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The Greek Gods-Chapter Twelve


The Greek Gods-Chapter Twelve

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I adjusted my dress as I walked to his ward, I felt nervous which was not me at all. I adjusted my hair and walked in....

'Holy fuck!' I exclaimed closing my eyes.

'Are you nuts! Don't you know how to knock?!' He yelled.

'Are you suppose to be half naked in a hospital!!!' I yelled back with back turned.

'It's my ward!!! The sign on the door clearly says "knock before entering" can't you bloody read!!!'
'That's it!' I turned around and cocked my hips, he had already dragged his pants up.

'Are you going to keep looking at me?' He asked frowningly, flat chest.

'Look at you, flat idiot with nothing to show for. At your age your chest is running best wall award when your age mates are winning brawny hunk gods...you dare call yourself a Greek god? Have you seen Ace's chest? You should see my brother's.... Oh father Lord! You should see Percy and Zachary, the hottest guys on earth,' I rolled my eyes and hissed.
 'And you're here forming....what are you doing?' I asked alerted as he walked to me, I backed off.

'Don't worry, I will only kill you and no one will know, you slipped...' I folded my arms challengingly and glared at me. He stopped and tilted his head quizzically. 'Your boldness and confidence is annoying,'

'My niche,'

'Nevertheless,' he walked to me and carried me on his shoulder, I didn't fight it. He threw me on the bed and smirked, I arched a brow at him. 'You look like a chair, that's nice.'

'What do you mean by....what are you doing?....hey help me!' He pinned me down and sat on my head. 'Ew!!! Get your smelly ass off my head!!!' I screamed, I kept screaming while struggling but hell no! He meant business. I could tell he wasn't adding his full weight but he was still heavy, my head was starting to hurt. Please, stand up.' I pleaded.

'No,' he deadpanned. 'Apologize for being so rude.'

'I'm sorry,' I apologized, I was going to cry soon. He stood up and swat my head. I shift to the end of the bed and cried, the tears kept flowing out.

'Hey, stop crying,' he said softly putting a hand on my shoulder.
 'I'm sorry, hey, I don't like crying people...' I increased my wail, he carried my feather light body back into the bed and cuddled me. 'I'm sorry, I won't do that again.'


'You're just so annoying and....' I cried more. 'Fuck! Ok ok, I promise I won't sit on your head again.' I sobbed, my body shaking. He wiped my tears and stroke my back.

'I'm sorry, I'm born to annoy people...'

'Are you the last child?' I nodded. 'Only girl?' I nodded again. 'Who pampers you most?
'Daddy, grandpa and big brother,' I said with a small voice. He chuckled.

'No wonder,' he said chucklingly and pinched the bridge of my nose. 'You know, your annoying attitude reminds me of my late dog....'

'Late dog!' I snorted moving away from him, he pulled me back and tickled my side, I giggled and pouted. 'My dog was my best friend, the only person I really loved....'

'You just said person,' I stated the obvious.

'Yes, worth one.'

'Why didn't you marry her,' I said jokingly.

'He, it was a he.'


'Seriously?' He chuckled. I felt something ticklish on my back, it was him. His hand had slipped into the back of my key hole neckline top, his index finger making circles on the skin of my lower back. My heart started beating, his rich Cologne suddenly making itself known. My mind registered the fact that he was shirtless, such spotless skin. I bit my lower lip blushingly and teased his chest with my fingers, he groaned, I pretended to not know what I'm doing to him. 'What have I missed in school? You're a social student so we share similar classes.'

'Yeah, I can help you, teach you,' I suggested.

'That would be great, thanks,' he said under his breath. Then it hit me. I pulled away from him and peered at him suspiciously.

'How did you know I'm a commercial student?' He wasn't expecting that question, he shifted slightly and itched the scruff of his neck. 'You've seen me before, haven't you?'

'Who wouldn't notice the pink haired girl whose voice is always loud, makes all the teachers laugh their ass out and dresses like a lunatic,' he said with questioningly brows. I looked down at my outfit, I wore a baggy sweat dress, a turban and Arabian trousers. I also wore sneakers boots and a scarf.

'Do I dress like a lunatic?' I asked confusedly. He wiggled his brows, I frowned childishly. 'Goat,' I hit his head.

'Sorry, my head no longer hurts....can we go to the teaching now?'

'I'm a dunce,' I said with feign sadness.

'You answer almost every questions in class,' he said sneeringly. 'Does this ring a bell?' He stood up and cocked his hips to the right sassily, folded his right hand under his breast area, placed his left elbow on it, and tapped his lips with his index finger. His brows were furrowed in concentration and lips puckered up. I laughed and slapped my lap, that's the impression I make whenever I'm trying to solve or answer a difficult question. 'See.'

