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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-Nine


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-Nine

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   My mouth still hung open as I stared at dad, the silent in the room was so thin that even a twig could cut through it. Dr. Penny cleared her throat, an awkward smile on her face.

   'It seems like you all know the father which is good, now all that matters is getting him because she has less then 50 hours to l....' Jace chose the best moment to join in and luckily, he brought his dad.

    'Mom,' he squealed and ran to mom. He hugged mom with a very ecstatic smile.  'I brought my dad, he wants to talk to you....hi Ace, why is everyone looking at me like that?' At least now I know why I've always felt pulled to him. I have two brothers.

   'Rufus, can I talk to you for a minute?'

   'No,' mom sobbed and hugged Jace back. 'My son, I never knew you existed, I'm so sorry.' Jace wrapped his hands around her waist with a confuse expression on his face.

   'I don't understand, she knows now?' Dad looked at his feet.

   'Dad, I just heard a very wrong story,' Ace said lowly.  'What is the name of Jace's mother?'

   'Don't ask that,' Jace snapped.

   'Shhhhh,' mom shushed him.

   'Sir?' Zach asked angrily. He shrugged.

   'I really don't have the energy to apologize, I never knew she was married because somebody here told me her husband died in a car crash. I didn't bother researching which was a mistake from my part, I was made to believe that she was Rufus's cousin sister.'

   'Are you talking about my mother?'

   'I already know, I used the glass she drank from when she accompanied Jace to pay me a visit to get a DNA sample. I know Magenta is my daughter.'

   'Eh?' Jace asked dumbly, pulling back from mom.

   'Your brother is so cute,' Kiara squealed. I glared at her.  'What? Aren't I allowed to admire good things?' I wiped my tears. 'Maybe we need some air or rather you,' she suggested.

   'No, I wanna see everything that will happen.'

   'What else will happen,' she snorted. 'They donate, you get operated on and die or live. You should be more concern about praying for your revival.'


   'Shut up, I know.' I sighed and looked at mom who was now explaining to gaping Jace, I couldn't read his thoughts.

   'This is all so frustrating,' I sobbed again. Jace remained quiet for minutes after the explanation.

   'He mistook your connection with him for love,' Kiara said gigglingly.


   'Yup, see that pink haired girl?' She looked at Savannah who was looking at the spot I was sitting. Kiara was standing behind me with hands on the bed. 'She's greatly connected to you not just by love but strangely by spirit. She really loves you, more than anyone in her life.'


   'If she keeps looking at you, she will see you.'


   'In ten, nine, eight, seven....' I stood up and ran through the wall to the other ward. She laughed and followed me.  'Some people are so connected that even after someone dies, they see their spirits during the early period of their death.'

   'But I'm not dead,'

   'Same thing.'

   'All these are not possible,'

   'Yet you are seeing and talking to me,' she smirked.  'Come on,' she took my hand. We appeared behind Savannah. 'Safe here.'

   'Jace,' Ace said softly and he held his arm. 'Let's go out for air....'

   'No!' He yelled whipping his hand away from Ace's hold.  'I hate you for lying to me! How could you even think of....' He choke on his tears. 'I blame you,' he pointed to dad. 'You,' he pointed to mom and then his dad.  'I so fucking detest all your existence but for now can someone tell me how to revive my so called sister? And here I was misinterpreting our connection.'

   'We need six piles of blood, can you both give that?'

   'I don't want him close to her,' he spat angrily at my suppose dad.

   'That is not possible,' Dr. Drew said with a gentle of his head. 'You can't donate that much, two people might not be able to donate much.'

   'My sisters, I can call them over so we can see if they are fit to donate,' Mr. Lawson suggested calmly.

   'She has less than 50 hours to live, we must hurry.' Vana turned around sharply, I was on the roof immediately.

   'Damn!' Kiara laughed. 'That was close.'

   'Can you take me to a church?'

   'Sorry sweet, ghosts can't crossover holy grounds except they are really pure to the core or permitted to crossover. I know you are not that pure but let's try anyways.' She took my hand and teleported in front of a church.

   'Can you cross?'

   'No, I was too bad of a bad headache when alive and I don't really care about trying to cross. Try.' I inhaled and crossed over to the holy ground.

   'I crossed,'

   'It's either this church is quack or you are good or was permitted. You go pray while I keep an eye on your hot brother, maybe he will strip not knowing I'm watching,' she said with a very ecstatic grin. I rolled my eyes and walked into the church to pray.



   I clasped my hands together and used it to support my bowed head. I was still crying, the operation was still going on. Seven hours now with no words. My heart was broken beyond words could describe, I thought I was in love with my own sister, I fucking hate my life. I don't completely blame mom, love is blind. I raised my head and looked at Ace who was standing with his back and weight rested on the wall of the theater's door, his left foot placed on the wall with eyes closed and arms folded. His hair which he always took care of was a mess and allover his face; he really needs to shave.

If love can mess a whole Ace T. Davison, then I can't blame mom but I blame both men.

The other problem was if Magenta dies, mom and probably Savannah follows. Ace, I pity his sanity. Dr. Penny and Drew walked out finally, removing their surgeon gloves. They dropped the gloves on the tray of a nurse and smiled at us.

   'Doc?' Ace asked, gosh, his eyes were red. I can say I'm not as worried as he is.

   'The operation was successful, all we need do now is pray and hope that she moves before the end of 15 hours.'

   'Thank you Dr.' Mom said softly, if she keeps crying, she will faint. I stood up and walked to her.

   'Mom, let's go.' I pulled her up.

   'Where are we going to?'

