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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-seven



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-seven

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I flipped through the list of things I needed to do for the orphanages and sick children I was taking care of, it was much. I've always loved orphans, widows and sick children, taking care of them made me feel like mother. She was the nicest being in Arundel according to what I heard, the fairest. Taking care of orphans made me feel better about losing her. I closed the file and handed it to my butler.
'You know what to do.'
'Yes sir.'
'Where's my phone?' He pointed to the phones on my table. 'The other phone.' He brought out my private phone from his pocket and handed it to me.
'About the information you asked me to get, I have half of it. Should I speak now?'
'Fix that file first, it's important.'
'Okay sir.' He bowed and left. I dialed Summer's phone number, she hadn't called since. Her number was switched off, same with Gale's. With a frown I went online and sent her a message, telling her to call me if she sees my message. Not more than three minutes later, an unknown number called.
'Yello, this is Anila Aniblaze Jennifire Summer Mariana Adara Lilo Steinbridge, how may I help you?' I chuckled.
'Hello Ms Summer....'
'Are you looking for Summer or Anila or Aniblaze or Jennifire or Mariana.....'
'Summer,' I drawled chucklingly. She giggled.
'What's going on? Your n....'
'I'm no longer in New Orleans.' She cut me off.
'What! Why?! When did you leave?!'
'Yesterday, dad had an accident that almost took his life, we had to go see him.'
'Why didn't you tell me!'
'First of all, chill dude. Two, it was an emergency, according to him he was attacked by shadows. Mom thinks he's going insane, she's worried.' She said coldly, she was upset. My heart skipped, shadows? I didn't do it.
'It's probably an illusion.'
'Whatever it is, I don't care. My grandparents are talking about betrothing Verna to a business partner, she's sad because she already have a boyfriend but they don't care. Now I have to take her place because I don't want her to be sad, Eira will never, as in never accept such shit. She's as stubborn as hell.'
'There's no way I'm gonna let you marry someone e.....you don't love.' I said gritted teeth, I stood up and paced around.
'Do you see me as someone who cares about love?'
'Summer don't agree to such a thing.....'
'I don't really have a choice, beside! He's fucking cute and a hunkilicous demon!' She squealed. My eyes and hand twitched.
'Mm hm, really really cute. I don't mind at all.' She said gigglingly, I huffed.
'What's his name?'
'I'm not telling you that.'
'Aren't we friends again?'
'Mordecai, can't you hear the godliness in his name?' She shrieked. 'When he talked to me on phone yesterday, my heart wouldn't stop beating and he asked me out on a date and I said yes!' I crushed my phone in anger. Date, what date!!!
'Alfredo!!!!' My dark flames were already rising. He sprinted in worriedly. 'Didn't I tell you to twat the plan of getting her parents out of the way!!!!!'
'I did sir,' he stammered. 'With immediate effect.'
'No!!! He almost got k.....dad, that cunning bastard!!!!' I growled and pulled my hair still pacing about.
'Sir calm down before you pull the building down to the ground.' He pleaded.
'Start talking, what's happening to me!!!'
'Your mother sir, she happened.'
'Don't just take a dramatic pause, explain!!!!' The mansion quaked a little.
'Please calm down, when your mother's powers blend with their genes, your mother knew either you or him will try to get it. Taking it will kill them so she made them human doubles, their human versions in opposite gender. They are them and them they, one soul in two bodies. You cannot take or hurt one or the other will retaliate badly, that's the reason the dark flakes didn't kill the one with cryokinesis.....'
'How? She's dead....'
'If you would permit me sir, I dare say your mother can't really die. As long as the seasons still exist. She lives in them, in her to be precise, she's the new her. The heart was just the source of her powers but not her life force, your mother isn't dead, just asleep.'
'And so what? I still need my mother back!'
'It's all in her will to return or not.'
'What does that have to do with me feeling this way towards her? Summer?' I asked calmly. He gave me a plain look, I scoffed. 'This is unbelievable. She's faraway now crushing on some stupid cute guy with money, is he better than I am? I'm richer, more powerful...' He chuckled. 'What?' I snapped.
'Dear me sir, I dare say you're jealous.' He said smilingly.
'I'm not jealous, why should I be jealous? I'm fine.' I groaned.
'During the period their double is found, like the first fourteen days, whoever they kiss there will automatically take the double's place.'
'They can't change it.'
'Of course, that will kill them but also hurt the doubles too. If he kisses her, be it surprise kiss or willing kiss, he'll steal her heart but I'm sure you don't care.' He said smirkingly.
'Yes, I don't care.'
'Mm hm, he must be more gorgeous than you to move her jewel heart. I wonder how happy she would be.....'
'Get the jet ready, I'm going to pay my friend a visit.' He chuckled and smiled. 'I'm not jealous, just going to see my friends.'
'Of course sire, you're right.'
Not jealous.
Verna and I laughed as we roll on the bed, we called Tynan and totally deceived him. I'm a pro at imitating voices.
'That was so awesome! I can't wait to see her face when he arrives at our doorstep, mom and dad would flip their fins.' Verna shrieked. We laughed and dropped her phone.
'So, what is your plan today?'
'Call Cian and make my dear cousins jealous,' I chuckled. 'That Iza was allover his picture yesterday, saying he's meant to be with her and she needs to cry.'
'Own it girl!'
'I know right.'
'What are you girls doing in my room?' Ani asked suspiciously.
