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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Nine



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Nine

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I hugged my knees as I muttered to myself, I was convincing myself that lying wasn't that bad but who was I kidding. It was late in the night, I couldn't sleep because I lied, it felt so horrible.
'Girl, chill.' Someone chuckled, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and rolled my eyes.
'What do you want?' I snapped.
'Calm down, sure you lied and if it's killing you that much, then tell her the truth.'
'She'll hate him.'
'How sure are you? Just because your siblings say so doesn't mean it can be. Your mother is a very understanding person and even if she's not, she lives you and will do anything to make sure all of you are safe. Stop beating yourself up and tell her the truth.'
'I don't know....'
'Not everyone can deal with the guilt of lying, stand up and go.'
'At this time of the night?'
'Maybe at dawn but for now, just try to relax and not freak out.' I exhaled and stood up, fresh air would do. I went to my wardrobe and opened it, I brought out the pink jacket of the nightgown I was wearing and slipped it on. The gown was short but the light jacket did a good job in covering me up. I slipped on my pink bunny slippers and walked out of my room.
'Don't freak out,' I sang in my head. 'Don't let it sprout....' I ran to the pond at the back of the house close to the garden and looked down at the sleeping ducks and goose. 'I'm not a liar, so why should I lie? I'm not a.....' I face palmed myself and knelt down, looking deep into my reflection. She came with a smile.
'Is everything alright Ayanna?' She asked softly.
'I lied to my mother and now I feel really really bad.' She chuckled.
'Reminds me of the time I actually tried it, I couldn't sleep for weeks until I confessed to Nysaiah.'
'So we not lying is a thing?'
'Being honest is the true source of our happiness, tell the truth.'
'Can I say something?' She nodded. 'Why don't you reveal yourself to him and let him know you're alright? That you can be awaken if he just gives me a chance to?'
'Have you seen me appear to anyone else than you and your siblings? You're all here, which means I'm stuck here on earth, I can't crossover the vortex.'
'Then I'll tell him, Tynan....'
'No, don't....'
'I have to try and convince him that.....'
'The moment he knows you know Ayanna, he'll lose control and kill you. Nysaiah isn't that stupid.'
'Let me try first, I need to trust in what my instinct says. If I let him hurt me, he'll become completely evil and filled with bitterness, bitterness that will frustrate him and cloud his heart with anger. He'll kill his father and that will be the last straw....you know.' I gasped.
'Some things can't change Ayanna....'
'Or you choose for it not to. You could have returned on your own a long time ago but you don't want to, you've been intentionally hiding because you love your form with no body. The powers are beyond what you had before but you don't want to leave him so you want him to lose his physical form and join you. Did you for once think about what effect it would have on your son! What it will turn him into! You were willing to sacrifice my life, his sanity and peace of others just for your own selfish needs!'
'You wouldn't understand Ayanna, I love Tynan, no doubt but.....'
'You don't love him, neither do you love your husband because if you did, you wouldn't let them both go through so much agony and pain.' I stood up and sighed.
'Coming back has a cost, I will be nothing but an ordinary human....'
'And that isn't a sacrifice worth making? You're selfish. I will gladly give up everything right now just to make everything better for him, to see him smile. He have been trying to live because of you, become dark because he wants you back. If you really love both of them, you'll sacrifice power for love.' With that said, I ran back into the house to mom's room. I knocked gently.
'Anila, is that you?' She asked telepathically.
'How did you know?' I asked back. She appeared beside me with a smirk.
'I figured out that if you lied, you'll be knocking at my door sooner or later.' I rolled my eyes and sighed.
'I'm sorry mom, sorry I lied.'
'What really is the truth?'
'Tynan is Gaia's and Nysaiah's son and he's here to kill me.'
'So he's not your....'
'He is, everything is complicated.' I sighed running my fingers through my head. She smiled.
'Walk with me,' she walked slowly to the stairs, I followed her grudgingly. So slow. As we walked, I explained everything to her slowly as she insisted, even after we got to the kitchen. She listened quietly, not uttering a single word. 'Hmmm, is that why you lied?' I nodded. 'So she could have returned years ago but didn't because the price will be her powers over her life?' I nodded, she smiled and slurped her milk.
'What about you? Will you give up your powers for life if you were in her shoes?' I nodded. 'Why so?'
'Because I know the powers will go to the right hands, we can take good care of it.'
'Tell me Anila, so far, what have you or your siblings done with the powers you were given? Huh?' I bit my lower lip. 'No one can care for what belongs to her more than her. Even though she's not physically awake, she's still the reason and you're like the house where the powers are stored. Anila, the answer....no, the solution to everything lies in the middle of your heart. Take a deep breath, look into yourself and bring out the answers you intentionally hid.'
'I didn't hide anything.'
'Anila, are you lying to me?'
'Maybe,' I murmured. 'Thanks mom.'
'That's why I'm here, to guide you all into the right path.' I nodded and ran upstairs to Verna's room. It was a good thing the others already left.
'Verna, wake up,' I whispered shaking her. She murmured and smacked my hands. 'It's me, Adara.' I said telepathically.
'What do you want?' She asked back.
'Open your eyes,' she sat up but didn't open her eyes. 'Can I ask you something? I want you to be honest.' She nodded.
'I'm mostly honest.' I rolled my eyes.
'If you were given an opportunity to make one wish, what will it be?' She opened her eyes so I could see the suspiciousness glinting in it. 'Be honest.'
