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The Greek Gods-Chapter Nine


The Greek Gods-Chapter Nine

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I laughed as Savannah paced my room, she was telling me about how right she was to have injured Mace. It was a day pass, I tutored Ace in his lounge during lunch period because he claimed he had to go mock Mace who was still in the hospital. I told Savannah and she had been convincing herself that she did the right thing. She's not use to hurting someone physically even if she's good at it.

'I'm not wrong, I'm so right,' she chanted as she paced my room. I shook my head and swiped the image on my phone, Fransisco sent me cute pictures of him in his pool. Evil boy. 'Genital, aren't I right?'

'Sure you are,' I said absent mindedly.

'See! Right,' she scratched her head distraughtly. 'He's not going to die....what if he dies! I'll be a murderer!'

'Vana, just ease your conscience by apologizing to him, you'll due of guilt.'

'I can't apologize to that prick, he thinks he can treat girl anyhow he likes, well no!'

'Suit yourself,' she whimpered and ran to her bathroom.

'Miss Carlin?' The maid, Verona called.

'Come in Rona,' I smiled folding my legs. She opened the door gently and stuck her head in. 'Good evening, is everything alright?'

'Where's Miss Carlin?' I jerked my head towards the bathroom door, indicating where she was. 'Oh, I wanted to tell her that grandpapi is here to see her...' Grandpapi is what they call her grandfather. He's awfully old-fashioned.
'Vana!!! Grandpapi is here!!!' I shouted.

'Fuck my twat hole!' She exclaimed from the bathroom I face palmed myself while Rona laughed. 'Tell him I'm dead!!!!' She shouted.

'Miss...' She laughed. 'I can't tell him that...'

'Then fucking tell him I'm having period cramps....oh my stomach....ah aye aye!'

'Tell him she's in guilt mode,' I said chucklingly. She nodded and shut the door. Vana sprinted out, ran to the bed which I sat on and covered herself up. 'What are you doing?'

'I'm sleeping,' she whispered. I shook my head and continued staring at the pictures. He walked in three minutes later, his walking stick making thumping sounds.

'Good evening Papi,' I greeted. He nodded and came to the bed.

'What did she do this time?'

'Made a guy in school impotent,' I giggled. He chuckled and shook his head.

'Typical,' Savannah sighed and tossed on the bed. 'Why don't you apologize baby?' She didn't move. 'If you sit up I'll buy you a chocolate basket,' he sat up abruptly.

'And other flavor?' She squealed.
'Anything for you baby,' sue shrieked and hugged him. 'Now, won't you apologize?'

'No,' she loved away from him and folded her arms. 'He called me a brainless witch...'

'The hate word,' he chuckled. 'Who's the guy that looked at the face of such beauty and called her a witch?' He asked teasingly, pinching her cheek. She giggled.

'His name's Macedon Delacroix....'
'Wait! The Delacroix I know?' He asked quizzically. She nodded poutingly. He groaned and wiped his face. 'Savannah, you know his father is my very best friend and he's the one I've chosen for you to marry....'

'Marry what now!' We exclaimed.
'Yes, that's why am here. I want a guy who can treat and handle you with caution and care, I've looked among the ones I know and Macedon is the only one I could choose. Yes, he's cold, strict but he's caring and a gentleman if you prove yourself to be. I have no doubts that you can scale through his thick walls and be a happy couple...' She gave me a "I told you so" look before touching his forehead.

'Yup,' she popped. 'He's sick, because if he's not, he wouldn't be saying this. m I right Genital?' I shrugged.

'Savannah, please, just take your time to know him. He's the only one I trust that can handle you with all your troublesome packages and heavy loads....'

'Are you saying I'm a burden?' She asked sadly.

'What! No!' He exclaimed distraughtly. 'I will never say that my baby, you know that. I only want what's best for you. Mace is a great person, I've watched him grow all his life and I know him very well, I took my time to study him.'

'But I....Genital?' She asked with glistering eyes and puckered quavering lips.

'I agree with Papi, beside he's the one you chose amongst the Greek gods. If there's anyone who can do it, that person is not you.'

