our hands are tied" my mom said and my dad stood up to leave.

" the next six months is going to be hell for me... Cos I'm undecided " I muttered slowly to myself.

" so mom, what's up with you and that woman? " I questioned.

" Her name is Christiana. back to the days of my youth, I know her very well, infact the two of us are very close to the extent that we share clothes and even food together " she replied.

" so what caused the crash? " I pushed more further.

" she's never satisfied with things she have, your dad was never my first but he's my last, even before I met your dad, I've been in some unsuccessful relationship, all of them are being ruined by Christiana. We fought most times because of men. She always want my man. When I can't take it anymore, I stopped being friends with her and we both separated. apart form that, she did something that pained me that I swore never to forgive her. I won't disclose that to you"

It's no doubt that women can quarrel for a hundred years, I won't just say for a life time.

I tried contacting mercy on phone countless of times but she refused to pick the phone, and whenever it got picked, it's always her mom that will pick it.according to what she told me, she said mercy has been crying and also doing some stupid things, like attempting to take her life. So they ground her under surveillance.

I was hurt when she said the she don't even want to speak with me.
It was really a though time for me, my parents ain't in good terms with me and the only person I loved refused to talk to me. My heart was so disturbed.

i was on alone in the living room thinking about the whole situation when a call from mercy came in.

Mercy : hello ay
Me: mercy why are u doing this to me. You didn't pick my calls and your mom said that you've been crying
Mercy: I'm sorry, I can't just stop crying (sobbing)
Me: everything is going to be alright
Mercy : I don't think so Ay, if this pregnancy belongs to franklin it's all over.
Me: how?
Mercy : dont you get it, your parents wont approve our union. The main reason why we are getting married is be because of this baby and if this baby isn't yours... I'm afraid we'll never be together.
Me : just shut up, the baby is mine and mine only.
Mercy : I'm confused Ay.
Me: how old is the pregnancy
Mercy: it's 3 months
Me: my mom said we can only know the father of the baby after being born.
Mercy : yes unfortunately
Me: just calm yourself down, everything will be alright
Mercy : that's what you always said, giving me hope even where there isn't. Thank you.
Me : just believe
Mercy : I always believe
Me: when are you returning back to school?
Mercy : next tomorrow, what about you?
Me: I'll return tomorrow
Mercy : alright so when am I going to see you again?
Me: I'll always pay you a visit in your school
Mercy : thank you ayomi
Me: yea... Love you
Mercy : love you too.

When life throws us a pickles, we wept blindly, we caused creation... no one asked if it goes the wrong way.

I couldn't stay at home so I had to return back to school.

I told few people about my introduction and whenever they ask about how it went, I just couldn't say a word.

Baba dudu and school son kept asking me but I couldn't open up to them but they could understand that I'm not feeling happy.

Everything I was doing that time got delayed, I even stopped writing stories, and even the ones I'm writing, I stopped cos I didn't know how to continue again .

After the day work on Friday, I was in my room playing a game in other to distract my mind when I heard a knock on the door.

Before I could raise my head up, the person has already open the door.

Ruth came inside briskly as she drop a food flask containing food on my desk.

" what's up love" she greeted as she approach me seductively and then bending her head for a kiss.
Ruth is one of my lady that always say "I understand " whenever I hurt her or try to make a silly excuse.

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Ever since I met Mercy, I noticed that my attention towards Ruth has reduced. Basically it looks like she's the one forcing herself on me judging from my attitude towards her. I rarely call her, infact we ain't close as before.

Ruth didn't react badly to my behaviors, instead she showed me more love and she never change a bit towards me. That's why I'm always afraid of ladies falling in love with me, cos once they fell in love or we are in love together, it always takes more than just a break up for them to stop loving me. Cos when I love, I love completely, I'll change their mentality, I'll make them strong, I'll make them believe in me, cos I'll also believe in them.

Ruth was wearing a very short skirt that expose her laps seductively and I can even see the comeliness of her breast.

" you are looking hot" I muttered as I force out a smile.

" no offense taken since it's coming out from you, " she said then she climbed on me.

" what did you intend to create by wearing this kind of clothes in the neighborhood " I asked.

