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The Greek Gods-Chapter Eight


The Greek Gods-Chapter Eight

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I stared at Maglificent as she scribbled on the whiteboard and spoke diligently with so much zeal, enthusiasm and confident, she loved what she was doing. I was more focused on her beautiful body, covered by a hoody and bowl cut jeans but still alluring. I was hundred percent sure she had no idea how sexy her body was and even if she did know, she probably didn't care. She wore the hood, hiding my favorite part of her body, the one I'd seen, her neck. All I wanted was to slam her ass but Tatiana already threatened me not to and she'll know if I dare.

'...when you're stuck between the 3 and 2, remember that you ought not to subtract or divide, instead you multiply it to get an even number....' She looked over her shoulder and frowned. 'Please tell me I haven't been wasting my saliva for almost an hour,' I shrugged. 'On c'mon!'

'You're wasting your time, I'm a dunce,'

'I am absolutely sanguine about your improvement in your studies,' she said confidently. 'I can teach you but I need you to at least put up some effort as well,' she said calmly as she made her way to me. 'Learn or I'll brick your head,' she threatened.

'Wow,' I said sarcastically. 'What else can you do to my head?' I asked suggestively with a merry wiggle of my brows. She tilted her head in confusion. 'There are other types of heads love, what can you do to my perfect little head?' She bit down on her lower lip as her forehead slowly rufescent and cheeks take on a bright pink shade.

'Would you like me to move to English?' She asked softly, ignoring my flirty attempt. I had a feeling she wasn't going to be that easy to tweedle into my net. She knelt down but lost her balance, knocking the cup of pens off the table. 'I'm so sorry,' she apologized, fiddling with the pens but only making more mess.

'It's just a stack of lame pens, forget it,' I said amusedly, she was strangely cute. 'Why don't we learn something else?' She raised her questioning brow at me, I smirked.

'Please, don't do that or I'll leave,' she said under her breath, fiddling with the edge of the table. 'I mean it.'

'Why? You scared of a massive dick....' She choked on nothing and coughed violently, I chuckled. 'Virgin?'

'None of your business,' she coughed. 'Can we just focus on why I'm here before you start acting tyrannically towards me again.'

'You think I'm a tyrant?'

'And a misanthropist, a cruel one,' she said lowly.

'I'm not a misanthropist, I'm a philanthropist to the core,' I said proudly. 'My altruistic acts can get me a throne in heaven if I die...'
'You spoilt my phone!' She yelled, she sighed. 'I'm sorry but you're nothing close to an angel, you're a tyrant and that's that.'

'Is that what you think of me?'

'Yes,' she dropped the stacked pens and opened my book. 'Let's start allover again and you better listen or I'll make sure to resign as soon as possible.'

'Do I care?' I scoffed.

'My instinct says you do buddy,' she scribbled something on the book and scrunched her nose. 'What is the meaning of flannie?'
'What's that? I thought we were learning mathematics?' She shrugged and stood up.

'What is flannie?' I pointed to my flannie shirt and smirked. 'Good, I'll be giving you some vocabulary words for you to study. I'll ask you randomly at anytime, you fail one, then I do this,' the next thing I felt was an electrical charge on my wrist. 'Sorry, I take my teaching job seriously. Let's begin....' What the fuck!

Five things I don't joke with, money. Money need to be spent well with great regards and consciousness. Two, books. Books need to be respected, no stupid book pongs or misuse of the amazing piece of sheets. Three, when I teach, I'm very serious, no jokes. Four, I don't like it when anybody touches my hair or body, I don't like people standing so close to me, it's irritating. Five, my dad.

'What's the answer?' He itched his head helplessly, I snuck electric bugs into his rings, chain brackets and necklace. Don't ask me how, I mean business when it comes to tutoring. That was how I met Savannah and how I taught her how to study. 'Ace...'

'Am I suppose to add or multiply again?' He asked confusedly. I sighed and secretly pressed the remote in my hood pocket. He groaned and whimpered. 'Don't you think it's fair to harm your student?'

'Not when he's you. If I don't do this, you won't learn.'

'I'm Ace Davison, don't you realise who I am?' I wiped the board and smiled, as a teacher I won't care but as Magenta, I would freak out.

'Let's retry this,' I walked to him and sat down not too close. 'What exactly in the equation are you finding difficult?'

'The fact that books even exist!'
'Should I electrocute you again?'

'Mace was wrong when he said your friend's the witch, you are,' he huffed.

'Glad to know,' I started the equation allover again, I stylishly removed all the bugs and kept them back in my pockets.

'I'm done,' he announced. I took my time to access his work. 'Did I get it?'

'One out of five, you almost got number 4 but then you made a mistake here. Wanna try allover again?'

