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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I hung upsidedown from the roof of my room deep in meditation. I still didn't feel right about the Tynan guy, his aura was making every single hair in my had stand in edge. I inhaled, trying to connect my mind to his if I could find him but just like I expected, he didn't exist.
'Gale!!!!' Fallon shouted. I opened my eyes, she was shielding her face from the things flying about my room and the wind surrounding me. 'Get down from there!!!!' I sighed and jumped down, the wind coming to an abrupt stop. 'Are you still thinking about Tynan?'
'Yes, I'm sure that guy is up to no good.'
'You're being paranoid, stop it.'
'I'm telling you Fal, I know what I'm saying. That Tynan is corrupt and filled with darkness.' I insisted.
'Fine, what if he is? What does that have to do with you? He's enjoying himself there and you're here worrying yourself. If The Great Tynan N. Nore is evil, it has nothing to do with you.'
'Touché, I just keep feeling weird, like one or all of us are in trouble.'
'I won't argue with you, the powers is with you but I can tell you that no matter what happens, you can all tackle it together. Am I making sense? I'm not very good at encouraging someone.' She said nervously. I chuckled and nodded.
'Thanks babe, now come here,' I opened my arms for a hug, she rolled her eyes but still hugged me anyways. 'I love you so much.' I muffled into her hair.
'I wuv you too. You know,' she tilted her head up. 'You should talk to Anila about it, she seems to be the spiritual one here.'
'You're right! Thanks, you see why I say I love you? You're very helpful.' She grinned and pecked my lips.
'I know I'm awesome, tell me something I don't already know......'
'Urgh! Gale! You pig!' Eira shouted. 'Just look at your room!!!' I looked at her from the door, she fanned herself while breathing heavily. 'So dirty! So disarranged,' she cried. 'Okay, Eira, breathe,' she breathe in and out. 'Remember, don't be a freak...' Fallon and I exchanged funny looks. 'Gale, don't you think it'll be nice if your room is clean for once?' She asked calmly.
'Sorry, am I talking to Eira?'
'Yes,' she said politely. 'Now, please clean this place up while I'm still smiling.' She said with a very creepy grin and battered her lashes.
'I'll clean it up later.' I said smirkingly. Somebody have been practicing in self-control, how long can that hold? Testing time! 'I'm tired.'
'Stop holding Fallon and please clean this place, Fallon can't you....hey! How may times will I tell you that your underwear goes in the drawer, not the shoe rack!' She cried distraughtly. Fallon and I chuckled. 'Out of the room now! I need to clean....look at where you dropped your trousers.....when last did you wash your dirty laundry....oh god.' She said with a sobbing voice. 'You can do this Eira, don't snap, just arrange.' She moved into the room, cursing under her breath like an organizing freak.
Well, she is.
'So many germs,' she whimpered. 'Dead cockroach in your room! Don't you perceive the smell!!!!' Yup! She snapped. 'How dare you make your room so dirty like this!!!!! Don't you know how dangerous bacteria is!!!!!!'
'Time to go,' I ran out with Fallon while she screamed and screamed and screamed over and over again. 'That girl have a problem.'
'What did you do to her again? I'm trying to sleep.' Jennifire grumbled as she dragged herself out of her room.
'My room was dirty....'
'Your room is always dirty....'
'Not the point but can I talk to you? In private?' She shrugged and walked back into her room. 'Fallon, wait for me downstairs.' She nodded. I grudgingly walked into her coven, I could barely see a thing. 'Ouch!' I hit my foot on something. 'Don't you have lights in this room! Open the curtains already!' I heard nothing, not a sound. 'Jen, you here? Fire?'
The room lit up with the light from her body, a bright golden light with white highlight. She sat like a monk, her body floating in the air with eyes closed. Sometimes I wonder what she's really capable of doing.
'Sis, are you okay? You only light up like this when you're trying to hide your feeling.'
'I'm worried Gale,' she opened her golden eyes with white sparkles and sighed. Her hair was it original flaming orange and red colour. 'You're here to tell me about your suspicion, Tynan, am I right?' I nodded bemusedly. 'I feel it too, and not just because he might be the one assigned to me.'
'Wait! He's your.....'
'Yes, but that doesn't stop me from noticing things I ought to. Tynan is filled with darkness, I'm not sure what precisely but I know it has something to with Nysaiah. The only thing I don't understand is why would a being like that be connected to me, it's throwing me into confusion.'
'Maybe.....nay, I've got nothing.'
'I might as well summon Gaia's spirit....'
'You can do that!' I gasped, she rolled her eyes.
'How do you think I know so much?'
