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©Amah's Heart.

Early morning on the seventh day which was the last day of the feast and also for the riddle, Samson was already fed up with his wife's tormenting cry.

very early that morning of the seventh say Samson told his wife the answer to the riddle.

Samson was sure that none of the men had the answer and as he was preparing for the evening party that same day, the men came to meet him even before he will step out into the party arena.
They were all filled with smile as they approached Samson.

He wondered what they are up to as he came out to join them.

They shocked him by saying.

"Your riddle, we have answer to it. get
ready to give us everything that was promised to the winner. You are just a common isrealite, how possible do you think we will lose to a commoner? You gave us a riddle and forgot that we are smarter than all the elite in isreal put together...

They were laughing and talking almost at the same time. Insulting the entire isrealites and Samson inclusive jokingly.

Samson nodded without an effort to defend his people.

He said to them.

"My word still stand. As I have promised I will do exactly if only you are able to give me the correct answer to the riddle. No need of altercation, all I seek is the answer to the riddle and not insult.

They laughed out loud at Samson before saying in chorus.

" What is sweeter than honey? What is stronger than a lion?
Samson opened his mouth in shock. He tried to say something but no word came out.

", Isn't that the answer to your riddle? Oh you are shocked that we are smart enough to figure it out? Hahahaha...

They taunted Samson even more why urging him to go get the price for the riddle to them.

Samson replied them.

"If you had not plowed with my heifer, you wouldn't have solved my riddle. You sent my wife to taunt me day and night and get the answer out of me. And you think you all are smart? No problem... I will give you your bounty Just as I promised. Wait for it...

Samson angrily left.

The spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him.

He walked to a town after Timnah, which was called Ashklon. it was a place were many prideful Philistines live.

They were another set of isreal tormentors. The men there were rich, strong and boastful.

They felt with their money they can do anything and hurt anyone.
Samson charged towards the strongest of them as they engaged him into a fight.

He was able to kill thirty of the men, he took some of their belongings and returned to the men who has solved his riddle.

He gave the fine clothing to the men as it was promised. Paying them back with what he got in Killing their country men.

Samson was very furious, as his anger boils against the Philistines, he knew if he stays back he may do more harm or even kill the thirty men who tricked him with his wife just to get the answer to the riddle out of him.

He needed to leave immediately. He was angry with the Philistines including his wife and in-laws.
If he stays away for sometime he will be calm enough and will come back to get his wife.

Samson picked up his things, he left his wife under her father's care and returned back home to his parents.

His people asked him about his wife, Samson told them he will go to get her later. He has to leave her with her father for sometime so that he can have time to cool off from what happened while he was there.

While Samson was away in his father's house, Tiran's father arranged another marriage for his daughter who was Samson's wife.

He gave Samson's wife to one of the Philistines men who acted as Samson's best man during his wedding.

Tiran decided to get married to one of the Philistines men while Samson was away in his home town.

She assumed that Samson will hate her for betraying him.

Her father also concluded with the same thing and asked her to go ahead with the marriage and forget about Samson. He was only an isrealite and not fully worthy of her. She should marry one of the worthy Philistines.

After all it was Samson's loss. He has no reason to be angry. He should even be happy that a beautiful maiden from the Philistines agreed to marry him at first.

But since he left her behind and went back to his father's house to calm his anger and ego down then he is unworthy of her.

"What if he comes back to get me and found out that I was already married to another man without his knowledge.. what are we going to do father?

Tiran asked his father who replied.

"Leave all that to me, go ahead and enjoy with your new husband. Forget about Samson because he is not worthy of you. your sister is still available. If Samson comes back and demand to be with his wife I will tell him that you are married but I'm willing to give your junior sister to him. It will end there like that. Samson will have no choice than to accept the offer.

Tiran got married to another without Samson's knowledge.

After sometime, During the wheat harvest, Samson was calm.he missed his wife and desired to be with her.

He has forgiven those that hurt him including his wife and wanted to bring her home.
He selected a fine young goat out of his flocks. A special gift for Tiran his loving wife.

He went to his In-laws place with all the present he brought for his wife.

He appeared happy, after greetings his father in-law he decided to go to his wife's room since she has not come out to welcome him.

As he stood and started going towards his wife's room, Tiran's father quickly stopped him.
Samson didn't understand what was going on.

"I'm here to see my wife and to give her all the gifts I brought for her. I'm also going to take her home....

"I know. I totally understand the reason why you are here but things are not as you left it. I thought after what happened you will hate her and may not find interest in her again so...so I gave her out in marriage to your best man. But...no need to panic, Tiran has a junior sister who you may find interest in. She is even More prettier than Tiran. You can go ahead and marry her instead of Tiran who is already married to another due to she was tired of waiting for your return.

Samson screamed out angrily immediately he learnt that his wife had been given to another in marriage.

",I won't be responsible for what I will do to everyone one of you. You all have biten more than you can chew. I will deal with all the uncircumcised Philistines. By the time I'm done your town will never remain the same.

After saying that, Samson Left angrily.

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