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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 26


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 26

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

'That's for you to figure out'
I recalled the conversation I had with detective Vincent not too long ago, after those words he got up and left. I went home I saw both Hunter and Thiago in the living room going through some things on a laptop, I took of my pumps and stride over on my bare feet.

They didn't notice me until I was this close to the stairs. "Aren't you a little too late to curfew ?" Thiago snickering at me while I stopped on my pace looking back at them.

"I had something important to do, so mind your fucking business." I replied about to resume my steps.

"How did your first day on the job go? " Hunter asked my heart in a jerk exploded into a dozen of flutter. I stopped and looked back at him. "it was ok for a first day" I nervously grinned.

'Yeah, okay you mean that you almost got drowned by Alec' my inner thoughts commented I was praying so hard he wasn't reading my thoughts.

"She has a job, doesn't she already work for you? " Thiago asked.
"it's a part time job dickhead, unfortunately I'll still be tagging along on missions with you." I scoffed earning a chuckle from Hunter.

I quickly returned to getting back up the stairs and slamming the door shut, I got back up and locked it.

I jumped back on my bed a brought out a note book and a pen, biting my lip my pen taps the blank page for a few minutes.

I wrote down the heading, Adam Dominiquez, I put down two arrows with Hunter and Derek underneath.

I underlined Hunter's name, the only thing I could recall was Hunter carrying me to a bridge in Detroit and he told me his father died and then he was and Derek were born.

I know where Adam died but I don't know what actually killed him, maybe enemy gangs or he was murdered when attending to business.

I circled his name and asterisk Derek's name, probably he might have an idea of how his father died then my mind thought about Alec then I put his name down. A knock came on my door and I quickly hid the notebook and pen.

"Get the fuck out Thiago." I yelled heading to the door. "He's already gone." I'm so glad the door was shut because my cheeks flushed red on hearing Hunter's voice.

I quickly opened the door, his gaze landed on mine he didn't smile nor coldly stare at me his expression was subtle and quiet I can't detect anything.

"S... So... Sorry." I stuttered. "I thought you were Thiago." he only nodded why I tried my best to remain calm.

"Why are you nervous? "

It was impossible not to choke on the question it was his deep husky melodiously dancing in my ears.
"I'm not nervous it's just I umh, I was a little bit startled."

'Nice going fish brains now he won't know you're nervous' my inner thoughts mocked me.

'oh shut up' I yelled back at it rolling my eyes inadvertently, my glance lands back at Hunter then I realized I might have probably been talking to myself out loud.

"Are you okay? " Hunter asks, I just snigger at him nervously. "
I'm fine, can I help you? "

"You sure? " he smirked and my heart dropped when he leaned up close, now I'm sure he's teasing me on purpose.

'I give up'
His eyes glimmered in a spark I gulped down my saliva in a whole.
"I wonder what they taste like now? " Hunter muttered, my throat went dry and both my brows furrowed in dismay, I gulped down again looking back at Hunter who was already an inch away.

"Wh.." Hunter mauled his lips against mine shutting me up, my skin tingled I was stupfied and drowned in pleasure, he lipped my upper lip and then caressed my buttom lip, I moaned softly in his mouth gripping tightly on his nape.

His hands went down the side of my waist pulling me closer as he roughly caressed my lips. He stopped in between the kiss giving way for me to try, he slowly nibbled on my lower lip moving down my thigh I stutter jump wrapping my legs around him mauling my lips into his, he smirked in between the kisses gripping tightly on his hold on my thigh.

I nibbled on his lower lip, my hands trailed up his hair as I smoothly run my fingers through his hair, I was kissing Hunter and he moaned boosting my already aroused self esteem.

He slowly moved next to my bed as our lips moved in a perfect sync, he gently lays me on the bed and gets on top of me our lips were still connected.

We both disengage from the kiss locked in a stare, I was wearing a buttoned on pale pink sweater, we were both out of breath my cheeks were already flushed as it is.

He resumed to kissing my neck, he plucked off a few buttons slowly kissing my neck then again his teeth sinks down my skin it wasn't painful like Lakers and it wasn't like the first time he kissed my neck it felt like he wanted me.

He resumed to kissing the skin down to my collarbone as a moan escaped my lips which made him all the more reason to tease my skin with his kisses.

