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The Greek Gods-Chapter Six


The Greek Gods-Chapter Six

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

'What do you mean by you can't do anything about her!!!!' I roared as I chased dad or rather ran behind him. 'That girl almost killed me!!!! She slammed me on a fucking table!!!!'

'Berwyn, I can't touch that girl, she's not a pauper like you think she is...'

'Dad!!!! A girl you don't know beat me up!!! Won't you do anything about it?!!!'

'Stop yelling at me and go beat her up yourself!!!!' He yelled turning around to face me back, his eyes filled with bitterness and helplessness. 'She's your fellow girl, if she beat you up, find a way to beat her back without involving me, please,' he added softly. 'However, I'll advice you don't attack her if you don't want to live in the streets. Avoid her like a plague,'

'But....' I sobbed.

'Don't let me warn you again,' he whispered and left me to gape at his back while I wonder who the hell that girl is.


I stared at myself in the mirror, the girl I was looking at was different from the girl I knew. I looked like crap, like a bitch who had a serious bad hangout. My eyes were really swollen, my iris a mixture of brick and claret, it changes to those colors whenever I was sad or when water entered my eyes. It was weird but I inherited the rare genetic trait from mom, her eyes are almost violet and claret but changes to brick whenever wet. Anyways, my eyelids were wrinkled, swollen cheeks, big eye bags and pale cheeks. My hair, I hadn't wash or comb the locks for days.

I sighed and brought my phone to my face, no missed calls, no texts, no Savannah. I sobbed and let my hand sag as tears ran down my cheeks. (I got my phone back) I brought my phone to my face and dialed her number.

"Hey! It's me, Candy Savannah Crush, Savannah with an " H" at the ending, in other words, Candy Savannah Crush....ok, that makes no sense so I'll start allover again. Ahem, hey guys, it's me, Savannah Crush. If you're listening to me, then I'm either bathing in my chocolate or pink lemonade, I'm watching cartoons, drowning in junk foods or having sex, anyone your mind choose. Call me back later or leave a message so I'll call you back later which will be when I turn hundred because I don't check my voicemail anymore. Goodluck trying to reach me, byeeeeeeee."

I laughed as I wiped more tears out of my cheeks furiously, I miss that crazy girl. The doorbell barked, our doorbell was a barking dog.

'Maybe it's her....' I trailed off and shook my head, Savannah never knocks. She barges in, pick your lock, break your door or break in through the window. Fransisco would always say she was exchanged in the hospital when she was born.

"Where's my biological mother mom!!!' He would always yell whenever they fight or she's annoying him. "I demand you go back to that hospital and ask the quack doctors where he took my sister to? How they end up exchanged!!!'

'You love me!' She would squeal and hug him tight until he chokes.
 I pouted at the memories and whimpered. I went to my bed and sat down, putting the pillow on my laps. I stared at my ceiling for hours, I needed to talk to someone. Like heaven wanted me to be happy again, Fransisco called.

'Cisco, hi....'

'This fight has to stop, mom said she fainted yesterday after crying too much. You know how she reacts, please find a way to fix it...'
'She won't call me, reply my text or visit me....'

'Babe! She has a house, one she can never run from, if she won't come to you, then go to her,'
'Won't she chase me away?' I sobbed.

'Trust me, by the time she sees you, all will be forgotten,' I sighed and bit my bottom lip.

'Thanks Cisco, you're always reliable,'

'Anything for you love,'

'Bye,' I hung up and hurried to my wardrobe, if teaching him would save me, then fine.

I stuffed my mouth with cookie dough as I cried and swipe through our photos, I cried like a baby, I miss Genital. I downed my second gallon of chocolate beverage and sniffed.

'Oh my best friend Genital,' I sang. 'My lovely friend...'

'You know you're the one killing yourself, right?' Mom asked chucklingly as she walked into the living room elegantly. 'Why do you suffer yourself?'

'Mommy, I want my sister back,' I wailed.

'You know how and where to get her....'

