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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-Three


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-Three

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I walked out of Ace's bathroom drying my hair, unfortunately, after I treated him, he tossed me into the pool because I refused to follow him home. Alas! Here I am, tying his bathroom robe with absolutely nothing else. He sat on the bed with a big grin, a very boyish grin and twinkling eyes.

   'Shut up,' I spat.

   'You just look so go in my robe,' he said grinningly. I rolled my eyes, unable to stop my blush. He laughed and fell flat on the bed.  'Damn! She loves me so much.'

   'In your dreams,' I scoffed walking to his wardrobe to find anything else to wear. His bathroom robe was as heavy as three ground speakers, how does he manage it?  'Got any sweaters in here?'

   'Should I have one? Do you need one? I don't think so.' I rolled my eyes and opened the glass wardrobe, his room was exceptional. The walls were tiled white all the way to the roof which had a strange silver like glass ceiling, I don't know. The floor was white tiled too with a big stuffed ice bear in the middle of the room. The bear's mouth was opened, the rest part of his body a beautiful white shimmering rug. At the left wing of the room, a all-round white couch was carefully arranged in front of a glass plasma TV and glass like electronic sets. Another white rug was there, right under a heart shaped glass table. It was simple with not much stuffs but beautiful.

When you walk in, you will think a portal took you to heaven or the future.

The room was spotless.

   'Here, found one,' I smiled at the long sleeved sweater I found.  'This would do.' The sweater was woolly, yellow one.

   'I still have that lame sweater?' He asked uninterestedly.

   'Why?' I looked at him over my shoulder.

   'One of my stupid flings gave it to me as a gift, said she made it herself. She brought like nine of them, different colours.'

   'Where are the others?' I asked calmly turning around to face him.

   'I think I used six of them to wipe my cars, one to quench a fire and one to pack Jace's vomit.' I giggled and smiled proudly, he would never do that to anything I buy because I'm his first girlfriend.

   'I'm your first girlfriend, right?' He nodded and sighed.

   'Just day one and I'm already stressed out,' he said tiredly. 'I'll die before day seven.' I rolled my eyes and point my right index and middle fingers at his eyes. He arched a questioning brow, so sexy.

   'Turn around,'

   'You know I will definitely spy, better use the bathroom or lock yourself up in the wardrobe.' He said with a nonchalant shrug. I held the knot of my robe and glared at him, he groaned and reluctantly pressed his face down in the snow leopard pillow. I smiled in satisfaction and loosened the robe, I pushed the robe off my shoulders and let it slip down.

   'Don't you dare!' I yelled when he moved his head. He screamed into the pillow until I quickly changed into the sweater.  'You can sit u...' He sat up and glared at me.

   'Never make me do that again,' he warned pettishly. 'I hate closing my eyes when I don't want to sleep and I don't like curiosity,' I smirked. 'You did that on purpose, didn't you?'

   'Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.' I slurred sliding to him. I laughed and plopped myself on the bed and rolled over to him.

   'You're a bad girl,' he teased pinching the bridge of my nose. I giggled and swat his hand away. His eyes briefly ran down my body, he looked back into my eyes and smirked. 'Do you want to turn me on?' My cheeks heat up.

   'Stop,' I said sheepishly hitting his chest. He smiled and pulled down the hem of the sweater, I didn't even know it was opened. I went crimson but still pouted to stop myself from hiding my face. The sweater was quite big, it swallowed my hands completely beyond redemption. It formed a side off shoulder since the curved neckline didn't fit in well but fortunately, it stopped almost to my knees.  'So, how many girls have you brought here?' I asked shyly gnawing on my nails.

   'Do you really wish to discuss this?'

   'Curiosity,' I murmured.

   'Magenta, you know I'm a dog, knowing about my sexual life will hurt your feelings so I rather not tell you.'

   'Fine, is there any serious fling? One you can't let go of?'

   'Gen,' he drawled warningly. I pouted again.

   'Just tell me one,' I said cutely while playing with his cross neck chain. I noticed he never took it off, why? Anyways, he was resting his weight on one side of his body, his elbow pressed into the bed and his palm supporting his head; in a way, he sort of sidely hovered over me.

   'You sure?' I nodded. 'Promise you won't hate me or the person?' I nodded again.  'Gen, I'm serious.'

   'I promise,' I assured him. He sighed and moved my hair out of my face.

   'Melody, I admit she's one of the fling I don't want to let go of even though I don't want her around.'

   'You've been sleeping with both Melody and Berwyn? Two best friends?'

   'Please don't judge me, I tried to ignore her but she just kept coming and coming until I fell for it. She wasn't doing it because she liked me enough to stay, no, she just did it for her own reason. Melody is easy to talk to, she was like a comforter in a sort of way....I can't explain because I don't understand it myself....' He trailed off, I could tell he was really confuse. As much as I was jealous and angry that he slept with my friend, I suppressed it because it was in the past and I promised not to get mad.

