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V.E.G.A- Final Chapter



V.E.G.A- Final Chapter 

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I opened my eyes sharply, jolting to sit. The whole place smelt like a burst of seasons, snowflake, sun, flowers and a keen autumn wind. Flowers sprouted from the walls, the ground a smooth grass but that didn't matter to me, what mattered was the woman staring at me.
'Why didn't you stop her?' She asked sadly averting her eyes to a pale body on the smooth grass.
'Shit! Summer!' I stood up and ran to her, her face was on the ground, her hair covering her face. The explosion burnt her dress completely, her skin paler than anything I'd ever seen. 'What....Summer, wake up!'
'She gave up her life to drag me out,' mom muttered bitterly. 'I don't....' I looked at her for help, she was staring at her hands with disbelief. 'I still have my powers? All of them? How is that possible?' She asked herself. She shook her head and stared at Summer. 'No,'
'Mom, what did she do?'
'I....I....I....' She shook her head. 'I don't know what she did but.....I don't know.'
'Gaia!' I looked at the entrance, dad stood there with disbelief. I looked back at Summer, her words ringing in my head.
'It's nothing I can't handle.'
I shut my eyes, I felt nothing towards her anymore, who was she again? I stood up and folded my arms.
'What do I do with her? Bury her?'
'I don't know,' mom murmured. 'I don't know.'
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nadia <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I watched as Angus paced our room anxiously, Gale was counting his fingers, Verna crying and Eira just staring into space. Fallon, she stared at all of us with confusion, I couldn't do anything, it was meant to happen.
'How could you convince our daughter to risk her life like that!!!' Angus finally exploded. 'Don't you care!!!!'
'Dad please...' Eira tried to speak.
'Don't interfere young lady!'
'Well don't yell at my mother old man!!!!' She yelled back.
'No mom, don't shush me,' she huffed. 'What right does he think he have to yell at you?! Who does he think he is!!! Fuck yeah he's our dad but it's not like he ever existed in the first place....'
'Not until a month ago, we thought he was dead....'
'Eira, that's enough!' Gale snapped. 'One more word from you and I'll shut you up for good!' He threatened. 'We should be here worrying about Jennifire and you're making dad feel like shit. Is it his fault that he wasn't around! Is it his fault that we know he's alive now!!! Stop your selfish venting and be reasonable!' She bit her lower lip.
'Mom, what do we do? I can't lose Adara, who'll council me now? Who's gonna be my best friend? Who's gonna slap some senses into my head?' Verna wailed.
'There's nothing I can do, we just have to wait and hope she survives it. Anila is a strong girl, I will never advice her to do it if she was Eira or Verna. Just hope.'
'What am I suppose to tell my family? What?' Dad asked shakily.
'Leave that to me, for now, let's just hope.'

I skipped to his study gigglingly, I had my cute white bunny in my arms, I call her Clover. I met Alfredo on the way.
'Good morning Alfredo Delgado!' I squealed. He chuckled.
'Morning Miss Summer, how did you sleep?'
'I slept very well. Is he in?'
'He's busy...'
'He's all work and no play, I'll fix that. Can you m....'
'Make you blueberry scones, chocolate muffins and vanilla tea for breakfast? No, Master forbids you from having another sip or bite or nibble of chocolate and blueberry. The vanilla tea I can make but the rest, you're stuck with cinnamon roll, jambalaya and French toast for breakfast. If you wish, I can make stake or bacon.' He suggested.
'I rather eat cockroaches,' I whined and stomped to his office. 'Bigger Clover!' I cried running in. 'Alfredo won't make me....'
'Yes I know.'
'Leave my office....'
'But....' He slammed his book shut and glared at me. 'The bunny sing tralalala.' I giggled.
'Summer, I'm busy.'
'Then unbusy, I want to play with you.' I pouted.
'I can't play, I'm busy.' I rolled my eyes. Tynan is my best friend, ever since I woke up from his bed six months earlier, he had always been there for me. He told me I had no family, they all died and he never let me out of the house, always monitoring me like a hawk. I didn't mind, not until he change a month earlier, keeping his distance away from me and avoiding eye contact. He was guilty.
'You're tired of me, I understand.'
'It's not that I'm tired, I'm not, just busy dear.'
'Can I watch TV? On my own?'
'Can I at least get a phone?'
'Ohhhh!' I stomped my feet on the ground childishly. 'You're not fair, come on Clover, let's go.' I ran out of his office, it was like he was hiding me from something. I hid behind the door and waited until Alfredo came back.
'Is she in her room?' He asked Alfredo.
'No, didn't check. Don't you think you're being selfish by keeping her all to yourself?'
'Alfred, don't start.'
'No, let me talk sire. I understand you kept her hidden from them because you weren't sure if she was still alive, she finally woke up but you refuse to tell them or let her go. She lost her memories but would have regained it within seven days if you didn't selfishly cast a spell on her to forget forever....'
'What's your point!!! Are you going to try and convince me that I'm in love with her like mom is always trying to!!! I'm only trying to keep her safe!!! Seeing them will cause her a lot of pain....'
'Stop deceiving yourself sire and making excuses, seeing them will restore her memories. You're afraid she'll leave you, that they will the consequences will keep her away from you but don't you think that sooner or later the spell will break?' What spell? I itched my head in confusion. 'She deserves to know who she is, they need her back, they all do. Convincing them that she's dead is wrong, stop.'
'One more word from you Alfred and I'll rip out your vocal cord. Now get out.' He spat. I waited until he walked out before I snuck to meet him in the kitchen.
'I know you heard everything, I am not allowed to speak or he would kill me.'
'Who's them?'
'Just find any of the Steinberg and say the name, Anila.'
'I can't leave the house.'
'You know you can, you don't have your gift for nothing.'
'But I don't know how to use it,' I pouted. 'Help me?'
'I'm afraid this is as far as I can go.' I bit my lower lip and ran to my room, I could run really fast and sometimes when I close my eyes and concentrate, I enter mirrors and find myself somewhere else. Tynan always blew a fuse whenever I used it.
'Hi,' I smiled at my reflection as I stroke Clover's hair. 'Where am I concentrating to?' I mused.

