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The Greek Gods-Chapter Ten


The Greek Gods-Chapter Ten

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

The air smelt funny, better in a sort of way but not like the one I was used to perceiving every morning. I tossed on my bed and itched my eyes, someone was looking at me, I could feel it. I opened my eyes and met a pair of big curious brown eyes, his lashes were freaking long and his cheeks rosy, giving him this delicate feminine look. I laid there staring at the stranger and wondering where the hell I was until I remembered how Ace saved me. I sat up immediately and checked myself, I was safe. I heaved a breath of relief and looked back at the cutest boy I'd ever seen.

'Hi?' I asked nervously. His big brown eyes looked like they expanded as his curious gaze burnt into my soul. 'Er...where's Ace?'

'Who are you?' He asked with the cutest voice, I wanted to squeal and pinch the cheeks of the adorable five years old. 'What are you doing on my brother's bed?'

'Brother? Ace has a brother?' He tilted his head with an intense glare, he was suddenly not cute anymore. I gulped and chuckled nervously. 'My name's Magenta, I got beaten up last night and your brother saved me I guess, I woke up just now....'

'Of course I can see that, I'm not dumb or blind,' he said derisively. I licked my dry lips sheepishly and looked at anywhere but his eyes, the kid is scary. 'It's unusual, he have never brought home a girl once. Are you his girlfriend or one of his gold diggers?' My head snapped to him.

'Aren't you too young to say such words?' I asked astonishingly.

'Not when it's the truth and I have big siblings that talk too much shits,' he folded his arms with his glare still in intact. 'BTW, I'm nine, not five.' I laughed and patted his head.

'Sure you are,'

'Oh he is, just too much of a short bottle,' I averted my eyes to the girl at the door. She was tall with the same big brow eyes and asymmetric cut brown hair, she was pretty and looked bossy.
'I am not a short bottle,' little boy hissed.

'Yes, you're a table salt container,'
'Valentina! Stop insulting me or I'll insult you back!'

'Or you can go crying to mom like the little baby you are,' the girl who's Valentina mocked.

'Right, I get everything I want because I'm their baby, aren't you like the second child they hate? The one who have been expelled from two schools because she was busy sucking dicks and not learning,' he said sneeringly. Where was my jaw? On the bed.

'You filthy little rat! How dare you! I was a virgin before your stupid brother made me got raped by someone who wanted to take revenge!!!' She yelled. Wow, I was not suppose to....what....?

'You filthy little rat! How dare you! I was a virgin before you stupid brother made me got raped by someone who wanted to take revenge,' he mimicked. 'Well boo hoo, that didn't stop you from being a stick licker. You lick stick as a virgin, you turn whore as a rapeé.' I coughed as I choked on my saliva, I couldn't believe he was the one saying this.

'Insolent brat,' she spat. I cleared my throat. 'What!!! You're no different you peasant gold digging foolish whore!!!!'

'Now mind your manners and stop humiliating yourself,' I said with a roll of my eyes. 'Nobody called you here but you just walked in and looked for a trouble you can't handle and mind you, I'm not a whore, because I woke up in a strange bed doesn't make me one,' I said getting out of the bed. 'If you have serious issues, see a therapist and not take it out on others.'

Own it girl! Savannah need to see me now!

'Are you trying to call me a psychopath!!!'

'She ain't trying, you are. Now get your bitchy bad mannered ass out of Ace's room before I frame you for something that will course your credit card and car,' she huffed and walked out in tears. 'Unfortunate thing. I love the girl but she's falling into depression but she won't accept it.'

'Let me guess,' I said standing with arms akimbo. 'Ace messed with a bad nigga by sleeping with his girl or sister and as revenge he raped your sister,' I said with a knowing tone.

'Ah! You're not dumb after all. No wonder you were chosen to be his tutor....'

'You knew!'

'Yup,' he popped getting out of the bed.

'Then why insult me in the first place?'

