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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 6


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 6

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
"Drink more water and make sure you have a lot of rest so you won't have more of those mind elapses."

Hunter was in the living room watching everything that the doctor did, the last thing I remember was feeling dizzy and passing out.

It turns out Hunter had a reason for me to stay home, I was short on blood and my body needed rest to make more, unfortunately I wasn't into sticking to one place and I hate check ups.

We were at the Dominiquez mansion in the living room, Paisley stood few feets away from me feeling guilty completely after knowing my condition and kept apologizing non stop while Norah on the other hand leaned against a wall and breathe because that was the only thing entertaining since she got pulled out of school because of me.

"Eat more Veggies and fruits and no more shopping also." the doctor advised again.

"Sorry." Paisley muttered again and right now I wish she could just fucking quit it, I didn't die.

"You're good to go" she shared me a smile and looked back at Hunter.

"She's fine Hunter, no side effects like expected she felt a bit nauseous and passed out, she'll be fine but she needs to rest up 24 hours for the stimulants to work, you better not screw this up." she hissed and winks at me, Hunter stride towards her, his hands dug his pockets.

"Thank you doctor Ivy." Hunter greeted. "I'll make sure the treatments are paid." he said.

"No need Hunter, it's just a check up besides it's been long since I dropped by and also I like her. We'll send your greetings to your Uncle for me I heard he's finally coming back to The U.S." she said and Hunter nodded, Norah followed behind her to lock the door as she exits the house.

"What were you told?" he snarled at me, I felt he wanted to choke me.

"it was my fault, she told me she wanted to stay home but I dragged her anyways please don't be mad be mad at me instead, Delilah wasn't home so I took her instead."

Hunter sighed and looked down at his watch, Norah stood a few feet away from him.

"Norah go back to school, Paisley get out." he ordered dominantly shocking both ladies.

"But Hunter? " they both murmured, he did not give a fuck needless to say.

"You don't need me to repeat myself do you?"

The decision was made, Norah picked up her backpack and Paisley left some of the shopping bags down for me to keep, she left a card in my pockets possibly her phone number and was the last to shut the door closed.

I was left with Hunter alone in the living room.

My heart raced on the thought of it, slightly taking sharp breaths I tried to remain calm.

With a smirk he asked "Did you have fun?" he stood there hands down his pockets waiting for a reply but nothing came out but fear.

He sits down on a couch opposite facing me.

"You know it's funny, you're the one who owes me the debt but I'm the one spending." his words were like daggers straight to my heart but instead of killing me, my heart burst into an feeling of new emotions.

Again my mouth perfectly seems to glue shut as Hunter kills me with nothing but mere words.

"Paisley went all out shopping, don't you think" he shot his final smirk, he got up walking up to me and stopped an inch closer to him.
"What do you think the mistress gets when she does bad." thrills crawl down my spine, he knew I was irritated and he knew I couldn't do anything about it.

"I'm sorry." I apologized
"You have 24 hours, that means I can't touch you Amirah but when it's over pray you don't end up on my bed."
•you have 24 hours... Just pray you don't end up on my bed•
I laid down on my bed with mindless thoughts running through my head and everytime the last word that Hunter said always get stuck with my thoughts.

So was it a threat?? Or a bluff?? I thought hard until my head hurts.
Hunter went a while ago to work leaving me alone thinking about him, I mean what be said.

He's just fucking annoying getting into my head like that.

Gazing at the ceiling, memories of me and my sister came flooding back one after the other we were both happy until that terrible day, my parents were killed in front of me, my sister took me and we fled and after two years she disappeared.
~Time Skipped to a The next day~
I was done studying a book Paisley lend to me, she came earlier today just to see me before she went for her photoshoot but if she had her way she could have kidnapped me along, she could only talk to me and leave gifts, I felt like prisoner at some point.

The name of the book was called the art of seduction, I didn't even know why Hunter let me take it or why she gave it to me but I had to read up anyways cause I was fucking bored.

I got bored, leaving the book on my bed and heading to the living room to see Hunter talking with a man.

He was obviously rich in money and from the looks of it a fuck boy, if he has a girlfriend I pity that messed up pussy.

I trailed down the stairs trying to look unnoticed.

"Aren't you supposed to be resting? " Hunter arched a brow I stop to reply him.

"I'm done, I want to eat something." I said looking back at the stranger.

"Is she the girl?" the guy asked, his stare was vividly eerie and disgusting, I folded my arms to hover my boob just to get him to stop looking.

"Derek this is Amirah, she'll be serving as an household of the family." Hunter introduced

This is Hunter fraternal twin brother and Paisleys boyfriend.
Great I have two pervs to deal with.

"Welcome to the family." he winked, I just nodded and walked away from their conversation and when I came back he was already up and ready to go but kept stealing glances of me.

"Thank you." I managed to say needless of being empathic.
He finally left leaving me alone with Hunter but Hunter sat down glancing through his phone while I sit down quietly.

Norah walked in, Hunter looked up at her.

"Kaleb said that a detective was looking up at her background luckily they found nothing he's suggesting we buy a dead body." Hunter lift up his head to look up at her.

"And why would I buy a dead body?" he asked.

"Some detectives are looking under her case, Kaleb thinks it's best we buy a dead body disguise it as her and toss it by the river banks of New York, if they find out she's dead the case would be dropped." Norah said and my heart sank if I turn up dead Ariel will loose hope of me coming back.

"Do whatever the fuck you want, I'm off to attend a fundraiser, take Amirah and Kaleb with you so they can pick the right body and Kaleb will take care of the rest." she nodded but ignored my existence.
Anymonous Pov
I sat down exhausted after reading the book the art of seduction.
In a few days I'll be back in U.S. I just needed to wait
Amirah's Pov
As instructed we picked a dead body to replace me it was 20 days old with no family to finally bury it, it was exactly my weight and height, they just only messed with the face and hair to make it look like I was murdered.

After that was done Norah dropped me off home and drove off with Kaleb to probably dispose the body so they won't be coming home any time today.

I just went up to my room to see Hunter on my bed with a wicked smirk.

"I thought you went for a fundraiser? " I asked as he grinned nefariously.

"it was boring so I left and came home, your door was opened and I found this." he held up the book 'THE ART OF SEDUCTION'.

his watch ticked off with a noisy alarm, he got up from my bed walking up to me, he stopped and heel down a bit, his mouth warmed my ear teasing it with his breath.

"Your 24 hrs is up Amirah." my heart lept out of my chest for sure, I froze I didn't know what to say, my head was down and my heart was pounding.

His index finger traced my chin up as both our eyes locked in an intense stare, he leaned closer with a snickering snarl.
"Amirah, Seduce me."

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