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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-four


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-four

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I stared at Ace as he drove me back home, I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot and staring at him. I woke up early and went looking for him, found him in the kitchen making me breakfast and reading something through his laptop, his headphone on. I snuck close enough and by the words I saw, he really was reading a book about relationship, how to be a better boyfriend. I was so excited I ran back to my room to continue sleeping so he would bring me breakfast in bed, he did and I still feel like a Queen. It shows he's really ready to put effort into our relationship.

   'I still don't know what you are looking at me like that for,' he sighed. My stare had been making him uncomfortable all through the morning so far.

   'Nothing, I'm just glad I have a caring, sweet and handsome boyfriend...' I rest my head on the headrest and giggled. 'Who would have believed that I will be your girlfriend, be your love.' That was just a cover, yes it's unbelievable but it's real.

   'Better start getting use to it,' he smiled rubbing circles into the back of the palm he was holding. He always hold my hand while driving and rub circles too.  'Now stop looking at me like that, it's creepy.'

   'I will,' I said in a singsong. He poked my nose with his sexy cute smile and faced the road again. I stopped grinning like a creep and stared at him only, my heart continuously leaping for joy. Ace was too perfect to be mine, not perfect in his characters or personalities, no. Perfect in appearance and sociality.

   One, his good looks and nicely built body. I've seen a lot of chesty guys, met few and they were all interesting but Ace's was different in a way, his had this god look to it. He barely went chest bare but when he did, you will think he was moulded by someone to that extent of perfection, let me not forget his signature sexy brow look and charming gray - brown eyes. Moving to his nose, his lips, his teeth, his voice and his smile, everything was just perfect. His vibe is authoritative, calm and intimidating, his statue is too. The sweetest thing about it is that all those goodies were natural, he barely gymed, said it's stressful and yet he was still strong and...oh my gee!

   Percy, I won't say he is scary or intimidating, he looks like this easy cool guy you can talk to without much fear. He didn't give off the arrogant vibe like Ace but he was the arrogant one with his obsessive attitude. Percy is broad chested, natural but extra gymed and he is cute. They are both irresistible options but I will always choose Ace. Ace is like a god, Percy is just the a normal hot all cheerleader must love high school lad. I don't know, he's cute and adorable while Ace is sexy, charming and gorgeous or should I use beautiful?

"And why are you comparing them?" My subconscious asked, if she wasn't a voice, I could have sworn she smirked.  'You do that a lot, why?"

   'It helps me get over Percy, by weighing the scales, listing the advantages and disadvantages. Stating out reasons why he is better than Percy. It helps me move on.' I replied.

   "Isn't that stressful?" She asked again.

   'Do you have a better idea?' I scoffed. 'My heart won't be able to accept Age fully if I don't see him as a better person than Percy.'

   "But yet you must not love him fully, just in case he shatters your heart, you can move on quickly. Two, won't comparing them make you blind to his flaws?" Damn it, I hate my subconscious.

   'His flaws were the first thing I brought to light, remember? I listed his bad and cancelled it with his good, that way, his good outshined his bad. Look at him now, learning something just because of us, isn't that sweet?'

   "Don't be too comfortable little snail,"

   'Don't call me that!' I snapped.

   'Magenta!' Ace's yelling snapped me out of it. 'Are you alright?' He asked with sincere and extreme concern. I blinked my eyes flustered and looked around, I was home.  'You were murmuring and sweating like you and your subconscious was fighting,' I touched my forehead. Stupid consciousness.

   'I'm fine,' my voice cracked.

   'Are you sure?'

   'I'm fine, thank y....oh shit!' I exclaimed as my eyes caught dad watering his begonias, I'm screwed. He was already glaring at the car like he knew it was me. 'My dad,' I whimpered.

   'And so?'

   'I slept out, not at Savannah's, he'll skin me alive.'

   'He won't,'

   'Have you met him!' He stared at me amusedly and shook his head.

   'Girls,' he opened the door and stepped out. My fear increased, what is he doing? He walked over to my side of the car, opened the door and forcefully carried me out. Maybe he doesn't realise that I'm wearing his shirt and not my clothes.  'Good morning Sir,' Ace greeted smilingly. I whimpered as dad glared at me murderously.  'Don't blame her sir, blame me,' he started. He held my arm tight so I won't run away. 'There was an accident so she had to stay back to take care of me.' Dad looked at what I was wearing with distaste, then to him. He peered at Ace's injured hand and then back at what I was wearing with the same distaste. Ace sighed and began explaining everything that had been going on, from where we started dating to when Percy came and all he have done. He told dad everything with some little believable lies to make him pity us. Dad's dark eyes pierce into my spirit throughout, he looked at him when he finished and then back at me.

