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The Greek Gods-Chapter Seventeen


The Greek Gods-Chapter Seventeen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I brushed my hair as I climbed down the stairs, Mace and I quarrelled again and this time, it was his fault. I brought him home, somehow we got into a situation where he almost kissed me which I refused and that's how he sparked over me spilling water on the floor and getting the biggest insult of my life. I'm a stupid thing trying to get his attention by being nice, simple words, whore. I walked into the sitting room, he was on his chair watching TV, well, flipping through channels.

He turned towards my direction when he heard me coming and offered me a warm smile, I stared at him emotionlessly and rolled my eyes. I didn't say a word, I walked to the exit door still brushing my hair; I always carry a complete makeup kit everywhere I go.

'Savannah,' he called softly. I opened the door and walked out, making sure I bang the door aggressively. I brought out my keys from my purse and beeped my pink Ferrari open. 'Savannah, wait!' I shouted. I ignored him and reached the driver's seat. I got in and shut the door, made sure I locked it. 'Vana please,' he said knocking on my window. 'Listen, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I said, I don't know what got into me.' I gripped my steering wheel angrily, I'm not a whore. I started the car and drove out, I drove through the gate when the gateman refused to open it, breaking it in the process. My car was affected a little, but whatever. I brought out my phone and called Genital.

'Please tell me you're in a better shape than I am,' she sighed.

'What's wrong?' I asked sadly.
'Are you home? I'm heading to yours.'

'Sure, I'll be there soon, wait in my room and please avoid my dad by all means, he had a fight with mom again and is in lamenting mode.'

'Yikes, I'll sneak in then, waiting....' She hung up. I hate boys, see the reason I only want Zachary? He might have been a bad swear talker but he was perfect. I drove home, running pass cars and skipping traffic lights, good thing no cops got me. I drove into my house and parked carelessly, I got out and left my car open so someone who park it well. Being careful not to get caught by dad, I went through the kitchen entrance, snubbed every greeting I received from the maids and took the elevator to my room.
'I hate boys!' Gen and I exclaimed the moment our eyes met. I threw myself face up on the bed and sighed.

'What did Ace do?'

'He ditched me to get a lap dance, I got angry and drunk....'


'Yeah, the barman got me a liquid strong enough to turn my head....don't interrupt. So I got drunk, became a stripper, basically grind a guy — two guys and won a drinking competition. He carried me home, I made him chase me and threw up on myself...'

'Where is this story going?'
'The point is that he ditched me for three strippers!' She cried. 'They weren't even beautiful, three boney structures looking like scrawny amoeba.' I chuckled.

'I thought you said you could handle him?' I asked smirkingly, turning my head to her direction. Just like me, she laid face up on the bed with hair sprawled allover the sheet at head range. Her head was right beside mine.

'It still hurts,' she sobbed. 'A lot, so badly I can't breathe. He couldn't even apologize or show remorse for his actions....'

'If I remember correctly, he's not your boyfriend so therefore he owes you absolutely no explanation, don't you think so?' She sighed and turned around, I was staring at the back of her head now.

'It still hurts,' she sobbed again. I smiled.

'Mace tried to kiss me but I refused and now I'm a whore. I know he don't mean it, I know he just said that because he has anger issues but it strangely hurts. Maybe because I like him, I'll forgive him but I want him to pay.'

'That's exactly what I plan to do, make him pay. I'm going to snub him...'

'What!' I lift myself up, resting my weight on my elbows. 'Don't do that, you know...'

'I've made up my mind, I'm going to snub him. If I don't hate him by the end, then he's lucky.' I stared at her worriedly, Magenta wasn't quick to anger at all, she's calm and caring and sweet. You can walk on her head but nothing will be said. However, she has a very deep mind, once she decide on something, nothing on earth, not even a bullet can change her mind, especially when it came to snubbing. The only person she can't snub is me and that's because I've never done something to offend her, Ace is finished.

I kept glancing at Genital, she wasn't even sparing me a glance. At first I thought she would apologize but no, instead she was giving me the cold shoulders. Five days had pass, even at our tutor section, she taught me professionally with no single sign of acquaintance or friendship. It was bothering me, I don't care if she apologies, I just want her to smile at me. I miss the way she giggles, glare at me, smile, laugh and blush. I couldn't do anything, I'd tried. Savannah said nothing except time will either calm her or increase her coldness to hate.

I need to do something.

'I hate my life,' Mace who was back in school sighed for the umpteenth time as he stared at Savannah who was with Gen, Melody and Quincy at another table. They were laughing at something Melody said. 'How did I get myself involve...'

'Can you stop lamenting and face your food,' I snapped, turning my anger on him. 'You didn't even tell us she was always seeing you....'
'It's my business, not yours.' He flared back.

'Guys!' Jace shouted, Olivia and Berwyn were just quietly staring at us. 'Please, be quiet and not fight.'

'I can't believe you're fighting because of those sluts,' Wyn scoffed.