'How much do I need to pay to get rid of you?'

'Can you sponsor my education until I completely graduate?'

'Why would I do that?' He scoffed.

'So stop dretching the lesson, zip it and learn,' he cursed under his breath but still paid attention. An hour later, I was packing my stuffs into my bag while he checked himself for the bugs I planted on him. 'Do you need some f'rinstances to get your eyesight in check? Maybe you can find it then,' I suggested mockingly. He huffed. He did get three out of five, that was impressive for his first day.

'You're insufferable! I can't flirt with you, I can't get rid of you. What then am I to do?'

'Study, excel so I can move on with my life,' I carried my bag and walked out. He ran after me, the school was empty, no student left. 'What?' I stammered, I was back to Magenta.

'Need a lift? It's pretty late.'

'I can manage,'

'I don't think this school will work out, one day they might lock us in here.'

'Why do you think they will,' I sighed. He pushed the door but it didn't burge.

'See what I mean?' I walked to the door and pushed it, locked. I can't be stuck with him! 'Can you jump from high places?'

'I'm afraid of height,' I whined. He laughed and pulled me along with him to the window close by. It wasn't high at all since we were in the first floor. 'Can you jump this?' I nodded, he opened the window and jumped down. 'Jump down love,' I sat on the window and jumped, he caught me.

'Please don't stand too close,' I protested pushing him off. My courage was really fascinating me.

'A simple thank you would have been nice,' he muttered. 'You hungry?'

'No,' my stomach grumbled. He chuckled and licked his lips. 'I'll stop at my dad's restaurant, he'll give me something good to eat.'

'Good, you owe me for electrocuting me,' he walked away. 'Come on slowpoke!!!' I sighed and followed him. I thought he was proud, what was this.

I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel as the punk rock music blasted the air from the speaker. I expected her to be uncomfortable with the music but she didn't even react, just stared out of the window like I wasn't the one sitting beside her. She's hell strange. The first day I met her, she was quiet and shy and I was positive she would be easy and gullible. She was proving me wrong, she damn electrocuted me. No one, not even crazy Jace or Mace had tried that. Even if I wanted to touch her, it was obvious she won't be easy at all.

She was unknowingly challenging me and I love challenges.

'Turn left,' she instructed coldly. I stir the wheel left.

'Teaching aside, are you single?'
'No.' She deadpanned.

'Who's your boyfriend? A church rat?' She bit her bottom lip and suckered on it. 'How's he like?'
'He's perfect and better than you if that's what you want to hear.' She spat out, her eyes were distant, like she was thinking of something. She smiled.

'No one can be better than me,'

'I'll let you believe that,' she looked out of the window again. 'How's Mace?'

'You mean Reverend Father Macedon Delacroix,' I laughed and hit the steering wheel. She wore a puzzled look, I grinned and wiggled my brows. Her face slowly lit up as she understood the meaning. She laughed, her beautiful laugh shutting mine up.
'Is it that bad?' I looked ahead, my heart was beating strangely. 'Is it that bad?' She repeated.

'Yeah, he can't....he might lose his...lose...and...it's....I...' I was stuttering. I was confuse, what is happening!

'Are you alright?' She asked chucklingly. I nodded and wiped my face with my handkerchief. 'You're not sweating....'

'I know,' I bent over to get the water bottle from the back refrigerator.

'Are you crazy!!!!' She yelled grabbing the wheels which I left. I didn't care, something was wrong. I took the water and climbed back down. 'Are you nuts?!!! Do you want us dead!!!' I raised my finger and opened the bottle, I gulped down the content and threw the can out of the window. I took the wheels back and stepped on the gas. 'Why are you increasing the speed?'

'I'm racing...'

'But we're here already, see?' She pointed to the building I was approaching. I sighed and drove into the small compound and parked the car. 'Are you okay?'

'I don't know, I'm suddenly disoriented.' I replied itching the scruff of my neck.

'I really wanna eat into the crust of a crab or lobster right now so you can go race, where do we start our tutoring now?'

'You can come over to my place, I'll pick you up after school.'

'Don't I have a say in this?' She asked frowningly.

'Nope, no get your peasant ass out of my car.'

'Jerk,' she opened the door.

'Seatbelt you idiot,'

'Mmm,' she stuck her tongue out, cute. She tried to remove the belt but it can only be remove by me, automatic. I reached forward and unlocked it. 'Is this some kind of fingerprint seatbelt?' I shrugged. She rolled her eyes and got out of the car, she slammed the door shut and stomped to the building. I watched her until she disappeared in, she had natural modelling steps, she could be a model in a heartbeat.

'Why am I disoriented?' I mused as I started the car. 'Oh well.'

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