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The Greek Gods-Chapter Thirteen


The Greek Gods-Chapter Thirteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I drummed my fingers on the book as I wrote down a story, I love writing, mostly scripts.
Fransisco promised to help me bring one of my story to life if only I can finish one, I always stop halfway out of lack of inspiration but this time I had a new inspiration.... Me. I was writing about me and Ace to see where it takes me.

"I looked unto him, the jolly Greek god battling with the assignment I gave him with much meticulousness. His progress earlier in class left him with more zeal to learn and boast to his sisters who he claims were smarter than motherboards, especially the one he called Babianca. His hair flew in the accord of the wind, his lips puckered up and his canines deep into his bottom lip. His eyes were wide and big, far away but filled with determination and zeal. I don't think the guy knows how adorable he looks with that expression; like a sulking puppy or a purring baby kitten.' I wrote down. I looked at Ace again and giggled, he was killing me with his look. I laid in the grass, my phone beside me. He sat on his table, quite far from me.

He was trying really hard to solve the chemistry problem.

He wiped off the beads of sweats from his forehead and sighed, itched his head with the bottom of his pen and prechecked his work. I watched him with so much amusement, my heart fluttering and stomach churning with an unknown feeling. He nodded after checking it and smiled proudly.
'Done!' He announced, he rushed to me and sat on the grass too. I took his book and glanced through it, my eyes and brain were fast enough to go through his work. I marked the seven assessment I gave him, five correct. 'Just like that? You just glanced at it!'

'I know, I was fast enough to....'
'No, check it well.' I sighed and dropped my red pen, I picked up the blue and solved everything again in five minutes.

'See? You failed two, that's great,' I said with a nod.

'Show off,' he murmured and snatched my left hand. 'Are you left handed or right?' He asked caressing the back of my palm with his thumb. My churning stomach increased, my cheek slightly changing color momentarily. 'Yesterday you used right but today you're using left, what's up?'

'I'm originally left handed but I learnt how to use both. I used right to eat, do every other things but I use left to write. That's what's up.'

'You used right yesterday,'
'I use right for minor stuffs like marking and pointing and writing notes and memos but when writing really long stuff, I use my left.'

'Your friend is left handed, Savannah.'

'Yeah, her grandpa and father are left handed. My mom is the left handed one, my brother's right. Do you just observe people's hands?'

'Sorry, it's an habit. My entire family is left handed, serious genetic trait from my mother's side. In her family, one must be left handed, she was the left one and her father was the left and his father to his father to his....'

'I get it.'

'I should have been the only left handed since the first or second child gets it but my dad is also left handed, strong gene as well only that his is selective, picks randomly. In conclusion, we're The Left Choir.'

'Left Choir?' I asked laughingly.
'Don't look at me,' he shrugged. 'Blame it on Salvador.'

'About that kid, he's really rude....'
'Just stubborn and knows too much for his figure. He's the sweetest, only arrogant when you come between him and food, long hour of PS4 gaming and sleep. He's dad in a small form, can be bossy sometimes....' He stroke his chin. 'Now I think about it, he has dad's commanding vibe, Tatiana, him and I do but Tia's stronger. No, I am, I just don't have the strength to yell and command my little sister.'

'I really wanna meet her,' I said shyly. 'Is she proud?'

'If she was, I wouldn't have came back for you,' he smiled. 'Are we done for today?' He asked tiredly. I shift his English book to him, I opened the book and tapped the page. 'I can spell, anybody can spell.'

'Find the different meaning of each words, write out sentences of each meaning, three each and then skilfully construct an essay consisting of all the words.'

'That's not necessary!'

'It's what I want, get on it.' He sighed and stood up, went back to his table. I continued writing, he later submitted. Pass the meanings, ace the sentences but failed the essay.

'I'm tired,' he whined after I set out to teach him physics. 'I don't even need physics.'

'As long as your field is science, you do.'

'I'm tired, I'm going to swim.' He walked off.

'Ace!!! Come back here!!!' He gave me his middle finger, I huffed and followed him. He walked to a large stream and took off his shirt. My mouth fell open as my eyes widened, his muscles flexed and eyed me. He had tattoos imprinted on his arm, "family" written on his shoulder blade. Chest oh glorious chest, best, magical best one. He winked at me, glad he could make me dumb.

'Wanna go for a swim princess?' I couldn't reply. He shrugged and unbuckled his belt, my head was ringing but I wanted to see. 'Are you not shy?' Still couldn't answer, I was gaping shamelessly. He shrugged and slid down his pants, my eyes turned as I smiled like an idiot.

"Magenta!!!!!" My subconscious yelled. I looked away and ran back to the tree, I sat down and quickly wrote it down with a beating heart.

"After hours of lecture, the Greek god decided to go for a swim to cool of. I wasn't pleased with that idea since I still had some few more subjects to guide him through so I followed him and I damn regret it. He took off his shirt, I got front roll seat to perfection. Will I ever have him to myself? Can he ever be mine? Everyday I'm reminded on why I can never be with him, everyday I'm force to drown in my own growing feeling yet I know that getting him is all up to me. There's power in a woman's words, touch and actions. My best friend's mother, Ariana once told us that no matter how strong a man is, a woman can bring him down with careful planning and just herself. If I want him, it was all in my hands but do I really need it?