'How long have you been noticing me?' I asked excitedly.

'How long have you been in school? It's not hard to notice you.' I giggled and fanned myself dreamily.

'You're crushing on me,' I whispered
'Here we go again.' He sighed, in conclusion we ended up arguing about it before he gave up and I taught him and then we argued over a game again.

He's perfect
I proudly flaunt my phone in dad's face, I was so happy, I felt somehow excited like it was my boyfriend that bought me a new phone. Dad was tired of glaring at me, why was I taunting him? When my phone was giving me problems, he made fun of it but now I had a new one, he accidentally cooked his. His phone was on the breakfast table, his hand on his cheek as he stared at his delicious phone. I laughed and sighed.

'Maglificent!' Savannah shouted barging into the kitchen, she looked hot, really hot. Wait, Maglificent? 'What's up best!' She hugged me, she wore a Nigh neck glitter mess dress, glowing earrings and a patek Philippe ladies complicated watch. She normally don't go so flashy so what's up?

'Are you alright?'

'No, I'm not alright,' she squealed. She pushed me away and went to hug dad. 'Good morning dad,' he nodded. 'What's this?' She asked poking the phone.

'He cooked his phone,' I said gigglingly.

'Is it delicious?' She asked trying to pick it up. I laughed and grinned. 'Anyways, I spent yesterday with Mace, taught him all he have missed out in school...I'm his tutor for the mean time,' she said blushingly. 'He's just so cute....'

'Are you crushing on him?' I asked teasingly. She giggled and covered her cheeks, she's crushing hard. 'Did you guys fight again?'

'Oh we did,' she said dreamily. 'He sat on my head because I insulted him, then I cried and he pet me then touched me and we argued and I taught him and then we argued again, he's so cute.' She's so liking him.

'Somebody's going to get her heart broken,' I sang. She twirled and giggled which made no sense but I don't think she cares. 'Come on, we're running late.' I picked my bag and walked out, she ran after me with dad's cooked phone.

'How come this didn't explode?' She asked herself as she licked it.

'Savannah,' I drawled.

'Whaaaaat?' She said exaggeratedly. 'No food is to go to waste....'

'That's not food!'

'Yes it is,' she pouted.

'No it's not,' I argued. She stomped her feet but howled in pain, hopping to the cab as she chanted "heels, heels, heels."

She's hopeless.

I stared plainly at every girl that waved at me, I wasn't in the mood to flirt with any girl but the sweetheart that helped me. She was late, very late. The corner of my lips twitched up as I heard that annoying voice, blabbing and blabbing. I looked at the hall, the new peacemaker dragging herself in front of the talkative who looked very excited. I pushed myself off her locker which I was leaning on and shoved my hands into my pockets. She smiled as her gaze met mine.

'Testicle,' she called loudly, hasting her steps to get to me quicker.

'Genital,' I called back. She rolled her eyes.

'Did you two switch brains?' She asked sarcastically glaring at the grinning girl over her shoulder. I chuckled.

'Hey Prick!' Savannah exclaimed, pushing her out of the way. She hugged me, she's stupid so I won't be so surprise. Normally I would squeezed her ass like I would do other girls but I fear this one. She pulled away and slapped me thrice. 'Muscles,' she felt my arm and grinned. 'This is muscles! Bye girl!' She skipped away.

'What is wrong with her?' I asked as I stared at her amusedly.

'Trust me, you haven't seen anything yet.' Genital laughed, I hate her laugh, always unnerves me.

'So, enjoying the new phone?' I asked looking at everywhere but her.

'It's amazing,' she squealed pushing me out of her locker. I looked at her, a big grin on her face and glint in her eyes. 'I spent all night making out with it.'
'When last did a boy buy you something nice or something at all?' I asked amusedly, she sucked on her lower lip, her cheeks flushing. She cleared her throat.

'Three years,' she said with a croak voice, almost dry and laced with shyness.

'Wow, no wonder you've been using that quack phone for years,' I said mockingly. She smiled and glared at me from the corner of her eyes.

'Mock me again and I'll make you fail miserably,' I laughed nervously.

'Sorry ma,' I apologized. She shut her locker and walked off, I followed her.

'So, how did it go?'

'How did what go?' I asked feigning ignorance.

'Your sisters, you know the apology thing?'

'Oh that, they forgave me but I have to take them out tomorrow, to catch up with old times,' I said happily. 'You wanna come with?'

'Come with? For something as special that? I'll skip.'