'Haven't you heard of test? Don't ask me stupid questions, just try as much as possible to quit. The way I see it, he might end up liking you and all his enemies will come after you. You wouldn't want that for yourself, right?' I laughed.
'Ace, end up liking me? Oh pe-lease,' I laughed dismissively. He shrugged.

'Your funeral,' he smiled, revealing his set of dimples. He's way cuter than Ace, future Mr Heartbreaker. 'I'm Salvador by the way....'

'What?' I laughed. 'That's a weird name....'

'Sounds like a god's, I know. I like it though, makes me stand out in the midst of all....'

'Salvador!!! You're getting late for school!!!!' I heard Ace yelled. I gasped, school! 'Salvador, are you still admiring your new girlfriend?' He asked walking in. 'Maglificent, you're awake,' he smirked. 'Your boyfriend chased me out of my room last night so I won't touch you, lucky you.'

'You chased him out?' I asked Salvador.

'It was either he took advantage of you and Valentina snitch it to Tatiana who'll tell dad and he'll be disowned or she kills him,' he shrugged. 'I saved his life.'

'My hero,' Ace said sarcastically. 'Hurry up to school, you're getting late and you know how Tia gets whenever you run late for school. Sometimes she makes me feel like the jobless husband and her the breadwinning wife.' He said sadly.
'I've told you to find a way to appease her, you did wrong....'

'I already said sorry...'

'Like a fucking robot! Look I don't have strength for you this morning, bye Magenta, remember my advice.' With that he walked out but Ace made sure to knock his head. He cursed under his breath as he stomped away.

'Just day one of....morning one and I already found enough shit about you, why are you such a selfish jerk.'

'I'm not selfish, just foolish most times. My two sisters hate me and I'm too stubborn to properly apologize, I'm cursed.' He said nonchalantly with a shrug.

'Don't you feel any remorse at all?'
'Will I kill myself over it? I don't give a three round fuck if they don't want to forgive me,' I frowned. Do there all swear in this house? 'How was I suppose to know that girl belonged to...or rather why should I have cared! She was a lowlife stripper I hired for the night and blah blah,' I could see he was pained by everything but pride won't let him accept and own up to his mistakes.
'I can't kill myself.'

'I have an older brother, I would commit suicide if he's the cause for anything bad that would happen to me. The girl I saw right now looked like someone fighting with depression, serious one. Have you maybe thought that what she needs was someone to talk to, was you to apologize, hug her and assure her that everything would be okay? Have you tried to reach out to her? Ace, hurting them and swallowing it would only eat you up spiritually, mentally and physically. My brother is a bad ass but he knows how to protect me. What's the point of having a useless older brother?'

'Wow,' he breathed. 'No one have ever told me this before,' he said with an impress smile. 'But I still don't care.' I shook my head.

'Where's my dad?.

'In my toilet,' he scoffed. I blushed and bit my finger. 'He called, I explained everything to him already. You can borrow Tatiana's dress, she won't mind a bit.'

'Who's Tatiana?'

Younger sister, immediate,'

'I haven't thanked you for saving me,' he folded his arms expectedly.
'That's it,'

'Seriously? Using my own words against me, how original.'

'Whatever, I'm late for school...'

Ditch em.'

Salvador huffed and hissed at the maids, he asked for spicy tamales but they made him French toast and scrambled eggs, he hates eggs, they all know that. Magenta was still upstairs, struggling with the dress I gave her.

'I asked for spicy tamales!!! Does this look like tamales to you?!!!'
'We're sorry...'

'Tell that to your broke ass patents!!!'

'Salvador will you stop yelling at them and sit down, all of you, leave,' I instructed.

'So am I suppose to starve?!!!'

'Just shut up,' he sat down and pouted. Magenta walked in looking hot, she looked gorgeous in the pretty green dress. 'Wow, you look like a human being,' I smirked.

'Can I have my phone?' She asked coldly, wow, she's getting bolder.
'Can you cook?' Salvador asked.
'Yeah, why?'

