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©Amah's Heart.

Samson Left his In-laws place in anger after learning that his wife has been married off to his best man without any form of knowledge or notice to him.

He felt indeed the Philistines took him for granted, they took advantage of the fact that he was an isrealite and thought they can do anything and get away with it.
It was a big slap on his face and shame to his parents who stood by him and also journeyed with him to make sure he fulfilles all the traditional marriage rite.

It was a big slap to his tribe and the entire isrealites.

The Philistines doesn't regard or respect the isrealites that is why they do whatever they felt like doing and still get away with it.

But he wasn't going to spare them. He will make them have a taste of the resentment and bitterness they cursed him.

Samson went into the forest and caught 300 foxes. He tied their tails together in pairs and lit it up with fire.

After putting fire on each pair of the foxes tail, he released them into the Philistines grain field.

The animals burned down the grain field of the Philistines to the ground, no grain was left untouched.

They burn down the whole field, including the sheaves where grains were stored and the uncut grain too were not left out.

Some of the foxes with their burning tale destroyed the Philistines vineyard and Olive groves.

The Philistines couldn't stop the fire, they tried all they could but it was already too late. Their grain field, their vineyard and Olive groves was razed down by fire.

The officials and the elderly among them were furious. They began to ask and search for the person that did such thing.

They demanded from the young men and women who was behind such an evil act.

They were later told that it was Samson.

"Samson, an isrealite did all of this because his father's in-law who is from Timnah gave out his daughter who was Samson's wife to another man in marriage...

The men could not hold back their anger for Samson and also for his father in-law. They were determined to destroy both Samson, his father in-law and daughter who were behind the sudden disaster.

Since they couldn't get hold of Samson, the Philistines captured his father in-law and Tiran his daughter and set them ablaze.

They burned Samson's wife and her father to death.

When Samson heard that his wife and her father were burnt to death by the Philistines just to get back at him, his anger erupted
He screamed out in terror, as vengeance sweat clouded his forehead.

Samson vowed
"For doing this, I won't rest until I take my revenge on everyone of you..."

Samson set out and attacked the Philistines with great fury, Killing many of them in the process.

After the attack, Samson went to live in a cave in the rock of Etam.

The Philistines searched for Samson but none of them knows where he was.

they decided to retaliate.

What Samson did to them will not go unpunished. They must make sure that they pay the isrealites back for Samson's sin against them.

They started by taking up isrealites territory.

Their lands were sized, vineyards, grains and groves were taking by force.

The Philistines were still not satisfied with what they have done to the isrealites all because of Samson.

They went further by setting up camp in Judah which was in the heart of the isrealites city.
They spread out near the town of Lehi trying to subdue the isrealites.

They were destroying their markets and town and taking up the lands.

They hurt anyone that stands on their way.

The men of Judah came to the Philistines with a plea and questioned them on why they were attacking them and taking up their lands.

The Philistines replied
"Because of what Samson, one of your own did to us. We want him captured and brought to us if not we will continue to attack your people and your land...

Three thousand men of Judah went in search of Samson.
They found him at a cave in the rock of Etam.

", What are you doing to us Samson? Why have you brought the wrath of the Philistines upon us. Don't you realize that the Philistines rules over us....we are like a slave to them. Why are you bringing more trouble upon us.... why?

The men from Judah asked Samson after they found him and he replied.

"I only did to them what they did to me. I paid them back in their own coin...

The men of Judah said to him.
"We have come to tie you up and take you to the Philistines. They have vowed that they won't stop attacking us until you are handed to them.

Samson replied back
",I can't fight or argue with my own people. I promise to surrender myself to you so that you can tie me up and hand me over to the Philistines but all I asked is that you don't kill me with your own hands. I belong among you and do not want blood shed from my own people...

"We promise not to hurt you. We will only tie you up and hand you over to the Philistines so that they will leave us alone and stop attacking us....

This was what the men of Judah replied Samson.

Samson came out fully and surrendered himself over to them.
They tied him up with two new strong ropes.

They took him from the rock to the town of Lehi in isreal where the Philistines were waiting for their arrival.

Immediately the Philistines saw Samson, they began to rejoice.
They were jubilating over the capture of their enemy.

They spit over him and mock him in with their laughter.

It was a thing of Joy for them to watch Samson tied up and brought to them.

They have planned on how they will torment him until they finally kills him.

They kept jubilating, while Samson watch them from were he was tied up.

While they were shouting in triumph over Samson, the spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon Samson and he quickly snapped off the rope that was used to tie him.

The strong new ropes fell off from his body Like a pieces of thread.
He came out and found a jaw bone of a recently killed donkey.

As the Philistines attacked him with full force, Samson used the jaw bone to kill one thousand of the Philistines.

After Killing 1000 Philistines Samson lifted his voice and screamed out loud.

" With the jaw bone of a donkey, I have piled up my enemies body in heaps. With just a jaw bone of a donkey I have killed a thousand of them"...

After he was done with his boasting, he threw away the jaw bone and walked away.

The place was later named "the jawbone hill"

Samson went into the desert in Lehi and remained there.

As time pass he became very thirsty and cried out to God.

"Oh God of heaven, will you watch me die of thirsty or fall back into the hand of my enemies... the pagan Philistines? You gave me the strength that posses me and I have not accomplished any victory without your help. Please, pity your servant and quench my thirst....oh God of heaven.

God heard his cry and caused water to gush out from the hollow right there in desert.

Samson was revived as he drank fully from the water.

He named that place "the spring of the one who cried out to God"
Samson later returned home and remained in his home town as he was made isreal judge.

He remained with his people judging them and helping out in anyway his presence was needed.

The Philistines Left the isrealites alone for sometime but they were still planning on how to destroy Samson.

They kept waiting and hoping for an opportunity to destroy Samson.
All they desires to know is the source of his strength which remain a mystery to them.

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