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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Two



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Two

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I walked out of my faculty building and heading to Jennifire's, I needed to make sure she hadn't ran away or if she was fully okay. It felt like she was very happy but why would she be? She was sad hours earlier. My feet led me to the teacher's parking lot, I could hear her laughter from a distance.
'Ty, stop it.' She giggled, I hit my ear, I wasn't hearing well. I located her and she was surprisingly with Tynan. He was shirtless, a water hose in his hands as he sprayed my sister with the obviously cold liquid. He had an half smile on his face, one that made him look like a creep.
I really didn't like him. He could rip out my heart any moment, but I had to do it. I sighed and went to join them, forcing a smile on.
'Is this a party?' I asked chucklingly, she was really wet and it exposed some few things that weren't suppose to be out.
'Gale! You're here!' She shrieked. 'Get this guy away from me!' I chuckled and went for the other water hose. 'What do you think you are doing? Gale don't y.....' I sprayed her too. She shrieked laughingly and ran behind another car. 'Traitor.'
'Love you too.' He dropped the hose and went back to the car he was fixing. If I wasn't a guy, I would have drooled over him. He didn't spare me a glance, I so badly wanted to punch his face. 'Hi, I'm Gale, her younger brother,' he nodded but still didn't look at me. 'So....' I said grinningly swaying to and fro. 'When are we expecting you?' That got his attention because he looked at me questioningly. 'Aren't you coming for her hand in marriage again? It would be cool to have you as an in-law and if you want, I dash you the rest two as bonus.'
'Gale!' She exclaimed. 'I can hear you!!!'
'I know, that's the point. So? When should I get my parents ready?' He chuckled and glanced at her
'Maybe this evening.'
'Are you sure you want her? She's quite too skinny. She don't eat at all but she's better now, last year she looked like someone suffering from kwashiorkor and cancer....'
'Don't make me come out there!'
'Don't you think so?' He smirked and glanced at her
'Now, why did you ignore my generous intro? I said I'm Gale and all you did was nod, is that anyway to treat a king?' He rolled his eyes. 'Don't roll your eyes young man, introduce yourself.' I commanded, I can't help but be annoying.
I thought my father was annoying but I never knew I was living in a lie. The Gale person made my life utterly miserable with his questions and weird remarks, ones that I didn't have a choice but to answer or he would rap. Do you think there's nothing like bad rapping? Then meet him, the king of annoying and it had only been an hour.
I shut the bonnet of the car and sighed, he was saying something about how he fell in love with a pot of stew his grandmother made. I mean, how do someone fall in love with a pot of stew! He didn't mean it metaphorically, he meant it literally. The worst was that Summer left when I wasn't looking.
'....many guess came for the wedding, it was worth the term "epic" but then the stupid priest said I couldn't marry Potticia. I was so angry I did the wedding myself,' he grinned sheepishly. 'But on our honeymoon, I got hungry and ate her.'
'What a fantastic live story, I'm leaving now.' I said coldly looking for my shirt.
'It's a shame. My present girl is not as pretty as her but don't tell her that, okay?'
'Mm hm.'
'What are you looking for?'
'My shirt, I can swear I dropped it right here.' I tapped the roof top were I dropped it.
'Gray, green streak at the right side?' I nodded positively. 'Jenny stole it.'
'The one we hosed down. We call her a lot of names, Jennifire, Adara, Aniblaze, Anila, Ayanna, Firehead, squeal daughter and Solana. I don't even remember which one is her real name among them.' He said with a nonchalant shrug. Her name was Summer to me.
'You said she took my shirt?'
'Yeah, saw her took it.' I nodded and walked back towards the school building, of course he followed.
'Do you mind?'
'Yes, why?'
'Don't follow me please.'
'I'm leaving from here.'
'Okay, why?' I growled. 'Grrrrrr, what for?' I face palmed myself.
'What planet are you from,' I huffed in a whisper. 'Go away.'
'No, why?' I inhaled and scratched my scalp until my hair was a mess. He even helped me to itch it too. 'Feels good, huh?' I smacked his hands away, he whimpered like a puppy and barked. 'Are you alright?'
'What do you want Gale?'
