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The Greek Gods-Chapter Sixteen


The Greek Gods-Chapter Sixteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I groaned in pain, my head hurt. I covered my face with the nice smelling pillow and moaned, it was like a bulldozer was placed on my head. I sighed and forced myself up, the curtains were down and that was a good thing....wait a minute, my room isn't white, it's... Oh hell no! I flung the bedsheets away and checked myself, I was wearing a shirt, a guy's shirt. Where's my bra! What the hell happened!

→→→→→ Flashback ←←←←←
'No, no, no Magenta I will not let you get drunk!' Ace yelled as he chased me into the club, I turned around.

'You got my name right!' I squealed. He groaned, I squeaked and continued running, nudging people out of my way.

'Genital, please don't drink!'

'What about your sisters?! They are both drunk and anything can happen to them, go watch THEM!' I stressed the "them" as his hands got a hold of my arms. I whimpered. He turned me around, making sure he pinned my hands to my body.

'Exactly my point, I can't watch over every drunk people. Jace and Tia are already drunk, I need to find Valentina before she starts her signature drunk strip dance and find Hans before he touches someone else's girl and get us in trouble, okay?' I rolled my eyes. 'Why do you want to drink?'
'Clear my head,'

'Drinking won't help, stand outside and wait at the car or help me find the damn people we came with,' I nodded. 'Thank you,' he let go of my hands. 'If you dare drink and get drunk, I'll dump you in that alley I saved you from, kapish?' I glared at him poutingly. 'Glad you understand, now find Mace and Savannah, I'll find the rest. If you spot Valentina, drag her out.' I nodded, he ruffled my hair and left. I scoffed, who does he think he is to tell me what to do.

"He's reasonable Gen, do you want to get drunk and have something bad happen to you?" I shook my head negatively as a reply to my subconscious. I sighed, Ace is making me a maniac. I brought out my phone and texted Vana, we have a special app, one I made. No matter what she's doing, she'll know I texted her. She replied in a heartbeat.

*sorry babe, I left the club with Mace, the music was affecting his head.*

*where are you taking him to?*
*his own house, he's very weak.*
* you know he's pretending, right? *

How can a single trash bin whack make someone as strong as Mace be that weak, so suspicious.

* I know, I just like to play his game.*

*what if he tries to rape you like I almost did?*

Shit! Shouldn't have told her that.

*what the butt! Who is the bastard that dares touch my sister!*

"Nice going Magenta, now she'll return and kill him," I scolded myself. "It's not important, Ace punched the guy's face off." I lied.
*did he bleed?*

*he fucking lost his nose.*

*damn girl! Swearing now?*

*too much bad influence. What about Mace?*

*So, if you're told that I can be raped, you'll believe?*

*Mace is strong.*

*and impotent for the mean time, he just wants me to stay around but don't want to tell me directly. I'm so scaling his walls already*
*you guys always fight when alone.*

*I know right! We're animals. *
*stupid girl. Gotta go now, be safe.*

*don't get laid, love you.*

*love you more*

I looked at where I was, I'd walked to somewhere I don't know. It was like a stairs to another floor, I followed it and saw Valentina dancing there. I went to her and tapped her.

'I'm not drunk,' she said normally.

'Where's your sister? Seen her?'
'Jace took her home, don't worry, he knows his limit.'

'And Ace? Seen him?' She pointed to the VIP door with two huge bouncers. 'Help me get pass?'

'Johnny, Race, let her pass. She's Ace's date!!!' She shouted. 'Go.'

'And you?' She waved dismissively.

'My driver will be here in....' She trailed off and looked at her gold bracket wristwatch. 'He's here,' she smiled at me. 'Gotta go now sis, don't get laid.' She kissed my cheek and skipped down the stairs. I smiled and jogged up to the door, they let me pass. I push pass the dangling beads and walked in, this was where the real deal was. The strippers were stripped, just too much. I should have followed Valentina home. Then I saw him, Ace seated at a corner with some guys. A stripper giving him a lap dance, one massaging his shoulders and one trying to kiss him. He was enjoying it. He left me there for this? Jerk.

I turned around to leave but saw the bar, I pouted and walked to the counter.

'Cocktail, one glass, Ace Davison's paying,' I pointed at him. He nodded and went to get it.

"You seriously want to get drunk?" My subconscious asked. I ignored her and focused on the job at hand. He dropped the glass of cocktail and went to serve another. It wasn't my first time drinking, my best friend's name Savannah and my ex boyfriend is crazy. I have a high alcohol tolerance. I emptied the glass and frowned.

'Hey, what's a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?'
'I don't know,' I smirked. 'Wanna pay for my drinks?' I smiled seductively.

'Wanna suck on my dick?'

'If you want HIV, yeah,' he stood up and left. I laughed and waved at the barman. 'I don't get drunk easily, get me something that will waste me.' I've never gotten drunk, I've tried. He smiled and went to bring a bottle, didn't bother reading it, just popped the lid open and downed the entire bottle down my throat. I sighed and waited, nothing was happening.

'Still not drunk?'

'No,' I whined. 'Give me another one,'

'Why do you want to drink?' He asked with concern.

'My date is over there getting a lap dance while he dumped me outside, please just give me something so I can go crazy.'

