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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-six


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-six

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I sniffed as I stared out of the airplane window, Ace's hand clasped against my left in comfort and Vana my right. It had been three days, it took him that long to locate the hospital she was at and get his private jet ready. If I wasn't so much in shock, I would have marvelled at the fact that he had a jet at his age. I don't know why I was acting up, I thought I hated her but I guess I was hundred percent wrong, it was all in my head. Zach didn't want to go but for the sake of watching over me and riding in a private jet, he came along with Tia who he was strangely bonding with.

As for what doesn't matter, the video of me panicking after I saw the video of mom already went viral so it was no longer a secret that I was her daughter. The only question was how?

   'The jet will land in a few minutes, we'll be there soon.' Ace whispered, I could never have asked for a better understanding and comforting boyfriend. He had been a sweetheart during the three days, more than he ever was. He stayed in our house, sit up and rest his back on the headboard while I use his laps as a pillow. Vana would hug me from behind, neither of them got any reasonable sleep because of my stupid nightmares. Then in the morning, Vana would force my miserable self to clean up while he made breakfast and then he would force me to eat as Zach tried to make me smile.

I'm disappointed to say dad wasn't useful.

My mom and I used to have a very strong bond, I thought that bond had broken but I was proven wrong.

   I looked at Ace, he had bags under his eyes, he was tired and stressed out because of me. Vana was already dozing off, she kept nodding her head. I made up my mind to make it up to them after I calm down. I removed my hand from Vana's and stood up.

   'Where are you going?' Ace whispered, his hold on my hand tightening.

   'Nowhere,' I sat on his laps and snuggled into his arms. 'But everywhere,' I whispered. He chuckled. 'Sorry, I'm stressing you out too much. We've only been dating not even up to a week but I...'

   'I'm not complaining,' he cut in. 'Taking care of you gives me joy, it's my duty and I don't regret doing it.' He said softly as he stroke my hair, he kissed my forehead and slid his hand down my back in comfort. I sighed and closed my eyes, definitely going to repay you.


   I found myself in an empty dark hall, the walls were deep green and the bulbs shaking like it had bad electrical problem. Not a single soul was in sight, the wind was tainted with an uncertain smell which was mixed with antiseptics. It was like antiseptic mixed with urine and something else. The hair at the back of my neck and my back itself stood up at the ominous and eerie feeling.

   'Hello? Anybody here?' I asked shakily. I could hear droplets of water hitting something of metal, making a very unsteady sound. The sound of creaking doors and footsteps were terrifying me. I ran down the hall, I didn't know where I was running to but I kept running until I reached a dead end. The end only had a door which was slightly opened, light flashed from the room like someone was watching TV in the dark.  'Hello?' I pushed the door gently, it made a long creaky sound as it opened widely.

Where am I?

   I gulped and walked into the room, I could hear the straight ringing of a cardiac monitor, someone was dead in there. My legs trembled as I walked in, I held my breath ready for anything. There was someone on the bed, the dead person. My legs pulled me to the bed, my heart thumping at my chest badly, I was going to pass out because of fear. I inhaled and removed the sheet from it face, I staggered back at the face of the dead person.

   'No,' I gasped shaking my head with disbelief.  'This is impossible,' I touched myself and looked at the dead person.  'No,' I cried. Her body was already drying, her veins black as night; it was me.

I screamed as the reality of my own death hit me.


   'I always knew she still loved her mother, even though she pretended not to.' I said tiredly.

   'Yeah, the first day I knew, I got that hint. She said she hated her yet she cried and remained in a bad mood.' Ace said calmly as he stared at Genital who was still in his arms. We were already at the hospital but neither of us had the courage to wake her up.

   'She's very emotional when it comes to her mother,'

   'I better wake her.....' He paused and wiped the sweat out of her face. 'She's having a nightmare again,' he said exasperatedly.  'Magenta wake up! It's a dream, wakeup!' He yelled patting her cheeks.

   'Magenta!: I shouted shaking her. She screamed as she jerk up, almost bumping into his chin. She kept screaming and screaming while we tried to calm her down.  'Ace do something!'

