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The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 20


The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 20

A police van screeched to a halt beside us and some of the officers got down to pull the victims out of the car. He was pulled out first but on a second look, I realised the man did not look like Rose’s dad, he was putting on a different shirt too. I disengaged from Derek’s embrace and skidded to a halt at the passenger’s front seat but it wasnt Rose there either, it was another man. I burst into fresh sobs and my head reeled. I almost collapsed on the floor but knowing Rose was out there with the monster made me stand on my feet. Derek walked up to me after inspecting the bodies with relief written all over his face.
Derek: “Thank God they weren’t the ones. The car looks exactly the same. The driver here was drunk driving. I feel sorry for them though”
Anita: “Yeah I feel sorry for them too. We need to find Rose as soon as possible. I heard him saying they will run away to a far place where no one will be able to find them. we have to find them before then”
Derek: “Baby but you need medical attention. I need to get you to the hospital. How is your head? Do you know how scared I was when I heard you scream on the phone like that? I thought I will lose you. Please be careful from now on”
Anita: “Thanks for coming as soon as I called. Didn’t even know you picked the call. Thanks a lot honey” I called him honey for the first time and I could see he was elated from the look on his face. “Please let’s go to her house. We can check Google map if you don’t know the way” I said and gave him the address.
Derek: “Okay boss. And you should know, once all these is over, we are getting married; whether you like it or not. And you will stop doing this job and find something else. Maybe as a teacher in a secondary school teaching social studies or family living. This job is too dangerous for you, judging from how you get emotionally attached to your clients”
Anita: “And you think I will really agree to that?” I asked, trying to support my head with my hand. It ached like crazy I could hardly see.
Derek: “Sorry dear” he cast me a concerned look as he drove like a professional driver. “I know you will agree cos you love kids a lot. You can get emotionally attached to your students as much as you want. You can also counsel them. You will meet many of them like Rose, I even think you will be of more use there than in the agency when they will come to you only after things have gotten out of hand. With your skills, I have no doubt that you will fish any such student out by the first sight. Baby please consider this okay?”
Anita: “Okay” I actually saw reasons with what he said and I was becoming excited about it already. “How about Francis? Any luck yet?”
Derek: “No luck yet but we are catching in on his trail. It’s just a matter of time before we finally catch him. Do not worry your pretty head love”
Anita: “Good one” I replied and started dozing off.
I was scared but I knew he wasn’t going to kill me. Like he said he loved me. I should have told my mum about him, maybe things would have been different. I shouldn’t have been born at all. As he drove, I had to ask him…
Rose: “Where are we going to?”
Olamide: “We will go get our things at home then head to somewhere safe” he replied smiling at me.
Rose: “Where is that place”
Olamide: “You just keep your mouth shut and go wherever I go okay?” he bellowed and I had no other option but to keep mum for real.
Even though I wanted to sleep, I couldn’t sleep because thoughts of him hurting Rose again clouded my mind. I could remember her smiles earlier, the way she hugged and thanked me for letting her stay at my place, the hope in her voice when she asked that I read the poem to her. She was getting her spirit back alive again and had started wanting to live. I don’t want the man to snatch all these away from her again. I kept tossing on my seat and even though I didn’t open my eyes, I felt Derek casting glances at me. He must have been worried to the bones.
Derek: “Are you okay?” he asked worriedly but of course I wasn’t okay. I was far from being okay.
Anita: “I will be okay when we get Rose back. Dear you weren’t there when she spoke, it was like she was getting reborn again. If that man should do anything to her now, getting her out of the emotional web it will plunge her into will be very difficult” I said in a bid to encourage him to drive faster.
Derek: “Do not worry dear, we will get her back. I actually find it difficult believing a father can rape his own daughter. Does stuffs like this really happen in this world?”
Anita: “You are a police officer and you ask me this? I have solved many cases of incest in my four years as a social worker. I have heard stories of a father getting his daughter pregnant. I have solved cases whereby a step-father raped his 6 months old step-daughter. Many stuffs like this are happening. I do not know why you, a police officer has not come across it before?”
Derek: “Actually I have. Just haven’t been as attached to the case as I am to this one. Its probably cos you are involved and you are so soft hearted that you dragged me into your league. I must go for rehab after this, to get healed of your influence” he feigned annoyance.
Anita: “Poor dear! Who shall save you from the web you have chased after for years? Now that you are in you want out already? You really are soft hearted, I will be medicine”
Derek: “Oh God! I am in a deep shit. Just be careful with my heart Madame. Okay here we are” he said and brought the car to a screeching halt some kilometres away from his gate, probably so he wouldn’t hear the sound of the car and go into panic mode.
I was surprised when he made the announcement that we had gotten there, our little chit-chat had succeeded in distracting me a little. I felt lighter and better.
I heard the sound of the car at a distance but he didn’t seem to had heard since he busied himself with packing the bags still while I stood at a corner watching him. he didn’t make me pack and I didn’t offer to help either, I needed to waste as much of his time as possible knowing Anita was not going to give up in searching for me and this house was going to be the first she would start from. I saw my dad pick up one of my pants, sniffed it while closing his eyes and looking lost, I shook my head and wondered if he was really sane. I started thinking at that moment that he had really gone mad. He finished packing at last and drew me along with him to the gate carrying the bag which mostly had my cloths in it in one hand.
As we opened the gate and stepped out, I saw Anita step gently out of the car some few feet from our gate. He must have seen them too cos he drew me against the wall, in a bid to stay out of sight. With our backs against the wall, we started sneaking away little by little while they walked hurriedly towards our house…

To be continued!

Will they find us? Or will I have to live with my dad for the rest of my life this way? Do you think there are girls like me out there?
How has been the story so far? Enjoying it?

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