'How do you mean by not me?' She asked frowningly. I smiled innocently and stood up. 'Is that a dare?'

'It's a finalized saying,' I cocked my hips. 'I'm sure prettier girls like Olivia can do it...'

'Olivia is ugly!'

'And you aren't?'

'I'm the most beautiful girl in Magnificent High,' she said proudly.

'Prove it,' I smirked. She flung the duvet away and stood up.

'Verona!!! Verona!!!' She yelled into the intercom. Papi smiled gratefully at me, I bowed jokingly. Rona ran in. 'Verona, make me three of your best pies and brownies, I'm going to see someone....Gen, any idea which hospital he is?' I shrugged. She waved her off. 'Prepare it fast. Old man, answers.' She commanded with arms akimbo.

God she's saucy.

I skipped out of the elevator swinging my basket of pies and brownies, I was finally at the hospital. I already knew his ward and Papi gave me passes, I skipped into his ward and smiled. He was reading a book with his headphone on. I pressed the air horn in my hand, she screamed and fell off the bed.

It's cool being me.

'Ace are y....mad?' He blinked as he looked at me. 'What are you doing here? How did you even get in here?!'

'Shut up,' I grinned. He huffed and got back on the bed. I went to him and whipped the basket on his face.

'Aaaaah!' He screamed holding his nose. 'What do you want!!!'

'To apologize for what I did to you,' I smiled.

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'Your apology won't sort out what you have damaged.' He puffed out angrily.

'Oh I know, don't really care. As long as I can say sorry, my conscience will be at ease. Whether you live or die from here on his your own problem,' I whipped his face with the basket again and opened it. I brought out the three pies first. 'I brought you pie,' I dropped it on his laps. 'Want it?'

'So you can poison me!!!' He yelled.

'Yelling don't suit you,' I giggled and smacked his bandaged head. He howled out in pain again, I giggled. 'Seeing you like this is strangely satisfying, I like that.'
'Fine! I'm sorry for calling you a witch, just get lost.' He sobbed, he's a softy or in pain.

'I don't mind being called a witch,' I said nonchalantly with a shrug.

'I just don't like being called brainless, that word always makes me angry and do things without thinking. Sorry I overreacted, I'm not completely sane but you were mean.' I apologized lowly, sitting on the bed. He sighed and massaged his head.

'Remind me to increase my security,' I giggled. 'It's okay, I would apologize too but I don't know how to.' I rolled my eyes.

'Goat, watch me eat your pie,' I opened the gooseberry pie and inhaled with a moan. 'Smells nice, right?' He rolled his eyes. 'Too bad you can't have one,' I started eating the pie and moaning, teasing him with my slow motion tongue licking. He was drooling, the dude wanted to have a piece. 'Mmm, so good...'

'Can you leave?'

'So delicious!' He grumbled and stood up.

'Why do you look so much like Anne Carlin?'

'Haven't you heard of look alikes?'
'Yes but...'

'My sister looks like Elizabeth Shawn, coincidence.'

'Hmmm, why do I feel like you're lying?' He asked suspiciously.

'Why do I need to care if you don't believe me?' I asked back with his exact tone.

'Touché, can I have my apology pies back now?'

'Beg me.'


I hummed as I wiped the table, I went to work after I left Savannah's. Odysseus was the only one around.

'Leave it and go home Mag, it's late.' He sighed coming over to me.

'I'm almost done,' I protested. He seized the towel and flogged me with it. 'Okay okay!' He laughed and flicked my head. I pouted and kicked his shin.

'That hurts,' he said jokingly. 'Need a lift home?'

'Nope,' I popped walking to the kitchen.

'Mag, will you be busy on Saturday?'

'Depends, I might go tutor my new student.' I walked into the training room.

'A guy or a girl?'

'Guy!!!' I shouted so he could hear me well since he was standing behind the closed door.

'Why must it be a guy?' He asked, I couldn't help but detect the jealousy in his voice.

'The guy is my ticket to Magnificent Royal Universe, he's a dunce.' I said with a lower pitch since he could hear me well.

