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The Greek Gods-Chapter Seven


The Greek Gods-Chapter Seven

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Savannah bought our food as she ranted about how wicked her grandfather is to ruin her morning with his annoying phonecalls. He asked her to get hitched with some rich dude or get married or he'll use her as means to strengthen a bond between a business partner and him. Just like his father, Fransisco was more interested in movies, directing and scriptwriting. Gosh! That guy can write one hell of a script! Started writing at six and all his stories made so much sense, one of the reason his dad became more popular. He was already building his dad's movie empire and assisting his mother with the cosmetic company at the same time because those things were his niches. He also had a book site, one with different kinds of ebooks you can think of from him and other writers, he was making a fortune at his age.

Now Savannah's dad owned a freaking large empire, technology or something, I'm not sure but his older brother was the heir so he was free to follow his movie passion. Unfortunately, his brother died when Savannah was just a year old, the man was childless. Hold on, his wife was a cheat, three amongst his children belonged to other men but the only one who was his blood was useless. At first it didn't show because they were still kids then but when we were fourteen, the guy who was eighteen showed off his stupidity. He was a drug addict, criminal and rapist, don't know where he got his bad shit from. Her grandfather disowned him after he got arrested for rape, he broke out of jail and attacked with a gun, killed Savannah's grandmother in the process. The hell it was hard on them, he died though so Savannah was made the heiress.

'I don't care a shit! Is it by force to get a d....'

'Please,' I sighed before she swore.

'Sorry, I'm fucking eighteen for crying out loud!' She exclaimed again as she paid for the food. 'Because I'm the miserable heiress, does it mean I won't live the way I want!'

'Just tell your dad about it....'

'Have you met my grandfather! He's impossible and stony hearted, dad don't have a say in his biz. The moment I wore the ring, I became his property....'

'The one thing I know is that they all love you and would do anything to make you happy. Go to your grandfather, cry like the baby you are and he'll let you go,' I said softly as we walked to our table.

'Or I can get a boyfriend,' she smirked looking towards Ace³ table. Berwyn and co were there including the sexy cheer captain.
'Don't even think about it...and she's gone,' she was already walking to them. I sighed and went to our table to watch the scene.

'Testicle!' She shrieked, Ace hit his head on the table immediately. Jace laughed. 'What's up?!' She popped smacking his head.

'Get your hands off my....'

'Please, I didn't come here for you so mind your business or I mind it for you,' she warned Berwyn with a lopsided smirk. Berwyn looked away angrily. 'Testicle, move....' She trailed off and pushed him off the chair with her butt, she sat down and crossed her legs. 'Hi everyone, I'm Savannah.' She said gigglingly, Jace saluted while Mace just shrugged. The cheer captain, Quincy who was a nice person smiled in acknowledgment.

'Can't you sit somewhere else?' Ace huffed standing up. 'This is my spot....'

'Did your dad buy it?' She asked with an eye roll.

'You're annoying,' he sat down close to Jace and looked around until his eyes met mine. He frowned and pointed to his eyes, reminding me about his "don't wear lens" rule. I sighed and removed the lens, I kept it back in it box and into the pocket of my hoody. He nodded in approval and used his index finger to command me to come.

'No,' I mouthed.

'Should I come there and bundle you?' He asked with sign language, of course I knew it. he wasn't expecting me to. I rolled my eyes, oblivious of the fact that many were watching our little mute conversation.

'Have you ever thought about bundling yourself to Africa? It would do you good.' I signed back. He gasped and then smirked.

'So you use this too, what else do you know how to do Maglificent, " he smirked as he signed that. I shrugged.

'I guess you'll have to find out with time, that's if I let you know."

'Now that's a challenge I'm ready to take!" He stood up, his smirk widening. I gulped, was he coming here?

'What are you doing?' I signed in panic.

