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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-five


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twenty-five

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   'There is no way in this miserable world that I'm going to wear this!' I shouted as I walked out of the dress room. Vana and Tia took me shopping for bikinis, they were both selecting things they know I will never wear.

   'Sister Mary,' Tia sighed. 'It's just bikinis.'

   'Stop calling me that,' I snapped and held my exposed cheeks. 'My ass is exposed, look!' I turned around and showed them.

   'Oh, this is bad,' Vana chuckled.

   'You think!' I exclaimed.

   'Chill baby doll,' Tia laughed. 'So what will you wear? Choose yourself.'

   'Thank you,' I picked up the robe and slipped it on. I walked back into the main store and began my search, I fortunately found one that I would be comfortable in. I walked back to them and waved my selected outfit. They shrugged.

   'You sure?'

   'Vana, it still looks sexy in her own kind of way,' Tia smiled. 'That way she will standout.'

   'Won't she look like a creep?'

   'Who cares,' Tia and I said simultaneously.

   'You haven't bought yours,' Tia reminded.

   'She has a whole box of them,' I giggled. Vana winked at me. I rolled my eyes.

   'So, how's your relationship with my brother going?'

   'Great so far, we are going on a date tomorrow evening.'

   'That's nice,' she smiled. 'When you are at it, convince him to let Jace date me,' we arched a brow at her. 'I love him.' She whined.

   'Better start loving someone else because it will be over his dead body,' I said as a matter-of-fact.

   'He has to accept....' She trailed off and stared into space. I looked at Vana with a knowing smirk, she wiggled her brows and giggled along with me. 'What?' She asked paying attention to us.

   'Nothing,' I drawled laughingly.

   'Come on, tell me,' she pleaded.

   'How many times have Jace hammered you inside his car?' Vana asked smirking slyly. Tia choked on her saliva, she began coughing violently while we stared at her teasingly.

   'What... What are you talking about?' She gasped out. I shrugged and looked at Vana.

   'Babe, what are talking about?'

   'I don't know,' she stroke her chin cheesily. 'I think it's about a certain friend of ours who is dating her older brother's Casanova friend behind his back....' Tia's face went pallid.  'What do you think he would say if he finds out?'

   'I....I...I don't... Don't...' She gulped. 'You are both talking nonsense.' She said stammeringly. We laughed and shook our head.

   'How long have you been dating him secretly? Tatiana, this is huge.'

   'I'm not dating Jace!' She cried distraughtly, her face turning pink this time. I wiggled my nose and smirked. 'Fine! I'm dating him! So what?!'

   'So what?' Vana asked gigglingly.

   'Is it a crime to be in love? Is it a crime if I date my bro's friend!'

   'If it wasn't so much of a crime, then why are you both hiding?' I asked still maintaining my smirk. She sighed and sat down.

   'He's going to find out eventually, you know that, right?' Vana asked softly, Tia nodded. 'Then you must also know that you are going to ruin their friendship and his face, right?'

   'I wasn't left with an option,' she murmured.  'After Ace made my boyfriend dump me, Jace was the only one there for me, he made me happy and gave me a shoulder to lean on. As time started going on, I started liking him so I convinced him to date me behind Ace's back.'

   'How does Jace feel about this?' Vana asked calmly.

   'Terrible, very terrible. We have been dating for two months now.'

   'So he's your rebound guy,' I said knowingly. She opened her mouth to argue but shut it back because nothing came out.  'Tia, what do you two do when alone? What do you two talk about?'

   'Mostly how stupid my ex is and mostly have sex, why?' Vana shook her head and chuckled.

   'Does he comment?' She asked.

   'Yeah, he'd easy to talk to.'

   'Have he ever said he loves you? Have you told him that either?' She looked at her shoes. 'How long do you two plan on using yourselves?' I asked going to sit with her.

   'We aren't u...' I took her left hand and drew a heart on her palm with my index finger. She watched me carefully.

