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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   My heart hung open as I stared in absolute shock, he's alive? He's back! What....why now!

   'Are you just going to stand there or are you going to hug your back from the dead boyfriend?' He asked humorously. I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe or think well again. He rolled his eyes and walked to me, his tall frame shadowing mine. He pulled me into a hug, one that made my eyes shut immediately. He still had that alluring berry scent, one that always made my heart skip, one that made me imagine crazy things. I wrapped my hands around his waist, tears rolling down my cheeks, it was really him.  'I've missed you Vanilla, I've missed you so much,' I broke into a sob.

   'How come? When?'

   'Dad found a cure, I'm alright now and okay. I came back for you, for only you,' he pulled away from the hug and gripped my shoulders tightly, his small dark blue eyes reminding me of why I fell for him.  'How have you been? Have you been okay?' I nodded as I still sobbed. 'It's okay,' he whispered wiping my tears. 'I'm back for you now.'

I wanted to scream and celebrate but something wasn't right, he leaned closer to kiss me, I didn't want it but yet I wanted it.

   'Magenta what are you doing!' My subconscious yelled. 'Remember you're with Ace!' I turned my face immediately, he kissed my cheek instead. I smiled lightly and wiped my cheeks clean before stepping back.

   'I'm glad you're back Percs, we have a lot of catching up to do.' I looked at the street, Mace's car coming into view. I smiled and looked back at Percy who was a little stunned.

   'Are you alright?' He tried to touch me again but I dust his hand off my shoulder gently.

   'I'm fine,' I murmured. Mace car barely parked before Savannah jumped out and ran to us.

   'Percy!' She squealed and jumped on him, as usual he was fast enough to catch and spin her around.  'You're alive! What happened? When did you get back?!'

   'You're still squealing, I can see,' he chuckled wiggling his index finger in his ear hole.  'I can see you are fine,' he glanced at me. 'You really took good care of my Angel as I begged you to.'

   'Of course! That's what I'm alive for!' She squealed loudly again. Mace was now leaning on his car with arms folded and legs crossed, an emotionless look on his face.  'Percy, that's my new sweetheart, Macedon. Mace, this is our old friend Percy, he used to be Magenta's boyfriend before he was declared a dead man.' I almost laughed at that.

   'Used to be?' Mace asked glancing at me.

   'Yes, used to be,' I replied plainly. Percy stared at me smirkingly.

   'You didn't forget the breakup, that's harsh.' He smirked.

   'Percy can we talk inside?' I asked nervously. He nodded and bowed gentlemanly.

   'Lady's first,' I smiled at Mace before walking to the house with my single shopping bag. I used my key to open the door before ushering him in. Savannah was whispering something to Mace.  'Love your new hair dye, suits you.' He said casually.

   'Thank you,' I dropped the bag on the sofa. 'Can I offer you anything? Tea? Juice?'

   'Got any beer?' I arched a brow at him. 'What? I'm a man now.'

   'Sugar water it is,' I didn't go though, I sat down.  'When did you get cured?' I asked calmly. Savannah walked in then.

   'About two years and four months ago,' he said buoyantly as he reached for the remote control.  'What have you been doing with your life since? You couldn't even call to make me know you're feeling better? Why Percy?'

   'Chill girl,' he laughed. 'My pops wasn't sure if the cure would last so he made sure I remained confined for about a year. After that, he have been using me to cure other patients with similar issue.'

   'Hmm, that must be great!' Vana squealed. 'Being Percy Black and all.' Vana chirped.

   'Percy Connor Blackwells, that's what I go by now.'

   'Cool, I'll be in the kitchen eating your food.' She walked to the kitchen, I was left with him again.

   'Vanilla, what changed?'

   'Me,' I said coldly. 'Do you think you can just waltz into my life like that after three good years!'

   'I had r....'

   'Well you're too late, I belong to someone now.'

   'Ace Davison, right?' I looked at him plainly and rolled my eyes. 'You know he's a flirt, right?'

   'It's my shit to worry about, not yours. Now if you'll do me a favour, get the fucking hell out of my house.' I commanded. He was really shocked.

   'Since when did you swear? What have Savannah done to you?'

   'Percy, please leave.' He stood up with a sly smirk.

   'You were happy to see me few minutes ago but immediately you saw that guy, you changed. You still love me, I'll win you back for sure.' With that, he walked out of my house. I sighed and buried my face in my palms.

   'Why do I feel like he came back only because he saw you on TV,' Vana said as a matter-of-factly.  She sat down. 'Just went through people with the name Percy Connor Blackwells and found him.' She scoohed closer to me and showed me her phone, a picture of him at a eatery with three guys smiling.

   'This picture is a recent picture,' I said taking the phone.

   'Six days ago,' she tapped his previous photos.  'Ten days ago,' it was a picture of him kissing a girl's cheek. I scoffed, I wouldn't assume yet. We checked all the pictures we could find, most were of him and different girls, apparently his girlfriends and his account had been active for the exact years he said he was cured. From all his uploads in Twitter, Snapchat, PicsArt, Facebook and Instagram, he had dated a lot of girls and must have forgotten about me.  'My guess is that he saw you on either the magazine or somewhere else since you're one of the treading news and came back to try the gorgeous queen whose heart he thinks he still holds.'