'Maybe another day or soon,' I murmured. She chuckled and shook her head.

'You're a handful.'

Ace and I walked into class together, I greeted the teacher and went to my seat at the back but Ace followed.

'What?' He asked innocently.

'Can you GI back to your seat?'
'No,' he deadpanned. I looked around, all eyes were on me, most glares but few just shock. I sighed, i'mma gonna get beaten up soon.
During class, he was sleeping, why wouldn't he fail.

'Can someone solve this equation?' The teacher asked loudly, his angry eyes on a kid sleeping at the front. I tapped Ace.

'Leave me alone,' he moaned.

'Get up or I'll draw on your face,' I threatened.

'Make sure you draw your puss there....' I slapped his cheek, he sprung up flustered and confuse. I was more embarrassed by his speech. 'What hit me?'

'Me, stand up and go solve that equation,' I commanded. He scoffed and went back to sleep. 'Ace, as your tutor, I order you go solve that or you'll be punished by more electric bugs.' He stood up grudgingly, cursing under his breath like a grumpy kid. He walked to the whiteboard and snatched the marker from the teacher's hand. He looked at the question and solved it while still cursing.

'I know I failed, no need to trouble me,' he said frowningly.

'Actually, you're correct.'

'I am?' He asked plainly.

'Yeah, you're correct,' the teacher repeated happily. Ace turned, walked to me and did what I never expected, he pulled me up and hugged me tight.

'I'm correct!'

It's official, all the girls will kill me but on the good side, Ace hugged me!!!

It was the last class before school end, I was in the restroom washing my hands after using the toilet. I was smiling brightly, why wouldn't I smile? I turned off the tap and held each side of the sink, a grin escaping me lips. My magenta eyes glittered, Ace said they are sparkly and extraordinary, he said I'm beautiful and nothing else should matter.

'I'm beautiful, I know I am.' The door opened, six girls walked in, they scoffed immediately they saw me.

'It's her, the new bitch in town.' One scorned.

'She's not even beautiful, I wonder what he sees in her,' another chipped in.

'Berwyn is even sexier and richer, poverty stinking bitch,' my grip on the sink tightened as my eyes watered.

'Looks at her poor dress, ugly troll...' The one who got to me hit my head.

'You think you're better than us because Ace is fucking you? Well guess what, he'll use and dump your fucking expired ass!!!' The fourth one yelled and pushed me. I fell on the floor, a sob leaving my mouth.

'She's crying,' they taunted. I remembered what Savannah said, anytime anyone try to bully me, just compare the scales and believe you're better. I stood up and looked at all of them, wiping my eyes clean and pressing my lips into a thin line.

'You're right, I'm poor, classless, ugly and all but you know what,' I said smirkingly. 'Mighty leader of the Greek gods, Ace Davison is fucking my cheap ass instead of your expensive one, that have got to hurt.' I said with a twinkle of my eyes.

'And you think you're better than Berwyn....'

'There it is, Berwyn, not you all. That proves she's better than you and I know I'm better than Berwyn which means I'm better than you all as well,' I cocked my hips which I recently discovered I had. 'Just take a look at me, I've got hips, beauty, style and I'm smart. What do you girls have?' I taunted.

'Money, we have money....'

'But I have Ace,' I smirked.
'Bitch!' The one that pushed me yelled and charged at me, I moved out of the way and slammed her head on the sink.

'Wanna fight, huh?! Well come fight me and see what I'll do!!!!' I yelled wvsn though I was scared. I scoffed and walked out, making sure I pushed one out of the way, she hit her head hard but who cares. I broke into a run when I was out of the bathroom, I bumped into Jace.

'Whoa! Where's the fire!'
'Some girls wanted to beat me up because they think I'm sleeping with him, Ace,' I gasped. He laughed and patted my head.
'Welcome to the world of The Greek gods, it's just beginning but I'm sure I can fix that,' he pulled me with him to the now crowded hallway. 'Hey people!!!!' He shouted at the top of his voice, everyone quiet down. Hw wrapped his hand around my shoulders and smirked. 'This beautiful lady, please stay away from her, both boys and girls or you'll have me and Ace to deal with.'

'How Is that suppose to....'
'You know we don't warn people twice,' he winked at Berwyn who was eyeing me from a corner. 'And no, she's not dating Ace, yet.' He licked his lips and pulled me away.
'You have killed me.'

'I know,' he laughed. 'I would have wooed you but Savannah almost stabbed me at lunch when I mentioned it so you're free but she's not.'

'Good luck dick head,' I smiled and walked away from him. Time ri teach Mr Testicle.

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