'Well,' she placed her pillow on her laps and sucked her index finger. 'Normality, a chance for all these power shits to go away. I want to be the regular Verna Steinberg, first daughter and child to Angus Steinberg and Ashley. I'm the first grandchild of this family, I just want to be the normal girl who won't have to be careful all my life so my secret won't get out. I want to be able to date Cian not because he has no choice than to love me but because he truly loves me for who I am. It sucks to know that if it wasn't for the double thing, he might not love me and finally, when I get to a particular age, I'll lose my physical body to take on my spiritual so I can handle my nature job properly. I don't want to leave, I want to stay and exist, to be with my kids. If Cian won't love me without the match magic, then he should leave so I can love and learn.'
'Too much?'
'Just right,' I smiled and entwined our fingers gingerly. 'What if I can grant that wish?'
'Then I'll say you should do it. I just want to be a normal girl who won't have to share minds with three other people.' I smiled and nodded.
'This might hurt...' I squeezed our hands together tight and watch her screech in pain. She fell on the bed, rolling and screaming voicelessly until I removed all her powers. I stood up and itched my twitching eye, life was definitely going to change for her. I teleported to Eira's room, she was staring at herself in the mirror. I stepped out of her mirror and grinned.
'Mirror manipulation, cool. What else can you do?'
'Grant a wish. What do you wish for Eira?'
'That the world would be clean and spotless.'
'Wow, really?' She shrugged. 'Anything other than that? Like if you want your powers to go away?'
'Why would I want that? I love my powers.'
'Do you love the fact that soon you'll leave Dwayne?'
'Without my powers, I can never love or Dwayne will never love me. We are two different people with too much differences. I honestly will never fall for him without our match....'
'How sure are you?' I asked plopping myself on her bed. 'He's just right for you as you are for him. No one can tolerate you like he can and no one can tolerate him like you can. Sure the love will weaken but then will grow normally, like it ought to.'
'I don't hate my powers, that's that.'
'So you want to keep it?'
'Yup, just need the world to be clean.' I rolled my eyes and connected my mind's to Gale's.
'Are you asleep?'
'Nay, thinking. What were you guys chattering about? I can't feel Verna.'
'Yeah, what were you thinking about?'
'What Fallon asked me. "If it wasn't for the beta double bond, would you have looked at me like a normal beautiful girl or a girl you can use and dump?" It's a question I'm pondering on. Fallon is a very beautiful girl but I don't think I will ever look at her as a girl worth loving....I don't think I'm even ready to stop flexing. Sometimes I wonder how I would be with just one person for the rest of my life....:
'So you want to end the bond?'
'I want to know how it would be like to live without being tied down to one person or always having access to peoples mind. I've being into her head, she's neither ready for relationship nor all this but she must do it. I don't even like having powers, it's like cheating every guy. I can protect myself, true but I can't help but hate the fact that my powers keep helping me. Will I be ugly without my enchantment? Will I still be sexy without my....I don't even use my powers for anything so why keep it!!!'
'Do you want me to take it away?'
'Can you?'
'Yup, just agree and I'll be there within the blink of an eye.'
'Then take it away,' I reached his room and smirked. Fallon was on the bed, sleeping. I clasped our hands together and smiled. 'What's the price?'
'There's always a price when it concerns you.'
'Leave that to me,' he groaned and collapsed. I removed my hands and went back to Eira. She was brushing her hair and humming. 'You really don't want your powers to go away?'
'What's your damage? Back off.' I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair and chuckled.
'You're too stubborn,' I ran to her and clasped our hands together. 'Sorry, you might hate me after that and yours will certainly hurt more.' She screamed out in pain, trying to free her hands but couldn't. I removed her powers and staggered back. I exhaled and ran out of the house to Tynan's. I ran into his room and sighed again.
He laid on his bed, eyes closed but mind awake.
'Who are you?' I climbed the bed and straddled him. 'Didn't I tell Alfredo not to send in any girl?'
'Don't you know my scent?' She jerked up, his face almost hitting mine. 'Hi.'
'What are you doing here....how did you get here?'
'Like you don't know,' I encircled my hands on his neck. 'Can I be honest?'
'You being Nysaiah's son, I know.'
'Is that why you want to seduce me?'
'Dude, you started it at the dining table but that's not why I'm here,' I stood up and adjusted my nightgown. 'Take me to your mother's body.'
'What mother?'
'Tynan, do you want her back or not?'
'What's the price?'
'Nothing I can't handle.'
'Don't lie to me.'
'I don't lie.'
'Why should I trust you?' He asked skeptically.
'Would you prefer to take it by force or let me offer it willingly? I just don't want a war.'
'Okay,' he stood up. 'My dad would freak.'
'Then he don't have to know.'

Something didn't feel right about what she was going to do. She held mom's hands as she muttered to herself with eyes closed while I stood outside the barrier she created. I tapped my foot on the ground and looked elsewhere. The wind whispered in my ear.
'Tynan, stop her,' I didn't understand at first. 'If she complete the spell, she'll trade place with me. Stop her!'
'With you? Mom?'
'Tynan, she's going to force me back to life and that will cost hers.' I gasped and ran to the barrier.
'Summer, stop!!!' I kicked it but groaned. 'Ow! Summer please! I don't really care much if she comes back, as long as you're with me.' She smiled and chuckled.
'The moment everything is back to normal, you won't care again if I die or live. The bond will be broken and I won't exist in your heart again,' she said in my head. 'Sometimes, for something to be in place, something else must get broken.'
'Nothing must get broken....'
'Like I said, it's nothing that I can't handle. Goodbye Tynan.'
'Summer d.....' Before I could finish my plea statement, the barrier exploded, whipping me on the wall and blacking me out.

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