   'What do I do Vana?' I asked poutingly.

   'What else? Act like he don't matter because he don't. You have Ace now, don't you?' I smiled shyly and sank my teeth into my lower lip as I replayed the kiss in my head. 'Shut-up,' she counted in a gasp.  'He kissed you!'

   'And we are a thing now,' I added in a whisper.

   'You see, don't break his heart Genital, instead, break Percy's.' She picked up my phone.

   'What are you going to do?'

   'Update your relationship status to keep stupid people away, Ace is a better catch than Percy Darkness.' I chuckled and stood up with my bag.

   'What are you wearing tomorrow?'

   'Fairy princess, duh.'

   'Don't you think you should surprise Mace? Make him see a whole new you, dark you.' She stroke her chin thoughtfully.

   'I love it! I'll order for my outfit, dark empress of magic or assassin. What are you going as?'

   'Goldilocks, I bought golden eye lens too.'



   I drove back to the hotel angrily, she rejected me just because of that stupid guy. It wasn't like I forgot her, no, I was always secretly checking on her and making sure she was still single. I wanted to be free from the commitment, free to try different girls before I returned to her. I thought she would always be there, always wait for me, I had high confident that she would. I stopped checking on her for three months to have fun with my new rich flings who were getting suspicious and the next thing I knew, I'm seeing her at the cover of a magazine with another guy.

Ace Davison was better than I was in looks, money, popularity and authority. He was everything a girl would ever need, I knew that because all the girls I'd dated and slept with didn't fail to mention him. I didn't mind then but I wasn't expecting him to snatch the love of my life.

I parked the car furiously at the hotel and best the steering wheel. My father was dead, she's the only one who loves me now. I know she loves me, I know she is only blinded by his charms but I will break that spell and have my Vanilla shortcake back.


   I paced my room anxiously, Mace, Jace and my sisters were all staring at me worriedly. Mace told me about her ex return, she had told me about him and I knee she still felt something for him. According to Mace, he wasn't bad looking.

   'Ace, calm down, I'm sure she won't leave you so soon...'

   'Guys, you don't get it, she doesn't love me yet, what if she....'

   'Just breathe and calm down,' Jace said worriedly. 'Mace can find out information from Candy Crush and Tia can try from her own angle too.'

   'Stop calling my girl that, I'm the boyfriend, not you.'

   'Mace and Jace, keep shut and let me speak,' Tia commanded.  'Call her first and ask her before concluding. You have to trust her Ace because if it's me, I won't trust you even if I'm enchanted to.'

   'Thanks for the insult,' I said sarcastically.

   'Always here to donate it,' she said winkingly. Valentina was already going through my phone.

   'It's ringing,' she put it in loudspeaker. The call clicked, she had answered.


   'Ace, it's me.' Savannah said calmly.


   'She's in the kitchen. Look, I know you are worried about the Percy thing but I want to assure you that she won't go back to him. She already placed her past in a box, locked it and three away the keys. You know she's not a girl to GI back to her vomit so you need not fear. However, don't let your jealousy vet the best out of you or you'll lode her for sure. No matter what stunt Percy pulls, play the understanding and mature one no matter how hard it will be. Don't talk too much when it concerns him, show a little jealousy so she will know you care but don't overdo it. I've spilled the secret, can you do it?'

   'Yes, please don't let her....'

   'I won't. She can't leave Testicle behind,' she giggled.

   'Savannah!' I heard her yelled.  I said stir the eggs and mix well! Not turn it to ice cream!' She shouted exasperatedly.

   'I did as you said! Stirred, mixed and then put it in the refrigerator for it to....oh,' stupid Jace laughed while the others were silencing theirs. I was too worried to laugh.  'Is this thing in loudspeaker?'

   'My chef!' Mace hailed laughingly. She squeaked and hung up.  'She brags on how much of a cook she is, typical.'

Not my problem.


   I admired reflection in the mirror, guess who dolled me up, Zach, he was back. After I finished cooking the previous day, u called him and he rushed over just in case Percy tried anything stupid. Dad was out of town for an interview so it was just us.

Anyways, I dressed up like Raven from Teen Titans only that everything was gold from head to toes. My hair flowed down to below my butt in it glorious golden glory and my golden eye lens and makeup gave it the finishing touch. The only thing not gold was my rosy cheeks and bright red lipstick.

   'Goldilocks, away!' Zach joked. I laughed and twirled. 'He's going to love your new look.'

   'He will love anything I wear,' I smiled sheepishly. The doorbell barked, I squealed and ran out of his room to the living room door. I opened it with very much delight but my enthusiasm died down. He was dressed like Superman which went with his broad chest.   'Percy, what do you want?'

   'I'm here to take you to the costume charade.' He announced.

My life is about to lose it joy.

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