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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Six



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Six

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

'Are you sure about this?' I asked again for the umpteenth time as I stared at Adara who was learning how to walk with heels. She was still upset, a first and it was disturbing me.
'Does she look like I'm joking?' Gale asked chucklingly. 'I love this new one.'
'Shut up, the jet will be ready in two hours, you guys need to pack your bags.' Eira who was busy folding my clothes into a box ordered. Since dad was involved in an accident that almost took his life but luckily Adara was faster, mom insisted we join them. It was time we told her what was happening but never to mention "Adar's boyfriend is the devil's son" part or Adar would kill us. The guys had a concert there so they offered to drop us off and I planned on going with Cian to show off my boyfriend.
'Sweetie, can you pack my things for me? I'm tired.' Gale said cutely at Eira, she glared at him but we knew she would still do it. Orderliness and organizing is a must for her.
'Wow, you're a fast learner.' I stated the obvious at Adara who was already cat walking almost perfectly. She had only spent all-night learning how to use it.
'Thanks.' She took off the heels and cracked her ankles.
'Ani, let's go to your room and pack y....' In a blink she was gone and back. She dropped her bag on the floor and smirked.
'Did you just pack that?' Gale asked bemusedly. She nodded. 'You're getting faster. Hey, be a honey and....'
'Done,' She dropped Gale's bag too. 'Let's go.'

