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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 5


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 5

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
~A week later~

My eyes glimpse opened as I yawned and stretched elevating myself to see the empty room, it only had a bed I was sleeping In and an empty closet, Norah had to borrow me some of her clothes and I know she hates me more now.

I got down from my bed and went down with rough face to see Norah knotting Hunters tie, she seemed to be enjoying it but Hunter didn't pay any attention his eyes were stuck on me then I realized I slept with a sweater and my thighs were exposed, I clumsily yanked the sweater down trying to hide the image, I slipped but held to the rail of the stairs with my life which prevented me from making a fool of myself.

My cheeks were blossomed crimson red in embarrassment, I got hold of myself to see Hunter smiling, Norah noticed finally knotting his tie and greeted me with a death glare.

"You're up finally." I only nodded at his remark feeling washed in embarrassment as he pushed sleeves up.

"A bunch of medical practitioners are coming over to check on your blood level today, after they are done there are some books in my bedroom I want returned to the study room do not leave this house under any other circumstances have I made myself clear?" I nodded in reply to his request.

"Norah hand her some of your clothes and this time something not skimpy." Hunter ordered as she nodded clenching tightly to her fist ,striding up the stairs.

"Thank you." I muttered as he nodded while Norah came back down with some of her clothes and passed them to me.

"Hunter, Kaleb wants us at the office we shouldn't waste time." Norah said as Hunter nodded and left swiftly with her leaving me alone.

Delilah's Pov
"What do you want now? we aren't supposed to be meeting up when Paisley is in town." Derek asked sitting opposite me.

"This is not a meet up, rather it's an emergency." I said why Derek stared at me like I was crazy.

"Hunter brought a woman home last week." I muttered in a whisper.

"So?? "

"I've been to his workplace times without number and I've never seen her before." I said as he rolled his eyes.

"Hunter works with a lot of people mostly women what's different about her? " he asked.

"She's living with us." I said as Derek looked up at me in awe.

"Since When? And how come I didn't know about this? " he asked confused.

"I don't know, I did a background check on her and I found nothing but she was adopted last week, the same day she turned up, this is crazy." I half yelled.

"Look, Hunter must have a good reason why she was adopted and what are you worried about ?? Is she that smoking." he grinned as I kicked his food under the table.
"I don't trust her." I finally said.

"Then she is smoking alright." he teased as I rolled my eyes.

"She's nothing compared to me."

"Alright, I'm late for work just take care of yourself OK.. " he said, I nodded and he left.
Amirah's Pov
The medical practitioners or whatever didn't come as promised I only did what Hunter asked me to but the problem was I had a hard time locating the study room.

I finally found it but then the doorbell rang, I only dropped the books at the floor and head down to open the door to see the most beautiful woman.

Her eyes were sharply grey, she had beautiful blonde hair and freckles scattered on her face, she wore a buttoned up shirt collar shirt with a skimpy blouse.

"Who are you? " she asked giving me cold looks, I shook my head and look back at her again.

"Excuse me?? " I asked lost.

"I'm looking my sister." I blinked like a lost puppy then shook my head.

"I'm the only one home." I muttered as she looked down at me with her sharp stare.

"Is that so? Can I come in and wait for her then?"

"Well I don't really know you." I said like a little girl at the door.

"Oh silly of me I'm Paisley, Delilah's little sister and you are? " in just a second she went from bitter to cheerful.

"Amirah." I muttered as I let her in and shut the door behind me.

"I've never seen you before, are you Alec's girlfriend?" I scrunched my brow staring at her.

"Alec?" I questioned as she nodded and face palmed herself.

"oh Alec isn't back yet, you're Norah's girlfriend." she said and I shook _my head sideways.

"Hell no." I yelled as she giggled. "Then who are you you can only be in this house If you're a Dominiquez or related."

"I was adopted." I stated as she gasped.

"I was adopted too." she said smiling shyly, things got awkward from there as sharp silence followed.

"you're really nice, you're only one who actually talks to me." I broke the awkward silence.

Her phone rang as she picked it up and chatted with whoever was on the phone until she hanged up.

"Well it was nice meeting you, I'm going to the Mall and my sister just bailed wanna tag along." she offered.

"I can't, I'm supposed to stay home and get a check up." I declined.

"Then can I have your phone number? " she asked.

"I don't really have a phone."

She just grabbed my arm with a snickering smile.

"That's why we need to go to the Mall I promise we'll be quick, Hunter won't even know you left." she pouted and I couldn't say no.
"OK let's go." I said as she yanked me out the house.
Hunter's Pov
"All of Milton's assets are blocked but some mortgage are still out of reach sir" Kaleb said.

"What mortgage? " I asked.

"Apparently some illegal corporate traffic." he said.

"I don't care how you do it disable all his coparates and make sure nothing is left." I said as Hilary barge in my office.

"Doctor Ivy wants you on the phone." she said as I received the call.

"Hello Doctor Ivy." I greeted.

"Where is the girl? "

"Excuse me?" I stood up slamming my fist on the desk.

"Isn't she with you? "

"I left her home to get ready for the check up." I stated.

"Well I was there an hour ago but she wasn't there, the last time I gave her a check up she was very weak due to the amount of blood she lost, she's supposed to be resting Hunter how could you screw that up." Doctor Ivy said.

"I'll make sure she'll rest." I said
"Find her soon because in a few minutes I'm not sure she might be strong." the call hanged up, I picked up my coat Jacket.

"Sir, should we forget about today's schedule." Kaleb asked.

"You and Hilary will take care of the rest." I said as they both nodded.

"Get Norah." I ordered.

"but she's in school."

"Don't make me repeat myself Kaleb, you heard me right." I said as he nodded.
Amirah's Pov
"Thanks for accompanying me shopping, ever since Delilah got married and my boyfriend got promoted it's been hard having anyone around it makes me miss Alec." I slurped my drink loudly.
This was the fifth time today she mentioned Alec.

"Alec must be an amazing person." I commented.

"He is, he's Ben and Derek cousin, he traveled oversee with his father last year." she said with a long face.

"He must be the cool one out of the Dominiquez." I smized.

"He's not actually a Dominiquez, but he's related to them, his father was actually an elder step brother to Derek's and Hunter's father." she said.

"What happened to their father? " I asked.

"He died when they were born."
"They? " I gasped.

"Oh you don't know? Hunter and Derek are twins but fraternal." she said which gave me the creeps for some reason.

"What about their mother? " I asked.

"She left when they were 15." She said and that drew the curiosity out of me.

"Isn't that a little bit strange." I asked

"No it happens in all this wealthy family, that's why I decided to make my own money and become a model than marry at a very young age and worship my family's money." she said licking her yoghurt.

"Wait, Hunter and Delilah married young?" I asked.

"They were both 18 when they got married, I was 13 at the time, I was so afraid that I would be married next when I finally I'm 18 but turns out it was my sisters choice to marry him." she said with another long face.

"I missed her.." a tear dropped as she clean away the tear.
"I'm sorry." I muttered

"it's OK, come on finish your drink we have more shopping to do." she put on a big smile giggling, I got back to my drink but my head hurts.

"I think I need to go home." I hissed in pain.

"Don't worry I'll drive you home.." she insisted but the headache worsen as I screamed.

"Amirah.. " Paisley muttered, I took a step but felt dizzy, my feet couldn't hold me anymore as I fell to the floor.

The last thing I heard was Paisley yelling to get me to help.
To be continued

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