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The Greek Gods-Chapter Four


The Greek Gods-Chapter Four

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Vana scrolled through the list of new candies she could buy for herself, it's funny how she had never gotten any tooth issue. She would shove the phone in my face to show me the picture.

'So? Which one should I buy first?'

'Didn't Fransisco just sent you a whole box?'

'And so? What if I finish the box?
 What then would I devour?' I rolled my eyes and shut my locker. 'So, you off to teach Mr Tentacles?'

'Can you not call him that?'

'I've being calling you Genital for as long as I've known you, do you think you can ever stop me from calling him Tentacles when you haven't successfully stopped me from calling you Genital?'' She asked sneeringly. I chuckled and flung my bag over my shoulder.

'Just promise you won't buy the whole factory?'

'If it taste good, I will.' I rolled my eyes and smiled.

'You can't buy a whole factory babe,'

'Yet I bought a pet shop for Kiki as a Christmas present last year. She was so proud of me,'

'You're Kiki you idiot,' I huffed.

'No, I'm Savannah Kiki Carlin, the girl I gifted the pet shop to was Kiki Savannah Carlin, get it?'

Do whatever you like then,' we were walking now with me holding her hand so she'd walk faster. I stopped, let go of her hand and kissed her cheek. 'Bye love.'

'We need to get you a boyfriend or someone you can just randomly kiss,'

'Like you can just kiss a random guy like that,' I scoffed.

'DNCE, kiss a stranger,' she walked to a guy typing his phone, pulled his collar and kissed him. I watched them with a frown as they made out, she broke the kiss first, kneed him and winked at me. 'That's how you kiss a random boy!' I rolled my eyes and walked to the other hall.

'You're out of your mind Savannah!!!'

'Never had one!!!' She shouted back. I shook my head and skipped to Ace 3 longue. They are called Ace 3 because their names all end with "A-C-E" my heart temporarily stopped beating when I saw Berwyn and her crew coming my way. I tried my best to avoid eye contact. They walked past me, I released the breath I was holding with relief.

'Stop,' I froze, my breath getting caught up in my chest again. 'Turn around,' I rubbed my sweaty palms on the sides of my thighs and turned with a furiously beating heart. 'Who are you and where are you going?' I bowed my head with fear. 'Don't let me ask you again,' she warned.

'I'm M....I...I'm going to....'

'Of course you're going to throw yourself at my boyfriend, his room is the only one in this hall,' she stood with arms akimbo and cocked her hips. 'Now, who gave you the permission to see my man?'

'I'm not going there to throw myself at him, I'm his new tutor....'
'Why would they give him a girl when they know he's a nymphomania?' Melody asked quizzically.

'I don't know, I'm just going to do my job,' I stammered.

'So,' Berwyn purred as she walked to me with a slid like movement. 'You were given the opportunity and you took it, why?' I was shaking already, she was really cruel. She suddenly grabbed my hair roughly with her hands and yanked it. I screamed and held my dress, I dare not touch her hands. 'You think you can steal my boo from me you ugly looking stick!!!'
'I was only going to teach....'

'Enough talking!' She slammed my body and head on the wall thrice. I whimpered in tears. 'You're not even pretty you ugly little thing, how dare you!' Olivia joined her in beating me up badly until my body ached allover, Melody just leaned on a wall staring at everything with pity.

'Berwyn that's enough!' She finally yelled, she came to them and pushed them both away. 'Don't you have any single sense? You just saw her and beat her up, what is wrong with you and your obsession?!'

'Are you yelling at me because of her?' Berwyn asked in shock. Melody sighed and helped me up, I couldn't see well because of the tears running down my cheeks. I was sure my head, nose and mouth was bleeding.

'Let's go,'

'Melody, seriously?' Olivia scoffed.
'I'm tired of you both childish behavior,' she took my hand and helped me out to the clinic. 'I'm sorry about them,' I nodded as I still cried. 'What's your relationship with him? Just teaching?'

'I haven't even started yet,' I cried.
'You'll be fine.'

I bounced my crossed leg on air as I waited for the stupid girl to show up, not that I wanted to learn about stupid books, just what is behind that cheap lame outfit she wore. Berwyn walked in cursing under her breath.

'Uh oh, who got you upset this time?' I asked chucklingly as I dropped my phone.
'Melody, she's....'

'I don't care anymore,' I said uninterestedly. She sighed and smiled. 'How are you today?'

'Just hanging,' she sat on my laps and smirked seductively. 'What you doing here all alone? Don't you know it's bad for a sweetheart like you to be alone?''

'I'm waiting for my tutor, my old man insist I keep one of those shit,'

'And you agreed to keep one?'
'She's worth a one-nightstand,' I said smilingly remembering her unsure sexy body. I really wanted to remove her dress and see if her body was worth it. 'Her name suits her eyes,' she scoffed and rolled her eyes, sliding down to sit on the chair.

'Can't you just stick to one girl? She's not that beautiful with those useless cheap outfit.' She uttered jealously. I smirked and licked my lips.

'Berwyn, what did you do?'

'How do you mean?'

'Berwyn,' I sang warningly.

'I only put her in her place. You don't need another girl Ace, I'm enough for you,'

'Really?' I asked chucklingly. I smiled and picked up one of the fag from the bowl and put it end into the lighter's fire. 'If I remember correctly, I don't have a reason to be faithful to you. You're not my girlfriend, just a proud snooty shit I fuck and couldn't get rid of. You claimed my babe title, I didn't argue so I won't disgrace your cheap ass but I've warned you to stop poking your nose in my fuck case. Stop thinking you're important because you're just like my other swings, trash to be thrown away when I get fed up. So tell me dear whore, why should I be faithful to you?' I said with a lopsided smirk. She was crying already. 'Gosh, you suck, stop wetting my expensive couch with your smelly droplets.'

