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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-One


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-One

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I stared at him dumbly, I didn't know how to react, he looked so charming in his costume. I shook my head with a smile, he thought my favorite hero was Superman? It's not.

   'We're getting late love, let's go.' He said smilingly.

   'My boyfriend is picking me up....'

   'I'm your boyfriend....'

   'Pretty sure you're not,' I said calmly as I walked back into the house, he followed.  'Percy, leave before he gets here.'

   'I wanna meet that motherfucker,' he growled.

   'The only motherfucker here is you,' Zach spat venomously. He never really did like Percy, just pretended for my sake so he would be the first person to happily punch the hell out of his face.

   'Ah! Brother in-law!' Percy exclaimed and moved to hug him.

   'Touch me and I'll punch you punk,' Percy stopped walking. 'Stay away from my sister or I'll treat your fuck up.' He threatened, Percy wasn't frightened a bit, he smirked.

   'You'll have to make me,' Ace chose that moment to walk in.

   'Sorry, the door was opened,' he apologized staring at Percy or rather sizing him. My heart palpitated, they might fight and Percy will lose. I stood up and walked to Ace with feather steps.

   'Ace,' I called softly. He turned his head to my director and smiled. 'How do I look?' I asked twirling around.

   'Beautiful,' Percy replied simultaneous to when Ace replied with. 'Like a powerful Queen.' They glared at each other for a moment.

   'Sorry, who's this?' Ace asked frowningly. I giggled and threw myself on him, take that Percy. 'Whoa! Easy lady,' he laughed, gripping my waist tighter so I won't fall. 'How's my gorgeous doing?'

   'She missed you,' I pouted shyly. He smirked and pushed some strands of hair out of my face.  'Did you miss me?'

   'Enough to do this,' he pressed his lips on mine, I gladly opened my mouth and granted him access. The whole kissing Ace thing was still very new to me, I have to admit. The next thing we heard was a door slam, Percy had obviously left.

   'Dude, get your fucking hands away from my sister,' Zach groaned immediately, I broke the kiss and glared at him. 'Do you think it's easy to watch him kiss you? I'm your brother, it's my nature to be protective.'

   'He's my boyfriend, not my...my....my...Ace help me out here,' I said roaming my finger in circle as I thought of what word to use. He didn't say anything, he looked at me plainly, let go of my waist and walked out.  'Did I do anything wrong?' I asked Zachary worriedly.

   'Percy did,' he smiled.  'Your boo is jealous, talk to him.' I nodded and ran after him, he was already at his car. I laughed when I saw the car.

   'You really overdid it,' he dressed up like Batman and then drove a car exactly like his.  'Where did you get this one from?'

   'I'm rich,' he shrugged and opened the door for me. I didn't say anything, I slipped into the car, he shut the door and walked over to the driver's seat. My heart was beating, our first day of dating and complications had arrived. I'd spent so much time day dreaming about him even before we met but now that he was mine, Percy was going to ruin it. I sniffed, a small sob leaving my mouth.  'Huh....why are you sobbing?' He asked, his hands had froze from buckling his seatbelt.

   'After so many years of fantasizing about us being a thing, we finally are but now it's all about to get ruined,' I said sobbingly.  'You're mad at me...:

   'Of course I'll be mad, not at you though but at fate. I was scared of telling you how I feel because of the fear of rejection, I didn't want to know how that felt but I still told you anyways. Do you know how happy I was before I heard your ex who you love so much is back? It's like fate don't want me to have any reasonable good thing. I'm afraid again, what if your feelings for him resurface because I know you don't like me as much as I do, a bigger part of you will always love him and not me....'

   'I don't! I swear!' I cried distraughtly. I turned sideway and held his arm tightly. 'Please don't let him scatter our relationship Ace, please. I won't go back to him because he's my past and somehow annoying, I promise.'

   'Are you sure? We better breakup now than later....' My vision whirled at that word, my heart skipped as well. I removed my hands from his arm and curled myself up in the chair to cry my life away. 'I'm sorry, we won't breakup,' he said sharply before the tears came out.  'I don't know what to do.' He sighed. I dropped my legs from the chair and dabbed the tear at the edge of my eye off.

   'Ace, please trust me. He wants me back and will or might pull some stunt but I want you to trust me, let me handle him my way, I beg you.'

