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The Greek Gods-Chapter Fifteen


The Greek Gods-Chapter Fifteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Never take a girl shopping when their names are Tatiana and Genital! My poor credit card. They bought everything that came in sight, shoes, bags, clothes, hats, perfumes, etc. Then they washed and pampered their hairs and nails, got some jewels and then ate expensive food. Oh well, good thing I borrowed dad's credit card, he'll kill me but whatever. I sat outside a spa where they were getting their skin pampered, Tia was the leader of the whole operation. How long would I just seat there and stare at everything that crossed by. I already flirted and had a quickie with the receptionist but that was over an hour ago.

Speak about the devils, I heard their giggling. I sighed with relief, they were done.

'I swear, you should have met this guy sis, he's glorious!' Valentina exclaimed.

'Three guys you know you've met that is glorious and worth getting a head from?' Tia asked gigglingly. 'I would have said Ace but the fuck job is my brother so he's out.
 Jace, that dude might be as flat like one of those Korean hottie but like every Korean hottie, he's smoking.' She whistled and they giggled. They came out of the hall, I choked on my saliva.

What the fuck did...is that Genital!
I didn't see her after she finished her hair, what have Tia done to her! Her wavy hair was straight with magenta tinted tips and her lashes brushed out. Her skin was glowing, like literally glowing and flashing, what she was wearing wasn't helping. She wore a green dress, one that showed off her shoulders, I don't understand the dress but it was not like her. Next what the fuck is Valentina wearing!

'Hey, bro!' Tina shouted, they walked to me while I stared at their dressed with distaste. Genital was obviously uncomfortable but I'm sure Tia forced her to wear the dress, she's hard to say no to.

'Why are you looking at us like that?' Tia asked puzzledly.

'What are you girls wearing?' I asked folding my hands with my disapproving frown still in place.
 'Or rather, where are you going?'
'Clubbing,' Tina chirped.

'Fucking what!'

'Clubbing,' Tia pronounced slowly. 'I decided this is the best time to celebrate our new friendship over drinks and boys grinding,' she Yipped and clapped her hands. 'I heard Caleb Nile will be there, I gotta be there.'

'No no no! I'm not letting you all go, at least not dressed like these!'
'Easy dude, you're not our dad,' Tia said calmly.

'Should I call your dad then?' They kept shut. 'Genny isn't comfortable with what she's wearing, right?' She nodded immediately.

'Ace, I thought you wanted our forgiveness?' Tia asked with arched brow.

'I do but it's also my duty as your older brother to protect you. I made the mistake of not doing that the first time but I won't repeat that mistake again,' I said sternly.

'But Ace...' Tia tried to protest.
'Don't dare me Tia,' I growled. She bite down into her lower lip and looked away helplessly.

'Ace,' Genital called softly. 'Can I talk to you for a minute? In private?' She asked glancingly. I shook my head negatively. '
' I sighed. 'Thank you.' She walked away to a corner while I followed.


'I love the way you stood your ground back there but it will be better if you let them party, just a little.'

'They can get drunk and....'

'I know, but that's why you'll be there to protect them. You can also call Jace and since Mace us also somehow freed like Vana said, you can all act as their bodyguards and go.'

'Why are you excluding yourself?' I smirked. She gulped, her cheeks turning red. 'Scared kitty?' She rolled her eyes. 'Let's do this,' I looked at what she was wearing and huffed. 'You're gonna come with but not dressed like this or that...' I trailed off and pointed to my sisters. 'Is that okay?' She nodded bitterly. I laughed and ruffled her hair. 'You look gorgeous by the way.' She chewed the inside of her cheek and blushed.

'I'll be back,' she rushed off to the girls. 'I've made a bargain, he'll let us go if Jace and Mace comes along and we wear something different.'

'I love what I'm wearing but I can't change his mind,' Tia said bitterly. 'I guess that's it then, we'll change but first, we need to donate everything we bought to an orphanage....'

'What!' Valentina and I exclaimed.
'Relax, half of the things.' My phone rang, I brought it out of my jean pocket and smirked, dad.