'What exactly are you capable of doing?' I asked with a little ounce of fear.
'Many things,' she replied like she would always do. 'In order for you all to see it, I will need you here. Is Verna back from Cian's?'
'Do you think she'll be back anytime soon?' I scoffed.
'Send Fallon away, this might affect her. Even with her knowledge, she can't handle the power of the spell.' I blinked in shock. 'Yes, I know you told her. I know a lot of things but choose not to say it. Send her away and please call the others.'
Being afraid of my sister was the least in my mind but I was.

Aniblaze walked around drawling circles with a long sceptre as she muttered to herself, the flame in her hair increasing at each minute. Her true pale lava coloured skin wasn't left out of the flame work Her tattoo at the side of her neck, the flaming bird with something I couldn't see surrounding and the sun above it, shining brightly....was glowing too. I looked at Verna, she shrugged.
Verba was in her form too, her beautiful golden yellow hair and enchanted green eyes, shinning brightly. Her green veins with a tattoo of a flower with a crown on her back. She looked extraordinary more beautiful when in her form. She was as confuse as I was. Gale, the idiot was shoving different combination of junks down his throat, munching on them like the pig he was. I had to admit though, his autumn coloured eyes and hair with red streaks made him look much more attractive. His tattoo on his bicep, a whirling tornado with leaves flowing in it was still there. He didn't hide it since he turned fifteen, according to him, it added to his swag.
No one will ever know it's not an ordinary tattoo.
I never changed either, my white hair and icy blue eyes were still there and the permanent snowflake on my chest for all to see if I open it that is.
'Eira, freeze the middle of the circle. Verna make flowers around the circle and Gale stopped eating so loudly, you're distracting me.' Gale only ate more piggishly. He's Gale. She sighed and continued what she was doing.
'What exactly are we doing?' I asked tapping my fingers in the circle.
'Gale, her voice can't be heard by all so when she speaks, you'll use your high psychological strength to transfer it to the others. This will either weaken you for days or pop your brain....'
'I'm sure you'll be fine.' Vern chuckled, the nature freak was petting the flowers she made around the circle.
'Verna, move and Gale be ready to die.....I mean faint.'
'I change my mind, I don't want to....' Ani hit the bottom of the staff in the middle of the circle, a blinding rainbow light flashing and covering the entire room.
'Open your eyes.' She instructed. I opened my eyes and gasped, a woman levitated above the circle, her eyes closed and long rainbow hair floating widely and slowly. Her She was beautiful, very beautiful. Her hands covered something on her chest, a empty and colourless probably jewel. She smiled and dropped her hands.
'So beautiful,' Gale gushed. 'Jennifire....a
aaah, my head.' He groaned.
'Don't speak, just transfer.' Ani whispered.
'You summoned me Ayanna, why?' I heard her voice in my head. Her voice was light and sounded exactly like Aniblaze's. Only calmer.
'There's this new person that bothers me....'
'I can see you finally met him,' she cut in with a smile in her voice. 'I was hoping you would.'
'How do you mean?'
'You see Ayanna, there are some things that are hard to explain or better still, made to be left unsaid. Tynan is my son, the one I was meant to bore before my sister stole my heart....' My mouth fell open. 'Nysaiah removed him from me to save him. Tynan is like his father once was but his mind have been poisoned. I knew it would be hard to get his mind to change with how much resentment his father will build him up with soooooo.....'
'You found a way to make him my other side.' Ani sighed.
'Wait! Tynan Nore is your.....oh my God!' Verna squealed and covered her mouth.
'Aren't you suppose to be dead? How did you do that?' I asked trying to keep my own squeal.
'My body might be dead but my spirit and soul still lives on, not just in you four but in the very heart of seasons. As long as plant blooms and die everyday, as long as the wind still blows, as long as all the goodness of nature still exist, I exist. That is something Nysaiah's anger blind to. My heart might have kept my body alive but it is not my main life force and until he learns to understand that fact, I will never return.'
'So what do I do now? He probably wants me dead.'
'Make him see and feel the true side of life. Gale, your annoying enthusiasm is what he needs and Verna, your warm heart can also make him see things from another standpoint. Eira, you can show him that being cold doesn't mean one should be heartless and Ayanna, let him do whatever he wishes with you.'
'Including kill me?' She smiled.
'Sometimes, one needs to experience real pain to get over another pain.'
'That makes no sense,' I said chucklingly. 'But I guess we must trust you.'
'I don't want to die.' I pouted.
'Your brother is going to collapse, take care my daughters.' The light blinded us again and when it calmed down, she was gone.
To be continued.

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