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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Three



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Three

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I swiped through the photos posted online with a deep frown. Someone took photos of me kissing Eira at her locker and posted it with the caption "she's a bitch after all." The idiot didn't even know it was me kissing her as well as the commenter so they were all insulting her thinking she was cheating too. I already explained to the company and my manager but everyone saw it as an opportunity to denounce her, they wanted me to cook up a lie to ruin her.
How the hell was I suppose to do that to her!
'Dude, calm down, we'll find a way out.' Cian tried to mollify my anger.
'Maybe we should talk to grandma, she'll understand us better than anyone else....' Ross suggested.
'She's on vacation and we promised not to disturb her, she have been working too hard.' Cian waved it off.
'And so? She'll still see the news and sass us for not telling her....'
'Terry don't be your normal foolish self, you know we sent her somewhere with no means of communication.' Cian cut in coldly. We all turned to Toby, he was the wise one.
'What?' He asked blushingly.
'Any idea?' I asked pleadingly. He chuckled.
'Dwayne, the answer and solution is as simple as turning on your shower. They don't know it was you, then show them that it was you.' With that said, he went back to his big book. Show them it's me
I walked beside my manager with hands in the pockets of my hood jacket. I accepted the interview a broadcast asked for, it would cause me my date with her but she would understand because it concerned her. Reporters tried to get past the guards who were having a hard time pushing them away, each asking different questions and making my head swell from the noise.
I ignored all of them until we got inside.
'I'm very glad you agreed to this, it will do you a lot of good.' I ignored the stupid old man and kept walking until we met the director of the broadcast.
'Ah, Dwayne! Glad you could make it. Hope the reporters didn't give you much stress?' I blinked nonchalantly with my lips pressed into a thin line. He cleared his throat. 'Not answering, I see. Please come sit, the interview will air in ten minutes.' I nodded and followed him to a small room.
'You can both leave.'
'Excuse me?' My manager asked, I arched a brow at him. 'Sorry sir.' They left immediately. I sighed and slid my phone out from my back pocket. I sat down on the rock couch and called her. She didn't even wait for it to ring before picking up.
'Don't tell me you're outside already, I haven't even chosen my dress yet.' She said excitedly. I itched the nape of my neck nervously.
'That's not it...'
'Phew....hey do you know or have any specific way you want me to look like? I'm having a hard time choosing what to wear....'
'I was thinking because you said sexy I should definitely go for that but what kind of sexy, skin off sexy or moderate girl sexy?....'
'Eira listen t....'
'Skin off sexy will be showing too much skin and I don't know if you'll like that on me....will you? Of course not, you'll get really jealous and horny but what about moderate sexy? It'll be decent sexiness....'
'Eira stop your gabbling and listen....'
'I'm not done. Verna isn't helping, she don't even know how to dress herself and the others are trapped screaming over a stupid football game with the adorable fucking hot Greek g....sorry, I'm not suppose to tell you that, you'll always be my number one Greek god so.....'
'Lumi!!!!!' I shouted, she whimpered.
'I thought you said you tend to call people by their middle name when getting upset? What did I do? Is it my hair?'
'I'm not coming again, I called to cancel.'
'Oh,' she said disappointedly. 'Well I wasn't expecting that. It's not like you haven't been doing it to me or anything.' She said ironically.
'Eira, aren't you checking the news?'
'What's my business with it....you know what, bye.'
'Eira l....and she hung up,' I sighed and kept my phone. She'll understand anyways. 'Hopefully.'
'Sir, the interview is in five. Would you like any special make-up section?' A lady asked from the other side of the door.
'No, I'm good, thanks.'
'Sir?' She asked quizzically, I'm known for never appreciating or feeling remorse.
'Just go, I'll be there in two.'
'Okay, thank you sir.' I chuckled and rubbed my face, girls are so complicated. I'm trying to help her and she's fuming up like shit work. I relaxed my nerve and stood up, I picked up the bag my manager dropped earlier and walked out.
'...today we're having a special guest, one you all know.....' The hostess glanced at me. 'American heartthrob, Dwayne Jackson!' I rolled my eyes and walked into the set. I sat down without a word. 'Good evening Dwayne, really excited to have you here today.....'
'Go straight to the point, I have somewhere to be.' I cut in coldly. She shifted uncomfortably on her chair and chuckled nervously.
'What's the bag for?'
'You'll see.'
'Ok, fans are wondering what you think about the photos uploaded hours earlier, I know it's too early to get an interview but you know we like having exclusive.....'
'You're all misunderstanding the pictures, she's not a cheat. That's something I can vouch my life on.'
'Eira might be stubborn and hardheaded but the one thing she'll never do is cheat and as for who the guy is....' I opened the bag, pushed my hood off and brought out the wig. She stared at me intensely. I wore the wig properly and then the cap. 'Get the picture now?'
'Wow, you were him?!' She gasped.
'You don't expect me to waltz along the halls of my school unprotected and not get killed by fans, or do you?' She chuckled.
'There, the idiot that uploaded the photos without proper proof, take down those stupid pictures and learn to mind your business.'
'Hmm, this wasn't what I expected but it was fine. The next question is rumor has it that Cian is dating someone now. Is it true?'
