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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-four



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-four

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I inhaled and exhaled through my nostrils. I opened my eyes gently and sighed, the first thing or rather person I saw was Dwayne staring at me intensely. I blinked and looked around my room, he was in my room. I sat up and smiled nervously.
'Are you alright now?'
'Yeah, I'm fine, thank you.'
'Good, start talking.'
'Must I?'
'I'm freaking freezing in a refrigerator called your room, what do you think?'
'You already have an idea, don't you?' I asked fondling with my fingers.
'Why didn't you tell me?'
'How does this sound to ya? "Hey Dwayne, I want to tell you something. I have powers, supernatural powers and I'm likely to get killed in the nearest future." You think telling anyone about me is easy?'
'True, I still want to know everything so start talking. Who else knows about you and your probably not normal siblings?'
'Fallon.' I went on to explain everything to him, not leaving one stone unturned.
'That'll explain the attraction,' he said calmly them smirked. 'I always knew I was special, even the gods chose me to be the awesome boyfriend of the slightly pretty girl.'
'Slightly!' I snorted. He laughed and sighed.
'So, why was Tynan Fucking Rich Nore in your house?' I bit my lower lip, that part had to remain a secret.
'Gale befriended him.'
'I can believe that. He's irresistible....'
'You mean annoying,' I scoffed. 'That dick head.'
'Hmmm, I like that last part.' He said teasingly. I smacked his sheepishly. He laughed and brought out his ringing phone. 'Cian.'
'Dude, you won't believe the shit that just took place.' Cian said incredulous, apparently not believing it himself.
'What?' Dwayne asked curiously switching the phone to loudspeaker.
'Toby and Terence fought badly. Toby fucked Terry's ass up damn bad.'
'You're kidding, right?'
'Fucking hell! I don't believe it myself even though I'm staring at unconscious Terry with the me own two eyes. I didn't know Toby had some bones, he gave me a black eye when I tried to separate them.'
'Whoa,' I breathe. 'Seriously?'
'Who's that?'
'Eira,' I smiled. 'Where are you guys? So we can come.'
'We?' Dwayne chuckled.
'Yes, we.'

Everything was going wrongly, how could he be sealed to her. Somebody was playing games with me, fate was messing with my patient. He would never lay a finger on her and if she dies, that'd be my doom. She need anger, she needs that to at least get me somewhere.
'Uriel,' I called. 'Find their father and kill him. Imitate Nyrek's shadow demons and leave his soul in his domain. Don't it now, in seven days time.'
'Yes sir.'
'No more messing around. I need to do this fast before he becomes soft.'

