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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 4


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 4

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
I signed the final papers at the court office as the lawyer had a look at it and request for my thumbprint and signature which I quickly consented to.

"She's legally a Dominiquez as an adopted sister Hunter, her passport, identification card and visa has been cleared." the middle age lawyer confirmed as Hunter nodded.

I'm shocked but not of the fact I no longer bear my previous surname but the fact that I can legally be owned.

I looked around the court office as Dave the only and professional lawyer stamped my files and binds them in a folder.

"She's good to go." the lawyer said as Norah the girl who tried to kill me fold her arms giving me death glares.

The thing is why the fuck does she hate me.

"My secretary will be here to pick up a copy tommorow." he said giving a nod to Norah as she stood up straight and walked up to him.

"The Jet to Nashville is ready." Norah said, she had to be the badass girl I've seen.

Her hair was way darker than mine but shoulder length, she wore nothing but black and leather all through and never smiled at me before.

She was thin and frail but inside her eyes were the soul of demon warrior, I know from the looks she gave me she wanted to kill me too but I don't know why.

I don't even know her.

We walked out of the court office with Ben on a phone call as a black jeep suv stops in front of us.

I looked round the last view of New York, my home as a tear dropped from my eye.

"Goodbye New York, Goodbye Ariel." those were my last silent words before I got into the Jeep SUV as it drove to the airport.
Avery's Pov
"When last did you see Amirah Rivera?" the officer asked, my eyes were puffed up red.

"last week." I muttered in a sob.
The officer wrote down on his notepad taking the little information I could provide.

"Did you both have a fight??" he asked but all I could do was felt guilty.

"we did argue a few times but it never led to us using a fist." I said
"Can you describe what happened again ?? " he asked as I took in a deep breath.

"I came back from the club 4 in the morning a bit tipsy when I got to my apartment I found traces of blood and a dead body and no Amirah." I explained.

The officer got up putting away his notepad.

"Did you know anything about Amirah, her parents, siblings or any relatives or her social life ??" the officer asked.

"She worked In a dinner that's all I know." I explained

"We will let you know if we find anything." the cop said.

"Let me know? Amirah is missing probably kidnapped and a dead body was found on the front door of my apartment, she's in danger." I cried out.

"We have no information or leads on her miss, everything here was messed up who ever did this attacked and left no clues behind except for the dead body the only thing I can conclude is that there was a fight and they took it to your apartment." he mumbled all sorts of nonsense.

"What about Amirah? " I asked
"Maybe she was unhappy and she ran away, look miss this is New York I have a lot of unsolved cases, we can't solve everything all I can do is look up on the gang that brought the dead body and put out flyers and maybe then your roommate can turn up." he said
I folded my arms with a sad look leaning against the wall.

"And if she doesn't... " I asked but he didn't reply but gave me pity looks.
But I knew he was going to say she was dead.
Delilah's Pov
I sat down quietly with a sun hat on and with shades at the end of a Cafe.

The Cafe was already rented out so I was the only one in it.

Soon a bunch of black Jeeps stopped at the cafe and men in black suits walked in as stood in a feet away from me while I drank my tea.

"Delilah it's wonderful you could make it." a man in black suit that didn't look a day over 35 said but actually he's 59.

"how could I have refused your invitation Daddy" I greeted as he took a seat opposite me.

"Call me Mr Cross" I rolled my eyes at his remark.

"What do you want Dad?? " I sighed.

"it's been ten years Delilah since married into that family and still no grand child." he mumbled.
I dropped my tea and order for a napkin since it spilled all over me.

"Dad.. " I sighed cleaning up myself "we are not rea..."

"Ready?? " he completed my statement.

"Then when will you be ready Delilah I'm tired of watching you hang to him, come home" he said with a remorseful stare, the first time he shared me that look in ten years.

He hated my husband, he hated the family and he wanted grandkids so bad that he would not mind tearing down my marriage.

"Dad I just can't I love him." I said.
"Does he love you??"

"Excuse me? " I stutter
"He's always on business trip surrounded by millions of women and you think he'll be loyal." I couldn't feel guilty enough cause I've been cheating on him with his own brother.

"You're not abusing paisley, your little girl" I squirm like a child.

"Paisley is your adoptive sister Delilah she can do whatever the fuck she wants but you are my own flesh and blood and I want you to be happy." he said as I sighed falling back on my chair.