'Sit there and wait,' he signed as he made his way to me. I huffed and carried my bag, I sprinted to the door with high hope that I would get away but damn his athletic legs. I yelped as my body whipped in air and crashed on strong shoulder, my head hitting his back hard. 'Hello Maglificent...'
'Seriously!' I shrieked. 'Put me down!' I commanded with a high pitched voice. He didn't listen, he carried me to his table and threw me on the floor right next to Olivia's feet. Olive didn't waste time, she kicked my mouth intentionally, I screamed and stood up with the speed of lightning. 'Why did you kick me?!'
'Oops,' she said sardonically. 'Didn't see anything there.' Ace chuckled, that asshole that love seeing me suffer. He intentionally dropped me there. Savannah splashed her drink on Olive's face. 'Hey!' She screamed jumping to her feet.

'Oops, I thought you were a ghost so I threw that to confirm,' Savannah said sweetly. 'I'm not convince,' she stood up slowly in a very menacing way, making Olive step back in fright. 'Why are you running? I'm not going to hurt you or anything....'

'What the hell is your problem!!!' Berwyn flared. 'Do you think you can just walk in here and claim a spot!!! Bitch, whose dick is giving you such morale to insult us!!!'
'Your dad's,' Savannah said smirkingly. 'He fucks lame though,' she said with a smug.

'How dare you!!!' Berwyn roared standing to her feet too, all I could see was that someone was about to get hospitalized and that person was Berwyn. 'How dare you insult my father!!!!' She yelled grabbing the neckline of Vana's collar shirt. Vana giggled and pushed her, she screamed as she fell on Melody who by the way skillfully moved out of the way. I sat down slowly beside Ace and picked Jace's fry.
'That's enough!' Mace exclaimed. 'I'm trying to eat here!' Ace who was loving the show chuckled evilly.

'Well, you can tell this bitches to mind their business and not harm my sister....'

'Three bitches and one ugly slut is enough,' he spat glancing at Quincy. 'I don't need a witch with no brains and who seek attention to add to the collection....'

'Uh oh,' I murmured. The one thing Vana will never take is being called a witch. Call her a candy witch, love witch, sex witch, any witch as long as you don't call her a brainless witch.

'Can she beat him up?' Ace whispered into my ear. I momentarily froze, the heat of his breath warmed my ear and send tingles through my veins.

Put yourself together Magenta.

'M....m....maybe,' I stammered.

'Good,' her eyes were almost red, her face had taken her furious pink colour and her folded fists were pink too. 'Geez, can you see the steam coming out of her ears and nose?' He whispered again.
'What did you just call me?' She asked through gritted teeth. He didn't look at her, he's just too cold.

'You heard me right,' Olivia and Berwyn were tittering. It's rare to get insulted by Mace, strangely enough, all the girls saw it as an honor. He insults you means he noticed you and that's the hardest thing to achieve in Magnificent High. She smiled, her devilishly smile.

'This ought to be interesting,' Ace said with much delight as he rubbed his palms together.

'You really like mischief, don't you?' I asked amusedly.

'And laughing at others misfortune, especially him,' I bit my inside cheek. It was me having a normal conversation with him. I kept staring at him, the joy in his eyes and look of anticipation. I forgot I was suppose to stop Vana from doing what she do best but I was too late.

'What the fuck!!!' Mace yelled, I snapped my head back to them, Vana dumped a trash bin on his head. He stood up and removed the bin, Vana quickly snatched it and whacked his head with it. The force sent him colliding with the table and rolling to the floor with a painful cry. Everyone was in shock, except Ace and Jace who took to laughing their friend's bad luck.

'The next time you call me a witch, I'll remove your balls!!!!' She roared.

'Savannah d....ow!' She smashed her sneakered foot on his area, causing him to scream out in absolute pain and agony while Ace's and Jace's laugh broke out in a much higher jubilant laughter. They fell on the floor, laughing like no man's business while everyone stared in shock. 'Let's go,' I stood up and went to her. She still got the last kick at his butt before I pulled her away.

'Don't forget our lesson!!!' Ace shouted amidst his loud laughter. I counted the seconds until she realised what she'd done, ten seconds. She froze as her pink furious face turned pale and mouth slightly open. She gulped.
'Genital,' she said with her signature squeaky voice, one she used only when she did something terrible.

'Uhm,' I hummed turning around to face her.

'Did I just emptied a trash bin on my future boyfriend's body, whacked him with it and destroyed his generation with my foot?' She asked with the squeaky voice.

'Yup,' I popped.