I walked out of the mall laughing with my friends, we went shopping and it was phenomenon. Everything was almost perfect, sure I lost my powers but Cian didn't and he still loved me. Our relationship trembled a lot but at the end, we fixed it. I finally made three normal friends, Sasha, Megan and Beverley, the sweetest girls in the whole world. We were all rich with celebrities boyfriends and famous siblings, by famous siblings I meant Gale. Hell his face made him a popular model in less than a month after Adara's "death", it was all he ever wanted.
Eventually, he broke up with Fallon but later came begging when he realised that she was the only girl who really understood him.
Eira, at first she and Dwayne didn't break up but then he started cheating, trust Eira to show em who's boss. She really liked him but she didn't let it get to her, became a model with her still enchanting face, modelled all dad's important stuffs and helped him with the companies since she's business minded, made a huge name for herself within five months. Went to various parties and hung around guys far more hotter than Dwayne, ones she knew he was envious of and that was how she trapped him back. She is the boss of her relationship.
'So, how are you all planning your birthdays?' Beverley asked grinningly, Megan nudged her roughly. It was too late, my shoulders sagged immediately. Mom manipulated everything to make it seem like Adara was abducted and never found, though we knew what was up. It was hard for me there was no one there to share secrets with me.
'Hey, don't do that...' Sasha whispered, they didn't know her but they were aware enough. I wiped my tears and smiled.
'It'd be great I guess,'
'You should all move on, the babe's dead.' Beverley shrugged, I smiled, she's too straightforward.
'We'll make it a huge party, all the stars and....' They squealed.
'What?' I laughed.
'Isn't Gale Tynan Nore's best friend? He can invite him!'
'He hates parties, he won't come.'
'I wanna meet that mysterious masked girl be brought to the label opening months ago, she looks cute. Megan giggled.
'I heard they are married,' Sasha gossiped. I chuckled ans gasped as my eyes landed on a girl staring at my car. She had long red hair, a nice figure with a bunny in her arms. 'Excuse me,' I hurried to her, something pulling me closer. 'Hey, who're you?' She turned, her golden yellow eyes glowing.
'Hello,' her voice, it was just like Adar's. 'Are you the owner of this car?' Her eyes, I dropped my shopping bags and quickly checked her neck, nothing. 'Hello?'
'I'm sorry. This car is mine,' I said disappointedly. 'Who are you?'
'Miss Nore,' a huge man called. A set of red suited men trooped behind him. 'We need to leave now.'
'But Alfredo, I haven't found anything yet,' she whined hugging her bunny.
'He's looking for you and damn me when he gets to know what I did, please let's go, I can't hide your location for long.' She pouted and looked at me.
'Bye stranger,' she murmured and followed the men to a freaky expensive limousine, one I didn't notice there before.
'She must be really rich.' Beverley whispered.
'Yeah,' I smiled, it was her.

