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The Greek Gods-Chapter Thirty


The Greek Gods-Chapter Thirty

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I sat on the bed as Savannah combed my hair for me, I was getting discharged today, after two weeks. I never missed school one day, I learnt online. I helped Kiara like she wanted, she was awake now, still couldn't walk well but could talk. Jesus! She's a slay queen, really strict and that is why Jace is going crazy over her. Damn! I don't understand them. Next is Tia and my brother, I think they are dating secretly which is bad, he has a girlfriend in school and when he comes back, he mess around with her. I keep telling Tia but she won't listen. It's her heartbreak. Percy, yet to be found. Savannah was quiet, very quiet. That's as rare as me drinking pee.

   'You okay?' She hummed lowly.  'You are definitely not okay, what is it?' I removed her hands from my head and looked at her.  'Tell your sister.'

   'I'm scared,' she sobbed.

   'Come here,' I pulled her down to sit with me. 'Tell mommy what's wrong,' I said playfully stroking her hair.

   'I think I'm pregnant,'

   'Say what?'

   'I think I'm pregnant,' she sobbed. I blinked in shock.

   'Come again?'

   'I....Mace and I first made love the night you fainted, the shock the next morning made me forget to take pills. Now, I've missed one flow and you know I never miss, I used pregnancy kit but it showed one line.'

   'So you don't think, you know.' She dropped her hands and cried.

   'My mom is going to kill me,' she wailed.

   'How many times after that have you two been doing that?'

   'Should I keep count?'

   'Did you take pills after that?'

   'I kept forgetting, I'm so careless.' This is bad, I pulled her into a hug.

   'Does he know?'

   'No, I haven't told him. I just did a test, I want to see the papers first. Magenta, my life is ruined, how would I face them.' She cried.

   'Calm down,' I pulled her so she would look into my eyes. 'It may seem bad but they love you, everything will be accepted.'

   'I cannot face the disappointment in their eyes, I can't survive it. I have a future, I don't need this baby now,' she shift away from me. 'Mace and I are in love, yes but are we really ready for a baby? I'm yet to attend college, I haven't took over grandpa's empire yet, I still have like six more years to go before thinking of marriage. How do I cope with a baby? Are we suppose to be together? What if our destiny isn't meant to merge? Magenta, I will go to college for four years, work for two years before marriage. Will Mace be with me for that long?'

All she said made sense, there were good questions, very good questions.

   'So what do we do?'

   'Please, don't tell Mace or anyone else, I'll abort the baby.'

   'Savannah, I can't let you abort the baby, what if you die? What if there's complications? What if you....'

   'I love Mace but I cannot jeopardize my future, I don't know how we will end up so why have a child to tie us down. I don't want a situation where I would be married to someone else while my child is with another man. I don't want to be a baby mama because anything that makes me bear this child and he later leaves me, I will never marry again.'

   'Seriously?' She nodded bitterly. I know her, she will never marry again. 'How sure are you that he will breakup with you?'

   'How sure are you that he will not?' I sighed and folded my legs.

   'I admit to your fear but don't make the decision alone, talk to him and come to an agreement because if he should find out you were pregnant but aborted it without his permission, he will surely breakup with you.'

   'I know Mace,' she stretched her legs. 'He will insist I keep the baby.'

   'What will happen if you get complications? Savannah, life is all about risk, you took that risk the moment you slept with him. Savannah, this little thing might affect you. Don't terminate your baby that is even if you are pregnant.'

   'I know I am, I can feel it.'

   'Or your fear is convincing you,' she brought out something from her bag, it was a kit. 'Wow,' I mouthed when I saw the result.  'The test will be out tomorrow?'

   'This evening,' she took it back. 'You really think I should tell him and keep the baby?'

   'Will I ever deceive you?' I asked entwining our fingers together. 'It will hurt you, it will shake you but the one thing you should know is that no matter what happens, we will always be here for you in all.'

   'Promise?' She sobbed.

   'With my life,' I smiled. She inhaled and nodded.  'Mace won't leave you, I'm sure of it.'

   'Thank you,' she hugged me. I smiled, everything will be okay.


   I stared at the ceiling in thought, I was worried about Savannah. I was at Ace's, I still hadn't found the courage to face either of my suppose dads. Mom was sedated because of a particular treatment, she won't wake up until four days from now. I sighed, Jace and I were getting along pretty well, like twins should.

   'Babe,' Ace said strolling into the room with his phones in his hands. He was swiping through both.  'You should see the pictures I uploaded fifteen minutes ago, the likes and comments are a blast.'

   'Hmm,' I was yet to make it up to him.  'Okay.'

   'You okay?'

   'I want to swim, you interested?'

   'No, let's sleep, you are stressed out.' He dropped the phone on the nightstand and crawled into the bed.

