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The Greek Gods-Chapter Nineteen


The Greek Gods-Chapter Nineteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I kept glancing at Maglificent as she stared out of the window quietly, not even a sound made. I was worried and a great part of me wanted to make her happy by all means but I didn't know how to do that. I'd tried jokes, teasing her but she would only force a smile and nod. I parked the car at the parking lot, I dragged her along with me to my photoshoot so she won't be home alone and get depress.

   'We're here,' she nodded like I said she was doing. She opened the door and stepped out while I stared at her sadly, I hate caring. Finally she forgave me, now she's sad.

   'Ace!' I groaned at the annoying voice of my manager, I opened the door and watched her ran to me. She used to be beautiful in my eyes, right before I slept with her and saw that she was trash.  'You're late, again! The director is really....' I ignored her and walked to Maglificent who was staring at the building plainly.

   'Hey,' I said softly, tapping her shoulder lightly. She turned and offered me her fake smile. 'Stop faking your smile, you look like the poop I wasted this morning.' She scrunched her nose in disgust and smacked my arm, a genuine smile momentarily gracing her face before it disappeared again.

Darn it!

   'Ace, I'm standing here,' Opal, my manager said.

   'Let's go,' I laced my arm around her waist, she didn't object or even blush like she would, in fact, she wasn't with me at all.  'Magenta,' I sighed as we walked to the building.  She looked at me from the corner of her eyes. 'Stop it, stop letting your mother ruin your mood, ruin your day. You told me it was in the past but here you are sulking and being depress, I don't like it. Please Magenta, forget about her.' She was quiet for thirty seconds before she beamed brightly.

   'So you know my name after all,' was all she said. I snorted and looked ahead. She slipped out of my hold when we were approaching the final destination. 'Don't touch my future Mr. Right's property, be a gentleman and respect my space.' I reached out for her cheek and pinched it, she whimpered and kicked me.

   'Ace,' I sighed, she's so annoying.

   'Yes, Opal, what is it?' I asked coldly.

   'Can you play your love later and focus on what's at hand,' I rolled my eyes and walked in. Everyone stopped what they were doing simultaneously and stared at me. I grinned boyishly.

   'You finally showed up for the shoot,' director Flynn said frowningly.  'Ace, three days....'

   'I was busy,' I admitted. 'My girlfriend had an accident so I had to stay back.' I lied looking around for where Maglificent disappeared to. They burst into laughter including Opal.

   'You, ignore your career because some girl got hit,' Opal laughed. 'Just say you were busy trapped between five girls.' They all laughed, I didn't really care, I was more concerned about the innocent girl that was hearing it all somewhere. I suddenly cared about the way she thought of me and I definitely didn't want her to see me as a perv.

   'I'm not lying, apart from that, my old man sentenced me to a whole semester of tutorship. It wasn't an hit incident by the way, she fell down the stairs....' Shit, the incident was a week ago and I was using it as an excuse.

   'Is her hair strawberry blonde and dark blonde? Bright magenta eyes?' My makeup artist asked as he stared at me intensely. I nodded.  'Aha! I win, pay up!'


   Soon four were celebrating about winning a bet or something, even Opal and the director was involved.

   'What's going on?!' I shouted, they quiet down and laughed.

   'Haven't you seen the pictures of you kneeing for a girl in school earlier going viral? Even the video?' Opal asked.  'We saw it but then what are the possibility of that being true? We then made a bet, I voted for true along with Director, Stevie and Marina. The others voted false so now we won!'


   'I knew it was true because you will never knee for anyone except if he or she is very important,' Opal said as a matter-of-fact. I heard Magenta giggled from the door. 'Director, didn't you say they will fit in perfectly for the pictures you intend to use?'

   'Yes! Can you call her? She suits the image I pictured in my head....'

   'She's hiding behind the door,' I smiled pointing to the door. I knew she would freak.


   'I don't want to,' I whined as the make-up artist and his assistants forcefully pinned me to a chair. Stevie, the artist was a feminine guy, too cute for his own good.

   'Oh come on honey, this is an opportunity for you to make some cool cash, be rich.'

   'I don't fit in,' I whimpered.

   'You look like a fucking model with this body of yours, you're perfect from your face to your hips to your steps. Don't deceive yourself,' he said smilingly. I sighed. 'Now stop whining so I can put the lipstick well....' He trailed off and smeared the nude lipstick on my lips. I couldn't do anything, he added rose blush and more gold to my already blue eye-shadow. Makeup and hairstyle are Savannah's thing but fashion is my niche.

