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©Amah's Heart.

Manoah went on his way to prepare the young goat and some fine grains.

He gathered up some rock and place both the goat and the grains. He set them up on fire just as he was instructed.

The man of God walked closer to where the items were burning.

As Manoah and his wife watched, wondering what the strange man will do with the burning items.

And to their amazement, as the flames were going up, suddenly the man of God stood in between the flames of fire.

He ascended into the air, his feet stood right in the air.

Manoah and his wife fell to the ground in a great fear.

The angel disapeared and never to be seen again.

At that moment, Manoah realized that he was an angel. Fear griped him.

"I'm dead... I'm a dead man. Zorah, we will certainly die. For we have seen God in form of man... who are we that he should send his angel to us? Oh we are dead...

Manoah cried out but his wife try to calm him down by saying.

"None of us will die. If the Lord was going to kill us he wouldn't have sent his angel to deliver such a wonderful message to us or even accept our burnt offering.

Manoah was still afraid even as his wife tries to assured him.

He prayed for mercy and forgivenes. Pleading to the Lord to spare him and his wife.

As days turns into weeks he thought he will die as each day comes but he remained alive and nothing happened to him or his wife.

Manoah began to thank God and also to hold onto the hope of the promised son.

Zorah later became pregnant. She couldn't hide her Joy as the baby forms in her womb.

She avoided everything that the angel of the Lord warned her not to take during her pregnancy.

Her husband too was very happy as they looked forward to welcoming their son.

And Just in due time, Zorah gave birth to a son. Everything that was foretold came to past.

What a joyous day for her and her husband.

They named him Samson.
The Lord was with the boy as he grew up.

His mother made sure he followed the law of the isrealites.
As Samson grows the spirit of the Lord began to stir him up.

His hair was never touched, his strength as child amazes people.

He was not only strong, he was also blessed with beautiful face and body.

While he plays with his mates, he will display a great amount of strength baffling them with the kind of power he posses.

He became very popular for his uniqueness and was loved by many

He kept growing under his mother and father's watch but Samson had a mind of his own.
The Philistines were ruling the isrealites then.

The isrealites were afraid of them and kept there distance but that wasn't the case of Samson.

He was not afraid of anything or anyone.

He has seen how this Philistines maltreat and insult his people and was never Please with it.

They called the isrealites all sorts of names and make them work so hard in their field.

Samson mixed up among them and made friends with most of their young men and women.
He was unafraid of them but followed them with wisdom.

His parents warned him to be very careful of the Philistines on how he move among them.

But Samson, having a mind of his own waved off their warning.
He has grown up to be a fine tall young man. His hair pour down below his shoulder.

Samson was well admired.
He later fell in love with a Philistines young beautiful maiden called Tiran.

He knew it was wrong but he couldn't escape from the love affair he found himself in.

Him and Tiran did not hide their love for each other.

When the news got to his parents, they try to warn him to keep his distance from their enemies but Samson ignored as usual.

One day he came to his parents and told them he wants to marry Tiran.

He asked them to start the marriage preparation over going to meet Tiran's parents for proper introduction.

"What has gotten into you Samson?

His father barked angrily at him.

"... their are a lot of beautiful isrealites young women that you can chose a wife from. I can help you get one from a good family background if you want. But why chose a wife among the Philistines... isrealites oppressors. Drinking and moving with them was enough sin and now you want to do the forbidden by getting married among the uncircumcised Philistines. How could you do this to me and your mother and to the entire isrealites?

Samson, despite his parents words and warning he refused to listen.

He kept on with his strong desire to marry Tiran and refused to let his parents rest until they grant his wishes.

Samson continue troubling his father and mother over getting married to a Philistines until they finally decided to grant his wish.

Despite they were not happy over this but they decided to support him when they saw he wasn't going to change his mind no matter what they do or say.

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