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The Greek Gods-Chapter Eleven


The Greek Gods-Chapter Eleven

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I stared at Jace plainly as he ranted about his adventure with a blonde, wasn't he getting the carefree look on our faces, he talks too much. Magenta was busy battling with her phone as she muttered and gritted her teeth, Ace was well, staring at her amusedly while Berwyn killed her mentally and Olivia flirt drink with a guy close by. In other words, Melody,.Quincy and I were the ones staring at him.

'.....and I was about to give her a head but then I perceived it again, something wasn't right with the funky smell. It was fucking her! Her hoe was ponging with stench, I even stylishly checked her pantie and saw the dirtiness. Babes! I'm sure she haven't washed that thing for six year...right? How old is she....' He trailed off and counted his fingers. 'I don't even know but that concludes my story.' We exhaled with relief. 'Now for episode five of Jace Lawson's bed tale....' We groaned. 'Come on guys, I have just sixt.....'

'Sixteen!' I squawked.

'I was going to say sixty two, the season is long.'

'We don't give a fuck Jace! Nobody cares about your stupid bed scenes!!!' We yelled.

'Episode five is titled let me nip you...'

'We don't care, please shut up and don't talk about your stupid bed scenes,' I huffed.

'It was a rainy night and my parents were in Hawaii on vacation,' he started. Quincy slammed her face on her empty shiny plate of lasagna, (compliment of Jace) Melody hit her head on the table while I face palmed myself. I sighed and brought out my phone. I took a selfie of my frustrated self and sent it to Mace. He didn't reply on time, I hate waiting but I love it when people wait on me.

My notification giggled.

From Mace: one word, Jace.
Me: you mean name. The dude is telling us episodes of Jace's bed tales, we're in episode five and still have sixty to go.

From Mace: season one episode five, after season one, he will travel to season 2 and then start his other story, Jace Camp fright. That one has ninety episodes, four seasons and then he'll end it with Jace's home fire, endless seasons. He'll tell you everyday until forever, I've been living that all my life.

Me: I'm finished!

From Mace: Happy funeral.

Me: why does he have to talk too much, I've never met anyone that talks as much as he do.

From Mace: have you met yourself.

Me: I'm not a talkative, I'm loquacious.

From Mace: still finding it hard to spot the difference.

Me: I don't tell people irrelevant things.

I texted back with so much pride.

From Mace: hmmm, let's see. You came to my ward somewhere around 4pm and left at 8. During that short period, I got to know what hell on earth is, Jace had never tormented me that much. In that short hours, I already know how your first period happened, how you get cramps, your first in everything and even how you had your first sex! Nobody cares! Not me!

I scratched my head, that was because I secretly drank before going to see him so I overdid everything.

Me: that wasn't irrelevant
From Mace: yes it is! What's my business with how your first kiss was like!

Me: stop chat yelling and tell me how to shut your boo's mouth up, you'll get old.

From Mace: boo? Seriously? I ain't gay.

Me: that's what they always say.

From Mace: just do what I do, ignore him.

Me: you're useless.

I brought out the air horn from my purse and dialed his number, he hung up. 'Well, that was rude.' He called back. 'Guys, sorry,' I apologized and pressed the horn after swiping the green icon on the screen. I hung up and smiled with satisfaction, most people almost died of shock.

'Seriously! What's your problem!' Olivia yelled. I rolled my eyes to Quincy who was whimpering.

'Sorry Quail leg,'

'Don't I deserve an apology too?' Olivia asked rudely.

'Dig it out from my ass, fart face,' She looked away. 'Sorry Melody,' she nodded.

'My ears are broken,' Quincy whined.

'Doctor Jace to the rescue!' Jace shrieked. He threw his leg over the bench and sat in a straddling position, scooched over to her and ate into her ears. Melody laughed as juicy tried to push him away.
'Babe, why did you do that?' Magenital who was still struggling to type her phone asked calmly.
'Why do I do the things I do?' I asked back smirkingly.

'Nobody knows,' she chuckled. She gave up and glared at Ace who was glaring at me. She smacked the nigga with the phone, bold! 'You've ruined my phone!'