   'I'm trying!' He shouted back. I removed the water bottle from my bag and poured it on her face, she gasped and shut up, panting as she tried to recollect her memory. This whole thing might make her run mad. Ace turned her face and kissed her, she was flustered for a while before she melted into his arms again and kissed him back. I sighed with relief and touched my forehead.

   'Ten percent of my life have been deducted,' I sighed. Ace chuckled and slowly broke the kiss, she was crying. 'What happened? Another nightmare?' She nodded.

   'In this one, I died,' she sobbed.

   'Your fear is making you see things, stop panicking Genny,' Ace said softly as he wiped her tears. I give him the best boyfriend award, he have been there for her while her stupid brother do little up to nothing. He stopped at the hotel we booked earlier, said he's tired and needs to sleep. Ace said he is avoiding meeting his mother in such condition but I know that prick, he might love someone very much but that doesn't stop him from being self-centered. The main reason we broke up.

Tia stopped too.

   'We are here,' I said with a tight smile. Her eyes widened.

   'Let's go....'

   'Not so fast,' he stopped her. 'Breathe in and calm down.'


   'Psycho, can you excuse us?' He needs to stop calling me, I'm not mentally deranged, I'm crazy. I didn't say it though, I opened the door and stepped out. The fresh antiseptic smell hit my nose. I groaned and leaned on the car door with my hands inside the front pockets of my peach hood. I covered my face with my hood so no one would see Anne Carlin.

   'Aren't you guys done making out?!' I shouted after five minutes, the driver who was also outside chuckled. Ace came out first, he was wiping her blue lipstick off his face.  'Seriously?' He shrugged. She came out and ran to the hospital immediately.  'Hey!' We ran after her, damn her cheetah speed.

We caught up to her at the counter.

   'Just tell me her room number!' She yelled.

   'Elizabeth Shawn is an important patient, we can't just let anyone in here.' The old woman replied calmly. Genital huffed and removed the scarf she used in wrapping her hair up completely. The old woman got confuse seeing another Elizabeth.

   'Oh! You're the daughter!' A young nurse exclaimed.  'She's Elizabeth's daughter, I'll show you her room.' She didn't wait for a reply, she ran around the counter and walked towards a gray hall. We followed her, many kept gasping when she passed with us. I already fell my hood down. Our resemblance to our moms was too much.

We took the elevator to a private ward hall, Ace talked to the guards before they let us in while the nurse went back to her duty post. As we approached her ward, we could hear voices.

    '....ma, don't leave. Your health is very bad, you can still treat it now.'

   'I've told you already, I don't want any treatment, I want to die.'

   'We cannot let that happen....'

   'Well it's my life!' Genital pushed the door open and walked in first. I followed her in before Ace.

   'Magenta,' wow, so alike. It's like looking in a mirror.  'What are you doing h...how did you...'

   'So you want to die,' Genital scoffed. Her mom kept mute. 'Doctor, what is wrong with her? Is it very bad?'

   'Er....' He stammered. 'Critical but treatable, she won't accept treatment one bit. The first time I detected the disease in her blood stream three years ago, I warned her but she won't take it, says she wants to die. She has less than three weeks before the illness becomes untreatable. Maybe you can talk to her....'

   'Start the treatment, she is not stepping her feet out of this hospital until she either gets well or die. If she won't accept by will, then give her by force....'


   'Don't call my name! You are going to take the treatment and fight for your life!' Genital yelled slamming her foot on the floor.  'I refuse to let you die, don't wanna know your reason but you are not dying!' She yelled. Ace hugged her from behind, wrapping his hands around her waist and resting his head on her shoulder. That used to be my job.

   'I don't want treatment,'

   'Why? Because you are guilty about something?' Ace asked calmly. She nodded.  'Will dying right the wrong you committed? Will it fix what have been broken?' She stared at her feet. 'Maybe instead of dying, you can live and get back all you have lost, fix all your mistakes.' Those words sank into her head.

   'And, we'll be here to make sure you don't die,' I smiled skipping to my new mom. I sat in the bed and hugged her sidely. 'You now have two daughters new mom, right my twin?' Genny who was sobbing silently sniffed and swallowed the lump in her throat.

   'You will have your daughter only if you don't die,' she sobbed. New mom's hands folded into a fist, I could see her eyes flashing with determination.

   'Okay, how much for everything?'

©Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel.

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