   'Go to your room,' was the only sentence he made. Like a dog was about to chase me, I ran into the house with terribly beating heart. Zach had gone on his usual morning jog, he better come back and save my ass. When I reached my room, I quickly changed into a green leather shorts and black singlet. I picked up the vacuum cleaner and started working while I panicked.

What if he forbids me from seeing Ace? My heart skipped at the thought and I had to fight my tears.

After almost half an hour, I heard Ace's car sound, he was gone. I was in the kitchen washing the already clean dishes, I was panicking. Dad walked in, to my surprise, he had a laughing smile on.

   'Magenta,' he called, I dropped the soapy foam and greeted him again by kneeing down.  'Are you okay?' He laughed. 'Stand up,' I stood up. 'Hope Percy isn't troubling you much? Heard he's been a....' He laughed, not able to finish his sentence. I blushed, God will bless you Ace.  'Anyways,' he laughed. 'Where's Savannah?'

   'Boyfriend,' he nodded.

   'Have you eaten?' I nodded again.  'What did you eat?'

   'Fried eggs and bacons,'

   'Good,' he leaned on the breakfast table, his face turning serious. 'I like that guy but you must be careful with him, okay?' I nodded, it was like a big rock was removed from my head. 'Also, how would you feel if you heard your mother died due to a severe illness?' I blinked in shock, knowing dad, he never just says stuff, there's always an atom of truth in it.

   'Mom is sick?'

   'I don't know, I don't know anything.' He slurred with hands up, he walked out repeating those words. I turned back to the dishes, mom is sick? I might be mad but she dying is not what I want. I always wished she would come begging so our family will be complete.... Nay, she can't be sick, right?

The weight I carried before was back, gosh! I need a girl time with Savannah.


   I stared at the water as it flowed into the drain, I was sitting under the shower hugging my legs and crying. Mace yelled at me again, Jace and I stressed him when we were drunk. He refused to talk to me, I was apologizing but he won't answer me. He bathe Jace himself, fed him like he was some baby and had a driver take him home. Then I tried to talk to him but he yelled so many things at me, it was like devil punished him with a two kids and not a girlfriend and friend.

It's not my fault.

I need to hug Genital, this relationship is stressing me out.

   'Vana,' he called softly knocking on the bathroom door. 'I'm sorry, please don't cry....' So he knows I'll cry. 'You know I have anger issue, please forgive me I beg you, I'll open this door.' I ignored him and buried my face into my laps as more tears flowed down like the water raining on me. The water stopped running, my eyes widened as my head jolted up.

   'What are you....' He pulled me up and wrapped a towel around my me.

   'Don't cry, I'm sorry.'

   'Don't apologize, I can't deal with someone who will always explode on me with every little thing I...' I paused, something danced into my memory, he wasn't like that before. 'Mace, are you okay?'


   'Is anything bothering you?' He opened his mouth in shock. 'What is going on with you? Why are you having anger explosions recently?'

   'Nothing,' he said lowly.

   'Should I loose my towel?'

   'Do you want to cry?' I giggled and turned the shower back on. 'What are you doing?'

   'You bathe Jace so I will bathe you,' I dragged him under the shower so he would get wet. He held my arms tightly.

   'I know what you are trying to do but don't, don't use yourself as a means to vent my anger sexually.'

   'But I want to, that's what I'm here....'

   'That is not,' he turned off the shower, my towel was wet again.  'My parents are getting a divorce, they both want legal right over my little sister and that is why I'm mad. Why can't they settle their shit without dragging that little girl into it,' he said angrily, he was strangling my arm and hurting me.

   'Mace, I love you but I love my arm better,'

   'I'm sorry,' he released his grip a little and led me out, to the room.  'What do I do Vannie? Hans is drinking himself to stupor because of this. I need to act as the eldest, I don't know what to do.'

   'Talk to Hans, you both should challenge your parents and take possession of her. List out their flaws, make reasons why neither of them should take her and let her choose. If they don't surrender her calmly, then make it legal. Before children avoid their parents, their irresponsibility must be serious and that will take legal action. Your parents due to their status won't want that kind of scandal so they will let her go.'

   'How do I care for a eight years old? I'm barely around and Hans is a bad influence.'

   'If you can settle it, she can live with me, my mom have been whining about adopting a small girl because I'm growing up and forgetting her, she'll be glad '

   'Even if she's someone else's....'

   'I'll talk to her, she can shift from my place to yours and Hans, to Jace who I know will care for her a lot and Magenta. Her brother is around and he's a clown. We'll make her not feel the divorce, what about that?' He hugged me.

   'Thank you so much Vannie, thank you.' I squealed mentally, I'm a good girlfriend!

©Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel

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