'Hello father,' I said shrilly.

'Ace, did you take my card again?'

'Ace,' he drawled. 'Refund my money....'

'I went shopping with the girls,' I switched the call to video call and showed dad the girls as they were talking.

'Who's the other one? Your fling?'
'Will Tia relate with my fling like that?' I asked smirkingly. He hummed and cleared his throat, I turned the camera back to me. 'I didn't want them to finish my money so I borrowed yours, you have money so I'm free, huh?'
'Ace, you shouldn't have spent so much....'

'Tia's gonna donate everything, she's mother Mary remember?' I asked smilingly.

'How's your grade?'

'Ask her....hey Genital!' I shouted.
'Please stop calling me that Mr. Testicle!' She shouted back, dad chuckled while the girls giggled.
'Mr. Testicle?' Tia laughed.

'He's a dick,' she shrugged. That made dad laughed. 'Seriously, he is.'

'Can you just...hold on,' I walked to them and gave her the phone. 'Dad wants to talk...'

'What,' she breathe. 'Hey, Mr. Erm.....sir?' She stammered.

'Call me Norris, are you the tutor?'
'Unfortunately,' she spat. Dad chuckled.

'How's his grade?'

'Surprisingly great, he's a smart kid for his dunce self.'

'Really?' He laughed. 'I won't be too surprise about that, runs in the family.'

'Yeah, I see that now. I'm also surprise that he can keep his dick to himself, the dude has serious libido issues,' she said smirkingly. Is she swearing now? I'm a bad influence.

'He haven't hit on you yet?' She shook her head negatively, I have hit on her a lot. 'Wow, you're improving son.' Tia smirked while Tina giggled, everyone knows I hate being called two things, son and kid. They both insulted me.

'Okay, so we're going out dad,' Tia said snatching the phone. 'We won't be back early, love you through and through.'

'Love you too.' She hung up and threw my phone back at me, I caught it fast and smiled.

'Through and through,' I snorted. 'You're so lame.'

'I'm better than you puss eater,' Genital face palmed herself.

'Why won't I swear? I'm surrounded by all you swearers!' I laughed and threw my hand over her shoulders. 'What?' She asked blushingly.

'Awwwwwn, she's blushing,' Tina teased.

'Her crush is holding her,' Tia sang. We laughed as her face went crimson. 'Okay, let's go clubbing.'

I hate Savannah, I invited her to the club and she met us at the mall where she then forced me to wear the stupid green crossover neckline bodycon dress and freaking gold peep foe heels.
 Valentina wore a black halter strap mini glitter dress and T-strap heels while Tia wore a blue tube dress with asymmetric neckline and white ankle strap heels. Savannah, she went with a pink semi sweetheart flare dress and pink platform heels. We liked like models, freaking hot models and I admit that. I wasn't comfortable at all and Ace wasn't helping with the way he was staring at me.

Tia was tearing the dance floor with Jace, Ace hadn't notice that yet. Valentina was struggling with Savannah over a drink. Mace
Lwas yet to arrive.

'What?' I mouthed, we were sitting at a special couch, any girl that came was chased off by his sisters.
 He put his hand on his ear. 'I don't like the way you're staring at me.' I signed.

'You just look so fucking damn hot, you're turning me on,' I bit my inside cheek and looked away. I hate my heart, beats too much. Why did I water this again? Other guys are looking at me too.

'What's up!' I heard a voice, I looked at the owner, he was a beautiful blonde boy with Mace behind him. Mace looked pale, like he was going to faint.

'What are you doing here!' Vana squawked. 'You're suppose to be resting!' She continued distraughtly.

'I'm fine,' he mouthed. She helped him to sit, the blonde was staring at her lustfully. 'Hans, eyes off.'

'Why? She's a kitty, I love kitties.'
'This kitty got claws, get lost.' Vana spat, I giggled at his face.

'Who's this one? Hanson, my younger twin,' Mace introduced.

'The hotter twin, you should roll with fat dicks like m...oh hello,' he purred as he saw me.