'As you wish,' he brought two more bottles and I finished it. I walked to the restroom and threw up, I was laughing and shaking my head. I was drunk alright. I skipped back to the club and to the dance floor. I pushed one stupid girl away from the guy she was grinding and took over. She tried to push me off but I slapped her, I think she fainted. I continued rocking the crazy guy who was having fun, he smells.
"Take over the party!" A voice shouted in my head. I turned around and kneed the guy before staggering to a strip pole. I didn't know what I was doing, all I know is that I was dancing like a stripper in a short dress. I'm a very good dancer, I know how to strip dance too. Soon a lot of guys surrounded the floor of the pole, whopping and cheering. Many sprayed me money, don't know.
'Come here babe,' one pulled me down, I turned and grind on him. People were cheering until another hands pulled me.

'I thought I told you not to drink!!!'
'Hello handsome,' I slurred wrapping my hands around his neck and leaning on him for support. His hands went around my waist. 'She's my girlfriend, get lost.' I heard his voice like a whisper. I pushed him off and ran out, I just kept running until I got to somewhere in the club where they were having a drink competition, I joined them. I finished the two bottles in three minutes and laughed.

'I'm the Queen!!!' I shouted, everyone cheered. I screamed as I'm flung on someone's shoulder. 'Hey,' I giggled. 'Easy,' I laughed and smacked his ass. 'You have nice cheeks dude!' I squealed.

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'Why did you have to drink,' he sighed. I danced on his shoulder, laughing and slapping his butt cheeks. Finally, I was thrown into his car. He locked me in and quickly got in before I escaped, he drove off immediately, cursing under his breath. I smirked as we passed a green light, I climbed over and straddle him. 'Fuck! Are you trying to get us killed!' He yelled trying to push my head out of the way. I giggled and started rocking him, he parked the car and carried me down. 'You want me to do this and have your add more curse to my cursed life, no thanks.' He locked me down with the belt, brought out handcuff from his compartment and cuffed my hands behind my back.

'Take the bold step nigga, don't worry, I won't get pregnant.' He eyed me and continued driving. I pouted and wiggled my legs. He drove into a house, the house was very beautiful. 'Hey hey!!!' I shouted, my shout caused him to drive into a wall.

'Fuck! My car!' He stepped out, the car didn't damage much. 'What was that?!' He yelled yanking the door open. I giggled and wiggled my brows at him. He sighed and removed the cuff and belt, he dragged me out. 'Why did you shout?'

'Hey hey!!!!' I shouted again. 'Life in the dreamhouse,

Oh yeah, life in the dreamhouse
This is Magenta's dreamhouse!' I sang nodding my head like an idiot. He chuckled and tried to carry me. I ran away, I'm good at running remember? He tried to catch me but ha! He then called the guards to assist but I won! 'Yay for me!' I squealed. They were on the ground, all puffing and sweating.

'Sweetheart, please come here,' Ace said under his breath.

'No,' I giggled and ran away, I ran out of the gate but then I felt sick so I threw up on myself. I passed out on my vomit.

→→→→→ End Of Flashback ←←←←←
I opened my mouth in dismay as the memory flooded my head, I didn't felt touched but at least I knew why I was wearing his shirt.
 The bathroom door opened, he walked out drying his hair with a white towel, a silver towel around his waist. He froze on his track and glared at me, I grinned widely.
He scoffed and walked to his dresser.

'Good morning,' I greeted nervously, my face was hot.

'I told you not to drink,' he deadpanned.

'Heh heh,' I chuckled nervously and itched the nape of my neck. I can't tell him I drank because I was jealous and heartbroken.

'I have never suffered the way I did last night, what is wrong with you?' He asked softly but clearly angry.

'I'm very sorry Ace, I was left alone and bored....'

'I thought I told you to find your friend!' He snapped.

'Yes, and unlike you, I did find her. She took Mace home, I was nice enough to go find and report to you but you were "busy" what did you expect me to do? You left me alone again, some dudes tried to bundle me into their car, you promised you would watch me yet you were busy getting a lap dance!' I raised my voice, I lied, yes but I wanted he to feel guilty. 'Remind me never to go anywhere with you,' I huffed standing up. 'Unreliable idiot.' He stared at me with no expression on his face.

He don't care.

I scoffed and stomped out of his room to another room to shower, I locked the door and went to the bathroom. Everything was already there, he must have planned to have me bathe there. Whatever, I took my bath, cried a little in the shower before dragging myself out with a towel.

'Crap!' I exclaimed, he was there laying a dress on the bed. I dragged the towel up my chest well but then the down was too short. 'How did you open the door?'

'It's my house,' he said coldly not even sparing me a glance. We're both angry, that's nice. 'Be down for breakfast in ten.' He walked out, he thinks he can be angry, I'll show him. I didn't bother drying my hair, just got dressed. It was a white tube jeans and his red shirt and my shoes. I packed my wet hair up and left the room, I found my way out of the house and walked to the gate. I greeted the guards, apologized to them for my problem and left.

If I can snub my own love brother for two months, who the hell does he think he is.

I dished the food angrily, that stupid girl ruined everything last night, I didn't have sex, I couldn't drink. I wanted her to apologize, she's annoying. The guard I sent for came.

'Go up, call the girl in room 3.'

'She already left sir,' my neck snapped my head to him. 'Five minutes ago.'

'What! Why didn't you tell me!'
'We didn't know we were suppose to....'

'Get out!' He left. She can't possibly hate me, right? right.

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