   'You only talk about your exes and all their problems, you confide in each other and then conclude the meeting by stressing the bed,' I looked her in the eyes. 'Tell yourself the truth Tatiana Davison, are you both dating?' Her mouth slightly parted as she stared at my face nonplussed.  'Look deep and reply that question.' I stood up and went back to my bag.

   'Do you have all you need?' Vana asked. I nodded, she packed up what I chose and walked out. 'Follow or stay!' She shouted to Tia, she'll be fine.

   After that, we went to the place I used to work, Savannah insisted because she wanted to see Odyn. The other girls were all jealous when I walked in with Tatiana Davison, sister to Ace. You should have seen the way I was being murdered in their heads. We bought fried salmon before leaving, Odyn snubbed me throughout which I don't really care much about. We ended in Savannah's house, no one was around. Time for the bonfire was approaching fast.

   'Should I wax my skin or tone it?' Vana asked holding two cans up.

   'Your skin is already waxed and toned.' Tia who had been lost in thought chipped in.

   'Hmm,' Vana hummed. 'Okay, should I wear red or blue bikinis? Which one suit my skin most?'

   'Pink,' we said simultaneously.

   'Anyone other than that?'


    I'll just wear both,' she walked back into her wardrobe room.

    'Unlike Ace who won't mind, Mace will freak if you show up in less covering outfit!' Tia shouted.

   'I know,' Vana said grumpily.  'Magenta, get dressed!'

   'I don't know, maybe I shouldn't go....'

   'Eh!' They both exclaimed.

   'Sorry, I didn't mean that, I'll dress up now.'

   'Better,' Tia smirked. I looked at the killer and sighed. Hope Ace won't kill me tonight because I'm not ready. What was I wearing? I very short but light white tulle skirt, an white one strap back beach bra with halter strap neckline, and a white knee high gladiator sandals. My main target was to glow, trust me when I said the shit was glowing.  'Change.' I reluctantly changed into the wear, the bra pushed my boobs out too much, I couldn't stop staring at my tempting cleavage and boobs.

   'Before you cut of your own boobs, here,' Vana said chucklingly as she handed me a beautiful white robe.

   'Now you look like you are attending a swimming pool party,' Tia joked. I smiled and wore it, didn't tie the knot though. Vana was wearing a white asymmetrical skirt with pink hue, a pink beach bra with white flowers and a very shiny pink jelly slippers. Tia put the bikini in bikinis with her yellow wear, it really brought out her skin colour.  'Are we ready to go?'

   'Have you met Ace?' I asked her calmly, she understood what I meant and grumpily went to Van's wardrobe to find something to wear. She came back wearing yellow shorts. 'Now we are ready!'

   'Let's make this party ours!'


   The guys and I sat on a table watching the other kids play, yeah, I said kids. I just had this ominous feeling, like something bad is going to happen but what it is was what I couldn't tell. Mace concluded that it would be Percy, that dirtbag. He gave the picture of Percy to every single guy present that if seen should be escorted out, his guards were assigned that duty too. I appreciate his help and concern but I was worried it might make Gen angry.

   'Relax dude,' Jace laughed. 'Your girl is not going anywhere, chillax.'

   'I don't know, I just feel somehow.'

    You'll be fine,' Mace patted my back, he had drank too much already.

   'How's Mimi?' I asked with concern.

   'With Hans, she's fine.'

   'And the divorce?'

   'I already know what to do, don't bother.'

   'What do you plan on doing?'

   'Hans and I are going to care for her ourselves, you dummies are helping out too. From now on, we are dads and our girlfriends, moms.' He said grinning from ear to ear like a creep. Jace shrugged and pointed at something.


   'Isn't that Philip?' I followed his finger point and groaned, first Percy and now Philip. Dirty useless P's.

   'What is he doing here?'

   'It's not everyday your enemy get to have a girlfriend,' Mace chuckled sipping from his cup. I took the cup from him, stood up and walked to Philip. He's a stupid guy who keeps trying to prove that he is better than me. His dad owns a lame casino, he drives a toy so he believe he's rich. Stupid best don't know what true money is like.