'I'm going to see this awesome cool fight and race, wanna come? I'm bored. I don't have any male friend, I'm surrounded women. Also, wanna watch this evening's football match? I'm a Brazil fan, you?' I looked away, I didn't know how football worked. 'You there?'
'No, I'm not a fan of soccer....'
'Nonsense! Jenny and I watch match together all the time, it'll be fun.' My desire to go elicit at the mention of her name, it was an opportunity to get more closer. Father said to stay away from the guy but I could handle it.
'Fine, I'll be there at.....?'
'5, don't be late or she'll eat all the snacks,' I nodded, all I wanted was him gone. 'See ya later pal.' He smacked my shoulder and skipped away with a childish laugh.
Which guy into right sense will skip instead of stroll?
I shut my locker and hoist my backpack over my shoulder, it was really heavy because I packed a lot of books in. Not my book, stupid Gale's and Ani's, they don't ever carry their schoolbags. I flinched when I saw Dwayne there with a freaky grin. He wore a black facecap and blonde wig, he looked so weird with the colour.
'Do you have to be a creep!' I huffed.
'Do you have to be so beautiful!' He huffed too, imitating my voice. I sank my teeth into my bottom lip blushingly. 'What's up beautiful? How was class today?' Too bad he wasn't studying the same thing.
'It was boring without you,' the words left my mouth before I had enough time to prevent it. He smirked, a very teasing smirk. I rolled my eyes away and massaged my burning cheeks. 'I meant that sarcastically.'
'Yeah right, come here you,' he pulled my wrist and spun me around so my back would rest on my locker. I instinctively closed my eyes, even before his lips came crashing down on mine. His left hand rest on the space beside my head and his right hand imprisoned my waist with it possessive encirclement. I kissed him back, savoring every single sweetness his tongue and lips gave before he nibbled his way out of the kiss. 'I didn't get to tell you how beautiful you are this morning.'
'Thank you,' I giggled. 'Are you going for lunch? It's almost lunch time.'
'Brunch, we're going for brunch. You busy?'
'No, are we going to the canteen?'
'Too public, I want it to be like a date.' He stole another kiss, breaking off before I was satisfied with it.
'Haven't we been on three dates already?'
'We don't need an exact number to stop. It's not bad if I treat my lady nice. What do you want me to buy for you?'
'We're leaving the brunch subject now?'
'Eira,' he whispered and kissed me again. 'Tell me what you want.'
'I want a new car, I always drive Gale's car. Mom won't buy mine and dad just returned and left again. I want my own sweet ride.' I said sheepishly.
'What type of car would you like?'
'Hybrid sports, any brand but I want the latest model.'
'Consider it done,' he kissed me again and pulled back. He was torturing me intentionally. 'I have to go now.'
'But you said we were having brunch together.' I whined poutingly.
'I just remembered I have to be at the studio....'
'Again!' He had been very busy, all of them were.
'Okay, what 'bout this, I'll take you out for dinner tonight. Dress pretty and wait for me, I'll pick you up at 6 or 7.' I nodded grinningly.
'Don't disappoint me like you did yesterday.'
'I won't,' he assured me. 'Good bye for now my beautiful.' He kissed me again but this time, I didn't let him go until I was satisfied. He chuckled on my lips and bit my tongue intentionally.
Erotically to me that is.
I flipped through channel bored to death, Gale made the living room suspiciously neat and....not that it wasn't neat before but for him to actually put effort in arranging an already arranged house, it was suspicious. I wore nothing but my bra and wash jean shorts, the house was hot.
'You should change that,' he repeated again. I ignored him. The doorbell rang, it was funny because I didn't hear anyone coming. 'He's here.' Gale grumbled and ran to the door, I averted my gaze back to the TV.
'What's that smell?' I froze at the voice, I glanced down at my unfortunate breasts and couldn't help but feel inferior. I grabbed the pillow on the couch and stylishly covered them. 'Hey, Summer.' He called me that.
'Hi,' I murmured shyly. 'You're here? Why?'
'Gale, he invited me over to watch a soccer match?' He said it more like a question. I knew instantly he had no idea what soccer was all about. I smiled.
'What club are you?' I itched the back of his neck nervously.
'I don't really care about it, can I sit?' I nodded and scoohed over. I could feel his eyes prying past the pillow and that only made me more uncomfortable.
Gale was evil.

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