I blocked my ears with my headphone, I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, I still felt bad for fighting with Terence. He just really angered me that day. He sat at the other roll of seats ignoring me, I'd been apologizing but the idiot is just too proud. We were waiting for The Steinbergs, not that I cared, my book was more important. I raised my head when someone tapped me, it was a strange but beautiful girl. My mouth hung open slightly as I stared at her dazedly.
'Toby,' she called closing my mouth for me. 'It's me, Anila,' I chuckled and raised my brow at her. 'Not joking dude, can I sit?' I eyed her, she was dressed like a girl which was surprising. 'Can I sit?' She huffed with a playful flick of my head.
'Thank you my good man,' she plopped herself on the seat beside mine and dropped her bag on my thighs. 'Hold it for me.'
'You might look like a girl but you still act like the tomboy you are,' I smiled returning to my book. 'Who's the guy?'
'What guy?'
'The one you're dolling up for.'
'And who told you it's because of a guy? We're going to see our family for the first time, I need to leave a good impression.'
'Are you lying to me?'
'Yes,' she said sharply. She can't lie. 'Just pretend like you don't know it's a guy and no, it's not Terence.'
'I know, Tynan Nore, huh?' I asked smirkingly. She gasped.
'How did you know?' She whispered.
'I saw him helping you fix that car in school and Dwayne did say your brother befriended him.'
'Oh, don't tell anyone.'
'You know, he's not here so you don't need to look like this.'
'I need to get use to it. It's not too girly, not too boyish, just the right amount of perfect.' She chirped.
'I can never agree less, you look really beautiful by the way.' She giggled, I glanced at her, she was staring at her phone. I chuckled, not listening. Terry scoffed, I glanced at him, he was glaring at me. He probably thought I was trying to steal her, not that she was his or anything.
'Toby, I wanted to ask you something or beg you for something.....' I shut my book and stared at her. 'Can you help me with my maths assignment? I know we aren't in the same class but.....'
'Let me see it,' I opened her bag and searched for her math book. I brought it out and went through the simple topics. 'What exactly is hard here?'
'This one.....'
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The limousine drove to the address Verna gave, Anila still sat beside me as we talked about random things, she was really fun to be with.
'Okay, name one thing you'll like to happen to you.'
'I'll really like to get a girlfriend, one that won't see me as weak.'
'Weak? You beat the hell out of Terry.' She whispered. I chuckled and nodded.
'That doesn't qualify me as "dating material." It sucks.' She smacked my head.
'What is wrong with you? Chill dude, dating is not a do or die, just give it time. FYI, isolating yourself and snubbing people won't magically give you a true girlfriend, fan girls but not girlfriend.'
'I feel inferior, like I'm ugly.....' She laughed and punched my arm lightly. 'What?'
'Ugly!' She exclaimed amusedly. 'Where did you get that from?' She looked at the Eira. 'Eira, who's the cutest and most good looking among The Jacksons?'
'Toby,' she replied nonchalantly as she filed her nails. 'Toby is the cutest and most adorable, Ross is charming, Cian is hot, Dwayne gorgeous and Terry complicated.'
'Complicated?' Terry asked frowningly.
'Yes, your beauty is confusing.' Verna and the other girl sitting with their brother said simultaneously. He scoffed, glared at me and went back to his phone.
'See? In case you don't know, if there was ever a genuine vote, you'll win.' Anila said smilingly, I smiled and looked at my book.
'You guys are going to come over for dinner tomorrow, right?' Verna asked, her strange enchanting green eyes roaming around.
'We'll try.'
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nadia <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I sat in the living room flipping through channels nonchalantly as Dean peered at me suspiciously, he still had the intuition that I wasn't who I claim to be. Samantha too, guess the spell was fading. I would have to tell them sooner or later. We were at the family house, Angus resting in our room.
'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Dad!!!!!!' Danyelle, Dean's second daughter screamed. She was a troublemaker, Earl's number one enemy. Dean had three daughters, Iza, Danyelle and Cheryl. Iza was very social, always going to parties, buying new bags and shoes, changing hairs and dating hundred men. She was rude but obedient in a sort of way. I like her. Danyelle, Earl's mortal enemy. So far from what I'd studied, Danyelle had always been the troublemaker, always fighting and pranking, no one dared her and left in peace. Since she was four, she found joy in making Earl miserable whenever he was around. Cheryl, quiet, brilliant and more mature minded than the eldest put together. She looked a lot like Samantha while the rest took their dad's face.
'What is it this time,' he groaned. She sprinted into the living room, Earl hot on her trail. 'Earl what did she....whoa.' His face was red like it was burnt.
'I swear, if this goes on, I'll have to call my son to deal with her!!!!' Earl roared. Earl's son, Archibald was her only match. They are all crazy, she haven't met Gale or his crazy girlfriend.
'Dany, what is wrong with you? He's your uncle!!!' Dean yelled.
'Unfortunately,' she murmured. 'Can't he be my son?' They face palmed themselves.
'Dany apologize to him, now!' Mantha commanded, walking in too. She eyed him, I just watched quietly.
'Excuse me?' Someone asked, I turned my head to him, it was the gateman. 'There are five children here, they say they are your kids.' He said referring to me.
'One blonde, one with white hair....'
'Yes ma'am,' he said calmly. 'Five of them.' The fifth one was probably Gale's girlfriend.
'Let them in.'
'Ok, thanks.' He walked out, Dany plopped beside me.
'Are they my long awaited cousins?' I nodded. 'Are they pretty?' I shrugged. 'You're no fun.' I smiled and faced the TV. I didn't pay attention to anything again until Anila ran in squealing.
'Mom!!!!' I averted my eyes to her, I blinked and wiped my eyes. She wore high rise jeans, a purple body suit top and black boots. She had her hair up in a crown braid ponytail, light makeup on her face and earrings on. 'Mom!' She squealed and jumped on me.
'What happened to you?' I asked quizzically.
'She fell in love and he made her dress like this,' Eira replied calmly. 'Isn't that great?' She asked sarcastically.
'How long have I be gone?' I mused. She really looked cute.
'Dad!' Verna squealed running in. 'Mom, where's dad?'
'Upstairs, s.....' She ran off, she was more attached to him than the others.
'Wow!' Earl exclaimed when Gale walked in. 'Angus junior.' Gale winked at him, he smiled. The same people.
'You look like this one,' Dany said with a frown as she scrutinize Anila's face. Eira got to me and kissed my cheek. 'Why do you look like my dad?' She asked Eira. Eira shrugged. 'Sisters!' Dany made to hug her but Eira was fast to jump away.
Please don't touch me, I don't want to get dirty.'
'Ah! There's no need to argue, they are Angus's children.' Dean exclaimed, I smiled.
'Mom, where's dad?' Gale asked calmly. I jerked my head to the stairs. 'I'll be back.' He jogged upstairs, Eira followed while Anila still glued to me.
'Good evening mom,' the girlfriend greeted with a gentlemanly bow. I chuckled. 'And to you all.'
'Who are you?' Earl asked peering at her face.
'Fallon Darlington, Angus Junior's girlfriend.'
'You're pretty, can we be friends?'
'Sure, do you like pranking and looking for trouble?' Fallon asked shriekingly. Dany nodded with a squeal. 'Best friends!!!!'
'Oh great,' Earl groaned. 'Two Danyelle.'
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
At dinner, we were eating quietly, all except Dany and Fallon. Gale was quiet too, the four was hiding something from me. It won't be hard to get it from Anila.
'So, you haven't really told me the names of my new grandchildren,' mom started a conversation. 'Who's the eldest?'
'Me,' Verna smiled. 'I'm Verna.'
'You know, you look a lot like my late daughter.' Dad said sadly.
'I thought I was the only one seeing that,' mom added. 'Yet again, those two look like Dean and Earl.'
'I'm Eira, second eldest.'
'Gale, third and that's Jennifire.'
'Anila.' I corrected.
'Adara.' Verna butt in, Anila chuckled.
'I'm Anila, youngest.'
'I have a daughter now.' Earl said proudly.
'That's Earl, the eldest. Dean is the second and that's his wife Samantha and their daughters, Iza, Danyelle and Cheryl.'
'Wait,' Iza said in shock. She looked at her phone and then Eira before gasping. 'You're Dwayne Jackson's girlfriend!'
'No way!' Dany snatched the phone and looked at it too. 'Oh my God! You girls know the Jacksons!!!!!' Cheryl took the phone too and that was how they screamed through out dinner.

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