'We came to talk about our cousins. Whom amongst them do you hate? Me, Iza, she looks like a boyfriend snatcher.'
'You're only saying this because she has a huge crush on your boyfri...'
'Exactly! My boyfriend! That thief can take him but I won't let her.' I rolled my eyes.
'Ignore her,' I smiled. 'I like Cheryl, she's clean and smart.'
'I don't really care but, I'm going to match Toby and Danyelle.' She said smilingly.
'Toby needs a lot of crazy in his life and Danyelle can play that roll. He'll help her think more maturely, behave well and be normal and she will help him live a little.'
'Did you look into their future?'
'They are to meet in two years time, fall in love but she'll die before he can tell her how he feels and that will completely break him. I can't let that happen.'
'What's the consequences?'
'It's either their first child will die at two or I'll pay with 24hours of extreme pain. I can handle the pain.'
'You're too nice.' I scoffed.
'That's what makes me special.'
'No it's not.
'What were you doing with my phone?'
'Playing a game, I lost.'
'Good for you, I need to bathe.' She ran to her bathroom, we high fived and tittered.
'Are you sure we should be here?' I asked nervously.
'I don't know what you're so nervous about, I'm the boyfriend here.' Dwayne said chucklingly.
'Exactly! I shouldn't be here, I should have stayed with Ross and Terry.'
'Shoulda, Anila insisted you come, I think she's starting to like you.' Cian said thoughtfully.
'No, she's just being Anila. Trust me.' Dwayne smiled. I sighed, we were waiting for the gateman to deliver the message of our arrival. The gate opened, Cian drove in carefully. The house was really big, bigger than mine. Eira was dancing outside with a girl, a dance contest.
'Awwwn, she's such a good dancer.' I cooed.
'Thanks?' Dwayne asked awkwardly.
'Not your girlfriend, the other girl.' Cian parked the car, I got out first and waved. The two other girls screamed, the dancing one didn't seem to care, she was more focused on the dance.
'Oh my God!' The brown haired girl squealed jumping on Cian. Verna scoffed and cocked her hips. 'I'm such a big fan!'
'Thanks, who are you?'
'I'm Iza, their cousin who's single and not taken.'
'Right,' he said uncomfortably. 'That's nice.' He pushed her away gently and went to Verna.
'Cheryl please stop ogling my boo.' Eira laughed as she danced on.
'You guys are so cool! I can't believe you're here but I'll squeal later, dance competition going on.'
'Hey sweetie,' Verna purred, she was trying to make her cousin jealous. I chuckled as she kissed Cian, she's changing. 'Did you miss me? I missed you.'
'You guys are dating?' Iza asked jealously.
'Should I kiss him again to answer your question?'
'I'll be inside.'
'Ignore her.' The dancing girl said with a smile.
'Eira, you have a twin now,' Dwayne said pulling her away from the dance circle. 'You're prettier.'
'I know, she stole my dad's face but it's cool,' The other girl squealed. 'I'm Danyelle but you can all call me Dany or Nyelle, welcome to my grandpa's mansion.....'
'Danyelle!!!!!!!!!' Someone yelled from inside, her eyes widened.
'Bye!' She ran away.
'Uh oh, what have she done this time,' the girl ogling Dwayne muttered, she's cute. 'I better check. I'm Cheryl by the way, nice to meet you all!!!' She screamed as she ran into the house.
'That didn't just confuse me,' Dwayne said chucklingly. 'What was that?'
'My cousins are numbskulls, especially the brunette.' Verna said scornfully.
'She's just jealous because Iza has a crush on you.' Eira said gigglingly.
'And you're not bothered about the cute Cheryl girl?' Dwayne smirked.
'One, she has a boyfriend and two, I know you love me and that's unchangeable.' She said confidently, I rolled my eyes.
'Where's Anila?'
'Let's see, it's 6 in the evening,' Verna mused. 'She's either playing pirate with her python, running somewhere in Africa or throwing herself off a mountain.'
'Huh?' Cian and I asked confusedly. Dwayne laughed.
'You guys should come in, grandma have been dying to see you all.'
I returned home from die diving, it was fun. I washed up and skipped downstairs in a tight shirt dress and gladiator sandals. Dwayne and Gale were playing rock-paper-scissors for reasons best known to them, Cian was hugging my mother like she was his and telling her something I didn't care to listen to. Verna was painting Toby's nails while Dany braided the blushing boy's hair. Cheryl was probably in the kitchen with Eira and aunt Samantha preparing dinner, they love cooking. Dad, grandfather, his brothers and Fallon were having a discussion about the government. Everyone was together and happy.
I couldn't help but wish Tynan was there too.
'Dinner will be ready in five!!!' Samantha shouted.
'Great, I'm starving. 'My look alike sighed. He loves food more than I do, we share the same face and almost personality. Weird.
'We haven't really talked about why we are gathered here,' Dean chipped in. 'Shouldn't w....'
'Food first, boring talk never.' Earl said dismissively.
Good evening everyone,' I greeted. 'What's up?'
'Anila, where have you been?' Mom asked is suspiciously.
'Die diving.'
'What's that? Is it a game where you throw yourself off a mountain or airplane without a parachute?' Uncle Earl asked curiously.
'Yup!' I popped. He pouted.
'I tried it once, I almost died. I broke my arm then.' I laughed and grinned, he's cool.
'Time to eat!' Gale screamed.
'Don't change the topic, I won, paper covers rock!'
'I only let you win!' Gale scoffed.
'No you didn't, give me that remote!'
'House full,' I murmured and went to the door, the gateman was about to knock. I opened it and frowned. 'You have a telephone for a reason.'
'I'm sorry ma'am, an important person is here to see y.....' My jaw dropped, he leaned on his car with hands in his pockets and a smirk on his lips. I blinked in shock, not after he gave me a once over and a very evil smirk followed.

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