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The Greek Gods-Chapter Eighteen


The Greek Gods-Chapter Eighteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I skipped along the hall singing something about a rainbow, I don't know what I'm singing. I swayed my bag along, I was trying to stall so he would reach me, I knew he was coming. Just like I said, I heard his footsteps running behind me.

   'Savannah!' I looked over my shoulder and smiled before turning my head back to my front.  'Savannah!' He got to me and touched my shoulder, I shrugged his hand off. 'Can you please just listen to me?' I kept shut and continued walking.  'Okay, fine! What can I do to pacify your anger?'

Buy me ice cream.

   'Get lost,' I pushed him away and ran. He should know what I want, what have he learnt about me all this while. Dummy.


   I stared at her as she ran away, I couldn't breathe well, my chest had tightened. She means a lot to me in a very strange well, she's the only girl so far that understands me without complaining. I know she's not mad at me, just want me to appease her but how?

   'Are you two still fighting?' I flinched at her voice, Ace's girlfriend or something. I smiled at her warmly. 'What do you know about her?'

   'Enough,' I said proudly.

   'Then from what you know, think it through and you'll know what to do to appease the goddess,' she patted my shoulder and walked away. What does Savannah like? She's a kid, always happy and......candy! Yes!

I brought out my phone and called my agent.


   'Savannah Carlin, pink haired girl that looks like Anne Carlin, find out where she lives.

   'Okay,' I hung up and smiled, she'll forgive me soon.


   I gripped the steering wheel nervously as I waited for the gate to open, I still couldn't get over the shock that she was Anne Carlin's daughter. She never showed it, never acted pompous and never put it out. I've never met anyone as humble as her, that only made my feeling for her increased. The gate finally opened, I drove into the compound and parked close to the stairs. I looked at the three gifts I bought, hopefully, it would make her forgive me.

I walked out of the car and shut the door, I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. I waited nervously, my heart was thumping very hard.

The door opened, I smiled sheepishly as she came in sight.... Oh, it's her mom.

   'Mace? What are you doing here?'

   'Good morning.... Sorry afternoon.... I mean evening,' I stammered, they look too alike.

   'Are you alright,' she chuckled and arched a brow.

   'I'm fine ma, is Savannah in?'

   'How did you....nevermind, do you want me to call her out or let you in?'

   'Out,' she nodded.

   'Savannah! Fransisco is back!' She shouted, I chuckled as I heard her scream from inside. It took two minutes for her to get down, I almost fainted. She was tying a pink towel, her hair and body covered with foam.

   'Where's my stupid brother!' She squealed, her eyes moved to me and all the enthusiasm that graced her face melted into a frown.  'What are you doing here?'

   'I brought peace offering,' I stammered. She looked away.

   'What offering?' Her mother left us.

   'Come here, I'll show you,' I turned to my car and walked to it. I opened the door and brought out the two gift baskets and giant teddy bear.  'This one is filled with a lot of candies,' I said raising the basket to my left, her eyes glinted with joy. 'And this one is a kittens.....' She cut me off with her shriek.

   'You bought me a kitty! Let me see!'

   'You're half naked and covered in soap, go wash up first,' she looked at herself and screamed. She ran back inside, forgiven.


   I cried as I dried my body in the bathroom, I just humiliated myself in front of him, so embarrassing. I walked to the bedroom tying my towel around my body only to see him on my bed and scream like crazy. I held my towel tight, he saw my boobs.

   'I'm sorry,' he apologized looking away. 'Your mother bundled me here,'

   'Can this get any more humiliating,' I sobbed, I couldn't move again.

   'Please don't cry, dress up so you can finish your gift, or don't you want to see your cats again?' I squealed. I ran to my wardrobe and picked out Frankincense's shirt, that's my new name for my brother. I wore the shirt quickly and ran to the bed, I want straight to the kitty basket.

   'O!' I gasped seeing the beautiful pink and white cats.  'Pink!' I carried the pink one and squealed.

   'I had her fur tinted, for your liking.'

   'I'm gonna call you Strawberry,' I ruffled her little fur and kissed her head. I carried the white and grinned. 'Snowflake! I can't wait to show my new children!' I picked up my phone and took selfies, I sent them to Genital, Frankincense and Instagram. When I was done, he was eating my candies.  'Traitor! Thief!' I hit him with the pillow close by, he laughed as he shield his face.

   'I'm sorry, really sorry.' He laughed. I smiled and dropped the pillow, I started peeling off the wrappers of the candies and eating them.

   'Sorry I overreacted,' I apologized.

   'Sorry I called you a....'

   'Forgiven,' he seized the basket. 'Why?!'

   'You eat too much sugar,' he dropped it in the floor. 'Too much isn't good for you.'


   'Please, don't eat too much so you won't have cramps,' funny story, I almost died of one yesterday. I smiled shyly, maybe he was right.  'Who owns this shirt? Your boyfriend?' He asked jealously, I blushed and giggled. 'So you have one?'

   'No, this is my brother's shirt, I steal a lot from him.' He sighed with relief and smiled.

   'It doesn't look good on you,' he said smilingly. 'Mine would be better.'

   'Meaning?' I asked smirkingly.

