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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Eight



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirty-Eight

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I stared at him with mouth open, I mean I was expecting him to just be standing at my doorstep so.....wait what was he....gosh! How was I suppose to explain things to mom if she finds out he was the one and how did he find out I was....well, he's Tynan Nore.
'Aren't you done checking me out yet?' He asked smirkingly. I gulped and closed my mouth.
'What are you doing here?' I asked glancingly. 'How did....why did you come here?'
'I came to check on my friend,' he said smilingly as he made his way to me.
'This friend don't want you here,' I whispered.
'And who said anything about you being the friend I came to see,' he smirked. My face took an "uh oh" expression. 'Hey Gale!!!! Your sister won't let me in!!!!' He shouted. I flinched and instinctively covered his mouth but what use was that? He already shouted. Well, I got to touch him stylishly and turn crimson, isn't that exciting.
'Shhhh, my entire family is here so go away, we don't n.....'
'My in-law!' Gale squealed from behind me. With the tone he used, I knew I was doomed for sure. He flung me out of his way, like literally flung me out and made his way to the intruder. They did a weird handshake and laughed about something only their foolish minds could process. I wasn't done preparing my plan to torment Tynan, in fact I hadn't gotten the chance to so I was the trapped one. How the table turned on me.
'Nice to see you again bro,' Tynan grinned. I blinked and wiped my eyes. Apparently, I disturbed my brain when it hit the bottom of the mountain I fell down from. I walked back inside and tugged at Verna's sleeve.
'Yes? Who's that?'
'I'm not sure I'm alright, can you hit me for a second?'
'Nope,' she smiled slyly. I gasped. 'You and Eira did this! Why!'
'Mwah ah ah ah,' was her reply. She stood up and skipped to the kitchen to inform her partner in crime.
'Anila, you look stunned. Who's that?' Mom asked worriedly.
'Her ex who happens to be Gale's best friend.' Fallon replied sharply.
'Ex?' Dad chuckled.
'Good evening house of too many people!!!!' Gale Idiotson shrieked as he strolled in with Tynan. Iza and Nyelle wiped their eyes. 'This is my friend, Tynan but I'm sure you already know him and he's Jennie's ex.'
'Gale!' I exclaimed with shock.
'Dad, I can't breathe,' Nyelle gasped. 'Help, too much cute boys in one house, cute overload.' She fell on the floor and gasped for air like she was really finding it hard to breathe. Tynan smiled, eh? He smiled because of her?
His smile was magnificent.
'I'm 24 and ready for marriage, somebody please marry me.' Iza pleaded. Nyelle stood up and unexpectedly hugged him, my left hand twitched.
'Will you marry me?' She asked cutely battering her lashes. I felt weird, like I wanted to wring her neck. He smiled and removed her hands from his neck gently.
'Cute, but I'll pass.' I sighed with relief.
'Having such an important person in my house for dinner is something I definitely didn't count on,' grandpa said with a giddy smile. He stood up and approached Tynan with so much respect. 'Welcome to my home Mr....'
'Tynan,' he said politely with a respectful bow. 'You can call me that.'
'Good, you're staying over for dinner. Come.' He gestured that they leave, they both headed to the dinning room while Gale, The Jacksons and Fallon followed.
'I must admit Nadia, your children are useful packages of peanuts,' Earl said grinningly, like what he said made any sense. 'First was The Jacksons and now Tynan, who exactly are you?'
'Believe me, I have no idea how they meet the people they do but like I said before, I worked as Declan Jackson's PA before, that's how Angus and I met.' She smiled, glancing at me.
'Let's go have dinner so I can seduce one of the hotties into marrying me.' Nyelle chirped and ran away to join the others. Soon they all trooped out except mom.
'Start talking,' she ordered.
'Tynan happens to be my beta double,'
'And?' She asked exaggeratedly.
'That's it, nothing more.'
'Anila, are you lying to me?' I wasn't lying.
'No, he is what I said he is.'
'Let me rephrase that,' oh no! 'Anila are you lying to me about the nothing more part? What are you hiding away from me?' I sank my teeth into my bottom lip to avoid spilling it out. 'Anila,' she called softly stepping closer to me. 'Tell mommy the truth.'
'My food's getting cold!' I yelled and ran to the dining room. I sat on a chair without looking at who was sitting at my right.
'You okay Adara?' Verna asked with sincere worry.
'Mom,' I whimpered. 'She's on to me.' My siblings chuckled.
'All you need to do is lie,' Gale sang in my head.
'I can't lie, that's so bad.' I cried.
'One time won't hurt.' Eira said nonchalantly. She was in the kitchen.
'Or do you want her to find out about him? Even if she'll understand, it won't stop her from worrying and unconsciously acting shitty towards him.'
'Lie my quad female, lieeeeeeee.' Gale said ghostly. They giggled. Mom came to join us, her suspicious and curious eyes oscillating from one to the other. The others especially Gale were nonchalant about the whole thing but I wasn't.
'Hey, you okay?' Toby who was at my left whispered leaning closer to my left ear. 'Nervous that your crush is sitting next to you?' I giggled.
'And who said you're my crush?' I whispered back smirkingly. From any other person's angle, it would look like we were flirting with each other.
'And who said it was me,' he smirked. His eyes briefly swept the room and lingered on a figure at my other side. I stylishly glanced at who he was looking at and that was when the demon of shyness and nervousness overtook me. I found myself adjusting my dress and crossing my legs girlishly. Toby chuckled. 'I wonder who's impressing who.'
'Shut up.' I said blushingly. Dad cleared his throat.
'Remember other people are here,' he said amusedly, apparently still surprise I could put up a girlish act.
