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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 8


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 8

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Delilah's Pov
I ended up going to a strip club with my bag hung over my shoulders, there was loud music and male strippers entertaining the crowd as women salivate over their body, I didn't come here to fuck I came here to get drunk.
I put my hand bag down at the counter getting the attention of the bartender.

"What will it be? " it was a female bartender she was shaking a bottle of tequila and got a cerenade glass, I just nodded as she sits the glass down on the counter, she opened it and pour in a glass. I lift up the glass and chug down a full shot, squinting my eyes shut and slamming the glass back down.

"give me another one." I requested and without hesitation she poured another glass, I again quickly chug it down.

"Just give me the bottle." I hissed in despair snatching the bottle away from her grasp slowly drinking the tequila, my head felt light and tipsy I tipped the bartender lifting up the bottle and walking up to one of the male strippers as women showered their money on him and lustfully grinding their ass on him.

I wasn't in my sane mind, he reached out to me hugging me from resting a chin on my shoulders.

"How about you give me a lap dance." he whispered quietly as thrills ran down my spine.

I didn't give a damn in the world at this point, he took away my drink as I grinded my ass at him, the crowd went wild, I kept dancing my ass out while while drinking, I felt someone yank me away from the crowd, it was non other than Derek.

"What the fuck Derek? " I drunkly yelled at him.

"I should be the one yelling what the fuck are you doing here?" he yelled as I grew confused, I couldn't see straight but I knew Derek's voice well.

"What does it look like I'm doing I'm having fun." I spilled as he looked round.

"I don't know how you ended up here but you're coming with me." he said gripping tightly to my hand trying to drag me out which he successfully did and back to his car.

He locked the doors of his car that was packed 10 feet away from the club.

"Derek let me go." I tried unlocking the doors but I was trapped.

"What the fuck are you doing in a strip club?" he asks.

"How the hell did you find me?" I asked

"You texted me by accident that you wanted me to pick you up instead of Paisley." he said and that all makes sense but I wasn't drunk I was empty and I needed warmth.

"Then why didn't you forward it to Paisley." I whispered while he search for his keys.

"She went out drinking with her Co workers and her phone is switch off I can't reach her." he succeeded in finding his keys and putting it in the key hole, the car engine kicked to life.

"Now what the fuck were you doing in that strip club giving a stripper a lap dance." he asked my reply was cold silence, he pulled out his keys and the car runs cold.
"What happened??" he asked but again nothing but a silent reply, I didn't want to talk about it.

"Delilah?? "

"if you want to help just shut up and unlock the doors." I muttered under my breath and the atmosphere was quiet between us.

"Then I'll call Hunter." he said
"Don't call him take me anywhere please." I muttered under my breath I knew he felt bad from me, I took a few glances from the rearview mirror, he started up the car and turned up the radio trying to fill the atmosphere with heartfelt music, he stop in front of his apartment as the car engine died down.

"Paisley won't be back until the morning so you can stay till you get your mind together." he said, the lights were blank with only us souls breathing.

"Thank you." I muttered, we were both silent for a while, I turned to look at him so did he, everything was dark and souless except the a song that came up the radio.

He leaned in to wipe away my tear, leaning closer we were a inch apart.

My lightly drunk self was begging for him to kiss me and without hesitation he played according to my thoughts, cupping my cheeks he kissed me hard, I didn't hesitate to kiss him back, his hands trailed down to my recliner as my seat laid down. We both breath hard kissing each other desperately, he pushed his leg to my side of the car pushing me down successfully as he dominantly plants kisses down my neck.

The image of Hunter invision on Derek's face, I didn't know what was real anymore as his fingers run down the ropes of my trench coat about to loosen It.

"Hunter please touch me.. " a moan escaped from my lips all I wanted was for Hunter to touch me fantasy or not.

"Hunter's not here to touch you but I will."
Hunter's Pov
I went straight to work after arguing with Delilah for not meeting with her demands.

I was done going through some of the documents, I picked up her phone and decided to call her sister, maybe she had an idea where Delilah was. There wasn't any positive feedback her phone was switched off. I decided to call Derek to ask Paisley but he wasn't picking up either.

This was'nt the first time we had problems about this and usually she goes out drinking with Paisley or some friends after but this time she asked for a break and even took some of her clothes.

I wanted to call her but I was mad she left, I put down my phone and pick another pack of cigarettes.
I plugged one in between my lips lighting it up and smoked again which was slowly becoming an addiction.