'Cook me spicy tamales,' she grinned.

'Did you say spicy?' She asked grinningly.

I thought I liked peppery food but I never knew I was learning, Ace and Salvador were gods. They added more pepper to my already peppery tamales and devoured it while I gaped at them. They ate with the food smoking hot, incredible.

'Like seriously?' I squawked. He was driving me to school and insulting my cooking, complaining that it didn't have enough pepper and the salt was too much, something he cleared with his rude brother.

'Just saying, my sister can cook better than you. When she cooks, you know that thus is food,' I stared at him amusedly still in shock. 'If there is ever to be a next time, make sure the pepper is hotter than this one and reduce your salt, I don't like salt.'

'You and Salvador are the same, brats and jerks.'

'Salvador is sweet, just don't joke with his stomach and find it difficult to say please and thank you but he's good at apologies. Me, you'll grow old waiting for gratification, apology and politeness.'

'You don't have to tell me, I know. I suddenly hate you and see you as trash,'

'Trash or not, I'm still sexy.' I rolled my eyes, he parked a little far from school.

'Won't you drive in?'

'Can you tolerate students looking at you and spreading rumors that you're my new bed buddy? Can you handle Berwyn?' It was very sweet of him, I didn't think of it. I smiled gratefully but didn't say it.

'As least your empty head still calculates,' I said smirkingly. 'Use it well more often,' I opened the door and got out since I didn't wear the seatbelt. 'See you later Greek cow.' I slammed the door and ran away, that was so cool! I'm on fire! He drove past me, I smiled. Immediately I got into school, I went to my locker where Savannah also was.

'Gist!!!' We shrieked excitedly. I got to her and fanned myself with my hands. She gave me a once over, I wore a sheath dress and four inches tall Mary Jane platform shoes.

'I know all your dresses and this isn't one of them. Where were you last night?'

'I almost got raped, Ace played hero and I slept at his place....' She grinned.

'How many rounds?' I hit her with a laugh. She chuckled and hugged me. 'Are you okay?' I nodded. She pulled back and twirled. 'I met Mace, we quarrelled throughout yesterday, almost fought physically but he didn't dare. It was fun!' I laughed and shook my head. 'The doctors said he'd be discharged in two days, I can still torture him...hold on,' she opened her locker and brought out a air horn.


'You'll see,' she walked to Jace who was walking by with Ace and blew the horn in his ear. 'Mace made me do it,' she laughed. Jace laughed too and grabbed her, he seized the horn and blew it all around her face as she laughed and giggled. Ace on the other hand walked to me.


'Magenta,' I corrected.

'You mean Genital,' he smirked.

'Oh, that's right Mr Testicle,' he wiggled his brows suggestively. I scoffed and pushed his face away, he smelt too nice.

'Awwwn, you're blushing,' he teased poking my cheek. I smiled and shook my head.

'Kidnap!!!!' Savannah yelled. Jace had her on his shoulder.

'Wife for free!!! One dollar to purchase!!!' He shouted running into the other hall while she screamed and hit his back. Somebody have met her match.

I was at my locker, lunch was in ten minutes. Someone slammed my locker shut, Berwyn.

'You're not going to give up, right?' She asked smirkingly. I shrugged, there was no way she would bully me again, I can't lose my best friend again. 'I'm warning for the last time to stay away from my boyfriend...'

'Then tell your boyfriend to stay away from me, I don't have to explain anything.'

'His dick is given you courage huh, I'm warning you bitch or else...'

'You'll beat me up? I dare you.' I challenged folding my hands under my breasts. 'Take the first swing,' I said challengingly. She laughed and nodded.

'Be prepared for when I'd strike unexpectedly,' with that she cat walked away with Olivia trailing behind her. Melody shook her head amusedly and gave me a thumbs up before leaving. She's nice but something about her friendship with Berwyn is off.

Oh well.

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