She bend her head closer then she gave me a long kiss. While kissing her, I sense some things, firstly I tasted some weed particles in her mouth, like someone that ate weed rawly. Secondly her body is reacting rapidly to every single toch i make. i broke off the kissing then I look straight into her eyes.
" did you eat something? " I asked pretendedly.

" no... What did you think? Anyway I brought you food, I think you should eat first " she replied.

I fetched for the food flask which was sitting on my reading table then I open it to see a well prepared rice with pepper sauce.
I took a spoon then I looked back at her.

" Ruth you did a great job by cooking this delicious meal, but why do you have to ruin it by adding weed inside it? " I said as I shift the food away.
" cos I want you to be crazy, and crazy for me alone, i'm already crazy for you, so eat up and join me" she said then she remove her top.

" I don't think I can, my mood isn't good. I have alot of problems on my neck than to be eating a well prepared weed with you" I said.
" Ay please stop this I don't like it. Just eat that food and let's have sex. The weed is already working on me and I don't want to use it on anger. Just eat the food and stop giving me excuses, it's not as if you are new to weed. So please of all the things, don't deny me of sex" she spatted.

" Ruth i'm sorry... I'm not in mood " I mumbled slowly.

" Ay have always been understanding you, can't you understand me for this once. I want you. It's written large and clear" she said then she made to kiss me again but I quickly stop her.

" let's do it some other time please... "

" some other time!!! " she cut in angrily " Ay what's wrong with you? Why are you doing this to me? I love you like anyone else in would but you don't even love me anymore. Alright I understand, i'm leaving. And if I should leave this room without you stopping me. I swear I won't come back again " she said then she began packing her things.

"Ruth calm down. Don't let the weed use you to make some stupid decisions " I said as I try to calm her down.

" oh really! Stupid decision ba? It's not a stupid decision, it's my decision " she said then she ran out of the room forgetting to take her food flask along. I didn't go after her, I just remain in my room to rethink of what to do.

After a while, I stood up and began eating the food she brought.

I finished the food then I head to the bathroom to have a cool shower. After bathing, I locked my room then head directly to her place.

Her door was opened and I need not to knock before entering.
I found her sleeping and lines of dried tears can be easily spotted on her face. I went back and lock her door then I lied beside her.

I placed a light kiss on her lips which woke her up from sleep. She wanted to talk but I stopped her with another kiss.

" don't say a word, I know how it feels to be denied of love. I've been thinking too much, I need to clear my thought and put it straight... I ate all the food.. are you sure you can match my horny curiosity ? " I asked and she nodded abruptly.

" let see who wins " she said with a winks and just like Barry Allen we quickly strip ourselves naked.

I can feel the weed taking rapid effect on me but that's exactly what I want.

For a moment I forgot all my worries, and that's exactly what I want too.

I looked at the naked woman in front of me and my dick accelerated upward like the price tag of a foreign rice.

My rod was as hard as a local gun. I felt sex muscles running through my veins and my desire for a rough sex exceed my inner ability.

I guess both of us are having the same sex urge but mine seems to be higher than hers, and that's no way cool.

We started by kissing and when she grab my dick, I caught the way her eyes widen. it was extra hard.
I moved my hand down to her pussy region to also feel her pussy, and I also smiled by what I felt. down below her is a very wet pussy, in a red status of 'awaiting dick'

Her nipple's are already up and hard, and my hand can't wait to explore them.

I grabbed on her breast rapidly without notice, I don't need to find the most sensitive breast cos every part of her body is at full rate of sensitivity.

I broke lose from the kissing to center my full focus on her two inviting boobs. I grab them hardly then I began sucking them from right to left and then from left to right.

She was moaning delightfully every time I place my lips on her nipple's which make me hungry for more.

While sucking her breast, I moved my left hand down to her pussy to create some munching cream.
I drilled her pussy with two fingers, then I rob her pussy surface and entrance with the sticky liquid from her pussy.

I robbed her pussy edge non stopped for a hot creampie which I use to lubricant her pussy hole in preparation for my dick.

Even without inviting my dick, I was unleashing hell of an uncommon sex sensation all over her body. All she could do was to mourn.

