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The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 19


The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 19

Just as the person was opening the door, she disengaged herself from me and dashed inside, I followed suite. Her hand trembled so much as she tried dialling a number, whether she succeeded in dialling it or not I couldn’t tell as she quickly dropped it when the person came into the room, pointing a gun at us. My breath caught when I saw who it was- my dad.
Rose: “Oh my God! It’s my dad” I exclaimed, looked at Anita and saw the frown on her face.
Anita: “You were the bastard who put this innocent girl through that kind of hell? You should be locked up already. Why are you still roaming about free like an untamed wolf?” she snapped with disgust.
Olamide: “Be careful what you say lady. I did not come here for you. I came to take my daughter back home” he said still pointing the gun at us.
Anita: “Which daughter did you give birth to? I am sorry but I doubt you have any daughter here, please check next door” she replied and I became more afraid than I already was.
Rose: “What if he succeeds in taking me with me? My life will be ruined, he will surely end up in killing me. I don’t want to die anymore, I want to live” I thought to myself and began to quiver violently. She probably noticed this cos she quickly reached for me and drew me behind her, standing in between I and him.
Olamide: “Baby remember how I said I can’t live without you? It is still true. Please come with me, I will not hurt you anymore I promise” he sounded so desperate I was afraid for Anita. I wondered who would save us from this new snare we found ourselves in.
Anita: “What part of you don’t have a daughter here do you not understand? Please get out of my house before I do something you will never get over in your life. Get out!” she screamed and he took a step back. just when we thought he was giving up, he lunged forward and hit her on the forehead with the butt of the gun. She fell down, holding her head…
Rose: “What did you just do? Why will you do that you scoundrel?” I bellowed and bent down to touch her but she held her hand up and stood on her own. Blood started dripping from the cut to the floor.
Anita: “You can kill me if you want but I will never allow ou take Rose away. She is an innocent girl whom you have bartered to satisfy your depravity. I wouldn’t let this go on, at least not in my lifetime” she said, clenching and unclenching her hands.
Rose: “Please do not hurt her. Please don’t” I had to plead. I could see he was ready to do anything to get her out of the way, he also reeked of booze. That has always been his undoing.
Seeing him like gave me the goose bumps whether out of fear or disgust, I didn’t want to know. One thing I knew was that I was going to fight him with my last breath. My head ached, my whole being seemed to want to be shut down but it mustn’t be allowed, I couldn’t go down so easily. He was losing his patience at that moment and I knew I was in for another confrontation.
Olamide: “Lady I will not warn you a second time, please step aside right away”
Anita: “I will not. You can make me if you want to but I sincerely won’t step aside. Let me ask you a question, why do you want to destroy your own daughter’s life?”
Olamide: “I am not destroying her life, all I am doing is loving her. Loving her and teaching her what it’s gonna be like if she decides to fall in love later. Love is what hurts and makes humans into imbeciles. I needed to be the only one in her heart”
Anita: “You call that love? The truth is you know nothing about love. Love protects, love does not inflict pain, love is peaceful but you’ve turned your young daughter into your sex machine since she was ten years old up till the moment she ran to us for help after you aborted the pregnancy inside her without even thinking it might cost her life. Do you call this love? The pains this little girl has endured, I cannot endure even quarter of it and I am an adult”
Olamide: “You see? Your father did not prepare you well enough for this world. This life is filed with hatred and hurt. No one loves anyone. Now step aside” he thundered impatiently.
Anita: “Good for me I must say. I wouldn’t have survived with a father like you anyway.” Immediately I said this, I heard thumping of feet on the floor outside just the same way his had sounded. I remembered dialing Derek’s number but didn’t have the chance to talk to him. I thought the call did not go through but hearing the thumping outside gave me hope. Maybe he had listened to our conversation and started coming. I only wished and prayed he was not alone, that he hadn’t acted on impulse and ran here blindly without backup.
Olamide: “Shit! Did you call anyone? Now you are truly dead” he said, conked the gun and was about to press the trigger when we heard drop the gun just behind him, he dashed for me blindly and wrapped his hand around my neck, his gun graced the side of my head. Rose began wailing now.
Rose: “Please stop this dad. I beg of you please stop, you are going to get killed too” she said weeping profusely. And it struck me real hard, she couldn’t have wanted her dad dead of course. No matter how bad a parent is, the child wouldn’t want to watch him/her die right in front of them. She was terrified from the look on her face.
Derek: “Drop the gun right away or I’d shoot you” he said with his jaw set. He wore only his pyjamas.
Olamide: “Do that and she’d be dead too. Judging from how you are here all alone without a backup plan, you must really be in love with her. You see? Love I man’s undoing. Im sure you cannot afford to lose her. I will kill her if you don’t drop your gun right away”
I saw Derek’s resolve melt and his eyes soften a little and knew he was going to do as he was commanded…
Anita: “No don’t drop the gown, he will take her away” I pleaded but knew that would be futile.
Rose: “Okay I will go with you dad. I will go with you” she said stepping forward. “But you have to promise me you wouldn’t hurt anyone. No one will get hurt by your hands, do you promise?”
Olamide: “Good girl. I promise no one will as long as you come with me. We will leave this town together and go live a good life somewhere far away. I will not hurt you anymore I promise. Now walk out, enter my car and wait for me there”
I regretted the fact that the gate could be opened from inside without a key at that moment. I saw Rose walk out while he drew me along, still holding me hostage so Derek would behave himself. He had commanded him to kick his gun towards him, as he got to where the gun was, he kicked it under the bed and commanded Derek to move forward too. He did. By the time we got outside, Rose was already seated in her dad’s car, silently weeping into her hands.
Olamide: “Now you, keep walking” he told Derek who cast him a menacing look and walked farther from us, his leg wobbled and stabilized, wobbled and stabilized, he must have been scared out of his wits not of him but for me. When he got satisfied with the distance between us and Derek, he threw me to one side, jumped into his car and sped off. Derek came running back immediately he released me but it was already too late, he had sped off. I wasn’t one to give up so easily…
Anita: “Get into your car Dee, we are going after him, we mustn’t lose him. Hurry up and would you do us the favour of calling backup now?” I issued out commands like a trained army officer while he obeyed. We sped after him with his tail light barely visible in the distance, it was as if he was flying. Derek also stepped on the accelerator and in no time. We were just covering the distance between us when it seemed like he had lost control of the car as it began swerving from side to side. I didn’t know when “Oh My God” escaped my mouth, Derek was grunting something I couldn’t hear too.
The car began to somersault. It somersaulted twice and rolled down the neatly tarred road and stopped emitting smoke. I jumped off the car even before Derek brought it to a proper stop with my heart in my mouth, I could hardly breathe. A man’s lifeless head reared from the shattered window, it was unrecognizable, it had been shattered in a way that made zombies look adorable compared to him. Derek ran up to me and wrapped me in his arms, burying my head on his shoulder, I just couldn’t breathe…

To be continued

I am lost, and at a dilemma right now. My girl cannot be in that car, can she? Maybe we should have just allowed him take her away?
Una dey enjoy the story???

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