   'Promise me that once he's getting too unbearable, you'll let me handle him?' I crossed my heart with a giggle. He smiled and clipped his seatbelt on.   'Okay, I'll stay out of the way but don't make me get too jealous, okay?' I nodded, I wasn't expecting such understanding from him but I was glad he did.  'Seatbelt.' I quickly drew out my belt and clipped it on. He drove off very fast, if it wasn't for the belt, I would have hit my head on the dashboard.

   'Slow down!'

   'Batman speed,' he laughed. Batman was my favorite hero, did Savannah tell him that.  'What are you suppose to be?'

   'Goldilocks,' I said sheepishly.  'You like Batman?' He nodded. 'Why?'

   'Easy, he's rich, very clever, handsome and drives a cool car,' he listed grinningly. 'Just like me.'

   'You!' I snorted mockingly.

   'Yup! I'm pretty clever, rich and handsome. Also, Batman is the only excuse I have to drive this baby, it's my dad's. We are huge fans.'

   'Go figure,' I said amusedly. He pulled his mask down and smirked.

   'I am Batman!' He squealed. I rolled my eyes and rest my back well.  'Do you like Batman?'

   'Something like that,' I smiled.

   'Genital, what's my favorite colour? I know many things about you but you know few about me.'

   'No you don't,' I argued.

   'Name, Magenta Vanilla McNair, daughter of Elizabeth Shawn and Chef Rufous. You're eighteen, one older brother who's in college and a best friend who is like your sister, Savannah Carlin....'

   'I told you that!'

   'True, okay again from the top. You love vanilla, that flavour can make you go crazy with excitement. You believe in Greek mythology and fairytale love. You hate swearing at least you hated it and you are more of a bunny lover. Favorite color, magenta and emerald, favorite music all from Meghan Trainor. Favorite movie, superhero base, action and romance lover with a bit of comedy. You are a writer, at least you are working towards that and....and....and....favorite celebrity is Savannah's mother because you see her as the perfect mother figure...that's all I can remember n....oh! You don't appreciate pizza or pop stickers.'

   'You tried, I told you so.'

   'I observed most, like how you like licking your lips every three minutes, fiddling with your hair every five and the crinkles on your nose and eyebrows whenever you lie something big or is trying to hide something.'

   'I know you hate sea food, love red, black and gray, fancy meat dishes and see too much porn videos. Action movies where people die like chickens are you thing, ones where erotic nonsense takes place gives you comfort. You prefer rap nonsense to normal music, not a believer but respect them. You hate showing emotions because you feel it will weaken you but you are a very emotional person, a dumb kid—'

   'Ouch,' he chuckled.

   'You've got no favorite celebrity, hate books and surprisingly, sport and you love peppery dishes and milk.'

   'How did you know I hate sport?'

   'I sort if figured it out, you have never spoken about it once.'

   'True, you tried. If I heard correctly, you have been dreaming about me for years?' My face went crimson, I looked away in embarrassment. He laughed. 'How long?'

   'Leave me alone,' I whimpered. He tickled my side, I squeaked. 'Three years, leave me!' He smirked but said nothing. He parked the car in the parking lot, all outside stared at it with mouth opened. I smiled and unbuckled my seatbelt.

   'I'm nervous,' I said sheepishly. He smiled reassuringly, removed his belt and got out of the car. His mask was still on so it got them curious, I wore my hood over my head too; we are so perfect.

   Ace opened the door for me, he took my hand and assisted me with my dramatic step out. I smiled sheepishly, still found it hard to believe that he was mine now. He shut the door and interlocked our arms, my eyes searched the place for Savannah, I ought to know my best friend if I see her. Surely as it is, there was a girl standing at the door staring at me with a smirk. It was her. She wore black thoroughly, from her hair to her shoes.

Her hair was black, eyes black, lips and makeup black, cat suit black. She wore heavy metal black boots and a weird black heavy gloves, what is she suppose to be?

   'Best!' She squealed and hugged me when we got to the door.

   'What are you standing here for?'

   'Waiting for you,' he smiled. 'You look beautiful but...' She trailed off and removed my hood. 'Perfect! Let's go inside.' She snatched me away from Ace and dragged me into, I almost tripped on my cape.

   'What's the rush?'

   'I left Mace inside to wait for you, he might be mad or some girl will try to snatch him which is hard since he's not stealable but I need to be careful.'

   'You should have waited inside for me, I would have come in anyways. Don't make him feel like i am more important than he is, okay?'