'That old piece of trash?' He asked averting his gaze to her.

'I worked hard for this thing you call a trash,' she huffed. 'All you do is stand in front of the camera and look pretty while I work my sweat dry to earn cash so this means a
lot to me.'

'Broke ass bitch,' Berwyn scoffed.

'At least I'm not a fuck ass bitch,' Genital said derisively, did she just swear? Wow! I should be a motivation speaker. The cafeteria laughed. 'Stay out of my business Berwyn.'

'Ace, are you going to let her insult me?'

'I let you insult her, why should I be partial?'

'I'm your girlfriend and she's a nobody!'

'Don't push words out of my mouth Wyn, you won't like the outcome,' he said with a cute warning smile. She scoffed, stood up with her bag and stomped out. Olivia followed.

'Puppet,' Melody muttered. 'That was cool Gen, keep it up.' Genital blushed and giggled.

'All thanks to my diva over there,' she said smiling sheepishly at me. I winked at her.

'Girls are so weird,' Ace said looking at each of us, Quincy was almost in tears, Jace had her pinned with his legs as he made irritating eating sounds into her ears. That's it!

'Jace, get your hands off hr before I send you to join Mace,' he gasped and shift away from her. 'Good, now be a good boy and....' He brought out his tongue like a dogs and gave me puppy eyes. I awed and twinkled my eyes. 'Cute you!' He barked and dog laughed.

'My life keeps getting weird,' Ace sighed. 'Maglificent, let's go.' He said standing up.

'Her name is Magenital, not Maglificent, get it right.'

'It's Magenta,' she corrected with a sigh.

'What's the difference?' Ace and I asked simultaneously, he glared at me, I glared back. We might never get along.

'Where are we off to?'

'Ditching school, I'm bored.' Wrong person to tell that.

'You're going nowhere Mr Testicle....' Melody choked on her food and coughed, Quincy laughed.

'Testicle?' Jace laughed. 'Now I have an armless friend, one Reverend father and now testicle, my life is cool!'

'Oh my...' Melody laughed after she finished choking.

'See what you've caused?' Ace asked frowningly.

'Whatever,'. She stood up and carried her bag. 'Make a move and I'll teach you about electricity,' he cursed under his breath.

'You're not my mom!'

'I'm being paid for the job so yeah,' she walked to the door. 'As I walk, follow or you're in trouble!!!' She shouted as she walked away. I smiled, she's harsh when in teacher mode, my cool best friend.

School was over, Ace was driving me to somewhere he felt was good enough for us study with no disturbances, somewhere he can kill me. He parked the car in a park, the back and got out. I got out too with my things and looked around.

'Why didn't you go through the front entrance?'

'Too much attention,' he locked his car with the remote and disappeared into a thick tall bush.
 I followed him, pushing the branches and twigs out of my way blindly until I came some corpse of tall trees. Everywhere was quiet, very quiet, the birds chirping was pleasant to the ears. I ran after him, loving the air and the music, it felt magical. 'Walk faster Genital....'

'Not you too!' He chuckled. He waited for me, he took my hand when I got to him and led me to the tallest tree with wide branches and passion like looking fruits. My cheeks were yearning to burn, my heart going wide again, we were so close. I need to distract myself. 'Where are we? Not the park?'

'It's my secret place, dad found it years ago and gave it to me, we do our thinking here.'

'It's like another world...'

'It is, once belonged to a magician, he sold the place to dad.'

'Cool,' under the tree, he had set our teaching place. 'Sit down boy,' he chuckled, left my hand and sat down. I giggled sheepishly and rubbed my palms on my sides. He touched me again!

The lesson commence, he really paid attention, the place was just right. We wrapped up lessons for the day and went back to the car, him spelling random words as I questioned him. He drove to the mall, came out of the car and went in there for a very long time. He came out with two bags, one small one and one big one. He dropped the big one at the backseat and the small one on the dashboard before driving off again. He bought ice creams, it was getting late but he wouldn't let me leave. He parked the car at a quiet bridge and ordered me to come out.