After dolling me up, I was made to wear a dark blue swing dress with rose gold Mary Jane platform heels and a rose gold chopper necklace. I stared in awe as he wore me the Cartier pasha de Cartier small model watch that cost over $123,00 and the rose gold cuffs. I won't forget the rose gold statement earrings, I looked too expensive to be real.

   'Now you look perfect!' He squealed, he frowned. 'You're missing something....' He trailed off and examined me thoughtfully for over three minutes. 'I've got it! Your hair! Quickly girls, get the hair equipment.' He exclaimed clapping his hands. Soon he was working on my hair while two of the assistants did my fingernails. By the time we finished, there was no difference between mom and I, just too obvious.

   'My God,' one of the assistant, Peggy, breathe. 'She looks exactly like Elizabeth Shawn.'

   'I know right, it's like she's standing right in front of me.' Sandy said in awe, soon they were all commenting and asking if we were related. For some reason best known to them, many women saw her as a role model, a woman to admire. I still don't get what is there to admire about a bitch.

   'Isn't she ready yet?! The director shouted. Stevie who had been admiring me since snapped out of it and pulled me out to meet the others. 'Elizabeth? What are you doing here?' Director Flynn asked bemusedly.

   'It's not Elizabeth, it's Magenta.'

   'Wow! How come?' Again, everyone started murmuring and commenting, I hate the fact that I look like her. Ace came to my rescue, snapped at the director to start.

   'Ace, this is a bad idea,' I whispered. 'She'll see me....'

   'Let her, let her see that you're doing just fine without her, that your father took good care of you and made you the girl you are today.' I smiled and hugged him sideway.

   'Thank you,'

   'Anytime,' he ran his eyes over my body. 'Damn! You look irresistibly gorgeous,' he ran his finger through his new faux hawk haircut. 'I wish I can kiss you.' I twinkled my eyes cutely and stared into his eyes with puppy eyes, the camera light flashed brightly.

   'Hold that pose,' the cameraman said adjusting his camera. We took a lot of photos, ones that looked like we were madly in love, ones that said we were the perfect happy couple and ones that was just wow. After the shoot, I reluctantly took off the jeweleries, I really wanted to keep them but couldn't. Everything you thought we bought at the mall that day, Tia faked it to save Ace's money. He took my hand and drove off again.

In case you are wondering, I got fired from work because I never showed up all thanks to Ace.

   'Where are we going now?' I asked as I studied the route he was taking. One hand drove the car while the other held mine tight like his sanity depended on me.


   'Ace, it's almost nine, I need to go home before my dad freak.'

   'He should be at his restaurant by now, right?' I nodded. 'Then that's where we'll go. At least he can see you there,' I wasn't comfortable about letting him meet my dad yet, it almost feels like we're dating.

   'No, go anywhere else,'

   'Why? But you said h....' I sibilated for him to shut it with my free hand. I used my free hand to bring my phone out of my purse and unlocked it. I sent dad a text, informing him I would be home late. He replied with a frowning emoji but I knew he was okay with it.  'Is he okay? I nodded. 'I was meaning to ask you something, can I?'

   'Sure, what is it?'

   'The custom charade next week Friday and the burn fire frat night on Saturday, will you go as my date?' I wasn't expecting that at all so I went numb. 'Also, I know girls like being asked out in advance so will you be my date for every single party that will take place including prom?'

   'Geez, that's serious.' I muttered.

   'It's okay if you don't w....'

   'Are you kidding me! I'll love to!' I cupped my mouth, he smiled. It would be the fifth time a guy was asking me out all my life.  'I mean, sure, I don't mind at all since you're begging politely.' I said proudly. He laughed and shook his head.

   'Oh, I think Mace and your crazy twin are dating now,' I smiled, Vana already sent me thirteen pages of messages describing how happy she is, how it all went down and how good of a kisser he is.  'I'm guessing you already know.'

   'You guess right.'

   'He updated his status to in a relationship and sent me five pages on how adorable she is,' he rolled his eyes.

   'Mine was thirteen,' I laughed. 'They suit each other.'

   'Just as much as you suit me,' he grinned. I rolled my eyes away, stupid boy, just ask me out already.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<<

   She stared at the magazine that was published three days earlier with tears running down her cheeks, her thumb running along the face of the beautiful girl in the front cover. So many years had she lived in regret, so many years had she gone through depression because of her mistake. At first she wanted to go back for her children but knew they would never accept her back, they hated her especially her daughter. She was alone, dying slowly because all she had was her money and no family. People admired her, people wished to be her but she saw herself as useless.

She had no intention for their father, he was old news but her children was all she missed.

