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The Greek Gods-Chapter Fourteen


The Greek Gods-Chapter Fourteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

'So in your story, I'm Amaya and Mace is Seb?' Savannah asked as she handed me the plate of raisin bread she made. She sat down with one leg tucked under her butt.

'Mm hm,'

'I suppose the story is like a self therapy for you,' she said calmly and sipped her coffee. She refused to go to school because of me. I nodded as a reply to her question.
 'Hmm, and you've decided to win Ace's heart?' I nodded again. She dropped her coffee gently on the table and clicked her tongue. 'Might I ask, is that what you really want? What will make you happy?' I nodded again.
'Maglificent, do you really like him?'

'What's with the questions?'

'I'm trying to prevent any emotional shattering for the both of you,' she said very calmly. 'Let me list the advantages and disadvantages so you can ponder on it or rather I'll list the disadvantages and you try to counter it. If the advantages are better than the disadvantages, then we'll decide.'

'Okay, I'm ready.'

'Ace is very arrogant and selfish....'
'He's not arrogant like everyone thinks he is,' I countered. 'Ace is a very nice person, mischievous and cunning, yes but certainly not arrogant. He's self-centered sometimes but he's very caring and loving, don't like emotions but deep down he cares.'

'Wow,' she said. 'Okay, he's a flirt, will cheat on you all the time.'
'All men cheat,'

'Can you look me in the eyes and tell me to my face that your father cheated on your mother when they were married?' I shook my head negatively. 'Even till now, he keeps away from women.'

'We're not always with him,'

'Not all men are cheats babe, most but not all. We only have to hope we see the lucky ones and plus, a man cheating lies in the hands of a woman.'

'See, he can be faithful.'

'There are three types of cheating men love,' I arched a brow at her. 'The ones who cheat because their woman pushes them to. The one who loves the woman a lot but can't easily overcome temptation, the ones who try but fail eg, my dad. The ones who who can't control their libido even if they love the woman like crazy, they just gotta cheat once a while but makes sure never to let the woman know so her heart won't get shattered and the ones who cheat without respect. Those ones are the ones who don't care if the woman finds out or not, some even bring the flings into their homes.....'

'I thought you said there are three?'

'My mistake, Ace falls under category number three, can you handle that?' I looked at my hands. 'Can you?'

'I can handle it because I've lived all my life believing men are cheats after Percy cheated on me twice. Your mom made me understand that I should always expect the worse from men as I am to...'

'Expect the good,' she completed and smiled. 'Okay, he's very rich and influencer, can you deal with the attentions or insults?'

'I'm not going to have issues with him, my instinct tells me so. Plus, we're just gonna date, not get married.'

'What if he ends up just crushing on you? What if it's lust? What if he falls out of love when yours is getting stronger? Guys like him are unpredictable and do not love for long....'

'But they can love with their whole and forever. First love is solid...'

'But most first loves don't ever work out,'

'That's not true....'

'Your mom and dad, me and Zachary, you and Percy. My mom's first love, my dad's, uncle Barrow....'

'Okay, I get it. It can still work out if we put much effort to it. It's not my first love and you can never tell if it his.'

'Look at Ace carefully, does he look like someone who can love?'

'Does he look like someone who cannot?' I asked back. She giggled.

'Fair enough, what if YOU fall out of love with him? What if you break his heart and ruin him? Guys like him don't easily let go of their love if they eventually do falls? Do you think you can handle his packages? Do you think your new feeling isn't just obsession or infuriation? Are you sure you don't still love Percy?'

'I know what I feel isn't obsession because I've felt it before,' I said confidently. 'I don't know if I can handle his packages but I will never know until I try.'

'What if he gets too serious? Ask you for a baby or marriage?'

'Is that suppose to be thought of?
'You didn't answer the main question,' she smirked. 'Imagine you're in a relationship with him and Percy returns for you, what would you do?' I stared at her with mouth open. I sighed.

'I can never know what is in my heart until I try it. I don't know if I still love him but a bigger part of me feels nothing for him and to completely erase him, I need to live, I need to step out of my shell and open up. Right now, if he should come back for me, he will win my heart back because I don't have anyone to fall to and I want that to change.'


'Because for all I know, he might be dead or have moved on already,' I said sadly. 'And, he's my past and I want him to stay that way.'

'So you're using Ace to forget him?'

'I already have, three years Savannah, you know that.'
'Okay, I've got nothing else.'

'Ace might not be like Percy but I expect him to be different, to be either better or worse. Anything that will happen would be part of my experience as a growing girl. It will either make me or break me but that's all part of life, live and learn.' She smiled and picked up the teacup, she sipped the coffee slowly and chuckled.

'Live and learn,' she looked at Zach's photo on the wall above the Television and smiled. 'I do not expect anyone to be like him, even if I wish they will but in a way, I expect them to be better. Mace is better in his own way, I cannot trust him with my heart completely but it's a risk I'm ready to take.' She threw her legs on the table and grinned.

'We're playing with fire babe,' I said gigglingly.

'Not all who plays with fire get burnt, some are lucky.' I nodded and took the coffee. The doorbell rang, I looked at her.

'Why don't you get it?' I asked poutingly.

'Whoever is at the door, get lost!!!' She shouted. The door opened, we turned and looked at the person.

'Ace!' I gasped, he waved at me.
There was a bouquet of flowers in his hand, beautiful ones which type I don't know. 'What are you doing here?'

'I'm here to see my blind friend,' I chuckled and smiled. 'How's your eye?' He asked walking to me.

'Seeing,' I smiled. He dropped the flowers on the table. 'How was school?'

'Boring without you and wacko over there,' he said smirkingly. I laughed and nudged Savannah. 'Why are you quiet?' He asked her suspiciously.

