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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 25


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 25

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

I was at the park with Paisley she was doing a photoshoot she invited me to tag along before I could go do my part-time job she set me up as a pool girl because as she quotes:

'There's nothing better than the feeling of wearing a bikini while working'

Don't worry I was confused as hell too.

Her make up artist had her changed to a white laced top which was off shouldered and had a slit cut at the side of her arm, her hair was set into a long blonde waves with harsh crimson highlights. She was wore a green mini skirt revealing her perfectly toned legs. A pearl choker necklace complimented her neck, her make up was exotic but simple in a way she brought out the definition of sexy.

It was still sunny in the afternoon it makes me miss how cold New York was.

Paisley was still finding it difficult to pose for a shot so the producers took a break.

She ran towards me, I gave her a bottle of water she reluctantly refused to drink it at first.

"Take it you'll be hydrated for your photoshoot." she took the bottle slowly opening it. "Thanks mom." she smiled.

"You're welcome sweetie." I said as we both giggled. "Come on let's sneak out." she whispered while I shook my head.

"oh come on this is getting boring there's a diner opposite the park let's just grab something to eat and I promise we'll come right back." she pouted showing off her puppy grey eyes. "Please mama." she pleaded, I sighed while she clapped victoriously.

We both sneaked out of the park when no one was looking and ran to the diner, there were some chairs outside so we sat down.

We both went through the menu as a waitress came out and take both our orders.

"I always wanted to sneak out and eat like this." she squealed as the waitress left to get our order.

"So does Hunter know your part-time job as a pool girl? " she asked.
"He doesn't know yet and I'm not intending to tell him anytime soon." I said as she cocked her brows.

"Hmmm isn't that lying? " she cooed

"It isn't lying If he doesn't know besides it was either this or house sitting." I said as my gaze focused on Kaleb who went into the diner, he didn't see me.

"I have to check if our orders are on their way be busy with your phone I'll be back." I muttered getting up before she could reply.

I walked in the diner to see Kaleb at the farther end of the diner and went to sit with him.

"Hey, you're on a date? " I asked as he looked up slightly amused. "Amirah you're back, what are you doing here? " he asked.

"Sneaking out with Paisley so she can skip her photoshoot what are you doing here? " I asked.

"A private detective is coming to exchange information and Hunter sent me to represent him." he said as the same waitress of earlier tried to attend to us but Kaleb waved her off.

"A detective? Like how good is he ?" I ask.

"He's pretty good he knows how to get his source his only problem is he doesn't do it for free it's either you buy his information or you exchange something of same value." he said as an idea struck.

"When are you meeting him? "
"Exactly one fifteen sharp, but he doesn't like to meet with one than one person." he said
"What's his name? " I asked.

"Detective Vincent."

I glanced back at my phone and checked the time it was only one on the dot.

"Well thanks before I go did you find anything on my elder sister? " I asked.

"I did what I could but the thing is I couldn't find your sister, I tried looking through your family photos and everything but it's like she never existed." he said and I sighed he noticed feeling remorseful. "That doesn't mean she isn't out there, the good news is someone might be trying to cover up your sister and I'll get to the bottom of it." he said which actually cheered me up.

"Thanks Kaleb." I nodded glancing back at my phone setting a timer fifteen minutes from now and got up and went back to Paisley.

"I ate your order.." she said with a mouth full I just sighed.

"Who's the guy you were talking to? " she asked smiling mischievously. "He's hot." she added.

"Kaleb, you've met him couple times before."

"Can you put in a good word for me." she wiggled her brows. "Hell no." I yelled while she puts on a pout. "Please mama." she puckered her lips.

"Didn't you just go through a break up? " I asked.

"Yeah but that doesn't mean I can't still get laid beside crying over break ups is overrated I should have known this was going to happen besides Derek owns a strip club and I've seen one give him a lap dance in his office, I'm just foolish thinking if I stayed maybe he could have changed." she sighed as my phone rings I looked up to a see a man in black walking in the restaurant to sit at where Kaleb was.

My guess was it was Vincent.
"I think it's time to go back let's not get the the producers worried." Paisley said calling out the waitress to pay for the both of us.

Vincent got up but headed to the restroom, I purposely spilled water on my top.

"Oh my I need to attend to this."I got up heading to the restroom but then Vincent came out as I bump into him and staggered he got hold on me before I could make a fool of myself.

