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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-One



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-One

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I laid on my bed like I was sleeping, I couldn't sleep a wink the previous night and the previous one. It had been three days and I had been avoiding school and the outside world. The first problem was I didn't wish for a stupid soulmate, I loved rocking single on my own. Two, why on earth did I get stuck with the rich bad guy, am I that unfortunate?
I sighed and tossed to the other side so I could back the door.
Gale knocked on my door softly, all of them had been trying to get me out since but I remained indoor, unable to even give them a reply. Verna was more persistent, we were closer you know.
'Jenny, please come out, we beg you.' Gale pleaded like he was going to cry. 'Life have been boring without you, annoying Eira have become joyless....' I rolled my eyes. 'Please, my crazy sister, won't you come out?'
'You know, you suck at this!' Eira hissed and I think she pushed him. 'Look here Aniblaze, I'm done being nice with you, come out or I'll break this door down!!!'
'It's Magi all protected...'
'I don't care!!! She can't keep hiding in there for the rest of her life!!! Just look at me,' she started softly. 'As hard as it is to get use to and accept Dwayne, I did accept him, I'm trying.....'
'He's not evil, that's a start....'
'Bit we have a solution. How are we going to put it Into use if she doesn't come out? Please Ani, come out.' She begged. I sighed.
'Adara, listen to me,' Verna pleaded. 'I know you're sad and confuse or broken or angry, either one but I want to assure you that everything will be alright. Just be the Adara I know you are, the crazy sister of mine who loves being her no matter what. Please, I'm running out of sweet words to use, I don't want to cry babe, please.' I stood up and dashed to the door, I opened it and grinned at them.
'It's about time,' Eira scoffed and pushed him aside. 'Where's the light switch in this room? I can't see a ow! My leg! I'm starting to think you're the dark one, not him...ow!'
'Never walk into the lioness's den, it's dangerous.' I said chucklingly, she groaned. I could see her but she couldn't see me. Gale and Verna were glued to the door.
'New mission, find the light switch, I'm going in!' He announced. 'Tell Fallon I love her!' He held his breath and dived into my room. I laughed along with Verna. 'The battle is strong..... I can't make it...aaaaaah! Something have got my legs!'
'Gale, stop acting like a.....snake!!!!! Mommy!!!!!' Eira screamed, she hates snake and I happened to have one, a python I found a week earlier. 'Verna!!!!! Somebody!!!!'
'Lights,' I clapped my hands and the lights turned on. 'Viper can you leave my sister alone?' I asked chucklingly, she already wrapped Eira's leg.
'Awwwwwn, she's so cute!' Verna squealed, it's in her nature to love all animals, even dirty cockroaches, Ew. She ran to them and hugged the snake, soon she went baby on it.
'While Verna is making out with him....'
'It's a she,' she corrected. 'Jealous.'
'As I was saying, while Verna is making out with him, let's gt your ready for school. I say, sexualize, look gorgeous and hot.....'
'Eira, I'm not wearing a dress.'
'And who said anything like you're gonna,' she said smirkingly. I gulped.

Adara refused to come out of the car, literally we had to bundle her to school. Gale was giving a ridiculous and foolish motivation speech and Eira was at the verge of snapping his neck. The school was quiet, effect of Tynan, he hates noise a lot.
'I swear, I'll kill you idiot!!!!' She roared and jumped on Gale, she pinned him on the ground and strangled his neck. Adara had to come out and separate them. I smiled and winked at her, she looked like an actual normal human being.
'You look beautiful,' I teased. She whimpered. 'Sexy....'
'That's the problem,' she whined. 'I look like a flower, I hate flowers, so girly and lame.' She wore a silver short with a pink shirt with ribs and brown boots. She tied a sweater around her waist, adding sexiness to her legs. It was normal but for a girl who had never dressed like one once, she looked amazing. Even her hair was normal and styled girlishly.
'Nonsense! You look great!' Gale who was still on the ground by the way, complimented. Eira rolled her eyes and smirked.
'Let's go.' She took Adar's hand and dragged her into the school. I shut the door and ran after them, this ought to be interesting.

The girl had been away from school for days, I was angrily worried. I sighed and tapped my finger on my phone, it was bad being worried about an enemy and that made me furious. I sighed and leaned on the rest. The door opened, I looked at it expectingly like I'd been doing but sighed with disappointment when I saw it was just the lecturer.
'Good day class,' he looked around and bowed slightly when his eyes met mine. I nodded and looked away. 'Where's Anila? I haven't seen her for days now. I need her to help me fix my car.' Nobody replied which was disappointing.
'I'm here,' the door flung open carelessly. I rubbed my eyes at who was standing there. 'Good morning Mr Blonde!' She chirped.
'Anila? What happened to you?' He asked quizzically.
'Do you have two sisters who have been trying to get you to dress like them? And a brother who is insufferable? Well, this happens when three votes against you.'
'Why haven't you been in school?'
'Sick....' Lies, she can't get sick.
'How do you feel now?' She grinned and twirled. 'I can see. Will you have time to fix my car? It broke down again.'
'Should I fix it now?:
'If you have the time to spare....:
'I do, I'll go now.' She ran out, she was avoiding something, was it m.....no, it can't be. I raised my hand.
'Sir?' I stood up and walked out he didn't argue. I followed her scent out to the teacher's parking lot. She was just staring at the car lost in thoughts.
'A penny for your thoughts,' I said calmly, she flinched. 'Sorry.' She turned around and smiled.
'Hi, didn't see you there.:
'So you fix the car by staring at it?' I asked strolling to her.
'I was thinking on how to change the color, it looks lame or don't you think?'
'I don't think he said you should change the color....'
'It's old...say, why don't we fix it together? You can be my screwdriver...' I cackled at that.
'Yup! You're so thin I can actually use you to flog somebody, let me test that theory...' I chuckled and flicked her forehead. 'I was just suggesting, now, wanna work or stand here staring at the pretty girl do a man's job?'
'And who told you the word "pretty" is related to you?' I asked smirkingly. She chuckled.
'I know right, I'm so ugly I can't stare at myself in the mirror.....' I rolled my eyes. 'Hey! That's cute!'
'Can you focus on what you're doing?'
'Why are you here again?' She asked with a cute pout, I pinched the bridge of her nose and pushed hr towards the car. 'Jerk.' My lips twitched, is that smiling?
'Why are you dressed like this?'
'My siblings compelled me to,' she said walking to the back of the car. 'What are you doing h....I don't even know your name, I'm Anila bug I go by many names.'
'You don't know m....I wasn't expecting you to so nevermind. I'm Tynan Nore.'
'I know,' she chuckled. 'Have you seen the posters the gurls put up everywhere? Some are asking for your hand in marriage.' I chuckled and went to join her. 'At the end, you remain my screwdriver.'
'Or you can be the nuts,' I tugged off my shirt. 'Stand aside let real men work.'
'So you have to strip?'
'Why? Too sexy for ya?'
'Humph, since it's okay to strip, I'll strip too....' She made to remove her shirt, I smacked her hands. 'Why!' She cried pettishly.
'You're a girl.'
'And so?'
'You have something on your chest called boobs.' She looked at her chest and snorted.
'This old flat thing? Pffft, forget it. No one would mind,' I glared at her. 'The way you're looking, one would pee their pants.' She said laughingly.
'Stop making me talk too much....:
'Fine, no shirt of,' I sighed with relief. 'For now.'
Darn it! She's more crazier than I thought

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