# Tynan
I huffed as I paced my room, Alfred had never disobeyed me before but he was because he wanted me to be happy. I sighed, accepting that I loved her was harder than smiling to everyone. The worse was feeling guilty for taking advantage of her.
'Hey man!' I chuckled, he was here again. 'What's up?'
'How did you get into my house again? I thought I changed all the locks and asked all the guards and dogs to kill you at sight?' He chuckled and plopped on the chair.
'I'm not easy to kill,' he grinned. 'Where's my sister?'
'She ran away.'
'Chill, Alfred is bringing her back.' Yeah, Gale knew she was with me, he might have lost his powers but his telepathic strength was still strong. Plus, he was like an annoying boyfriend I couldn't lie to. He came to visit me, saw her and knew instantly.
'When are you returning her to us?'
'Until she's better.'
'When are you going to stop lying to me?'
'Three years time.'
'Dude, stop manipulating her with your powers. You're messing my sister up.'
'I'm not messing her...'
'You sleep with her almost every night and make her forget it. I don't like that and don't lie, I know. She's my sister bro, stop messing her up before she carries a Tynan junior in there.'
'I don't know....'
'Stop shitting yourself, you're in love. I want my sister back, you've enjoyed her enough.'
'I haven't....I don't know what you're talking about.'
'Nigga, keep your destroyer away from my sister.' He laughed.
'Bigger Clover!!!' She ran into my room. 'Bi....Big brother!' She ran to Gale and threw herself on him.
'How are you?'
'Not fine, he won't let me out so I ran away.' She's too childish.
'Did he sneak into your room last night?' She nodded. 'And he touched you?' She nodded. My eyes widened.
'It was nice,' she giggled. 'Weird but why don't he take permission?'
'Gale! What have you been teaching her!'
'Life bro, life. Babe, let me take you out, we're going to meet our mom and restore your memories.'
'But...' I protested.
'Almost a year bro, you're not ready for marriage.' I chuckled.
'And you are?'
'Fuck no, that shit is a bastard.'
'Please don't take her away from me.'
'And that's the thing, no one is. She's always here if you need her but for now, she's leaving.' The main reason I was scared, the consequences of her actions was either her heart became as cold as stone or she lost her sanity. She not having her memories was the only way out for her. Watching her sleep, taking care of her made me felt something towards her but I was afraid she would hate me after she regained her memories.
'What memories?'
'Maybe we should tell her,' Gale concluded. He sat her down and explained everything to her, not leaving a side out. I watched them helplessly, fear making me woozy. 'That's it.'
'So if I regain my memories I might hate everything and everyone?' I nodded. 'Including Tynan bestie?'
'Especially him.'
'But I don't want to hate him or be insane, I want to be happy with him and everyone.' She sobbed.
'See, she don't need her memories.'
'Tynan, she loves you a lot, you should believe in that like I believed in Fallon.'
'You ditched the girl!' I exclaimed.
'You know what I mean, trust her.' I sighed, I walked to her and crouched.
'Please don't hate me,' I kissed her, letting the spell flow out of my lips and into her head. She pushed me off and gagged. 'Summer?'
'Gross, Tynan, why did you kiss me! Gale you just st....why am I wearing this? Is this skirt!' She screamed frantically.
'Summer,' I tried to touch her. She shifted. 'Yeah, trust.'
'Oops, sorry.' Gale laughed.
'Back to square one,' I whimpered. 'She don't....'
'How many times will I say it's nothing I can't handle?' She asked smirkingly. I blinked. 'Don't ever delete my memories dude, or I'll delete you.' She shrieked and clapped. 'I have to see mom and dad and Verna! Bye guys!' She disappeared.
'What was that?' I asked baffled.
'Do you really think she'll forget like that? She's Jennifire. She will never do anything if she's not fully sure. She'll be fine and she don't hate you. I see love but, she's going to kill you for touching her and wiping her memories of it.' I laughed nervously.
'How bad?'
'Dead bad, you're in soup.'
I'm sure it's not that bad.

# Gaia
I laughed as I watched Tynan struggle with a tree. Ayanna tied him to a tree, lit fire under it and then her sisters and that crazy girl ran around it chanting spells. They were going to sacrifice him to nothing. I was finally at peace knowing everything was okay, I almost ruined everything with my selfishness.
'Darn it! Why can't I use my powers!' He cried as they flogged him. She was still powerful, not as before but strong enough to temporarily weaken his mighty powers. They were perfect for each other.
'I've told you to stop prying.' Nysaiah sighed blinding my mirror.
'Hey! I'm missing the show!' He arched a brow at me. 'Fine, their lives are just too fun to watch.'
'You should focus more on how we would rebuild Arundel completely and not pry on his relationship.'
'Yeah, sorry, about everything.'
'You keep apologizing, stop it.'
'I manipulated Jasmine into thinking she was in love with him so she could remove my heart, make me very powerful, anger you so everything else would go as planned. I was selfish, unreasonable....'
'Past, don't remind me.'
'So many died,' I sobbed.
'Would you prefer I lock you up for treason against Arundel? Your crimes are huge.' I sealed my lips.
Once upon a time I wanted power, but once upon a not so long ago, someone special stopped me from making an everlasting mistake. I can never be more grateful.


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