   'You are more important than he is, I already told him that so he should deal with it.' She said under her breath, I glanced at Ace who was behind, throwing flirtatious winks and kisses to Amy girl that waved at him. His mask was off now.

   'Boobs over bros,' I smiled looking back at her.  'No guy will separate us....hey Desmond!' I shouted waving at a hot guy I'd never spoken to.  'You look hot! Love the breeches!' Some girls tittered.  'Phil, you look great in that!' I winked at the second dreamy guy. Ace pulled my hood over my head.

   'What are you doing?' He asked jealously.

   'Doing what you're doing, winking and waving.... Liam,' I called with a seductive singsong. 'Love your outfit,' I blew him a kiss. Ace huffed and dragged my hand down. Savannah laughed and shook her head.

   'Stop doing that,' he whispered yelled.

   'You wink at ten, I wink at twenty, you flirt with five, I flirt with fifteen. You blow kisses to eleven, I kiss twelve. You cheat on me, we breakup.' I said seriously, he gulped and let go of my hand. I walked ahead with Savannah.

   'That was a harsh bluff,' I blushed. 'I'm proud of you.' She giggled, causing me to roll my eyes. We walked into the booming party, she led me straight to Jace and Mace who were with Quincy and Melody. Jace was flash, Mace a werewolf, Quincy a fairy and Melody a devil. Two other girls were with them, both angels.

   'Hey guys!' I shouted.

   'Babe!' Melody and Quincy shouted. We laughed and hugged each other.

   'Chocolate Bunny, are you angry?' Vana asked poutingly, he looked away coldly. She smirked and walked off to somewhere.

   'She couldn't even apologize,' he whined. I chuckled. Ace joined us, the two girls smiled seductively at him, he looked at them and then me.

   'You see why it's hard to avoid cheating?' He asked smilingly, I pulled him down to sit with him. I curled my leg around his thigh and kissed him let everyone of them see it.

   'Please get a room!' Melody shouted hitting my arm, I chuckled and pulled away from him. The music changed, the song was an erotic song, I know because Zach played it all evening.

   'Okay now listen up everybody!' Vana's voice boomed from the speaker.

   'Oh no, what is she doing?' Mace asked me. I shrugged, I already had an idea.

   'Let us play a game, who can give a better lap dance?' Many girls screamed raising their hands.  'Let's compete, I'll go first then you all go and the boys will decide.' How can such excite them?

She ran back to us with a sweet Innocent grin, Mace shook his head disapprovingly but who was he against her. She stood in front of him and danced to the tone, she was one hell of a lap dancer because she dated Zach.

Everyone cheered and clapped as she danced like a pro while Ace laughed secretly because he knew Mace would die of arousal. She finished dancing and the cheers increased.

   'Thank you,' she said into the microphone she kept in her boobs. 'Next up, Magenital!'

   'No way!' I exclaimed.

   'Yes!' Ace celebrated.

   'I can't give lap dances, you know that.'

   'Zach is your brother, don't lie to me.' On second thought, I wanted Ace to want me and no one else so I obliged. Zach didn't only teach her,  he forced me to learn after kidnapping my books, he's a great twerker. I removed my cape, gave it to her and bent a little, placing my two hands on above my knees.  'Change the song,' the perfect song came on. Worth it by fifth harmony, I started twerking which was a good advantage for my behind.

Stupid Ace made good time out of it, kept hugging my butt and resting his head. It made everyone laugh, not me, it was annoying the way he kept touching me but again, I made it happen.

By the time I finished twerking, Ace had  enjoyed himself and Mace wasn't mad anymore. Other girls did theirs for their boyfriends or any random guy. In the end, I won because my ass was bigger. You should see Zach's ass, huge!

   The party was going on well, Melody offered us drinks, we drank, got slightly drunk and went to the dance floor to dance away our minds. Damn! Melody can dance like hell. A guy came and took her away, Jace kidnapped Quincy while Vana went to use the restroom so I was alone. Familiar arms wrapped around my waist, I assumed it was Ace and danced with him. He rocked me against his disturbing boner, I didn't want to make him feel bad so I obliged. I was still dancing when my eyes caught Ace at the bar, staring at me with so much fury and jealousy, his left hand crushing the wineglass in it. My eyed widened.

   'You are there?' I mouthed, he bared his teeth.  'Then who's.....' I turned around and behold the stubborn devil, Percy.


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