"I'm not getting a divorce if that's what you want." I muttered and he knew this time I wasn't going to change my mind.

"Fine I can't change your mind." he got up pulling a nakpin dusting off his suit, his glare still stuck on me. "I'm giving you the rest of the year to live your little fantasy and if there isn't an outcome I'll sue you for everything you have, your mini millionaire company, your credit cards and your assets." he said getting up and walking away with the rest as they followed him.
Amirah's Pov
The Jet landed in Nashville finally as we all carefully got down heading to the airport, the gateway to the other side was packed with millions of people mostly young women who wore inappropriate clothing revealing some parts of their body.

Why are they here by the way it's only me, Norah and Hunter are they some kind of Celebrity.

The guards walked up to Hunter as they took our belongings and chatted with Ben.

"Who told the papparazi's we'll be here? " Hunter asked with a killer glare but no one seemed to talk.

"Norah!" he called as she nodded.

"Tell Kaleb to tag our taddle tail who gave out the information to the papparazi" he said as she bowed.

"Here take this and cover your face." he said handing me a face mask as I wore it, he also wore a face mask so did Norah.

I out my hair in ponytail, Hunter nodded to the guards making our way to the gateway a lot of papparazi were taking a lot of pictures while some of them were asking questions but he gave no comment or reply whatsoever I almost felt bad for them, I was walking by their side.

Then all of a sudden someone ran mad trying to get to Hunter instead hit me, I slowed down as Hunter as the rest quickly hastened their steps leaving me behind without their knowledge.

Soon some journalist came towards me and started attacking me with millions of questions that I couldn't even comprehend.

Then a hand grabbed me, it was Norah as she yanked me out of the crowd and into Hunters grasps.

"Are you OK? " Hunter asked, I was in a daze from all the flashing of the Cameras before I realized my mask was off and Hunter's hands were on my hips.

All of a sudden it was quiet as a graveyard except the pounding beat of my heart, he took of his masks and wore it on me as some of the paparazzi took some pictures.

I was confused and speechless but was so close to him, then a journalist came up with her recorder pointing it at me.

"Who are you young lady? " she asked which brought me back to a sort of really.

"Norah get her home." Hunter ordered, Norah pulled me out of the tug of a crowd.

"Where are we going?? " I asked looking back at Hunter getting mobbed by the crowd.

She didn't reply but we both got in a black suv leaving us both in the car.

It was a long ride and Norah didn't bother to speak up or make eye contact.

Soon we got a mansion as the gates opened automatically driving in.

It came to a stop and we both got down and behold a mansion.
Norah walked ahead to the doors unlocking it we got walked in.

The place was huge and 10 times bigger than my apartment.

"wow.." a gasps escapes my lips awing at the house.

"Hunter wants you here till he gets back." a cold reply was all I could get from her.

"OK why the Fuck do you hate me? " she giggled at my question.

"Worry about paying off your debts than worry about me taking an advance to like you Mirah." she said.

"it's Amirah." I corrected, she rolled her eyes walking up to me.

"He let you live, but you'll slowly die inside by the minute." she whispered before striding towards the door with a wicked smirk. She slammed the door shut in the blink of an eye, I rushed to the door but it was locked.

Why would I ever think that they would live me without the intention I'll escaped.

Now I know Norah doesn't like me.

I walked up the stairs the house was empty and everydoor I tried to open was shut except one.

I entered the room exhausted and I needed to shower, I took off my clothes and head to the showers, I ran my fingers through my head and let the cold water splash on me while I think how I would pay my debt and what kind of people is Norah and Hunter are?

I came out of the shower refreshed and picked a towel, one for my hair and the other wrapped around my body.
I came out to see a woman pointing a gun at me.

"Who the Fuck are you and what are you doing in my Husband's bathroom? "

"Husband?? " I mummered
Wait is Hunter married.

"Explain yourself.. " she yelled shakingly pointing the gun at me.

"Delilah drop the gun." Hunter said leaning against the door leaving me puzzled.

"Who is she?? " she asked.

"Amirah she's a new part of the Dominiquez household, she'll be staying here as from now on." Hunter said.

Delilah looked like she could kill me.

"What is she doing in our bathroom? " Delilah asked.

"She's freshening up, I told her to use our bathroom to wash up" he said as I nodded.

"How long is she staying?? "
Delilah further asked.


To be continued

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