'Oh,' she said dazedly. 'That's unexpected,' she walked to the empty trash bin close by, knelt down and screamed into it. I allowed her finish screaming before going to her and pulling her up, she was already crying. 'I'm so screwed!'

'He called you a brainless witch....'
'I still shouldn't have d.....why am I even feeling bad,' she scoffed, her voice returning back to normal. 'He insulted my person. He couldn't call me a candy witch or tree witch or sexy witch but brainless!' She squawked. 'Mtcheeeeeew,' she hissed and stomped away. Funny, she's gonna die of guilt but that was hilarious.

Jace and I were still laughing at Mace, it felt so nice to see him in pain. We were at his family hospital, he had received treatment and was conditioned to stay in bed because his dick had gone numb and needed close observation. I needed to get back to school before Maglificent left but mocking him was better.

'Fuck dude, seriously? You got smashed by a girl,' I laughed.
'Unexpectedly,' he defended. 'She attacked me.....'

'Impotent,' Jace laughed. We both laughed while he stared at us emotionlessly. His younger twin walked in with a worried look. They are like fraternal twins, Mace is three days older. 'Welcome to laughing zone,' we laughed and fist bumped.
'Are you mocking him?' Hanson who prefer to be called Hans asked frowningly. It's Macedon and Hanson. Mace was named after his grandfather and Hanson after his mother's late twin.

'Yes, your nigga is impotent now,' I laughed. He looked at Mace who looked away embarrassedly. 'He called a psycho a witch, she trashed him with a trash bin, hammered his dumb skull....'

'And footed his chopper man!' Jace shrieked. We laughed again.

'Wait, let me get this straight,' Hans said with confusion. 'My brother got beaten up by a girl and might lose his fertility because she didn't see the handsome face and want him dead?'

'Yup,' Jace popped.

'Pretty much,' I grinned.

'Mace, I love you buuuuuut,' he burst into laughter.

'Dude, shut up.' Mace groaned.

'Yeah, I love that girl,' Hans laughed. We laughed. 'Look on the bright side, your dreams of becoming a Reverend is going to come true....'

'Fucking hell man!' I fist bumped him and laughed. 'Our father in the Lord!' I shrieked and smacked his broken head. He screamed out in pain.

'Take it easy, he's a man of God,' Jace laughed. 'Reverend Father Macedon Z.A Delacroix of St Macedonia Parish....' We laughed. He almost cried.

'Don't worry, the Lord is your strength,' Hans said in mock condolence as he patted Mace's shoulder.

'I hate you all,' he spat venomously.

'Shhhh,' Jace whispered. 'Holy men don't say such.' We laughed louder, if we didn't push him to depression, he would kill us.
'I fucking hate all of you!!!!'

'We fucking love ourselves!!!!' We yelled back and laughed. He pressed the red button. 'Too bad fucking might not be in your future oh ye Father Macedon.' We chorused.

'Out!!!' The nurses ran in. 'Get them out!!!'

'Won't we pray before we leave?' Jace asked laughingly. Mace picked up the stool close to the bed and tossed it at me, I ducked and ran out of the ward. 'Fuck! That was awesome!' Jace exclaimed as he ran beside me.

'Is she pretty?' Hans asked running backwards in front of us. 'The girl?' He's the opposite of Mace, flirty and jovial. More like me.

'She's damn pretty but she's a ball of fire,' I chuckled.

'Just the way I like them,' he purred and licked his lips. Since he was running backward, he couldn't see the wheelchair in the way. I stopped running and blocked Jace, the nigga tripped over the damn thing and tumbled to the ground like a twisted bag of cement. I laughed and held my knees.

'Ace! You should have warned him!' Jace shouted rushing to him.
'Yeah, shoulda, bro, what fun would that be?' I laughed.

'My arm, I think I broke my arm,' he cried trying to move his arm. 'I so fucking hate you!!!' He yelled.
'And that's the thing,' I smirked and shoved my hands into the pockets of my denim jeans. 'I love myself a lot and my love is all I need. Two hospitalized bros, awesome huh?'

'Fuck you Ace,' he murmured.
'Tell that to your mother bag of cement.' I laughed and ran to the elevator. Jace was calling for help. I walked into the free lift and pressed the first floor button; time to torment a certain girl.

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