'Is he handsome?'

'Very,' I said shyly, remembering Ace's face. I giggled and took off my top.

'Do you like him?'

'Odyn, you alright? Since when have that become your business?' I asked rudely.

'I'm sorry, I was just asking as a friend to a friend. It's about time you get a boyfriend and forget about that prick Percy, it's been three years already.' I didn't say anything, just changed into my key hole neckline top. I didn't change the trumpet skirt or bow sandals I wore to work. I walked out with my cross bag and smiled.
'See you tomorrow Odyn,' I said smilingly.

'I should drop you off,' I waved his suggestion off and walked out. I didn't bother looking for a cab, just strolled to clear my head. I wondered how Percy was fairing, was he dead? Was he alive but in pain? What was up with him? Does he still think about me? I exhaled and shook my head, I wasn't sure if I still loved him but I knew I still cared about him. A loud honk blared into my ears, I cared less.

'Hey Maglificent!!!!' I froze, the voice...the name! I whimpered and ran, I wasn't in teacher mode, what if I mess up.

'Why are you running?' My subconscious asked. 'Have you forgotten what Savannah said about being confident? Why should you run? He bold.' I stopped running ad looked around, I was far away now. I heaved a sigh of relief and continued my trek. I sighted his car again and sprinted into a dark alley. 'Seriously? I just advised you!!!' I stopped running and looked around, it was really dark here and scary.

'I'm lost,' I sobbed. I'd never pass that street before. I clung to my bag and walked to the direction I dare call the way out. My heart skipped as I saw some group of boys laughing, drinking, smoking and gambling. I turned around to run before there would see me.

'Hey you! Stop there!' I ran immediately, running as fast as my legs could take me which was pretty far since I was one hell of a runner. I ran into another dark alley only to be caught by another set of boys.

'Where do you think you're running to?' The one holding me laughed.

'Let me go!!!' I screamed kicking and thrashing as he carried me. 'Help!!!!!' He covered my mouth, see what cowardliness got me into.

'She's beautiful. Isn't she the pretty one working at that cafe? The one you said hi to that day but ignored you?' Another one asked a blonde one.

'Yeaaaah,' he drawled in realisation. 'Today must be Easter, put her down and separate her legs.' My eyes widened immediately he said that, I bit the palm of the one holding me and kneed him hard. I ran fast, flinging my bag away so I could run faster. Running out, the first set I ran away from got a hold of me. 'Let her go Morris, I saw her first!' The blonde one who's the leader of the second group said angrily.

'I saw her first Java,' so his name's Java.

'Let's not fight over her, I'll have her first and then you.'

'Why should I be second?' Morris asked scoffingly. I was still struggling against the two boys holding me, I was sweating and crying badly.

'Because you've been first for the last six girls,'

'True, fine.' They forced me down, two holding my hands, two at my legs and one covering my mouth. My heart was beating furiously against my chest, tears rolling down my eyes convulsively. Java ripped my top into two, exposing my brown lace bra. I screamed against the hand on my mouth, squirming and struggling the way I could.

'Hold still!!!' He yelled and slapped my face, my cheeks had suffered from slaps. I sobbed, he tore my favorite trumpet skirt halfway.

'I really hate dramatic entry,' Ace sighed. Their attention averted to him. 'I was going to drive pass but then my stupid instinct won't stop disturbing me so here I am. It's not nice to mess with girls,'

'Who's this one?' Morris asked scornfully.

'If I pay all of you, would you let her go?'

'What?' They asked astoundingly. I was in great shock, from fear that is.

'I can pay you to leave her, I'm not in the mood to fight all of you.' They left me, completely in shock. He threw some bundle of notes on the ground and shrugged.

'Let her go,' they dragged me up and pushed me to him. I staggered to him, he caught me before I fell and smirked.

'You owe me big time Maglificent,' he carried me bridal style and walked out. I cried as I clung to his shirt, he carried me to his car and put me in. He shut the door and ran over to the driver's seat. 'You're in shock, go to sleep and pray I don't take advantage of you.' He did something to my neck, that was all I remembered.

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