'No, she won't listen to me...'
'This thing will kill both of you. You're both like sesame twins, inseparable, one or both could die if care is not taken. Savannah, you'll be the first to die, go see your twin sister from another mother.'


'Wallowing with cookie doughs and gallons of chocolate beverages that will give you terrible cramps next month is not really helping your life.'

'Vanilla and strawberry cookies, you forgot to mention that,' I scobbed. 'And I won't die...'

'You fainted yesterday because you cried too much!!! It's either you go or I go bring her myself!!!' She yelled. 'Please, for mommy?' She asked poutingly.

'I'm sad,' she slid down to the floor and cuddled me. She stroke my hair while I pouted and snuggled closer to her. 'I miss her.'

'My beautiful baby girl, don't cry again please, you're breaking mommy's heart...'

'I'm sorry,'
'You know I love you, right?' I nodded. 'Will I ever lie to you?' I shook my head negatively. 'Then trust me and call her...'

'Ahem,' I jolted away from mom and squealed.

'Twin sister!!!!' I shrieked at the top of my voice and ran to her, she let me hug her freely. 'I've missed you so much, we've never fought this long before.' I cried. She pulled back and examined my body.

'You've been crying too much, look at all your rashes,' she sobbed. I have a rare allergy, tears. Whenever I cried for more than two hours, I get painful rashes allover my body and my face turn pink with freckles. Mom said when I was a baby, I fell terribly ill, I had heart issue, one that made my it pump blood into my blood vessel too slowly so I needed blood. Mom who had just given birth wasn't in the right place to donate, Fransisco was too small to donate and dad had carried out a surgery so he couldn't donate. Mom didn't want to buy so grandpa donated but the doctors didn't check well, he had a blood disease. I was treated but the side effect still remains and that includes delicate heart, too much shock or rush of emotions can hospitalize me and crying gave me rashes. I couldn't handle depression, I must eat vegetables and take my drugs regularly. That was why mom and dad cared for me and made sure I was always happy.

'Well, your eyes are puffy and changed colors too, we've both been crying,' I pouted. 'I promise not to fight with you over some dumb dude, okay?' She nodded and hugged me back and we cry in each others arms.

'Ugh! Do girls have to be so cheesy!' Dad exclaimed with disgust, we giggled. We disengaged and faced him, he was eating the leftover cookies. I didn't get my sugar and junk food obsession from nobody. 'Thank God you're back together, you're both annoying,'

'Love, what did Mike say about eating too much sugar?' Mom asked disapproving smile.

'This is my first sugar all day....'

'You fucking emptied three large cups of ice creams, ten juice boxes, fifteen chococrunches and few minutes ago, you ate a whole three layer cake!!!'

'So because sugar will kill me I shouldn't eat it what I like? Do you want me to die? Don't you know if I don't eat what I like I will die? I eat, I die, I don't eat, I die so let me eat and die in peace.'

'No way! I won't tolerate your shit! The last time, you couldn't even fuck well!!!' Genital cringed. 'Just ten minutes and you're tired, pouring your watery juice allover me like some impotent punk. You want to starve me again with your weak bang huh?! No!!! You're going to stop eating that junk or I'll go out there and find another much more handsome nan with a stronger action or I'll hump your sexy bodyguard!!!' She yelled. Genital covered her ears with a disgusted whimper. I chuckled.
'Mom, I'm standing right here,' I laughed.

'And so fucking what!!! Your stupid father can't make me addicted to his long dick and not treat my....:

'Please,' Genital cried.

'Oh please,' she waved her off. 'Your name's Genital, don't be a prude,' mom said and faced dad again. Gen ran up to my room, I ran with her.

'And you ask me why I don't like coming to your house,' she sighed. I chuckled and licked my lips. We reached my pink paradise and went to my cotton candy like bed. 'So, about the Ace thing?'

'It's okay if you don't want to do it,' I said sadly.

'I will, you just have to help me not get killed or lose my mind to him,'

'Now we're talking but first, we're taking three days off to give our skin some pampering. To the spa!'