"You are stupid" I cursed myself thinking about last night, okay Hunter didn't have sex with me but all the same I was like a sailor under the melodious spell of a siren, I couldn't snap out of it.

What the fuck is he doing to me?
'As if you didn't want him to ride you.'

'I swear to god if you keep mocking me I'll slap you' I thought to myself.

'beats me, you'll be hurting yourself as well.' my inner thoughts mocked again.

I sucked up my last bit of pride and head downstairs, I saw both Hunter, Kaleb and Thiago, they were all stashing guns and so on.

I went over to them.

"Good morning Amirah." Kaleb was the first to notice me sharing me his toothful smile.

"Good morning." I greeted him back, my stare landed on Hunter as his stare landed on mine, my cheeks were a bit flush as he got up ignoring what he was doing.

"How did you sleep? " he asked as my cheeks blushed redder than they already were.

"You didn't ask how I slept? " Thiago cock his brows, Hunter ignored and focused his gaze on me.

"What are you guys doing up this early? " I asked as Thiago shared me a snickered grin.

"It's noon."

"Wait what ?" I muttered. "Don't mind Thiago it's 9 in the morning." Kaleb said as all men stood in front of me.

"We have leave for Japan." Hunter said as they all nod.

"I just woke up." I lamented as all men gaze landed on me. "You're not going." Hunter first assured me.

"We just got a contract to address an issue in Tokyo, we are supposed to lure underground bombers." Kaleb said.

"Underground bombers? " I scrunched up my nose.

"Some how there are tunnels running under Tokyo and it's believed this underground thugs are planting bombs underground to cause mini earthquakes if they keep this up they might actually trigger an actual earthquake." Kaleb explained as I nodded.

"Fortunately you are sitting this one out, Thiago will be watching over you while me and Kaleb will carry out the mission."

'Dear lord' I lamented in my thoughts.

"I don't want to babysit." Thiago hissed while Hunter shut him a glare.

"You're not babysitting you're watching over Amirah until me and Kaleb gets back." he stated with authority and Thiago shut the fuck up.

Sometimes I forget he's this dominant.

But I ain't spending a second with Thiago while Hunter is away.
"Thiago is right I don't wanna be babysat by a dickhead." I said.

"I can't watch over you while I'm in Japan and same goes for you not coming to Japan I can't risk your life Amirah and no offense you're a main target, who ever is interested in you can get what they want during my absence."

"Yeah but if they wanted to they would have already, I can take care of myself I don't need Thiago watching me." I said earning a snarl from Thiago.

"Fine." Hunter said walking up close to me.

"Take me out right now." he said gripping tightly to my forehand while I struggled to break free he let's go of my hand as Kaleb and Thiago stepped back away.

"Take me down and I'll reconsider Thiago babysitting you." he teased walking away I ran up to him and in a split he picked me up and tossed me on the couch dominantly pinning me down.

He looked me in the eye with a smile that erupted my thoughts he leaned forward then stopped looking down on my lips.

"Thiago will watch you when I'm away." he said finally getting up looking at both Thiago and Kaleb.

"Kaleb let's go." Kaleb nodded putting some weapons in his bag. He turned to face Thiago.

"If anything happens to her I won't think twice shooting you in the balls." Hunter's voice was dark and deep, chill went down my spine as Hunter looked back at me.

His eyes study my figure, he smiled faintly and left leaving me with Thiago.

"You better wear a turtleneck if you're going out." he snickered at me my nose scrunch up he just pointed the side of his neck and his index finger landed back at me.

"Unless you want everyone to know Hunter marked you." I was left dumbstruck quickly concealing my hickeys pulling my top up.

"Bastard." I said running up the stairs as he chuckled up to himself.

I came out of my bathroom toweled.

"What the fuck took you so long." he snarled while I try to exhibit the only character that has some dignity.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room? " I screeched almost hitting a high pitch, he rolled his eyes already bored.

"I'm supposed to babysit you remember? " my cheeks were flushed. "Get the fuck out retard." I yelled he only shrugged slowly getting up.

"I wonder why you're so red about the whole thing it's not like I haven't seen you naked before." he snickered right at me.

"No you haven't." I objected, he walked up to me with a nefarious smirk. "Wanna bet." his eyes darkened and his smirk grew wider.

"Get the fuck out." I yelled pushing him out of my room and locking the door behind me.

I sighed taking off my the towel from my hair which was a bit dry it bounced below my shoulders.