'I'm not in the mood,' she said coldly. Ace looked at me confusedly. I shrugged and picked up the flowers. 'Where's my flowers?'

'Are you blind?' He asked her.

'I'm not blind,' I said poutingly. He laughed and went to sit on the other chair. 'No lesson today?'
'What did the doctor say?' He asked back.

'I can dictate with my...'

'The books aren't running, your health is almost more important.'
'May I know why the almost is there?' He smirked and looked at Zach's photo.


'Mine,' Savannah replied, she was typing on her phone.

'Same hair, same smile, your brother?' He asked me. I blushed and nodded.

'Legit,' I rolled my eyes. 'Anyways, dress up, we're going out.'

'I thought you were going out with your sisters?'

'Tia had an emergency to handle.' He said looking at dad's photos.
'And Valentina?'

'She had something to do too,' I frowned. Fine! I called it off. I wanted to check on you, make sure you're fine or maybe convinced them to let you tag along.'

'Ace,' I drawled. 'I told you I didn't want to go.'

'Too bad, get dress or I'll carry you out like this,'. I stood up and sighed. 'Hope you don't take too long in dressing up like Tatiana do,' I grumbled. 'I left her still fixing her hair and I'm sure she isn't done yet.' Vana laughed at that while I ran to my room with the flowers.

I went through my wardrobe, searching for what will make me look presentable but then again, I shouldn't care. I picked out dark bell bottom jeans, a silver cold shouldered high low top and gray sneakers. I carried the silver bag dad bought me, sprayed on my perfume and walked out.
Savannah and Ace were arguing over something.

'....how does that even make any sense!!!' He yelled. 'How are penguins the ancestors of all birds!!!'

'Because there are cute and are wingless while other birds have feathers!!!'

'That's not reasonable!!!'

'Guys!!!' I yelled, they looked at me. 'What's going on!'
'Your stupid brainless friend here said penguins are the ancestral gods of all birds!'

'Is that why you're arguing?'
'Did you just call me brainless!!!!!!!' She thundered furiously. I quickly ran to her and held her hands.

'Savannah, breathe.' I whispered.
'He called me....'

'Why are you soothing her? She's brainless...'

'At least I'm smarter than your dumb ass! I don't get F's and I'm certainly not depending on a tutor to revive my dumb brain!!!' She shouted. This is getting out of hand. He smirked and wiggled his brows at her.

'Sexy boys don't need brains,' he said cockily. 'I don't need my head to get what I want, I have this.' He ran his fingers through his hair and winked at us. I stared at him Dumbfounded, was he seriously flirting with her? She blushed and bit her finger shyly.


He walked to us and pinched the bridge of her nose.

'Don't get angry, pretty girls don't need to get angry,' she giggled blushingly. 'You're the ancestral goddess of all birds, the beautiful queen of all.'

'Like a red macaw with pretty peacock tails!' She squealed.

'And a beautiful crown on your head,' he pinched her cheeks and ruffled her hair. I was dying of jealousy, my fists were clenched in anger, my teeth grinding together.
 I smiled tightly as he looked at me, sure he's the first person beside me to calm her down but hell no! 'You okay?' I nodded and chuckled.

'I'm not brainless, right?' She asked with a small voice. He nodded and looked at her. She shrieked and hugged him. 'Thank you brother in-law!'

'Eh?' We both asked.

'Yeah, brother in-law, your husband.' I blushed and kicked her leg. She rolled her eyes.

'Can we go now?' I asked stylishly eyeing his hands which was around her waist. He moved away from her, a breath of relief leaving my mouth. He walked to the door.

'You coming?' He asked with a small smile.

'One minute,' he nodded and walked out. 'What was that?' I snapped.

'Beats me,' she shrugged. 'See what I did back there?'


'Make him jealous, find a way to do that and see how he'll react.' I smiled like an idiot, I kissed her cheek and ran out.


He opened the door for me, he wouldn't let me open it myself. We were at a mall, another much more classier one. Immediately they saw us, the workers outside ran to us and bowed at him.

'Welcome Mr Davison,' he nodded. 'Your sisters are waiting for you.'
'Why are we here?' He shrugged. He interlocked our arms and pulled me along, I felt like a Queen walking with him. People kept staring at us, I tried my best to walk with pride. When we got inside, he took me to a private elevator which was glass. The elevator took us to the fourth floor, he walked out with me and entered a Victoria secret shop.

'Bro!' Valentina squealed, a girl was there with her with a disapproving frown. My heart skipped, was it me? I looked at myself. 'Hey girl, what's up!' She squealed.

'Me?' I asked shakily.

'I know you don't like me but whatever, let's start allover again. I'm Valentina, his youngest sister.' She stretched out her hand to me, I looked at Ace. He smiled and nodded. I took her hand delicately.
'Hi, I'm Magenta McNair....'

'I love your eyes, suit your name.'
'Magenta,' the other girl smiled, she looks familiar. 'It's nice to meet you in person, I'm Tatiana Davison.'

'Have we met?' I asked with tilted head.

'She's like my twin sister and she's the front cover of NYC young brains.' I mouthed a "wow."

'Nice to meet you again and thanks for coming,' she glared at Ace. 'Do we have to waste your money?'

'Please, don't spoil my opportunity!!!' Valentina yelled.

'I agree, I don't like money wastage as well.' I agreed.
'We're shopping, it's my money, not yours.' Ace said stubbornly.

'No, let's sa....'

'Okay, only Valentina can buy while you stare.' He shrugged. I smirked.

'Tia honey, since he wants to spend, let's spend.' She smirked too, I heard him gulp.

Time to buy the entire shop!

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