She always came back or she was always the first to call, she will come back eventually.
Delilah's Pov
My vision strained at the break of dawn, I looked up to see Derek burying his head down my bossoms, my head hurt so bad then I remembered getting drunk and having sex with Derek inside his car, I don't want Derek, I want Hunter.

I jerked up instantly looking for my trench coat which was tossed at the back, I picked it up as Derek woke up with his eyes half open yawning like a bafoon.

"How could you just take advantage of me Derek." I half yelled knotting my hair into a messy bun and adjusting my trench coat.

"So you're blaming me." he cooed
"Yes, for your information I was the drunk one, you could have driven me home."

"And who is to blame? You went to a strip club and gave a lap dance to a stripper if I hadn't got there you could have been filmed and would have been over the news" he said unlocking the car.

"And you decided to fuck me in your car instead." I said.

"Don't act innocent Delilah, you were hurt and in pain tugging on to my collar, what's so different about this one this isn't the first time we've fucked."

"I was drunk." I said half heartedly because I was aware of what I was doing.

"Influence or not I had to." he said, I was disgusted with me, cheating on my husband with Derek just to get over the pain.

I unbuckled my belt coming down from the car. "Stay the fuck away from me as from now on" I yelled before slamming the door and took to my heels.
Amirah's Pov
I handed the warm towel I prepared to Paisley as she presses it on her head.

I went back to the kitchen to get a glass of warm lemon water and handed it over to her.

"That will help with the hangover, how many did you even drink?" I chuckled asking her.

"Thanks a lot Amirah, the girls were crazy." she said looking dazed.

"Are they your friends? " I asked
"No, just some Co workers, one of them got engaged to her childhood sweetheart and we went out to get some drinks, I couldn't say no to free drinks." she giggled drinking her glass of warm lemon water.
"Aww I'm so happy for her."

"She was the first to leave after taking two shots her fiance paid for our tab in advance while he took her home." She grinned excitedly.

"So how did I end up here again?" she asked as I face palmed myself in my thoughts.

"You came banging the door 4 in the morning, screaming let me fucking in Theresa" I said as she spits out her drink and laughed.
"Seriously??" she squealed and I nodded.

"oh my God." she chuckled in embarrassment

"You were so drunk and then you collapsed on the couch." I said reminding her how she woke up in this scenario.

"I'm never drinking again." she said as I just smiled. "wow my head hurts less, you sure know how to help with hangovers."

"oh yeah my roommate use to come home drunk all the time so I whipped up a trick my sister taught me."

"You have a sister?" she asked, I was glad she did not ask me about Avery.

"yeah, but she disappeared years ago." I said as my expression fell and Paisley noticed.

"Well I'm sorry about that but she's awesome, if she didn't teach you I would have fucking died from an Hangover" I couldn't help but giggle, she accidentally tapped the remote switching on the TV.

~Young lady found in the river banks of New York, the deceased was 20 days dead and was brutally attacked with severe knife cuts and bruises and probably died of bleeding, she was confirmed to be... ~

I switched off the TV in panic.
"Amirah? " Paisley hissed "I was watching that?" she frowned.
"I was uncomfortable." I lied but deep down I was broken but I couldn't cry in front of Paisley.

"Well if you didn't help with my hangover I would have been Hella upset, I just hope who ever killed that young lady will pay." she said drinking her last glass and picked up her phone that was charging a while ago.

"Well I better go home, thanks a lot and maybe next time we can both get drunk." she joked as I escort her out and slammed the door behind her.

I picked up the glass and towel and went to dispose of them and thought about how Avery seemed very alike like Paisley, if she heard I was dead she wouldn't even care, she'll be glad of letting go of dead weight.

But Ariel, how would she feel??
Someone knocked on the door and I went to answer it, maybe Paisley left something again.

I opened it to see Hunter he looked horrible and smelled like burnt out cigarettes and Alcohol.
His eyes were red stuck on me.


He sighed trying to lift his leg off the ground he was damn tired, I helped shut the door dragging him but then he collapsed and forced his weight on me as we both collapsed to the couch.

"Delilah.." he whispered into my ears resting his head on my bosoms.

I couldn't move, he went stiff but was breathing, I was trapped.

Paisley Pov
I switched off my phone to see multiple text then I received a recent one from an unknown number.

~Unknown number~
"I'm back."
My eyes widened in shock as it slipped past my grasps crashing down to the floor.
"He's back" I quietly muttered to myself.
To be continued

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