'First of all, we didn't fight. Second of all, you're the slut, both of you. Now get your low gold digging ass out of our table before I throw you into a....arch! I can't stand this!' Mace exclaimed out of frustration. Berwyn and Olivia shut up. 'She won't talk to me, I've apologized so many times.'

'Guys, I can help you but there's a price,' Jace said with a mischievous smirk.

'Not interested,' we said simultaneously, he's too cunning.
'Okay, whatever you say.' He smiled.

'Ok, what price?'

'Your necklace, that special one.'

'But my grandmother g....' Mace wanted to protest but sighed. 'Fine,' he took off the necklace he always have on and gave it to Jace. 'Start talking.'

'The only way to get her back is through Magenta, talk to her.'

'Just that! Give me back my necklace!' He yelled and forcefully took the necklace back. Jace laughed like an idiot and nodded for no reason. 'She's not even my girlfriend, why should I care.' He grumbled.

'Ace, can I marry Tia?'

'Go near my sister and I'll shoot your balls.'

'The same balls that already met her sacred temple,' he grinned.

'What?' I asked in a whisper.

'That's it Ace, I slammed your sister hard and I....aaaaaaah!' He screamed and jumped away as I launched at him. He sprinted to the door.

'I'm going to kill you!!!' I thundered running after him.
'Ace!!! He's just messing with you!!!' Mace shouted but I wasn't listening. I chased him to the gym, he stopped running. I got to him and grabbed him by the neck.

'Before you choke me, try and listen,' he laughed. 'I'm helping you get Magenta to forgive you,' I loosened my grip on his neck. 'I didn't touch Tia but I want you to fuck me up, Gen will definitely try to stop you because she's my friend and hate conflict.'

'You want me to mess up your pretty face because of a girl?'
'I'm trying to help you. I don't like seeing my bro sad.'

'I'm not sad, just....'

'Ace, admit it, you're falling hard for that girl.'

'Like I said you would,' Mace said walking in. 'She'll be the death of you. Didn't you understand that speech? Ace, remember when I told you two years ago that the only girl that will break you is a girl that fits her description? I don't have strength to talk, just go talk to her.'

'I don't like her....'

'Just go talk to her you prick!'
'She won't listen to me, she hates me.' I said sadly.

'Ace, have you even tried apologizing?' Jace asked calmly as he removed my hands from his neck. That's true, I haven't apologized.

I felt empty, it was like I was fighting with myself. It was hard being cold on him, I cried sometimes and almost rang his number. For God sake! We're not dating!

'Are you sure I shouldn't go check on them?' I asked for the seventh time. Vana was staring at me quizzically.

'Why are you two even fighting?' Melody asked again. 'Are you guys dating?'

'I'm not his class,' she chuckled and slurped her drink. 'Maybe I should...' Cold liquid splashed on my face.

'Berwyn!' Melody shouted.

'Stealing my boyfriend is not enough and now my best friend,' she sobbed. 'I hate you Magenta and I swear on my life that I'll kill you. I won't rest until I see you laying six feet under, even if it's the last thing I do!' She shouted in tears and ran out.

'I'm sorry,' Melody apologized while dabbing the juice out of my face. 'Ignore her.'

'I know,' I sighed. I rubbed my eyes and looked away as Ace was walking to us.

'I suppose you didn't kill him,' Melody joked.

'Nine lives,' Jace laughed. Ace came to my front and squat in front of me. I shifted uncomfortably, what is he doing?
'Ace, what are you doing?' I whispered.

'I'm sorry,' he sighed looking into my eyes. 'For what I did. I shouldn't have left you alone to put you in serious bad situation, I'm sorry.' I looked at Vana.

'Please,' she mouthed. Everyone was murmuring and some videoing. The internet will surely tag me as his girlfriend. He took my hands and entwined our fingers, I couldn't help it, I blushed.

'Please Genital...'

'Urgh! It's Magenta,' I groaned. He smiled.

'I prefer Genital,' I rolled my eyes. 'Do you forgive me?'

'Your so called girlfriend just juiced my face and threatened to kill me, do I look like I want trouble?'

'Berwyn is not my girlfriend, side chick, yes. I let her say she's mine but she knows she's not. Please understand that,' I stared at him with a smile, I suspected that the moment we started hanging out. 'Please?'

'Fine, I forgive you but...' He hugged me tight. 'We are couples now,'

'I'll take care of the videos, thank you. I'm going to kiss you now babe..' I pushed him off immediately. He fell butt down on the floor and laughed. 'Don't be shy hon.'

'Snake!!!!!!!!!!!' Jace and Savannah screamed at the top of their voices. Soon everyone was screaming and running out, many throwing their phones away. I wanted to run too but Ace held me tight. The cafeteria was soon empty, Melody and Quincy gone. 'And that's how to get rid of unwanted issues,' they said simultaneously. 'Nice job partner, high ten!' They high ten each other. Mace was visibly jealous.

'What was that?' I asked breathing heavily.

'Taking care of the videos, duh,' they chorused again. 'Problem solved.'

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