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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 3


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 3

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Delilah's Pov
My eyes wide open, the rays of light disrupt my napping next to Derek on my bed, I cuddled next up to him playing my fingers on his bare chest a smile curled up his lips widening to a grin.

"You were amazing last night." he complimented stealing quick kisses as we both giggled over the fun of last night.

"I wish we could wake up like this every night." I replied as he sighs slowly lifting up his sheets to cover his nude part as if there was anyone but me that hasn't seen the size of his dick.

"Delilah you're married."

The comment hit harder than reality as we both sat down silent again on the bed.

"And so? don't we love each other let's just forget everything all we need is each other." I yelled.

"I have a girlfriend and you are my brothers wife, we shouldn't be doing this." he said which broke my heart into a million pieces.

"but that doesn't stop you from fucking me anytime he's away when Paisley is out of the country modelling" he pushes the sheets away and jumps to the other side of the bed.

His phone rings, he strides to the desk to pick it up with a familiar expression on his face.

"Paisley wants me to pick her from the airport let's discuss this another time sweetheart." he pecks me on the head and hurriedly dresses up leaving me in my sins.

Amirah's Pov
My eyes were wide open a shiver crawl down my spine at the cold atmosphere.

My head pounded as I recalled every bit of what happened last night trying to remember how I turned up In a dark room.

"I went partying with Avery and I left then I took the subway and Doctor Henry..." tears escaped my eyelid on remembering the cold death of Doctor Henry.

The girl was right I wouldn't die, I held tightly to my arm suppressing the pain as I got up, I saw nothing but thick darkness.

"Somebody help me"

My voice echoed in the darkness of the room, I breathe hard as my tears dried on my face hoping someone could hear my cry for help but I was haunted by the echos of the dark room.

I fell back on my knees like I've lost my breath laying down cold on the floor.

A door opened as light glimpse in the dark room, I was took weak my energy was used up yelling for help.

"Is She Alive?? " I heard a deep husky male voice all I saw was nothing but blur as I barely breathe.

"She's been here for three days now and probably used up her energy screaming for help she's a gonner we should kill her."

My intestine kicked my stomach on the mention of those words, but my body felt weak all of a sudden.

Then the thought of Ariel stuck to me if I don't live Ariel will be left alone.

"Don't kill me.. please." I barely said it didn't come out in a whisper but a sob breaking at each crack.

"Let her Live." the same husky voice of earlier muttered.

"What about her debts?"

"She'll pay her debt with something much more, she won't pay with her life." he said looking back at me I couldn't see it clearly but I felt he smiled at me as his forehand brushed my arm.

"Get Thaigo to take her to a hospital, her injury must be taken care of but she must not take any fluids or drips of any kind for three more days." he said
"She'll die if that's what you want."

"If she survives then I'll spare her life." the voice said.

"And if she dies? "

"The debt would have been paid." he said exiting the room as a image looks down on me with cold daggers I couldn't see it but I could feel it.

"I hope you die before you get the hospital you dirty rat." I heard a cold female voice as she exits the room and leaves me in darkness.
Hunters Pov
"Sarah Milton dies of an overdose on nicotine after having a seizure, Hunter Dominguez has offer to sponsor for the funeral of the deceased as he mourns with rest of the US and most importantly her father." Kaleb reads the article published a day ago waiting for a feedback.

"What's Milton saying?? " I asked of her father.

"He says you should face him let the two of you settle things." Kaleb said.

"Settle what?? We have nothing to settle, he borrowed a loan of 200 billion dollars and when his shares goes bankrupt he sends his daughter to steal information from us which cost her life, if you can't pay the price then you'll pay with your life.. "

"Norah keep quiet.. " I interfere with her speech.

"I'm sorry Hunter.. " she apologized as I nodded
"Her life won't be enough at this deal, block all of Milton's assets and banks and sell any liabilities he possses I'll make sure he goes bankrupt." I ordered as Kaleb bowed.

"Yes Sir."

"Also burn his daughter's body to ashes and change it with his coffee powder, he'll drink his own flesh and blood in black dust." I said as Kaleb nods in horror but Norah didn't look surprised at all.

"Will that be all?? " he asked as Thiago barges in.

~Few days later~

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Amirah's Pov
My eyes slowly open to the depts of my surroundings, I wasn't as weak as before all I kept thinking was to be alive for Ariel no one matters but Ariel.