I chuckled to myself as Tynan grumbled and cursed under his breath, the one week condition was killing him. He had already warmed up to me and I must admit he's cool but you know me, even if you like me, you'll still complain because I'm annoying. It was eventually the last day, I dragged him to a game house, somebody needed to love a little.
'This is a waste of my precious time!' He complained again.
'It's just for fun bro, live a little.'
'I have documents to precheck and approve. There's a list of work waiting for me back home and I'm here, dressed like a hobo wearing a cat mask and getting my ass kicked by a kid.' He went on. He was playing against a seven years old and things wasn't going well with him.
'It's just a game...'
♪ Loser! ♪
'Well will you look at that, I lost again.' He said emotionlessly.
'Okay, games aren't for everyone....can you play poll?'
'I hate that.'
'You hate everything,' I murmured. 'Okay loser, let's go see a movie.'
'I'm not your girlfriend dude, back off.'
'Movies aren't for dates only dummy,' I dragged him up. 'We can watch a scary movie.' I didn't plan scary, I was going to make him watch a comedy movie but unfortunately, the guy didn't even blink an eye as he stared emotionlessly at the screen.
I'd never faced a difficult person before.
'Glad that's over, it was lame.'
'Yea, you have a serious problem.'
'Good to know, I'm going home now.' He walked out of the theatre. I sighed and mind linked Jennifire.
'Your boyfriend is difficult. Yesterday he was okay but today he's....'
'Tynan is a dark guy, cold hearted and love the misfortune of people.'
'Didn't I tell you to get him by mischievous ways? Try a prank or look for trouble or something. Stop bothering me, I'm trying to meditate, something is wrong somewhere.'
'What is it?'
'I don't know, it just feels like somebody is in danger. Go after him, I'll check.'
'Be careful.'
'You should be careful yourself.' I cut the link and went to find him, he came with his car. He stood there staying at the object in anger, his dark shadows emanating from his body in dark purple flames. No one except me could see it.
'What happened?' I asked carefully. He didn't say a word, I followed his gaze to his tires which had been intentionally stabbed. 'Wow, who did this?'
'Somebody who's about to die,' he said through gritted teeth. Red alert. His eyes turned red, he certainly didn't care if I saw it. 'Gotcha.'
'Mr Devil, there is more than one way to get revenge on idiots. The person probably got jealous of your legit car and stabbed it. I'll show you what to do instead of killing, Jennifire won't like that.' The red disappeared the moment her name left my mouth.
'Don't tell her, please.'
'What exactly are you because your eyes just traded colour with a traffic light.' He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.
'Fuck, wasn't expecting you to f....I don't know, I was born like this.'
'As were I,' I smiled. 'Now let me teach you the ways of The Mighty Aeolus.'
'Me, I like that name. Where's the dude?' I asked myself before scanning the minds of everyone near and far. I found the culprit, he was at the other side of the theatre. I ran there, too fast for anyone to see. The guy was tall, scrawny and almost good looking. He was flirting with a girl who was in the midst of her many friends. I smirked and cracked my knuckles. Tynan strolled to me, his eyes never leaving the guy. 'Now watch the master and learn.' I hacked into his head, taking all his embarrassing secrets and manipulating it to my advantage.
'When I was nineteen, I made out with my dog because I thought she was hot and I was drunk.' He said seriously.
'What?' The girl asked confusedly.
'I bed wet sometimes, the reason I never sleepover at anyone's house. I'm a pizza deliver, I live in the basement of my grandmother's house.'
'If you want to really humiliate him, try this.' I lost connection with him, Tynan did it.
'Have anyone ever told you your mouth smells?' The guy asked grinningly. The girls gasped. 'You're so thin I can use you to flog someone....and your hair, it's as lame as you are.'
'How dare you insult me!'
'When last did you take your bath?'
'Barris what's wrong with you!'
'Your face....is it getting hot in here?' He tugged off his shirt and went about to strip naked.
'Tynan, you're going too.....'
'I'm Zeus! God Of Olympics! Worship me!' I looked away and laughed, he's a kid in every area.
'Barris, put your cloth back on....somebody!!!!'
'I can twerk!' He squealed and started twerking awfully, he sucks.
'That's enough Tynan.'
'Run.' He hissed. The dude ran away screaming that he's a god. I jogged off while he followed.
'That was awfully good,' I chuckled. 'Though the naked part was an overdo.'
'Did you see him chopper? How does he plan to impregnate a girl with that?' Tynan mused. I laughed and nudged him.
'A girl or a boy? Dude, you like what you saw.'
'I won't argue with you because I know you are mentally unstable.' We got to his car, he sighed and brought out his phone while I looked around. My eyes caught Fallon with a guy, he was dragging her to his car by her bicep and she wasn't objecting though I could see the look of reluctance in her eyes.
'Ty,' I tapped his shoulder. He glanced at me and went back to his phone. 'That's my girlfriend, she's cheating?'
'Don't you know kidnapping when you see one?' He asked calmly.
'She's being abducted?'
'Look at her eyes dummy,' he said winking the an eye roll. 'Here....' The guy screamed and jumped away from her, before his feet touched the ground, he was bashed against his car. Fallon sprinted immediately, what did she do to him?
'Excuse me,' I dashed after her and blocked her way when she was out of sight. She screamed. 'Chill, what's up?'
'Gale,' she hugged me. 'Did you save me? That guy was furious about something my stepsister did and he was going to take it out on me. He had a gun.' She sobbed.
'Why didn't you call me and why were you alone in the first place?'
'I wanted to see a movie, I wasn't expecting this.'
'It's okay, you're fine now.'
'Gale, where's Tynan!' Jenni hissed in my head. She was upset, slightly upset.
'What's wrong? He's with me.'
'You haven't left his sight since?'
'No,' he wasn't with me but..... 'Why?'
'I checked, some shadows attacked dad. He would have died if I didn't get there on time and Tynan did it.' She explained softly but still angry.
'I am hundred percent sure it isn't Tynan.....'
'Nysaiah,' she said venomously. 'He wants me to get angry and attack Tynan.:
'He knows who you are to him.' Verna said reasonably.
'Since he wants game, let's play games,' Jenni said angrily. 'Verna, Eira, we're going shopping.'

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