   'For a walk,' I interlocked our hand and led her out, she's really tired.  'I forgive you mom, don't cry again.'

   'I always knew something in my life was missing but I couldn't pinpoint what, now I know. When you first hugged me, that hole was filled up but I didn't pay attention to it.'

   'Do you still love Rufus?'

   'No.' She deadpanned with great hatred.

   'Good, you're too good for him. I'm positive Magenta will survive, you just have to try and believe too.'

   'I do,


   I was tired of crying and praying so I sat on a bridge staring at the night sky and dangling my legs over the water. I didn't let the other ghosts standing around and walking pass like normal people. The ghost world was peaceful, not much bully.

   'You only think that because you have experience no evil spirit yet,' I flinched at Kiara's intruding voice. Is she chewing gum?  'The world of the dead is not a good place.'

   'Where did you get the gum?' I asked curiously. 'Do they have ghost stores too?'

   'Yup,' she stood up from the place she rested on. 'I came to say goodbye.'

   'What goodbye?' She smirked and looked at my hands. I looked at my hands too, am I dying?  'Am I....'

   'No, remember me Magenta. Help my mother pay my bills because I don't want to be here again. I want to live, I'm fading away slowly and not the good fading. My name is Kiara MacKinnon, seventeen years old and my mom's name is Everest. Find me.' My body slowly faded away.


   I played with Magenta's fingers which were in mine, I'm trying to be positive and not blame myself. She can't die just yet, I have to apologize and tell her I love her for real.

   'Magenta,' I called rubbing my thumb on her palm.  'I love you, wake up so I can tell you myself.' Hr hands are so soft, just like her skin. I really wish she can wake up, I haven't given her the dream car I've prepared for her nineteenth birthday. I haven't showed her how much I love her yet.

   'Stop killing yourself Ace,' Tia whispered.  'Go for rest,'

   'My girlfriend is laying sick on the bed, I can't.'

   'This love is stro.....' Magenta sneezed.  'I'll get the doctor!' She squealed and ran out, yes!


   I hate hospitals. I rolled my eyes opened and looked at the ceiling, my head ached so much and my stomach tightened. I still had oxygen mask on my nose, I couldn't see well. I forced my head to turn to the side to see who was holding my hand, Ace. He was sleeping with worry on his face. How long have I been out? Kiara, are you there?

   'Ace,' I called in my head. I used my little strength to drag my hand out of his hold, he sat up sharply. He wiped his face flustered and yawned. He did a hand stretch before his eyes landed on me.

   'Magenta!' He squealed standing up with excitement.  'You are okay.....' He removed the mask, I gasped as I tried to breathe. 'I'm sorry,' he apologized and put it back on.  'Are you feeling any pain?' I nodded weakly.  'Your head?' I nodded again.  'I'll get the doctor, you just have to bear.' He kissed my forehead and quickly rushed out. I sighed, three things I must do. I looked at the electronic calendar on the wall, the date proves it has been five days after the operation.

Okay Vanilla, get well soon so you can fulfil the three important things.


   La di da, Magenta is awake. It wasn't my intention to use her but she was the perfect tool,  she came at the right time. I stared at her as Ace's held her in his arms, three days and she was getting herself sooner. Too bad, I hoped she would die because I somehow envy her relationship with Ace. He would have fallen in love with me if she didn't appear but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

   'Ace,' she murmured.

   'Don't talk,' he shushed her.


   'Shhhhh,' she said nothing again. Vannah walked in with four police officer. 'Psycho, what's going on?' I remained calm, I wasn't a suspect.

   'Genital sent me a text, to bring them over.'

   'Why?' I asked nervously.

   'Here,' Genny murmured as she gave a book to Ace, he took the book and opened it.

   'I'm going to pee,' I smiled walking to the door.

   'Stop her,' she whispered.

   'Why?' Vana asked.

   'Stop her,' Ace hissed. One of the cops held me.

   'Magenta! What is the meaning of this!' I yelled. Ace stood up and walked to me angrily.

   'You poisoned her!'


   'According to this,' he waved the book. 'You threw away the poisoned drink and switched it with yours. Berwyn attempted to poison Magenta but her poison wasn't the one she drank, it was yours. Why Melody? Why!'

   'I don't know what you are talking ab.....' Vana slapped me, I fell on the cop man. The land was like no other.

   'Talk!' She yelled angrily. I scoffed as I massaged my cheek.

   'Fine, I poisoned her myself because the poison Berwyn used was too easy to cure, I needed effect. Why? The same reason I slept with Ace behind her back, to hurt her bad one day. She calls herself my friend yet she stole my first love, Lucky,' I sobbed. 'She knew how much I loved him but she still slept with him, stole his heart from me. I kept quiet but then she slept with my second boyfriend and is still or rather was still sleeping with my dad. How could she look me in the eyes everyday as a friend while fucking my dad! That hurt so much. I just wanted her to suffer like I did, to feel pain or just die.'

   'Then why didn't you just kill her instead of my girlfriend!'

   'A big part of me wanted her out of the way, maybe because I like you.'

   'You are all pathetic,' he looked at the cops. The one holding me cuffed my hands.

   'You are in big trouble young lady, you and your friends.'

   'I want to call my lawyer,' I sobbed.

   'You're gonna need plenty of them,' he pushed me out while the others talked to Ace. 'I'm wandering what a kid like you will be doing with such bitterness.'

   'It's life man,' I scoffed in tears. 'Pray you never get reasons to detest someone.'

   'I don't need to pray because I don't let people get into my mind. I have learned to live to the extent in my life where the words, actions and wrongs of people don't affect my emotions. You should try that.' Whatever.

©Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel.

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