I weigh the scales, what did I have to lose? I had nothing to fight with but yet I had enough people to fight for me. Amaya would kill for my happiness, Fransisco would reluctantly help me and I was gaining his second best friend's trust. In a way he was starting to trust me, he was leaning on me unknowingly. They say I'm easy to talk to, easy to bend so what do I have to lose? I want to be happy, prove to all my haters that anyone can amount to anything if they just believe and have the right words and touch. Pushing aside the warning in my head, I risked it and stood up, I was going to swim too and show him that Apple Berry Ryan has some packages too." I smiled and dropped the pen, I changed the names in the story. I stood up and walked back to him.

'You came back,' he laughed as he played in the water. 'Come on in Genital.'

'I rather not,' I smiled. The plan was to have him force or compel me in so he won't be so suspicious. '
ask you questions from here and you'll answer it, okay?' He nodded. 'If a man weighing 60 pounds fall off the balcony of the tenth floor in a skyscraper building, at what degree of speed would be fall and the exact minutes it would take him to hit the ground?'

'I don't know,'

'Solve it in your head.' That was what we did, he answered sixteen questions, got eleven. He was improving, intelligence must be a family thing.

'Now, won't you come join me?'

'Won't you get out? Your skin will wrinkle,'

'My skin has a high tolerance, I can be here for extra 30mins before effect kicks in. Advantages of having a thick smooth skin and using good body lotions.'

'I don't have good tolerance, one hour and I'm a terrible swimmer,' I confessed.

'Don't worry, I won't let you drown....' I scoffed at his flirtatious wink. 'Trust me.' I puffed out air through my nose and smiled.

'I really will kill you if you dare let me die,' I threatened as I plucked out the buttons on my button down shirt dress. I slip the gown off, letting it drop on the ground before stepping out of it. Luckily, I had a singlet on and thin shorts. 'Turn around.'

'Must I?'

'Ace,' I snapped. He rolled his eyes and entered the water, I could tell he was still spying. I skillfully removed my bra and hid it under my dress before diving into the water. I swam out and gasped for air. 'Too cold!' I swam to shore but he held me back. 'Ace, I'll catch a cold...'

'Chill, you'll be fine.' He assured me placing my hands on his shoulders. We stared into each other's eyes in silent, it was....whoa.

'Ace,' I snapped, his hand was going somewhere, I love it but Savannah said to be strong and resist everything he do. 'Don't touch me.'

'Sorry,' he removed his hands from my waist and smiled. 'How long can you hold your breath?'
'Almost four minutes,'

'Can you manage four?'

'If I try hard enough.'

'You swim fast?'

'Bad swimmer, I can hold well in currents but not good with speeds.'

'Can you keep up to a fast swimmer if he's holding you?' I nodded. 'Good,' he turned me around and tightened my hands around his neck. 'Hold your breath and hang on.'

'Where are we going?'

'I've shown you my world, one more won't hurt,' I smiled sheepishly, that made me feel special. I took in a deep breath and held it before he dived in. The water was dark, I couldn't see a thing but he sure knew where he was going. I closed my eyes, I couldn't open it for long. I could feel he swam into somewhere because the place felt shallow. I was running out of oxygen, he was swimming very fast. Keen wind hit my face as he burst out, I puffed for air and held him tighter. He dragged me to shore and placed me down gently. 'Eyes,'
 I tried to open them but it burns, he rubbed it with his wet hands. 'Again,' I opened my eyes.
'Oh-my-God,' I counted and sat up. 'What the....'
'Welcome to my crystal cave,' he said delightfully. The whole place was made out of something not crystal nor diamonds but definitely rare and worth fortunes. The place glittered, the pink and violet gem flashing. 'I discovered this myself three years ago, I don't know what it is but I call it crystal. I've never used it once, I'm keeping them for emergency, future emergencies. Maybe if I get disowned, go bankrupt or just need to get more money.'

'Is it worth much?' He nodded.
'Sold a little piece once, the buyer said it's something like a crystalline diamond or whatever that big grammar is but it's worth a lot.' I looked at the place in amazement, water dripping making beautiful music.

'Why? Why show me?' He shrugged.

'I don't know, I trust you more than I've ever trusted anyone,' he smiled. 'I've only known you for three weeks.'

'Time flies,' I smiled. 'Thank you, for showing me.' He smiled back and for that moment, his eyes flashed with so much emotions before he looked away.

'Let's go back now, we can stop at your dad's restaurant and drink soup, he got soup, right?'

'None that would suit your taste but I do know a place we can get just the right amount of pepper,' I said smirkingly. He grinned.

'Bring it on.'

"....he laughed me ever so merrily, it wasn't my fault that hot soup got into my eye and turned it red but the wizard care less. I forgot others misfortune gives him joy but however, when my eye started hurting again, he panicked and took me to a hospital where I was given special attention. The doctor said I was lucky, it could have been worse but fortunately, I had stubbornly worn my lens back to annoy him and that saved me from serious damages. The soup was really hot.

The doctor insist I stay home and not carry out any activity that includes stressing the eye so I've been warned to stay home. I now have glasses, temporary but is only to be use when I want to read or when my eye feels irritated. You should have seen the way he was allover me, he cares about me Amaya almost teleported through my phone when I told her, she was with Seb which was not surprising by the way. She cried but I'm sure he'll handle her.

In conclusion he brought me home, almost dragged me to his but considered dad who wasn't around, thank God. He was worried when he came back but everything's fine now, except me risking it and writing. I learnt three things today.

Fear is the heart of intimidation and low self-esteem. It plays with one's mind, bend it and make them feel bad about themselves, no faith. If you don't believe in yourself who will?

Confidence lies within every soul, one just gotta dig deep and bring out their inner bitch, that bitch that makes them invincible.

Three, Ace Davison can be mine if only I use the right static and trust me, I will.

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