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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 7


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 7

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
I lost my voice, my lips quivered and I went pale, I was expecting him to belt me or something but instead he asked for a seduction game.

"I... I.. " I had nothing to say.

In a yank he swept me off my feet like a bag of nothing tossing me on my bed and climbing on top of me, I was dumbstruck, he dominantly trapped me under him.

His hands went to my velvet top knotted not so secure, one loose and my boobs will be in display, i breathe hard catching my breath, Hunters hand trailed up teasingly playing with it like he was going to yank it right now and nude me.

He leaned closer planting pecks riding down my neck, I moaned softly under his touch as he further roughs my neck his hand trailed down to my top again ready to yank it off loosen my top.

From my desk drawer his phone rang getting off me while I try to recollect my thoughts my stomach churned upset but I was relieved it was over but I wanted it.

He looked over his phone heading out to the door but stopped before he turned to get a look at my expression.

"Go freshen up and get a lot of rest you'll need it." he said and left like nothing conspired between us but the biggest mystery of all was I wanted it and the thought of it made my skin crawl.
Norah's Pov
After dropping Amirah off we drove and rented a ferry where we took the dead body to as we left the banks of Nashville, I secured the dead body and leaned against the bars of the ferry deep in my thoughts.

"Norah" I snapped out of my thoughts, Kaleb stood next to me with two bottles of vodka and an awkward smile and leaned on the bars like me but next to me as we both looked down at water beds.

"if you think about it more you're only going to get yourself hurt Norah." he tossed me a bottle and an opener, I opened it and slurped down my emotions.

"I fucking gave him my heart but no matter how hard i tried he doesn't even try to notice me." I said gulping down hard.

My dad raped me when I was 6 and my mom sold me when I was nine to the Dominiquez to pay off her debt, everyone treated me like a peice of shit except for Hunter, he stuck up for me in times of need and took care of me and saw me as nothing but his sister but I wanted more than that, I wanted to be with him, but sadly he got married to Delilah long before I had a chance.

I tried everything to get my mind off him, hooking up with other guys and experimenting with drugs and parties but all I wanted was for him to lick my cunt and taste me.

That wasn't going to happen any fucking time and then came Amirah that bitch, I wished I killed her when I had the chance, the way Hunter looks at her drives me insane he never even gave Delilah that look and it drives me so mad that I wouldn't mind glocking her.

My drink broke in my grasps, the chards of the drink sank through my skin and I was bleeding.

"Norah?" Kaleb panicked dropping his bottle and attending to me.
I pushed him off violently but he gripped hold of my hand while it was bleeding profusely.

"Fuck off.. " I cried struggling away from his grasp but he wouldn't let me go, I didn't know when tears came streaming down my cheeks, Kaleb notices and pulls me into a hug patting me gently.
"Why doesn't he love me Kaleb? " at this point I didn't have control over my speech under the influence of the drink.
Hunter's Pov
I pace round my bedroom one last time, I couldn't control myself.
I've been alone with thousands of women and non of them could turn me on or unleash the beast in me, if it wasn't for the phone call I would have fucked her.

I only meant to tease her but I went too far.

My mind ran back to the event, her soft moans drove me insane and the image of her afraid of me is stuck in my mind.

I shook my head and pulled out a packet of cigarettes and lighted one and started smoking to get my mind off it but truth is I want her on my bed.
Norah's Pov
Kaleb helped bandage my hand after my breakdown, it felt so good to finally tell someone, I went to unstrap the body, Kaleb stood next to me.

"Kaleb I'm fine I don't need any help dumping the body." I insisted, he heaved a deep sigh and let me do my job as I dumped the body into the water, it felt good because I pretended it was Amirah's.

"OK we're done, report that to the police and we should head back to Nashville." I said as he nodded.
"Thanks Kaleb." I said and walked out of him before he could get a second to reply me.
Hunter's Pov
I picked up my coat buttoning up the sleeves, Delilah walked In probably back from one of her conference.

She walked up towards me with a smirk planting a peck on my lips.
"Where are you off to? " she seductively turned up her charm massaging my shoulders.

"To the office, Norah and Kaleb are away so I decided to get some work done and go through the company documents to clear my mind." she backed up a little shutting the door and locking it.
She wore a black trench coat smiling seductively walking slowly towards me pushing me until I sat down on my bed, she held tight to the ropes of the coat.
"why don't you stay home instead and have dinner" she climbs on top of me encircling her legs round me.

I smirked at her reply, she teases my neck down with her kiss, I grabbed her ass as she takes of her coat revealing her red laced bikini which sculpted her curves in the right places.

Her lips mauled into mine devouring it with desperation, massaging my shoulders she trailed her hands down to my coat yanking off it's buttons, sliding it away and tossing it to a far corner of the room, she pushes me down to the bed massaging my torso swiftly I summarsulted her pinning her down to the bed, she quickly unbuttoned the last button.

My lips grazed her skin down to her collar bone, I cupped both her breast, trailing the kisses down her boobs, she moaned.

My kisses trailed down to her cunt as I teethed her laced underwear down her thighs stroking my tongue in between her thighs.

"Choke me" she moaned, I slide her panties down and toss it away, I quickly struggled to take off my pants but summarsulted her say on top me, she unclip her bra as her boobs bounce in alignment.

She resumed to kissing me stimulating my orgasm as I pinned her down back again i reached out to a packet of condoms.

She pushed me off her and trapped me on our bed.

"Forget it... " she hummed kissing my neck trying to take of my pants but I jerked away from her.

"We were doing just fine." she croaked unfailingly hiding she was disappointed.

"Delilah I told you I'm not ready." I said furious she was trying to have sex without condoms.

"Then when will you be ready?? When?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about this? " I said getting up adjusting my pants up.

"I want to talk about this, I've been waiting for 10 years Hunter how much time do you need, I thought finally this time you'll be different didn't that give you enough time to think about having a child? "
she asked in a sob.

"You won't understand." I stated.
"Then make me understand Hunter, I want kids, I want our children to be running and playing around, I didn't pressure you I waited for ten years if then when do you want to have kids." she broke into a sob.

"Did your father put you up to this? What did he promise you this time? Money, cars a new dealership with some fashion ambassadors? I can give you all that Delilah." I flared up.

"I don't want money, I don't want anything, I stood by you all these while, I loved and cherished you, I left my father and my sister just to own your Last name and now I want kids but you're just being selfish."

"Delilah.. " I sighed feeling a pang of guilt.

"Make me understand why I can't have everything I ever wanted." she said breaking into a cry.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you." I said trying to console her.

She backed up away from me picked up her french coat, and packing a little bag with some of her stuff, she knotted her trench coat hugging her body as she lift up her handbag.

"I tried everything but I think it has conclude to this, I want a break from this marriage Hunter and until you're ready we are henceforth separated."

Anymonous Pov
I got down from the plane holding my passport and my bags and head to the airport.
"I'm back Nashville"

~To be continued~

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