   'Are you guys still a thing?' I asked with as much calmness as I could muster.

   'No, she stopped coming the moment you started tutoring me. She acts like nothing ever happened between us so I play along,' I smiled, she's sweet. 'I'm sorry if...'

   'It's okay,' I said smilingly, shifting slightly so I would be at his chest level.  'Let's forget about that and talk about something else.'

   'You sure you are not mad?'

   'I'm fine Ace,' he sighed with relief and gleefully raked all my hair up with his fingers. 'Why do you always wear this cross chain?'

   'It's a gift, you have terrible hair.'


   'Sorry but it's too thin and....whatchamacallit... Wiry,' ouch, I always thought my hair was beautiful. He burst into laughter. 'Chill babe, I'm kidding.' I beat his chest.


   'You should have seen your face, hilarious.' He laughed, I smiled and rolled my eyes.


   'What?' He asked with a laughing smile.

   'Are we going to go out on a date?'

   'Do we need to?'

   'In relationship, the couple goes out sometimes, to bond and just have a good time together.' I explained sheepishly. He shrugged.

   'What do I know about dating, all I know how to do is fuck girls.'

   'Don't use the F-word,' I whispered.

   'Don't teach me how to f-king use words, anyways, is date compulsory?'

   'Don't you want to get to know me better? We need to go out together more, explore.' I grinned. He sighed sadly.

   'I don't know how to be a good boyfriend Gen, what if I bore you out?'

   'When I first started dating Percy...' I paused when his eyes flashed with hatred and his jaws visibly clenched in anger. 'Take a chill pill and let me finish.'

   'Do I look mad to you?' He growled. I smiled and ran my hand up his tensed shoulders.

   'Please, he is never taking me away from you,' I said softly, he looked into my eyes as if searching for the truth. 'Trust me Ace.' He closed his eyes and exhaled.

   'What were you saying?'

   'When I first started dating, I was worried I won't be a good girlfriend, that I would mess up. Mom sat me down...'

   'Mom?' He asked opening his eyes.

   'Savannah's,' I rushed. 'Mom sat me down and explained some few things to me that a relationship don't have to be perfect because nothing is. She gave me three books and told me to read and manifest according to the books....'

   'What books?'

   'Being in a relationship, the perfect girlfriend and a woman of value, really good books I must say. I read them and that is how I started reading all those marriage kind of books and all those stuffs.'

   'Your point?'

   'My point is that I learnt how to be one, put what I read into practice so I advice that you read a book too and manifest exactly you want it to be because I cannot teach you.'


   'I will make you into the very toy I want, bend you to be what I expect you to be but relationship doesn't work like that. The differences and surprises is what makes it longing. One day you might grow tired of being a guy I want or I might get tired of having a guy I made and that will break us. If you move and act according to your own knowledge and....and....and....character or emotions, it will be my duty to blend the surprises you bring or yours to blend mine in other to make the relationship last. I don't know if I'm explaining well but I hope you unders...Ace you are not listening.' I sighed.

   'All I can hear is blah blah preach preach preach I love you Ace, quack quack. Too much boring homework.' He said uninterestedly. I giggled.

   'Ace, do you want to be a good boo or not?' I asked gigglingly.

   'Can't I be a good boo without the lesson? So boring,' he whined throwing himself back on the bed.

   'I won't speak again but we are going on a date after the burn fire frat night....'

   'About that, what will you wear because I'm hundred percent sure nuns don't have any bikinis,' I gasped at his insult.

   'I am not a nun!'

   'Sure you aren't,' he slurred folding his hands behind his head.

   'I'm not, I can wear those too.' I argued pettishly.

   'You don't have to force yourself love, I understand your plight.' I sat up totally challenged. Those were the exact words Percy and Fransisco said to me and it hurts. I'll show him, I'll show all of them that even though I can't wear a bikini, I can still look sexy at a burn fire. I'm sure all the girls will be waiting to mock my useless swimsuit but no way, I'm going in something reasonable.

   'Nuns are suppose to be virgins,' I smirked as I straddled him. He chuckled.

   'Haven't you seen nuns who go clubbing at night and appear in church at day saying "morning sister, you are blessed?" He made the sign of the cross. I bit my bottom lip trying to be seductive.  'What are you trying to do?'

   'I'm going to kiss you,' I purred leaning closer to his face. I screamed when he flipped us over, pushing me back down on the bed.

   'Rule number one, never kiss me on a bed if you want to catch any wink of sleep. Two, never tease me when you are not ready for what will happen next, okay?' I nodded bemusedly. He smirked and released my hands which he pinned at the sides of my head. 'Three, except you have the full courage to dare the unexpected, don't sleep beside me,' he kissed my forehead and crawled out of the bed. 'Goodnight babe, dream of me.' He walked to the door and turned off the lights before leaving.

And I was like what......?

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