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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 9


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 9

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Hunter's Pov
I yawned quietly, my eyes slowly open to a blur, my vision slowly dilated as I study my environment, Amirah was below me her eyes were shut, a sight of her cleavage popped up, I realized I rested on her boobs as my erection acted up, I quickly got away from her breathing heavily.

She was wearing a short pink night gown, my eyes trailed from her thighs up to her cleavage.

How the hell did I end up on top of her, I tried to remember but all I recalled was going to the office smoking and drinking and the rest were a blur and I ended up on Amirah probably forcing my weight on her.

She slowly opened her eyes, her vision must have been blurred because she just stared at a daze before she got up.

"Good Morning." she greeted without sparing me a glance.

Before I could reply Norah came in with her hand bandaged up, her eyes were puffy probably from not sleeping through out the night.

"The body was dumped as instructed, the authorities have confiscated the dead body." Norah said.

"What happened to your hand?" I asked while she tries to shrug it off.

"Nothing, just a minor accident." she said but I could tell she was lying.

"it doesn't look like a minor accident." I said as she froze.

"I. I. cut my hand through glass, it won't happen again." she said while I nodded at her and trace my stare back to Amirah.

"Go freshen up you have a job to do." I said walking out on the both of them.

I pulled out my phone to see no calls from Delilah and I stopped halfway to the stairs.

"Norah... " I called out
"Yes Hunter?? "

"Get Kaleb to track Delilah's phone." I said and continued my steps without letting her reply to my comment.
Paisleys Pov
The Dominiquez have multiple houses all over the world, three in Nashville and a multiple of other houses that I can't recall.

Delilah legally had access to a few of them since she was the wife of Hunter and as I've heard she was staying in one of those houses.

Derek drove me to see her after informing me that she and Hunter were separated just yesterday, though this isn't the first time they fought but they've never thought of separation.

The drive to her place was quiet, ever since I came back to Nashville me and Derek have grew distant.

He's always busy since he got promoted and never have time for me I can't help to to think I'm the only one in this relationship.

My mind went back to the text I got this morning, I haven't replied to it yet it was just too sudden, I didn't even get a heads up I'll reply it later in the day.

"What are you thinking about ?" Derek asked noticing my change of expression.

"Have you heard anything from your Uncle coming back to Nashville? " I asked

"I'm not the person to ask maybe Hunter is aware of it, maybe you should ask him." he suggested and I nodded. "why are you asking?" he further questioned.

"Nothing important, it's just I just had a trip to the past." I said as our conversation ended there driving quietly to Delilah's.
Amirah's Pov
I walked side by side with Norah and some guards, somehow to make sure I won't escape, The company looked like any normal company which had me confused with what they actually do.

The guards left leaving me with Norah as we both stride through an hallways with a door ahead of us.

We both barged in to see Hunter sitting down on a swivel chair and a desk in between blocking him from us.

"So what now? " I asked looking at Hunter back in the eyes.

Norah seemed to be disgusted with my reply on how I talked to Hunter but I didn't care at the moment.

"Everyone thinks I'm dead, I left my life in New York to be what honestly? " my hands were folded and I was disgusted.

"You still owe me my debt." he replied.

"Then how can I repay it." I requested for my freedom.
"You'll work for me, until you pay every penny." he said.

"And how? "

He got up from his chair walking up to me, my defenses were down as I tried my best not to look scared.

"A sex therapist Laker Kult has been under our radar for six months, he's been smuggling hard drugs and raping thousands of women, some to their deaths, six months ago he borrowed a loan inconsistently under three different forged account." he said and I tried not to loose my breath.
"So how do I get involved?" I asked as Hunter smirks at me.
"You're his next Victim." he said and I swear I almost lost my breath.

"You're risking my life to do what exactly?" I asked stupidly.

"He's been spotted in Denver illegally dumping dead bodies of women he raped along with drugs he used and is said to attend the wedding of one of the drug lords in Detroit, your Job is to get noticed by him so we can track his location."

I tried to take the information heartily but my life was in stake.
"Why can't Norah go? " I asked.
"He already know her and she'll be the one to call back up if anything goes wrong, this isn't your choice to choose." he said as I nodded.

"Norah, tell Kaleb to prepare for Detroit we have a wedding to crash." Hunter added.
I was all dressed up for the so called drug lord wedding, I got extension to highlight my hair and my makeup was done by a middle aged lady who worked for Hunter on this kind of situations.