   'Phil, what are you doing here?'

   'Having fun, you?'

   'You don't go to our school,'

   'This party don't have a name tag,' he looked around. 'Where's the cheap dress I heard you b...' Before he finished his statement, punched his face causing a gasp. He staggered back and held his nose.  'Fucking bastard! You broke my nose!'

   'Fucking bastard,' I mimicked.  'Don't call her names or I'll treat your fuck up.'

   'Why? Don't like the truth? She's a rag, one imma gonna use to wipe my floor and toss back at you.' I punched him again, stupid prick can't even defend himself. I pushed him down to the ground and rained blows on his horrible face. My bandaged hand hurt a little but I didn't care.

   'Ace! Ace let him go!' Jace shouted not daring to go close to me. How dare he call her names!

   'Ace!' I froze, fucking kid sister.  'Stand up this instant!' I glared at her. 'Please, leave him alone.' I stood up from his body and kicked his rib.

   'Ace,' Gen called softly behind me, I really didn't want her to see me that way.

   'Ah! Is this the new butt towel,' the fool mocked.

   'Prick!' I kicked his ribcage again

   'Ace stop it!' Genital yelled trying to pull me away. 'Stop or I'll leave!' I left him and followed her as she dragged me away.  'How could you! You know I hate violence!'

   'Gen,' I stopped walking and pulled her back. Her chest hit mine, I imprisoned her waist with my hands. 'You look hot,'


   'Let me compliment you Sister Gabriella,' I joked.

   'How can you say that,' she sobbed. 'I dressed up like this because of you and yet I'm still a nun.'

   'You are tying a robe,' I scoffed. She pushed herself away from me and removed it. Poor robe got dumped.  'Okay now this is what I call hot! Couldn't you wear normal bikinis sister in the Lord?' She screamed in frustration and attacked my chest with her tiny fists while I laughed.

   'Ungrateful jerk,' she cried. Is she seriously crying because of this?'. 'After wasting my time y...' I held her hands.

   'I was kidding,' I laughed. 'You look really beautiful,'

   'Really really?' She asked poutingly.

   'Really really,' I wiped her tears and adjusted the white flower hairpin she used in holding her hair at the side. 'Almost perfect,'

   'What else?'

   'Hold on,' I removed the diamond heart necklace with white gold puffed marinerer chains from my back pocket and wore it on her.  'Now you are perfect.'

   'Isn't this too expensive?'

   'You are expensive,' she rolled her eyes but that didn't stop her from blushing.  'Let's swim,'

   'I don't know, there are other games around, how about we play them, drink a little before swimming.'

   'Fine by me,' I took her hand and led her to the waterslide drink race. You slide down a tall waterslide, run to a roll of alcoholic drinks and drink one cup. First person to finish drinking wins. No reward, just for fun.

   'Can I play?' Gen asked the tall guy, I think his dad was a tree. He smiled warmly.

   'Sure, you can go next.'

   'Yes!' She kissed my cheek and ran to the slide with her opponent, I walked out to find Jace. As usual, he was sitting the middle of girls telling jokes. Where's Tia?

   'Boo!' She jumped into my front. 'Did I scare you?'

   'I was so scared I peed my pants,' I said sarcastically. She hissed. 'What are you doing here? I thought you were studying for a test?'

   'Do you still study?'

   'Of course, I have a brainac for a girlfriend.'

   'Hmmm,' she played with the sand by using her toe to draw.

   'What's wrong?'

   'Nothing, I'm thinking about Mace and his siblings, they must be sad.' She lied.

   'I have I am an idiot written on my forehead,' I said ironically.

   'It's nothing okay, my friends already solved it. Magenta is really smart, you shouldn't leave her alone because they are a lot of haters around.'

   'True, watch Jace, he will drink again. Don't let him.' She nodded, I went back to Gen who was now dancing in a ring of guys, they were cheering for her. I stayed where I was, acting as a bodyguard.