I quickly changed to an orange and white pattern dress sleeveless that went up my knee, I put on a prep sweater that hid my hickeys and picked a pair of white slippers, I quickly put my hair in a low ponytail and swing my purse up on my shoulder. I quickly grabbed a pair of pearl earrings and the necklace Paisley gave to me, she wouldn't take it back and it's been a habit of me carrying everywhere I go.

It's like my good luck charm.
Shutting the door against me I turned to face Thiago who's gaze was focused on me.

The hell? Has he been standing here the whole time ?

I ignored his presence putting on my earrings and quickly adjusting to my necklace.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going? " Thiago asked while I rolled my eyes.

"To the station." I muttered, he look back at me in disbelief. "For what? "

"I wanna turn myself in before I'm held responsible for the death of Thiago." I scoffed while he smirked.

"as if you could kill me." he scoffed shoving his hands down his pockets, I just ignored heading downstairs to the kitchen to grab something to eat, Thiago's gaze follow me he's the only one serious about watching me between both of us.

The kitchen was like a mini super market, different types of food were stashed in provision scaling from junk food to healthy.

The funny thing was ever since I got here no one in this house cooks, not even Delilah when she was around they pretty much called professional chefs to cook for them or order take out.

I wasn't much of a cook myself but my sister was she taught me some basics before she disappeared, Avery pretty much spoiled me with takeouts, she only cooked once I couldn't remember the dish but it was heavenly.

I brought out a pan and placed it on the gas that I turned on, I scrambled some eggs and cracked them mixing them in a bowl with a mixer and then poured a satisfying amount of olive oil before I poured the egg and watched it fry.

"What are you doing? " Thiago asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing I'm making breakfast." I retorted.
"You could have called one of the chefs they get paid to cook for a reason."

"Meh, I'm a way better professional cook than them." I stick out my tongue like a child and he smirked, it irritated me.

"What's with your smirk? " I asked.

"Your food is burning."

I looked back at the pan, I searched the kitchen for a spatula but in the process my eggs got completely burnt they can't even be classified as food.

Thiago chuckle while I dispose my failed attempt of burnt eggs.

"you know what I'll just call one of those chefs." There was a hotline it had a speed dial to any of the chef we wanted, I didn't really care I just called the first number on speed dial and she quickly came and made breakfast for me and I think Thiago ate too, she left not too long ago.

My phone chimed, I picked it up to see a text from Paisley.

•Hey, wanna go shopping I'm bored √
°Don't you have that modelling project to prepare for? √√
•Yeah but the editors are editing some of the films so I got a day off, me, you shopping. √

"I'm going shopping." Thiago looked away from his phone and back at me.


"I'm going anyways." I head out without waiting for an argument.
Paisley picked me up and Thiago followed like some sort of bodyguard, Paisley said it was fine because he was hot.

We got to the mall and Paisley ran mad with shopping we both tried and checked out some dresses.

"It's her." I heard some girls mummered to each other while Paisley turned the chic boutique to her own personal runway.

At first I thought they were probably amazed that Paisley who is obviously popular was shopping at their favorite chic boutique until they said.

"No it can't be she's dead."

I looked back at the girls and quickly back at Paisley who was fishing for compliments.

Thiago stood outside the boutique watching me because he couldn't be caught dead in a boutique.

They quietly walked away while I resumed to my shopping with Paisley waving off the thoughts of those girls they might have been on drugs.

Paisley paid for the clothes, she gleefully cheered picking up her shopping bags we went to meet Thiago who almost died of boredom from the whole shopping experience.

"Excuse me." Thiago stood in front of us as the ladies from earlier waved at us.

"What do you want? " Thiago asked.

"We couldn't help notice but your friend looks pretty can we take some pictures."

"Oh you want to take pictures with Paisley? " I asked.

"No we want to take with you." they said and it kinda seemed off.

"No pictures with the young lady now go back from where you came from." Thiago growled at them they both looked disappointed as they both left.

"It was her, I can't believe this her hair is way darker and longer than usual"

"stop feeding yourself with ill fantasies, it was probably a doppelganger or some ill mannered psycho who clearly underwent sugery to look like her." one of them muttered, I could still overhear their conversation.

I was lost in thought, I've never seen those people in my life and somehow they know me but how and somehow I'm dead.

It's either this was a prank, they are both on drugs or I'm delusional.

~To be continued~

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