   She missed seeing him smile as he danced or weaved her hair, she missed hearing her annoying laugh and her sweet voice talking about fashion and books. She avoided seeing their pictures because she didn't want to increase her depression but now she had seen how alike they looked like, she was a hundred times more depress. She dropped the magazine and picked up the bottle of pills, she opened the lid hurriedly and packed as many as she could into her mouth. She only had less than two months to live, she should make it count.


   Ace was teaching me how to drive, can you believe it! I knew how to but not well so he was straightening my hands for me. The custom charade was tomorrow evening, he took me out and bought my custom and also paid for the new haircut. It wasn't much but I made the tip of my hair sharper and dyed it pure gold. He didn't know why tho.

   'Easy Genital!' He yelled, I almost drove into a truck.   'Relax,' I exhaled and drove slower.

   'I'm doing it,' I chirped.

   'What kind of car do you like?' He asked again, he had been asking me that all day.  'Sport cars?'

   'Hybrid,' I giggled. He nodded.

   'What color?'

   'Hmmmm, gold with silver tires so I'll stand out. The steering wheel and chairs will be gold too and the dashboard but the buttons will be gold. A silver lightning will be at each sides of the car, and a beautifully written capital letter M at the bottom of the lightning. The windows and doorhandles will be black and silver like a waterfall splash and it will be a door that moves up.' I described my dream car for him.

   'Nice imagination,'

   'I will make it a reality ones I get the money to,' I said confidently.  'Are you recording my voice?'

   'No, why?' He asked calmly. I shook it off and parked the car in front of my house.  'Next time, don't drive too fast in a busy road,' he instructed.

   'Sure thing captain!' He smiled and stretched a card to me. I took it and furrowed my brows. 'When did I take a driving test?' He shrugged. 'You forged a license for me?'

   'Legitimately,' I chuckled and kept it in my bag. Ace was really making me an extrovert, he forced me to open an account on Instagram and Twitter which already had tons of followers because I was Ace Davison's "girlfriend" and Elizabeth Shawn's look alike. It was cool having all the attention and Savannah didn't make things easier. We took selfies every single hour and uploaded them; the ones with Ace³ and Melody who was like our friend now and the ones with Fransisco who was back and her parents. Everyone knew now that she was Anne and Billy Carlin's precious gem.

Life was great, I was great.

My new popularity in the space of seven days also increased dad's customer and even Zach's social media fans. My brother is hot you know. Let me not forget my crazy pictures with his sisters on their pages. Everyone believed we were dating for sure.

As for Berwyn, she was quiet, too ashamed to show her face as well as Olivia.

   'You ready for tomorrow?' Ace asked smirkingly. I smiled and unbuckled my seatbelt.  'Can I do something?'

   'What?' I asked adjusting my skirt.

   'Don't freak out,' he removed his seatbelt too and shift closer and with one hand slipped into the scruff of my neck, he pulled my head closer and graced his lips with mine. My heart skipped, my eyes instinctively shutting as I fell into the comfort of his warm milky lips. He kissed me daintily, like I would shift away if he kissed me too roughly. I couldn't be more grateful because I wasn't ready for that kiss.

He broke the kiss and rest his forehead against mine.

   'I'm sorry, I just really wanted to do that.' He whispered.

   'It's okay, I don't mind at all,' I whispered back. It was silent for I don't know how long, our heartbeats beautifying the moment.

   'Magenta,' he finally broke the silent. I hummed him a reply.  'I like you, as in like like and a million times more like you,' my heartbeat palpitated, he confessed. My cheeks went crimson, I was out of words. 'I'm going to call myself your boyfriend for real this time, can I?'

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

Ace is asking me out!

   'Magenta?' I gulped, I couldn't speak so I gathered my courage and kissed him again. My head was exploding with fireworks, my heart beating in a way it has only beat once before. I could barely hold my excitement but I did anyways and passed it to the kiss. He broke the kiss again and kissed my forehead this time. 'Thank you, I won't let you regret this.'

   'Hopefully,' I thought. I sat up straight and stared at my nails shyly. 'I'm going now,' I stammered.

   'See,' he showed me his phone screen, a picture of us kissing. I blushed more and got out of the car.

   'Don't post that!'

   'Too late,' he laughed and jumped into the driver's seat.  'See you soon babe.' I looked away and stepped out of his way so he would leave. He waved me bye before shutting the door and driving off. I stood there staring at the back of his car, smiling like a fool until he disappeared into the other street. My heart was still racing, I was somebody's girlfriend now.

   'Vanilla,' I snapped out of my fantasy world and spun around with my foolish grin still in place. A blonde guy with brawn chest and tattoo craft to his hands was staring at me somehow. I was going to ask who he was but then I remembered that there was just one person that called me by my middle name....

   'Percy!' I gasped.

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