I wore a black laced short gown which still had a slit cut at it's side.
I felt exposed and nervous for my life but I remind myself I'm doing it to pay my debt, then I'll go back to Ariel.

Norah and Kaleb walked in.
"You look sexy Amirah." Kaleb complimented, I couldn't hold back my blush, Norah on the other hand ignored my existence as Hunter walked in with some guards and just stared awfully long at my direction.

He stopped, scaling me from top to bottom.

"Hunter the Jets to Detroit are ready we'll arrive in Detroit in less than two hours." Norah interrupted Hunter from staring on as he nods.

He leaves first before the rest of us followed.
We arrived at Detroit as the Jets settled down, then some black jeeps took us to the place of the wedding.

I got down from the jeep putting on the earrings that Kaleb handed over to me to communicate with them.

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Some of the guards follow me behind, I stride to the entrance as the bouncer let's me in without a problem, probably because I had entourage and as soon as I entered they were all gone.

"Amirah do you copy." I heard Kaleb through the earrings.
"Yes I'm in the building where the fuck is this Doctor Laker?" I asked looking around.

The wedding was huge and beautiful for a drug lord they know how to plan a wedding.

"He's flirting with the bridesmaids, he's wearing a blue plaid suit and blonde gelled hair." I scan the crowd to see the so called Laker, I took a deep breath trying to walk up to him but I bumped into someone but he caught me before I fell.

He slowly lift me back to my feet as we stare into each other eyes.
"Are you OK? " the stranger asked, I panicked internally as he charmed his perfect smile I shyly smiled nervously.

"I'm.. I'm.. Really sorry about that.. " I stuttered flushed in embarrassment looking back to see Doctor Laker Is no more.

My heart dropped instantly as I pushed away the stranger in attempt to find Doctor Laker.

"Hello, Kaleb, anyone." I tested the earrings to communicate with them but they were off signal.

Norah's Pov
I sneaked into the male bathroom to see Doctor Laker pointing my gun at him.

"Norah?? how are you doing." he asked.

"I didn't come here to talk, this is Amirah Rivera" I showed him a picture of that little bitch. "She's the daughter of the Rivera's a threat to the Dominiquez and I need your help to take care of her." I said

"And why would I do that? You guys are the ones that want me dead" he asked with a smirk.
"If you have a gun, shoot me as long as you want I won't fall down so think carefully and do what I'm about to tell you and I'll spare your life." I threatened.

"or else what?? " he asked.

"I'll shoot you in your prick."
Amirah's Pov
I looked round but no sign of doctor Laker I almost gave hope but then he showed up and asked me for a dance, I took his hand as I tried to dance with him and hope I could hear Kaleb communicating with me but I heard nothing.

After the dance the wedding started.

We were instructed to take our seats as some did I wanted to take mine but Laker took me by my hand.

"What about we head to my condo." he whispered into my thoughts, my throat was dried and my heart was pounding.

"I'm sorry I can't I need to meet my boyfriend." I lied as he chuckled to himself pulling me closer and running his disgusting fingers through my hair.

"Let's go Amirah.. " he whispered into my ears, my legs were weak and my heart went through a mini seizure.

"How... How do you know my name." I muttered shocked as he smiled.

"let's go to my Condo and I'll tell you how? "

Hunter's Pov
"What do you mean you lost connection with Amirah and Norah." I asked.

"it just happened, Norah can take care of herself but Amirah is still in there and if she comes across Laker without any protection she'll be good as dead." Kaleb said, I heave a deep breath.

"Can't we track anything?" I asked
"Laker is hard to track down but we could track the vehicles and transfer that transacted in Detroit and trace his location." he said.
"Send in some guards to search the wedding if she's still around, and if she's not track down Laker."
Amirah's Pov
The car came to a stop in front of a condo as we both checked in. I sat down feeling nervous.
"What can I get you??" he asked with a devilish smirk.
"Nothing, I really need to go please." I tried to say that without panicking but I was.

"Don't you want to find out what I have in stored for you." he said getting on top of me sliding the hand of my dress down slowly.

I pushed him away from me trying to run away but in the process he injected me.

I fell limb on the floor, he swept me off in bridal style carrying me to his room, I struggle from his grasp but I was weak, my eyes were heavy as I stressed them open.

He kicked the door down tossing me on the bed, in a split second he was on top of me.

He Kisses my neck down but instead he bites it till my neck hurts.

I cried but as he slipped me away from my dress, his hands trailed down to my panties as he tried to teeth it but the next thing I heard was a gunshot.

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