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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-Two


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-Two

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I scowled at him, he is hell bent on ruining my relationship. I glanced at Ace over my shoulder, he was no longer there.

   'Oops,' he said innocently. 'Your boyfriend left.'

   'Percy, I know you dated other girls before me, I know you were alright all this time so stop lying....'

   'I admit I was alright and I was messing around with other girls, but I didn't forget you...'

   'Yes, you wanted to have fun for a while, flex.' I exaggerated the "flex" spreading my hands apart.

   'I'm sorry,'

   'Your sorry won't fix anything Percy,' I growled. 'You came back too late, I'm already in love with someone else and that's the way it is.'

   'I can win your heart back!' He yelled grabbing my shoulders, good thing the music was loud and no one was paying attention to us.  'I know that deep down within, you still love me, you still want me.'

   'Don't deceive yourself, I don't love you anymore. Percy, three years is not a joke! Leave me the fuck alone!' I yelled and pushed him. I tried to walk away but he grabbed my wrist, I instinctively reach out for a glass of wine from the tray a waiter was carrying and splashed it on his face. That certainly got some attention as some people gasped. I angrily smashed the cup on his head, didn't do much damage because of his high hair. I grabbed the edge of his cape and leaned closer to his ear.  'Stay away from me or I swear to God Percy Blackwells or whatever you call yourself, I will lock my mind against you and you know what I can do whenever I lock my mind.' I whispered threateningly. I huffed and stomped away to find Ace.

I searched the whole school, classes to classes, dorms to dorms and courts to courts. I was already in tears, his car wasn't at the parking lot either, he left me. I tried calling him but he didn't pick up, he was really angry.

I went to the pool house, it was a whole building dedicated to a large swimming pool. The pool was like a river with no life in it. I sat on one of the beautiful plastic chairs, rest my elbows on my knees and huffed out as I placed my hands on my cheeks. I stared at the sea blue water, the surface shimmering like the night sky.

   'I don't want somebody like you
   I only want you
   I only want you
   Don't want somebody brand new
   I only want you
   I only want you
   Guess I have to leave
   Have to leave, have to leave yeah
   Just to need, just to need
   Just to need ya
   Don't want somebody like you
   I only want you
   I only want you....' I sang the song that entered my head in a whisper, I could barely sing well because of my sobbing. Does he mean he don't want me anymore? Have we broken up? Is this the end of our relationship? What do I do now?

'Commit suicide!' A voice yelled in my head. I shook it off immediately, evil spirit at work.

   'I know I'm the one
   Who ruined everything
   And made it seem
   Like it was all your fault.
   And I know that sorry
   Might be just a word
   But when it hurts
   It isn't that simple
   And I know that if
   You look me in the eye
   You can't deny that....' Someone yanked my hood. I screamed and turned around in panic only to see the guy I'd been looking for. He carried two bags in his hands, take away bags.

   'Why are you singing a breakup song? Did your boyfriend leave you?' He asked humorously. I pouted and nodded. 'Are you sure? Because I know I'm still your boyfriend.' I let out a breath I never knew I was holding and hugged him tight.

   'I'm sorry, I didn't know it was him.'

   'I know,' he whispered. He couldn't hug me back because of the bags in his hands. 'I brought cool off treats,' he announced happily. I let go of him and smiled. 'Sit,' I sat back on the chair. He pulled the other one closer and sat opposite me, making sure he trapped my legs between his. He dropped one bag on the floor and opened the other wet one.  'Guess what I bought?' I clasped my palms together in prayer.

   'Please say it's ice cream,'

   'Correct,' he smiled. 'Vanilla flavoured. I shrieked excitedly and snatched the bag. I brought out the one large cup of ice cream with two neatly wrapped spoons. 'Hope you don't mind sharing?'

   'Why didn't you buy your own,' I whined. He chuckled and picked up the other bag. 'What is in that one?'

   'Danishes with extra milky frosty cream,' I clapped my hands with great excitement.  'I made your day, right?' I gave him a thumbs up while opening the ice cream with my other hand.

   'I'm not comfortable here, excuse me?' I asked for permission. He released my legs from it prison. I stood up, removed my cap and spread it on the floor.  'Join me,' I sat down on the material like a mock and collected the ice cream. He was already eating a danish.

   'What did you do to him?' He asked calmly as he picked up a spoon. His right hand was wrapped with a black handkerchief.

   'Splash wine on his face and broke the glass on his head,' I said sheepishly as I packed my hair.

   'You should have kneed him and squeezed his balls.' He muttered with obvious jealousy.

   'If I squeeze his balls, wouldn't that be me touching another man?' I asked smirkingly. He gasped and shook his head, apparently not liking the idea.  'Let's forget about him.' I finished packing my hair and picked up my spoon which he already unwrapped for me.