   'Here,' he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, he gave it to me with a boyish smile.  'Wear it.'


   'Please,' I nodded, took it and gestured for him to close his eyes and turn around. He did as told gladly. I quickly switched the shirts and tapped him. He turned around and grinned with satisfaction, his eyes leisurely running down my body. His stare was turning me on, his eyes were burning with desire.  'You look beautiful....' He trailed off and leaned closer to me. I shifted back with a nervous laugh.

   'Mace, you're doing it again, snap out of it,' I pleaded.  He wasn't listening, he crawled on the bed as I shifted back until I was caged at the headboard. He sniff my hair and moaned.

   'Smell beautiful,' he licked my neck. 'Why do you make me feel so different? Why do you make my passion burn up? Why do I always lose control?' He asked himself not me. I pushed my head back as he began working on my neck area, his finger making circle on my lap.

   'Mace, please stop,' I moaned weakly. I'm in my monthly trouble, that's bad.

   'Savannah,' he pulled back and cupped my cheeks. 'Go out with me, be my girl.' His eyes bore into my soul, I couldn't breathe well.

   'Girlfriend?' He nodded eagerly, his eyes were wide, too wide and filled with hope. I smiled and nodded.  'Only if you promise to t....' He crashed his lips on mine before I could finish my sentence, the force pushing me back into the board. He kissed me hungrily, like his life depended on my lips. He dragged my body down so my back would be on the bed and head on the pillow. I could barely keep up with him. I broke the kiss to catch my breath, I stopped him from kissing me again.  'Mace, too fast, slow down please....' He forced my shirt open. 'Mace!'

   'I know,' he sighed and eyed my slightly opened chest for a while before closing it. 'I'm sorry, I don't have an excuse.'

   'It's okay,' I whispered softly. He buttoned the shirt back and helped me up.

   'Savannah!' Dad called, he sounded furious, I gasped, he don't like me going close to boys.

   'He's going to kill me!' I panicked.

   'Relax,' Mace said calmly and carried the white kitten. Dad barged into my room.  'Good evening sir.'

   'Macedon? What are you doing here?'

   'I came to see her,' he replied calmly.

   'And who told you you could come see my daughter in my house? Why are you shirtless and why is she wearing your shirt? Did you touch my Angel? D....'

   'Billy!' Mom exclaimed from behind him, so embarrassing.   'Have you forgotten what grandpapi told us? Have you?' I was blushing and hiding my face. 'Go away before I punish you,' she commanded.

   'But Anne...'

   'You're embarrassing your daughter in front of her boyfriend, show her some respect..... You guys are dating, right?' Mace chuckled. 'Yay! I can see my gra....er....Billy, out!' She pushed dad out while he glared at Mace.

   'Now I know where the madness comes from....'

   'Are you trying to say I'm mad?' I pouted.

   'Crazy rather,' I smiled and grinned. I have a boyfriend!


   I chuckled silently as I watched Ace amusedly, he was polishing my nails meticulously with tongue out to exaggerate concentration. I taught him a little before my eye started hurting so we stopped. Then he insisted he polished my nails, why? I don't even know. We were in my room, on my bed.

Funny fact, he was doing it perfectly. Now I know who polish his nails. No wonder he loves nail polish.

   'Ace,' I called softly.


   'How many enemies do you have?'

   'That's an unusual question,' he said absent mindedly. He wiped the corner of my index finger diligently.  'I lost count.'

   'Why? Can you try apologizing to the ones you remember?'

   'That's something I can't do because anything I do, I do it unconsciously.'

   'Are you sure?' I giggled.

   'I am almost 90% sure,' I kicked him with my leg. 'Whaaaaat,' he laughed. 'Okay, I'll try. Will that make you happy?'

   'Very,' I grinned. He nodded and continued what he was doing. I noticed the way he somehow touched me at interval, the way his hands moved to my legs sometimes. What concern my thighs and my hands.....sneaking pig!   'Ace, why are you touching me?'

   'Me? When did I do that? I'm polishing, not touching.' He said with a serious face but I could detect his nervousness. His eyes gave him out, I liked it anyways. I didn't wear bumshort for nothing.

   'Ace, if you touch me again, I'll slap you.' I threatened, didn't mean it.

   'I'm not!' He defended, I shook my head and faced the TV.  'I'm going for a photoshoot at 6, wanna come?'

   'Why should I be there? Just watch you stand there and look pretty?'

   'Hey! You know I'm pretty!' He squealed, I chuckled and smiled. My smile dropped as her face appeared on the TV, my head burnt with anger.   'Are you alright?'

   'I'm fine,' I said through gritted teeth.  'Why do you think I'm not?'

   'You're squeezing the remote,' I looked at him and rolled my eyes. He looked at the TV and then at me.  'You look a lot like Elizabeth Shawn.' She stated the obvious.

   'That's because Elizabeth Shawn is my mother.' I said angrily and turned off the TV. His face was priceless. Why wouldn't it? She's a freaky rich woman, after marrying and divorcing three wealthy men, she got all the money she ever desired.

   'How?' I didn't lie, I told him everything, how she left and all. I didn't know I was crying when I was telling him until he pulled me into a cuddle and wiped my cheeks.  'It's okay, everything will be alright.' It already is.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

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