   'Lay down,' I patted the space beside me. He arched a brow. 'Trust me,' he laid down, why is he always shirtless? I straddled on his back. 'I'm going to massage you.'


   'You are stressed out,' I began massaging his shoulders to his back. He moaned with relief, he moaned softly as he in pleasure. I kept doing what I was doing. He suddenly flipped us over so I would my on the bed with my back. He caged my legs between his, a smirk on his face.  'What are you doing?'

   'I told you not to tease me,'

   'I'm sorry, I was only trying to release your stress....' I stammered.

   'Too late,' he pushed my legs apart and stepped between them.  'I warned you,'

   'Ace, I'm just coming back from the hospital, you can't....' I said stammeringly. He shrugged and leaned down and gently kissed my neck, my mouth fell open. He slid his strong arms around my hips, adjusting my body well on the bed. Just like the day I thought Percy was Ace, his touch awoke a heated feeling in my lower abdomen area, making me crave his touch more. I gasped when his hands moved to my breast and squeezed it through the shirt I wore. He brought his lips down to my collarbone down to my cleavage, plucking out the buttons until my chest was bare to him. His tongue brushed on my nipple; making me gasp even louder. He removed the shirt completely.

I moaned his name out softly, sinking my fingers into his hair, I squirmed and moaned louder as his mouth ministered to my breasts, swapping from one nipple to the other.

   'Ace stop,' I moaned. He chuckled and slid his hand down to the waistband of my denim Jean shorts. He unbuckled the jean and slid it off along with my knickers while I gasped for breath.  'Ace, please stop.' Will he listen?

He started to gently shower kisses all over my breasts down to my stomach to my waist, rough hungry kisses. I screamed out in pleasure as his wet lips brushed against my core, he smirked against me and continued his work. My hands shot down, grabbing his head and pushing it closer; not wanting him to stop. My moans filled the room, my hands was entangled within his messy hair. He added his fingers, increasing the rising in me, mercilessly touching and crevassing every fold. I couldn't hold back from panting and shuddering with ecstasy, digging my fingernails into his back. I reached my climax, he sat up and licked his fingers. He brought his lips back to my neck, nibbling on my tender soft spot.

   'About what I said before you almost died, I don't regret loving you, I love you very much.' He whispered on my neck, I smiled and brought my hands down, slowly feeling his rock hard body. A deep groan emanated from his chest, I smiled, liking his muscular body on me and the fact that he liked my teasing. He pushed himself up with a worried look. 'Don't you love me?'

   'Hmm?' I smirked with mischief etching my face.

   'You're hurting me.' He pouted. I reached for his belt with a sexy smirk, and rubbed. His eyes darkened considerably, making my heart lurch in anticipation.

   'Do I love you? I don't.'

   'Really princess,' he smirked leaning down to nibble on my lip. I giggled and removed his belt.  'Wanna see what I've got down there? Can you handle it?' He asked teasingly.

   'You didn't just strip me for nothing,' he chuckled and used his teeth to play with my cheek. 'I love you too, happy?'

   'Very,' with that he claimed my lips again, removing his trousers and boxers as he kept my eyes away from what would frighten me. He broke the kiss and left for his drawer.

   'Is everything okay?' I asked nervously, he smiled assuredly.

   'Do you have pills?' I shook my head negatively, remembering Savannah's issue. 'Then I'll need this,' he waved the franger he brought out. Fear gripped me, I don't want to get pregnant too. He chuckled. 'Stop panicking, you won't get pregnant because I won't let you.' I nodded.

   'Savannah is pregnant,' I said fearfully.

   'Huh?' He paused from tearing the foil. 'Mace know?' I nodded negatively. 'Don't worry, it won't happen.' He successfully rolled the franger in properly and climbed back into the bed.

   'Don't let me forget to buy pills no matter what, okay?' He nodded and brought his lips back to mine. I cupped his cheeks with eyes closed, anticipating his work on my lower region. I bite his tongue as he maneuver into me with one abrupt thrust. I pushed my head back in the pillow and swallowing my moan. My fingers sank into his arms, the moans leaving my mouth as he started his slow pace. 'Oh God!' I gasped. He increased his speed, gripping my hips and pounding in and out of me energetically as we both moaned.....


    I trailed my finger on her face as she slept peacefully. How could one person make me so happy? How could her very existence feel so much like life, like she is the reason I breathe. I wasn't thinking of anyone else but her, everything about her was exciting to me. With the feeling I got by laying with her, I am not trading my love anytime soon.

She is mine, and mine she remains.
My heart was filled with contentment and love. Wherever this love will take me, I'm certainly hanging on to it. I pulled her closer to my body and snuggled her neck, breathing deeply.

I pray I don't break your heart.

To be continued

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