'No you bucket of worm poop!!! I want the video now!!!' Tatiana yelled at the top of her voice. She insisted I showed her the proof that I'd apologized and was taking my torturing really seriously but I had none. Of course I knew Mace was at it again and I was stuck.

'I don't have the video, I wasn't expecting to video it....'

'Oh really?' She laughed crazily. 'You think I don't know you chased her out of school? That she got expelled...'

'Jesus! Mace is a liar....'

'I don't care, I don't know how you'll do it but I want to meet her in person and make sure you apologize to her. I want the video, the record and the photos. I also want to see an improvement in your grade, you have two days to achieve that.

'Twat! You're not my mother or older sister!!!'

Too bad, two days or else,' she stomped out. She had never threatened me so badly before, the video she edited was bound to destroy my life. She was just angry because I screwed her ex boyfriend's older sister, crushed her heart and he dumped her. Too bad for me.

'You deserve this,' Valentina who had been standing at the door said scoffingly. 'Dick head, I pray you die one day so I'll know that Salvador is my only brother. I pray he don't be a useless and heartless brother like you,'

'I've said I'm sorry over a million times....'

'Sorry won't fix the fact that Tatiana is going through emotional hell and I got raped because you had to sleep with Kevin Craig's girlfriend, got her pregnant and she almost died because she had an abortion. I didn't tell mom or dad but I fucking hate your existence!!! What kind of brother are you!!!'
'I didn't know she was his babe!!! She came to me on her own as a stripper, I didn't know!!!'

'Tell that to my hospitalized ex boyfriend and my stolen cherry. I hate you and one day when I get enough courage, I'll pull a bullet into your damn skull.' She said hatefully and walked out. I sank into my chair holding my tears, I really messed up with them because of my stupid thing.

Maybe a good person is what I need.

I let my eyes roam the halls from locker to locker as I looked for her, my informant told me she was in school. I sighed with relief when I saw her going through her locker with a bored look, obviously because her friend was blabbing something to her. The pink girl saw me first and smirked, she said something to Ms Mag and she rolled her eyes with a sigh.

Savannah was going on and on about her dream, she was a fairy Queen with the power of candies to help her get-up-and-go. I wanted to faint, she kept talking.
'Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Testicle come find you?' She asked all of a sudden. I rolled my eyes and sighed. 'Would you be happy? S Nervous? Or angry?'

'Why would I be happy about seeing a guy who have cause me too much trouble even though I don't know him,' I scoffed. 'If it was up to me, I'll shoot him dead....'

'Is it now Maglificent?' I froze, the traitor laughed. Everything I'd practiced was out of my head, the Magenta I knew back.

'Hi Testicle!' Vana squealed laughingly.

'Testicle?' He asked, I could hear them even though I couldn't see. They were right at my back.

'Yeah, my name for you. See ya later Tesgencle,' she laughed and walked away. I exhaled and turned around with a.nervous grin.


'Testicle?' He asked staring at her far away figure. A small smirk crawled into his lips. 'Interesting,' he averted his eyes to me, his smirk widening. 'Shoot me huh?' He tilted his head, so cute! He shoved his hands into his pockets and swayed back to forth childishly.

Be Savannah for your own good. I chanted in my head.

'I'm suppose to apologize to you for ruining your phone....' He trailed off. I arched a brow at him. 'What?'


'So what?' He asked puzzledly.

'So where's my apology?'

'Oh, that's it. I'm suppose to apologize but I won't, all I can say is you're still my tutor and I'll name sure Berwyn don't bother you again...' I smiled. 'Only I will,' I rolled my eyes.

'That was pathetic,'

'I know,' he shrugged. 'Are you in?' I hugged my book and nodded.
'Better not be a coconut head,'
'Harsh, I'm more of a puss head honey,' he said smirkingly. My cheeks turned red. I cleared my throat and closed my locker.
'See you after school....'

'See you at lunch, expect me.' With that said, he spun on his heels and walked off like the model he is. That went so well and I didn't fuck up!


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