'It's not my fault sir, your daughter is just too beautiful for me to keep my mouth shut.' Toby said smilingly, winking at me at his last word. My cheeks turned red as I bit my lower lip, I wasn't sure why I was blushing. If it was because the cutest of the guys who didn't speak much was commenting on my beauty and indirectly flirting with me or because of the way Tynan's gaze was burning holes into the side of my head.
'Well feel free, pretty girls are meant to he complimented and we have a lot of them in this house, except that she-goat.' Uncle Earl said with a disapproving nod at Nyelle. She smirked and winked at him, earning an eye roll from my male version.
'Oh uncle Earl, don't be jealous.' Nyelle cooed. Toby shook his head.
'Why is she so weird?' He asked me in a whisper. 'She's like Ciara, talks a lot.'
'Cian's sister.'
'Isn't she beautiful?' I giggled.
'Very but too loud.'
'She's crazy, that's just how it is. Now I say it, my family is filled with more crazy than normal.'
'Ya think,' he chuckled. 'I like her free spirit though.'
'Maybe you should ask her out,' I said suggestively. 'She's a crazy fan, yes but she's the kind of girl that can....'
'Smash a hammer on my head if I dare her, I know. That's why she's cute but I can't talk to her.' He said blushing shyly.
'Of course you can, she's just a girl.'
'Exactly, I don't think I can.'
'Girl giggling and stylishly stealing her sister's food,' Tynan said all of a sudden. I looked at Nyelle who was stealing Cheryl's meat, she grinned as she noticed she had been caught. 'This guy loves you,' he pointed at Toby whose eyes widened. 'They have been gossiping on how he would ask you to marry him.' Toby slid under the table shyly while Nyelle awned.
'That's so sweet, don't be shy...' She went under the table too. I chuckled and punched Tynan's arm.
'Somebody had to say it,' he snorted. He leaned closer to my ear. 'What are you wearing?' My body stiffened, Toby's whisper didn't affect me at all but his made me feels so uncomfortable and nervous.
'A dress,' I spluttered. 'What is it to you?' She leaned back on his chair and smirked, it was like no one could see us, his doing.
'Nothing but the fact that dress + you + dinning table ÷ by me is = to trouble, for you that is.'
'Bah!' I exclaimed dismissively.
'Is that so,' he chuckled evilly.
'So Tynan,' mom finally spoke. 'How did you meet my angel?' He jerked his head towards Gale who was stuffing his face with lobster. 'How come I didn't know you were dating my daughter?' He shrugged.
'Ask her, not me.' She glared at me.
'Well it's nice but where's Dwayne and Eira? They were here a minute ago.' She said looking around.
'I accidentally poured sauce on the floor, she panicked, went into clean mode so Dwayne went to help her.' Verna let the lie roll off her tongue easily, she winked at me.
'And that my dear, is how to deliver a clean lie.' Gale said buoyantly in my head. I fought the urge to roll my eyes only to fly out of my chair and tumbled to the ground. Danyelle crawled out laughing with Toby, they made it seem like cockroach touched my lap.
'That wasn't so bad, was it?' She asked Toby smirkingly. She was obviously teaching him how to prank someone for fun.
'It was surprisingly fun,' he smiled.
'Yes! Now let's try another one!' She squealed and dragged him away.
'You both had to throw him into trouble's den, didn't you?' Cian sighed. I smiled and climbed back up to my chair. I sat down and adjusted my dress. Everything was going fine afterwards, everyone chattering, me eating because I really love food and Tynan discussing business stuff with dad and grandpa. My peace was snatched before my very eyes the moment Tynan's hand slipped into my dress. The food in my throat refused to go down as my entire system tensed.
I couldn't flinch, he was talking nonchalantly with the big men about big stuffs. I finally found the courage to gulped down the food in my house. I stylishly swat his hand away but it was back as soon as it was gone.
'I honestly plan on opening a record label to start up new talent, it would bring more money and help many unemployed people.'
'That's a good idea,' dad smiled impressively. 'My project for the new orphanage foundation will commence soon, I would love it if we can be partners. Your involvement will really make things easier.'
'A chance to help orphanage children is always a good offer, I'm in.' What they were saying wasn't my business, my problem was the hand sliding in and out of my dress, making circles too close to my core. I was fighting the moan in my throat, swallowing it in with much difficulties. I was breathing heavily, I couldn't breathe well.
'As for the label thing, I believe we can help, become partners that is.' His finger made circle on the surface of my core, forcing the moan out of my mouth. They looked at me, I grinned.
'The food is so delicious,' I moaned, they faced their various discussion. I closed my legs, pinning his hand between them. Wrong idea, he forced the legs open and drove his hand up, he smacked the band of my pant against my skin and that forced me to jumped to my feet. I was sweating badly.
'Is everything alright?' The devil asked innocently.
'Y......y......bye!' I ran back to my room, I was wet, really wet. I went into my bathroom and washed my face. 'This is plan go wrong, plan go wrong.' I whimpered.
'I'm here again!' Mom squealed, I screamed and flew away from the mirror.
'Mom,' I drawled.
'Start talking.'
'Okay,' I sucked in breath, lie. 'Tynan and I met in a club before he met Gale. I was tipsy and well, stupid. His charms worked on me and we you know. I hid it away from everyone because I was sacred, I'm sorry mom.'
'So you already slept with him? Even before we came to New Orleans?' I nodded. 'It's all good but don't ever keep a secret from me again, okay?' I nodded. 'Be down in five.' I nodded again, feeling dirty and terrible because of my lie. She kissed my cheek and left. I ran to the toilet and threw up, I felt so bad and terrible.
Fuck my life...no, fuck Tynan!

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