'I don't understand you Ace,' he said nothing, just lift me up and placed me on the booth of the car. He gave me one ice cream cup and spoon. 'Vanilla?' I asked looking at the cup. 'I love it.'

'I know,'

'The day I spoilt your phone, I saw the way your eyes glowed at the mention of vanilla ice cream.'

'Heaven,' I sang. I opened the cup and scooped a spoonful. He opened his, cherry by scent. He placed his elbow at each sides of my thighs and leaning against me a little. 'So,' I started. 'What's up?'
'I'm taking your advice, apologizing to my siblings but I'm nervous so here we are,' he said nonchalantly.

'You don't look like one who is.' I stated as a matter-of-fact.

'I tend not to let emotions express itself on my face or body, solid man's way.'

'You can do it Ace, close your eyes, think of the good times and then the bass and let the words out of your mouth.'

'What if they don't forgive me?' He asked with a sad tone though his face didn't show it.

'Then you keep trying, they'll give in.'

'I guess you deserve to be appreciated but I'm tired, I don't have strength.' He said girlishly, I laughed. I was trying hard to ignore the proximity.

'You're a jerk.'

'Proud of it,' he said and winked at me. 'Tell me about your boyfriend.'

'Tell me about your girlfriend.'
'I don't have one, Berwyn is a clingy person.' He sighed.
'Whoa, you're not dating her?'
'Bed sake only but I let her do what she wants,'


'I don't have a boo, we broke up years ago.'

'Was he hot?'

'Homo,' I chuckled and dropped my cup, I was done, he was yet to even drink quarter. I took his. 'You don't like ice cream?'

'Cold things in a whole,'

'Then don't mind if I do....' We sat there or rather we remained in that position for an hour, he really told me a lot about his sisters and parents mostly, how he's a bad egg and all his problems. I'm easy to talk to, that is something many have told me. I have this aura that encourages people to talk to me and I always know what to say and how to say it. He drove me home, I gave him my address.

'Goodnight Ace, good luck.' I smiled before coming out of the car. His loud punk song is annoying.

'Genital, I left something in your bag, don't return it.'' I shrugged and shut the door, he drove off immediately. I smiled and walked into the house, dad was the already watching TV.

'Good evening dad...'

'I wouldn't call it evening, it's 9:15....' I cupped my mouth, I stayed out that long? 'I appreciate your growing up and all but I'm not use to you keeping late nights, especially when you almost got raped, please reduce it or always call to alert me. I can't stop myself from panicking.'

'Thanks dad,' I kissed his cheek. 'How was work?'

'Fine, Savannah?'

'Is herself,' I ran up the stairs with my schoolbag. Immediately I got into my room, I sat on my bed and opened the bag, it was the little shopping bag. My curious fingers opened it hastily, I gasped as I brought out the content, a new phone! A guy just spent thousands in me! 'Ace bought me a new phone!!!!' I shrieked.

I stared at my sisters from the door nervously, I'd been staring for half an hour unnoticed. Maglificent said it would be alright, the beautiful girl said I would be fine and I believe her. I sighed.

'Ace isn't home yet, it's getting late, I should call him...' Valentina said worriedly.

'He's never home early,' Tatiana said coldly. But he always calls to check up on us, call him.'

'I'm here,' I walked in, I went to them and dropped the bag on Tatiana's laps, she was confuse. 'Look girls, I know I haven't been the beat big brother lately, I've been acting like a twitchet bit I'm here to say I'm sorry. Please, let me prove that I....I hate apologies but I'm really sorry girls, forgive me?'

'That's all I wanted to hear,'
Valentina sobbed and hugged me. Tia smiled and continued with her phone. Valen left me.

'The bag contains new phones and here,' I gave Tia my second credit card. 'Buy whatever you want, even if it's a car....'

'How about we see a movie instead of wasting your money,' Tia suggested. 'We'll waste dad's, not yours.' She didn't even look at me but I knew we were good. That was way easier, just like genital said. Interesting.

Hope she likes my gift.

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