'Don't you have his manager's number?'
'Excuse me?'
'Book an appointment with him and get your answers there. I've achieved what I came for so bye.' I stood up and carried the bag.
'But the interview is incomplete....:
'That's your problem, not mine.' I walked out on her and ignored my manager's nagging for a minute before I growled warningly.
'Sir, we agreed on.....'
'No, you agreed on that, not me.'
'She didn't think twice before doing it to you....'
'And I won't think twice before firing you, now shut you stupid......' Something like a mental wave hit me. I reeled back to a wall, my ears ringing loudly and brain thumping furiously.
'Sir, are you okay?' His voice made everything worse, I held my head and screamed. The exquisite pain surged through my entire body. 'Sir!!!! Somebody, someone help me out here!!!!!' He shouted, I screamed more as the pain increased making me slide down the wall to the floor.
'Stop talking!' I groaned and moaned in pain. My eyes were closed, something whirring in my vision. 'Make it stop!' I saw a image of Eira, she sat in a snowing room, it was a weird one. She looked sad and really cold. A black shadow loomed behind her, it hand on her head as she froze to death. It took something from her, something blue with a speck of white. Her hair turned black like her veins, her breath left her mouth and crinkled up to ash.
The pain stopped, the ringing still persisted but the pain stopped.
What was that?
'Stand up and go to her, stop the shadow.' A voice whispered into my ear. The ringing stopped, I could hear well again.
'Sir, who is calling the ambulance!!!!' I pushed the people holding me away and staggered to my feet.
'I'm fine, I just need to take my medication.' I lied.
'Are you sick Sir?' He asked quizzically. I nodded.
'It's nothing serious, I'll just....'
'Your nose and ears are bleeding, isn't that serious?' I shook my head dismissively and staggered away from their midst. They would certainly make up a story of me having brain cancer but that was their problem. I brought out my phone as I staggered back to the car, I dialed Cian's number because I knew she won't answer her phone.
'Dude, saw what happened. Are you okay?'
'Those bastards secretly videoed everything, that's another bigger shit for us now!!!!' Terry shouted.
'Terry can you talk about what really matters!!!' Toby surprisingly yelled. 'The dude just went through something we don't know about, what if he's seriously sick and will die? Doesn't that matter to you? He's our fucking cousin for heaven's sake!!!!'
'Wow,' I heard Ross say. 'Cian did Toby just swear?'
'And so what if I did!!! This stupid brother of mine needs to stop acting like a fucked up twitchet!!!'
'Oh my God,' I said chucklingly. 'Toby chill, I'm fine, I think.'
'He's annoying and you're not fine, come back this instant so I can take you to a hospital!' He commanded like he was my nagging mother. 'Please,' he added politely. 'I'm worried.'
'Why won't you be worried about your boyfriend, you're even crying like the girl you are, pussy.' Terry scoffed. Toby was crying, he's very soft but not like Ross. That guy is a girl in male form.
'Terence that's enough.' Cian commanded.
'No, let him mock me for being caring and reasonable,' Toby scoffed. 'It's not my fault my thinking faculty functions and yours don't. Don't feel too bad for being the brainless dunce of the team, it's your destiny.'
Ross laughed.
'Good one,' I chuckled. 'Can you guys cut it out?'
'This asshole just insulted me and I should cut it out!!! Terence yelled angrily. 'Since when do you talk!!! You're a pussy and that's what you'll remain. That's the same reason Inaya dumped you!'
'Terry, that's going too far!!!' We all yelled. She was his first love but the girl hated him for being too weak, shy and timid. Even though Ross was soft, he didn't let anyone step on his head without trying to ddefend himself.
'Oh that's the truth, he needs to know.' I sighed and got into the car, my manager quickly jumped in.
'Take me to the address I gave you earlier nd drive really fast.'
'Yes Sir,' the driver smiled. 'Are you okay sir?'
'I'm fine.'
'You're right, I'm quiet and weak but guess what, this weak idiot was chosen to be the heir to everything mom and dad owns because he's wise, considerate and doesn't chase after every single thing in skirt like some useless people do....no offense Dwayne. Call me whatever you want but you'll always remain the shit in the family, fuck you and your stupidity. That's the reason Anila sees you as trash now.'
'That's it!'
'Are they going to fight?' I panicked. 'Cian.....'
'I'll call you back.'
'Wait can you give me Verna's....' He hung up. Fuck!
I stared at the winter girl as she paced in front of the television, interrupting our game. It was getting me pissed off, I was having such a normal time especially with Summer sitting so close but the stupid girl ruined everything with her gabbling. The hair at my neck stood in anger, my fist clenched. Summer left because of her stupid nagging.
'Eira, we're trying to watch a game here, move.' Gale huffed impatiently.
'No, listen to me instead!!!'
'Can you get lost? You're ruing everything for me.' I spat out like the words were poison in my mouth. She scoffed and turned the TV off.
'Men.' She stomped out, bitch. There's more than what a winter queen can take.
'I'll be right back,' I stood up. 'I wanna get Summer back. Where's her room?'
'It's okay, I'll get her.' He stood up and walked to the stairs.
'Perfect,' I spun my index finger in a circle. 'Cold is good to your soul, cold is what makes thee breathe, but can you take much of the dark flakes? Rise shadow of the dark flakes and trade your flakes with the mystic dust of the winter's breath.' The circle glowed. Scapegoat number one found. It'll would be one down, three to go...no two, can't hurt Summer.

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