'Hell no! Eyes off!' Ace shouted. 'That's my girl so back off.'

'Ace got a girl?' I'm more stunned. 'Wow! Finally got rid of Berwyn?'
'Seriously, don't talk about it.'

'Then why is she sitting alone and why is Jace having your sister grind him hard?' He asked smirkingly. Ace's eyes almost popped out of it socket.

'What the fucking hell!!!!' He stood up and ran into the crowd, pushing people out of his way. Hans laughed and threw himself beside me, I shifted.

'I've gotten rid of him, we can talk freely now.'

'Thank you but I'm good,' I replied nervously. I'm surrounded by hotties.

'Oh come on,' he cooed shifting closer to me, he forced his hand around my shoulders and sniffed my hair. 'Your scent is turning me on honey,'

'Get away,' I pushed him away, at least tried to. 'I'm not interested.'
'Stop playing the cute girl, you're just his fuck buddy. How much should I pay? I have the money.' I've never felt so insulted, the way he was touching me wasn't helping.

'I'm not a slut and stop touching me,' I snapped and tried to push him. 'Get off!!!' Vana and Mace weren't there again, as well as Tina, I was on my own.

'Come on,' he pulled me up and dragged me away while I tried to free myself. 'Stop fighting me!'
'What's your problem nigga! Is it by force?! I don't want your cock so go fuck yourself!' He laughed.
'Rotten,' he pushed me into a room. 'I'll pay you, just chill.'

'I'm not sleeping with you! Why don't you get that!'

'Whatever, I'm still going to pay you.'

'Why are you being a dildo? You want to rape me? I'm not a slut, Ace will kill you.' I sobbed shifting in the bed.

'I know, he almost broke my arm so I'm going to make him feel bad by sleeping with you. He called you his girl, that's a first and that means he must like your cheap ass. You're Magenta, right? I didn't come here for nothing.'

'How did you know?' I asked already in tears. 'My secret, I really wanna hurt him back even if it's just a little. He's annoying.' I smirked and moved to the edge of the bed.

'Will you pay me a lot?' He smiled.
'Now we're understanding business,' he came to the bed. What was I doing? What I saw in a movie. I punched him, he groaned and reeled back. I ran out immediately, ignoring my aching knuckle. I pushed pass people, tears running down my cheeks. I screamed as someone held my wrist, I turned around and kneeled the person.

'Fuck Genital,' he gasped holding his thing. He looked at me. 'Why are you crying?' I hugged him. 'What's wrong?' He sighed. 'Did Hanson try anything stupid again?' I cried more. 'I'm sorry,' he pulled back and carried me bridal style. He carried me out of the club to his car and placed me on the Booth. 'Stop crying.'

'Your stupid friend just tried to rape me!' I yelled. He ran his fingers through his hair.

'I'm sorry, he's always trying to get back at me for being more handsomer than him. Makes no sense but that's him. I shouldn't gave left you alone with him, I panicked over Jace. That dude is not to be trusted around any girl that's important to me. I'll deal with Hans later.'

'I was scared,' I sobbed hugging myself. He took off his jacket and wore it on my shoulders. 'He terrified me.'

'I'm sorry, don't cry,' he whispered dabbing my face with his hanky. 'It won't happen again.' I showed him my knuckles.

'I punched him, I can't feel my hand.' He laughed and took it daintily, he massaged my fingers gently. My cheeks were red, really red.

'Feeling better now?' I nodded shyly. 'You know, you're very beautiful,' he whispered dropping my hand on my exposed thigh and stylishly touching it. I held my breath, be stubborn. 'You're so gorgeous, this dress...' He leaned closer to my face, he's very tall. 'Have you thought of becoming a model?' His finger made circles on my lap, I couldn't breathe, how can I be normal.

God help me.

'Yeah right,' I grabbed his finger and twisted it the tiny way I could. 'Don't touch me or try your luck with me,' I jumped down from the booth and walked back into the club. I need to get drunk, in seeing things and my body us burning badly.

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