   'I'm sorry if I made you cry, I couldn't stand it.' He apologized, I nodded and focused my full attention on the ice cream and danishes. I took my time, moaning and savoring every moment of it while he watched in amusement. He shook his head with a smile and stared at his wrapped hand.

   'Why did you w....didn't you break a wineglass with that hand?' I asked in realisation.  'Ace!' I drawled. I pushed the cup away and shift closer to him.  'Let me see,' I took his hand and unwrapped it, blood already stained my fingers and palms even before I finished unwrapping it.  'You should have treated it,' the bleeding was serious.

   'Forget about....' I glared at him so he shut up.

   'You are bleeding so much,' I said tearily.

   'Please don't cry,' he pleaded. 'Mace always carries a first aid kit in his car everywhere he goes because that stupid Jace always hurt himself accidentally. Go get it?' I nodded and stood up.

   'I'll be back,' I ran out as fast as my quick legs could carry me. I ran all the way back to the party, it wasn't easy locating him but all I did was searched for Savannah and there he was trying to hold her drunk self in place while balancing a sleeping Jace on his shoulder.

Poor guy.

   'My second love!' She squealed when she saw me. I walked to her and danced, she danced too.

   'Let's dance our way out of here,' I chirped. She squealed and clapped. I danced out of the party to the parking lot with her, Mace could never be more grateful.  'Okay, party over.'

   'Awwwn,' she awed sadly.  'aah!' She exclaimed bending down and touching her stomach.

   'What is it?' I asked worriedly. Mace quickly dropped Jace who was now rapping in his sleep.

   'It's coming,' she said in pain.  'It's coming!'

   'Babe, what's wrong?' Mace asked, holding her gently.

   'Get the things Mace, the baby is coming!' Mace and I simultaneously hissed and rolled our eyes away. 'It hurts,' she sobbed.

   'Alright, let's g...' She slapped him. 'What did I do!' He yelled.

    Why can't you hold my waist well! You are the cause of this pain!'

   'You're not pregnant!' He yelled back. 'We haven't even had sex yet!' She gasped and cupped her mouth.

   'Are you denying our baby?' She sobbed. He face palmed himself. I was watching them as I searched his booth for the kit.  'Why Mace? I thought you loved me,'

   'Yes, I love you and we having a baby,' he said unenthusiastically with a bored expression. 'I'll carry you to a hospital now let's go.' I shook my head and carried the first aid kit I found.

   'Mace, I'm borrowing this, I'll return it.' I didn't give him time to argue, I ran off.

   'Gummy bear!' I heard her squealed.

   'That's not gummy bear, that's Jace.'

   'Eat!' I laughed as I ran out of sight, Mace will die before his time. I ran back to Ace, he was done eating the leftovers. I quickly knelt and opened the door, Percy used to hurt himself a lot so I knew how to handle it. I cleaned up the wound and wrapped it up properly.

  'You'll need to eat enough vegetables to regain the blood you have lost and rest too.'

   'I cut my hand, not my di...'

   'Please,' I cut him off before he said that thing again. He smirked.

   'Prude,' I rolled my eyes. His phone chirped. He brought it out and checked the message. 'Mace said he needs you help,' he said calmly.


   'Your friend is trying to eat Jace became he's gummy bear and Jace who is now awake thinks she's sushi.' He explained laughingly. I laughed too, let him handle it himself.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<

   She hurried along the stairs, he was waiting for her up in the roof, two minutes late and he'll leave. She got to the roof door and heaved a sigh of relief.

   'Is he still in?' She asked the guard. He nodded with no expression on his face. She opened the door and walked in, praying deep in her heart that he accepts her offer. He was there, older than she remembered but still charming.  'Sorry I'm late,' she smiled taking her seat. 'Have you been treated well?'

   'Elizabeth, I don't have time, spit it out.' He said coldly. She fiddled with her fingers sheepishly.

   'I want my children Rufus, I need to see them,' she said nervously.

   'You abandoned them,' he scoffed.

   'Should I remind you why?' She asked calmly as she tried to collect her nerves. She picked up the covered glass of water and sipped from it. He observed the way her gloved hands trembled, the way her lips quavered and the way she was trying to hide her trembling hands.

   'Why do you want to see them?' He asked with his observant eyes roaming her body for one clue that would confirm his suspicion.

   'I miss them, especially Magenta,' she smiled to herself. 'She's a woman now, all grown up...' She whipped her tear with her index finger. His eyes were fast enough to see the yellowish shimmer in her tear.  'I'm tired Rufus, I want them for now.' He acted on instinct, he seized her left hand and yanked off the glove.

   'What the....' He looked at her in horror, her once beautiful fleshy hand was bony, wrinkled and missing some skin. It almost looked like leprosy but he knew it wasn't. 'What have you done to yourself Liz? What happened to you?!' He gasped out in shock.

   'I met you, that's what happened,' she spat out venomously as she slipped her gloves back on.  'I want to see my children Rufus, I have less than two months left....'

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