'You're calling me names because of that thing?' I rolled my eyes and exhaled the fag smoke in her face. She coughed and stood up.

'I don't want to see your dirty face for three days....'

'No! You can't chase me away because of that classless nerd, that ugly cheap whore!!!'

'Ironic, isn't it now darling?'

'Are you trying to call me a whore?'

'Nothing new I haven't called you before bitch, get lost,' I smiled picking up my glass of blush wine.

'She'll never take you away from me!!! Ever!!! I'll make sure she pays for this insult!!!' She yelled angrily and ran out in tears. I chuckled and inhaled more fag. I picked up my private phone and called Melody.

'Meet me at the usual, I'm horny,'


'Oh, what did Berwyn do to the girl that ought to tutor me?'

'Beat the crap out of her, I left her at the school's clinic, she'll be fine.' I hung up and puffed, curse that bitch for ruining my plans.

I searched from class to class for Genital, she sent me her "I'm crying so come comfort me," text.
 The text was just figures and randomly typed letters. Who could have insulted or beat her up again?

'Pink haired!' I swirled on my heels and glared at suspect number one, ignoring his glorious good look and charms. If my sister wasn't dying for him, I would have made him mine a long time ago. 'Whoa,' he laughed. 'What's with the eye bullet?'

'What did you do to my sister?'

'That thing is related to a lovely treasure like y....' I raised my hand in disapproval.

'Cut the smoulder fuck and go straight to the point,'

'Playing hard to get?'

'Are you going to talk or am I going to walk away? I have someone important to be searching for. What did you do to my sister?' I asked upsettingly.

'Why don't we forget about her,' he stepped closer to me, his scent temporarily shutting down my brain. His hands went around my hips, sliding to my open thigh and to my ass. I closed my eyes so I won't get mesmerized by his hypnotizing gaze. I scoffed and kneed him, I moved away fast and breathe out calmly. 'Fuck you,' he groaned.

'Dog, don't ever try that with me again,'

'Just give me the bitch's number,' he grunted out.

'I don't remember knowing any bitch except your dog babe, who you referring to?' I asked scornfully.

'Maglificent, her number?' I scoffed, I saw Olivia spying at us. I smirked and walked closer to him, I removed my hairpin pen and scribbled the number of the chocolate company I memorized and kissed his ear.

'Stay clear off my sister, if you hurt her feelings, I'll do everything in my powers to break you to the ground. Don't think I'm bluffing, I mean business,' I walked out of him, fucked up Ace. I went outside and like expected, she was outside the school at the bus top, bench crier. I love the girl but her inferior shit was annoying, all she did was underestimate herself and live like a fucking vampire's teabag. Fuck, she's beautiful and gorgeous without makeup, she never wears one yet she still stands out. Berwyn is all makeup and artificial, what's her shit? Genital is beautiful, fashionable even though she doesn't dress herself up, fancy, classy etc. Why can't she see that?! Her self-esteem needed boosting and I wasn't going to give up until I achieved that. I walked to her and snorted.
'Let yourself get beaten up again,' I stated the obvious, she sniffed. Her cheeks were plastered and her head bandaged.

Sorry,' she sobbed. 'I should have remembered that I was a nobody instead of trying to mingle w....'
'Er, don't try that rubbish shit with me, let's have ice cream again, you need it.' One way or the other, she must change.

'I'm telling you, she was allover him and he was licking her allover,' Olivia said seriously. 'He even gave her his address, you should have seen it,' I went to see Olivia because she insisted I come so she could pass an important information to me, she was telling me about how Ace was drooling over the same nerd we beat up.

'Are you seriously talking about the same nerd girl?' Melody asked incredulously. Since she was Olive's older stepsister, they lived in the same house and somehow, I ended up in her room. I can't stay away from her, she might not agree with everything I do but she's my best friend.

'I wasn't talking to you Melody, fuck off,' Olive hissed.

'I can't believe Ace could stoop so low as to follow a peasant like that, how could he even insult me like that! For that thing!'

'Berwyn, he's Ace, that's number one. Number two, you are not dating, you're making yourself too cheap for him, too available to insult and three, the girl she's talking about was the same girl I took to the clinic with my own two legs and hands. How could that same badly beaten up girl be with him? Aren't you seeing the impossibility of the lie?' She asked in bewilderment.

'Wyn, have I ever lied to you?' Olive asked sadly, I shook my head negatively. Melody sighed and turned back to her mirror. She picked up her favorite red lipstick and smeared it on.

'Olivia, why do you like lying? What do you gain?' She asked chucklingly as she smacked her lips.

'You weren't even there, how can you tell!!!' Olive yelled defensively.

'I was at the other hall, I saw the girl you're talking about. The very same girl kneed him, the one I saw looked like a menace and you're lying because you know your limit,' she rolled the lipstick back in. 'Ignore my sister,'

'Why should I ignore the truth?' I scoffed, she shrugged.

'I tried,' she clipped on a pair of ruby earrings and smiled with satisfaction. 'How do I look?' She asked twirling her chair around to face us.

'Like you're going to give a guy a blowjob,' Olive said buoyantly.
'That's the original plan,' she said winkingly.

'With who? Your mystery boyfriend?' I asked sardonically.

'Oh no,' she said with a very sly smile. 'We aren't dating, I'm smart enough to admit that to myself. He's more like an ATM machine and a future means to destroy someone I hate with so much passion,' I rolled my eyes. 'Bye girls.' She grabbed her bag and walked out.

'I swear, that girl is too secretive, silent snake,' I nodded in agreement. 'So, what do you plan on doing with her? The nerd?'
'What I always do, make her wish she was never born.'

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