   'Ace! Dance with me!' She shrieked excitedly. I waved her off dismissively. 'Somebody bring him,' the guys turned on me dragged me into the circle.  'Dance.'

   'I don't know how to dance,'

   'Don't know how to, just do it.' She wrapped my hands around her rolling waist and danced. Is she trying to turn me on.

   'Go Genital!' Vana squealed. Where the fuck is Mace?


   I've never had such fun before, everyone seemed to appreciate my presence. After dancing, some guys made us play truth and dare in a circle, Ace joined too because I forced him. He wasn't that friendly so everyone was glad they had me to control him to play too. Then we played ring toss, sand castle build up and a game called find the bug. Ace was my partner in all and that was fun. After that, we went swimming where I had my first water make out.


   Anyways, I sat on a log drying my wet hair while Ace roasted the mush mellow and s'mores, he fed me whenever it was ready. Mace was sleeping on Savannah's laps as she crooned and stroke his hair.

   'This place is too quiet,' Tia who was beside not drunk Jace sighed. Everyone sat around the fire.  'Ace, sing for us.'

   'Yes!' Everyone agreed. Melody didn't show up, neither did Berwyn or Olivia. Quincy left early with her new boyfriend.

   'No,' he deadpanned. They all looked at me. I turned to him with puppy eyes and poked his cheek.

   'Ace?' He glanced at me and sighed in defeat.

   'i really hate you,'

   'You know you don't.' I giggled. Someone threw him an acoustic guitar.

   'I play, you sing,'

   'Me?! I....' Everybody cheered and agreed. What do I even sing? He started playing a song, like I'm gonna lose you by Meghan Trainor and John Legend.

♪ I found myself dreaming
 In silver and gold
 Like a scene from a movie
 That every broken hearts knows
 We were walking in the moonlight
 And you pulled me close
 Split second and you disappeared
 And I was all alone...♪

♪ I woke up in tears
 With you by my side
 Breath of relief
 And I realise...♪ he cut into my singing with a teasing wink. I choked on my saliva, his voice temporarily stunned me but I still sang with shaky voice.

♪ so I'm gonna love you
 Like I'm gonna lose you
 I'm gonna hold you
 Like I'm saying goodbye
 Wherever we're standing
 I won't take you for granted...♪ we sang together. I cleared my throat my sang clearly. ♪ cause we'll never know when
 When we run out of time

 So I'm gonna love you
 Like I'm gonna lose you
 I'm gonna hold on
 Like I'm gonna lose you....♪ we sang on as everyone listened carefully. By the time we finished, everyone was dazed, even me.

Can he get anymore perfect!

   'That - was - awesome!' Someone shouted, soon they all cheered and clapped. A girl ran in with her phone.

   'Guys, you have to see this! Turn your phone on to Afternoon at USA.'


   'Elizabeth Shawn, the video that went live at the set....' Ace brought out his phone, my heart was beating. He played the video.

   'So Elizabeth, what do you say about your viral lookalike?' Mom smiled at the question and shrugged, it wasn't her real smile, I knew it. It was her painful smile.

   'I have nothing t....' She coughed into her handkerchief.  'Sorry,' blood was running down her nose and mouth.  'Just a cough....'

   'Elizabeth! You're bleeding!'

   'What....' She trailed off and touched her nose. She gasped and stood up, just as she did, she slumped to the ground. My heart skipped.

   'Mom,' I murmured and looked at Savannah with watery eyes. Everyone was watching my reaction, tears were flowing down my cheeks already.

   'Hey, chill,' Ace said calmly. I couldn't breathe, she's sick.  'Magenta calm down!' I burst into tears and stood up, he pulled me down. 'Magenta, your mom will be fine, calm down!' The smart students were videoing it. Vana woke Mace up and ran to me, she and Ace took me out.

   'I'll call my mom, we'll go see her.' God, she can't die.

©Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel

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