"You survived. " I heard and traced the voice back to the handsome stranger standing before me, he had grey crimson eyes dark brown hair and with nude pink lips his eyes seems to darken every 2 seconds, his gaze never left me as he stares in my soul.

There was something in his eyes, he smiled which made my heart skip a beat showing his charming but devilish smile.

His first two buttons were plucked off giving a glimpse of heaven.

"seems we started off so I'll introduce myself." he smirked.

"I'm Hunter Dominguez CEO of Dominguez Corps your name is?? " he asked and suddenly the voice sounds familiar.

"Amirah..." I trailed off as a blurred memory invision all of a sudden.

It was him, it was him who put me in my state.

"I know you have a lot of questions running through your mind like how you turned up here."

"you brought me here to die." I stated bluntly as nothing but his gaze was sharper.

"Fortunately you survived, the last girl that ended up in your condition was hanged to death and burnt alive, she was sent back to her poor mother after taking a loan she couldn't pay back." I was out of breath but his wicked smirk still managed to take away my breath.

"The Loan.. " I whispered to myself, this was what the loaner talked about it's either you pay the price or pay with y oh your life.

"You specifically took a loan of 11.3 billion dollars and promised to pay an interest of 300million and you haven't pay back in three years." he said holding his hands behind his back.

He picked up a file and tossed a folder on my bed.

I opened it and they were information about me and Ariel.

"I have information on what you did with the money but my guess is that little girl, you want to adopt her legally as your daughter isn't that right?? " he asked as I trembled in fear.

"short of words?? " he asked
Tears run down my cheeks.

His phone rang as he walked away and I looked back at the files he came back with the phone stretching it out to me.

I looked at the phone and back at him.

"If you know what is good for you, you'll talk to Ariel."

I swipe the phone from his grasp pushing it towards my ear.

"Ariel? " I sobbed completely.

"Amirah is it true you don't love me anymore, is it all a lie, didn't you not want to adopt me, is that why you left and I didn't see you for several days tell me it's a lie... "
My heart broke on hearing Ariel's cry.

"I... "

Hunter took away the phone and pressed his palm against the volume.

"Norah is by her side with a gun ready to blow her head off to pieces if you say anything your little princess will die under your name. " his words were as cold as his heart and if I say anything I could risk Ariel's life.

"What do I say? " I muttered under a sub.

"You know what to say, tell her you've abandoned her and save her life." my tears keeps flowing down and I wish they could kill me instead.

He gives me back the phone and nods as I sobbed heavily against the phone.

"Amirah?? " I hear the voice of an 11 year old about to be broken.

"Go to hell I'm not coming back." I said and hangup before I could hear her scream over the phone.
"Good now back to business." he said sitting down next to me.

"What do you want from me?? " I yelled in frustration.

He looks at his watch in dead silence.

"in two minutes it will mark the of the deal." he said.

"What Deal?? "

"Three years ago exactly two minutes you borrowed a large loan and expected to pay but your tenure expected to pay back will end." he said

"I can't pay you back exactly in two minutes." I said with no emotion.

He seemed amused and smirked again sitting down next to me.

"Flip over to the next file." he arched his brow with a smug grin.

I flipped to see the clips on me and doctor Henry kissing, then it hit me Henry is dead.

A pang of remorse hit me.

"he's was married for five years with no child under his name and finally you had a child for him and then aborted it without his consent flip the next page." tears stream down my cheeks again as nothing but guilt beat in my heart.

I flip the next page shakingly to see Willow his legal wife and a report saying she was pregnant.

"She's pregnant?? " my voice cracked and I wished I was nothing but death.

"You had an affair with another woman's husband and when she finally has his child you led him right to his death. How would she feel now that her husband is dead... " he whispered as I sobbed heavily.

"Just Kill me... " I whispered wanting death to swallow me up.

"no I've got something better, you stay and become my mistress"
"I will never sleep with you.. " I death spat at him.

"you have 30 seconds it's either you agree to be my mistress until you pay off your large debt or the whole world knows how you fucked your doctor.... " he said
"you must be kidding.. "

"20 seconds...." my heart beat as the seconds went down.

"15secs you are actually taking your time with this" he seemed amused
I looked back at the files and thought about Ariel if I agree I'll never see Ariel ever again, if I don't society will kill me instead and Ariel will never want to see my face instead .

"I accept I will be your Mistress until I pay off my debt." I voiced

To be continued

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