Like a super girl, she pushed me backward and use my dick to held me back.

Weed is a bastard I must confess.
She bent low for a blow job and I didn't know the hell that came into her to make her turn my scrotum balls in a playing toys.
 That shit runs through my veins, thanks to the iron burglary that I was holding, if not I would have been doing like a snake, cos the shit is really and rapidly turning my on to more on.

when I couldn't take it anymore, I push her away before she ' ba te mi je' (ruined my life).

I positioned her on a doggy style, then I thrust in from behind... She gasp! I grunted !! The feeling was just so hot and palatable.

I set up a banging rate and she returned the favor by yelling. That shows how good I'm going.

I was banging tirelessly and she was shouting like a tennis player.

There's one thing about absorbing weed, it will activate a consistent action in someone. I was banging her in this position for hours before I remember the existence of missionary style.

And without wasting time, we switched to it, and the banging continues. It seems like we ain't having enough of ourselves as our body kept requesting for more and whenever I feel my sperm coming, I will get dizzy and the sperm will return back to where it coming.

I'm not releasing, she's not stopping so the fucking continues...

I clearly can't remember how we stopped fucking that day. But I remembered waking up the following day with my dick still in her pussy, probably we slept off while fucking. Don't ever underestimate weed.

******** ******* ******* ********
Defining a problem doesn't solve it. I know what my problems are, getting a cure will require more than just a strategy, but a well planned action.

After the event that happened on the introduction day, I didn't hear from franklin but i'm quite sure he's resting in his nest waiting for the right time to attack again.

Once bitten twice shy, I've learnt my lesson, I won't let that to happened to me again so I prepared myself for any kind of action.

A month after, mercy's dad called a general meeting inviting both my parents and franklin parents.

Franklin was present at the meeting and so was I.

Mercy sat close beside me resting her head on my shoulder in a romantic way, I can see that our sitting position is giving franklin headache but I certainly don't care. He can die of the headache for all I care.

Mercy's dad cleared his voice as he made the speech.

" I welcome you all to this brief meeting, we are all gathered here today because of our children. I believe everyone of us understand the reason why we are here. my daughter is pregnant and the baby belongs to one of this two young men. And the both family are willing to accept our daughter as a bride to thier son.

But it will be too soon to judge who the father is cos we clearly don't know who the real father is until the child is born. I call you here to let you know that,I'll be giving my daughter out to the family that owns the baby. So whoever the father of the baby is, will be engaged to my daughter. That's our decisions " he said then he sat down.

" is that also your daughter decision? " my father asked all of a sudden and I almost jump up in joy cos I've been wanting to ask the question but I couldn't due to the present of the surrounding elders.

" our decision is her decision she has already let us down once, we won't allow her to let us down again " he answered.

" but this children are not kid, they should be able to decide for themselves " my mom objected abruptly.

" yes I would have agree to that, but she gave us no option. Look we are Yorubas, how do we welcome a lady carrying someone else baby into our home, how do we father someone else baby, no matter how the love, the baby will still be called bastard. Omo ale. And besides both families are willing to accept our daughter, so our daughter is going to marry the true father of the baby. " he concluded.

My heart was beating drastically fast and I began praying for the baby to be mine cos that's the only way to win the battle.

Along the meeting, I excuse myself to urinate outside and on getting back inside, I found franklin sitting on my seat beside mercy.

I was so mad that I felt like hitting him but I couldn't do that. I look for another seat beside my mom then I began monitoring franklin with my eyes. He seems less concern as he keeps smiling whenever our eyes met.

After a while, mercy stood up and head outside and franklin followed behind.

It was as if they throw me inside hot water cos I was boiling with rage to see him walk outside with mercy.

After waiting impatiently for about ten minutes, I head outside to see what's happening.

Unexpectedly I came with one of the greatest shock I've witnessed a long time ago.

I almost explode out in anger when I saw franklin kissing mercy. they ain't aware of my presence until I voice out slowly.
" how is this happening? "

My voice came as a surprise to the two of them as they both look in my direction.

"Ay I can explain, it's not what you think " mercy said pleadingly.

" what? "

To be continued...

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