"Watch the fuck where you're going." he yelled before finally looking back into my eyes.

"Vincent? " I asked in shock he looked more puzzled than a perplexed pig being taught to learn a back flip. "Excuse me do I know you? " he asked.

"it's me Amirah, I thought I was never going to see you it's been so long how are you doing? " I asked as he tried to figure out who the fuck I was.

"I'm sorry I have something important at hand maybe later."

"How about 5 at this same diner, I think you'd be interested what I have to say." I hinted as he smirked. "Meet me here at six sharp I don't tolerate tardiness then we can discuss what you have in mind miss Amirah." I nodded, he dug his pockets and pulls out a napkin and a pen and writes his number quickly on it handing it over to me, he quickly return to his meeting with Kaleb.

Victoriously I celebrated quietly striding out the diner, Paisley was already up and with takeouts ready to go.

"Are you going to eat all of that? " I asked.

"Oh no these are for the producers just incase they throw a tantrum on how I sneak out I'm planning to bribe them with food." she said looking directly at my top. "I thought you were going to take care of your top." she voice, I looked down at my top which was still wet my phone alarm beeps, I picked it up to see a reminder.

"Oh shit I'm late." I said picking up my stuff and hugged Paisley before we parted ways.

The pool I was going to clean was Alec's I facepalmed myself thinking about Paisley who purposely set me up behind my back.

'Let's run why we can, it's not like his pool needs cleaning.' my inner thoughts mentioned I was about to just go with the idea but I rang the bell and Alec showed up combing his hair he was only wearing a sky blue buttoned up top and black jeans. He furrowed both his brows wearing a puzzled look.

"I'm here to clean your pool." I grinned widely like a maniac, he stopped combing looking back at me but he wasn't paying attention he was probably thinking of something.

"Paisley." he thought to himself and we both know Paisley set this up.

"Well come in." he gestured, I went in as he shuts the door behind us the inside was bigger than the outside.

The living room was legit a thin wide plasma tv in the middle with some speakers and also a glass table which decorated the middle of the room. There was a wine stand with different collections of wine. The walls were painted white I died and went to heaven.

I walked slowly in awe tossing my purse on the black couch and twirled to get a full glance of the room.

"I didn't know you were a pool girl? " he started a conversation while I faced him.

"I was I'm quitting tommorow." I stated as he chuckled quietly. "You're already quitting interesting." he muttered walking up to me.

"Why are you quitting already? Am I that irresistible." I backed up biting on my lower lip.

"You wish I'm not just digging the job no more." I said, his eyes never left my figure.

"Nice house, so where's the pool? " I asked

"Outside." he pointed at the glass door and I nodded picking up my purse. "Where's your bathroom? " I asked so I could change to my swim wear, he pointed at a door as I quickly ran to get changed.

I got in and locked myself in, the bathroom was bigger than my apartment in New York.

It bad a glass shower even a bathtub and a gigantic mirror in the middle of the room.

I dig through my purse to see a pair of bikinis, I tossed them back into my purse as my cheeks flushed I still had to try them on. I looked back at the mirror as the bikinis sculpted my figure.

'Hell no I'm not going out like this.' I said to myself.

'I'm so going to kill Paisley for picking this out for me.'

'It's not that bad besides what are you worried about just get laid already.' my inner thoughts screamed as I shook my head.

"Ummh Amirah are you okay? " he asked I leaned against the door my heart was pounding. "Yeah it's just can I borrow your shirt? " at first he went silent for like a minute.

"What for? "

"Please, I'm not comfortable with what Paisley packed up for me." I said, I didn't get a reply but like a few minutes of silence.

"Open the door." he mumbled
"What? "

"Slightly open the door I brought one of my shirt." I quickly opened the door as he stretched out the shirt and I yanked it and put it on.

My pulse leveled as I sighed and went out of the bathroom and to the living room to see Alec bracing his nape until his gaze focused on mine.

I walked past him to the back and outside to the swimming pool I grabbed my equipments which was like a net and started picking out some the stuff in the pool.

There was a problem this pool was as clean as piggy bank but I kept pretending to filter the fucking pool to avoid Alec.

He came out some few times and went back in but finally he came out with a bottle of tequila he popped the bottle cap open and tossed it on the pool with a smirk, this is bad.

I ran to net bottle cap and tossed it in a bin.

"You missed a spot." he pointed at the end of the pool which was perfectly clean.

"I don't see anything." I snarled at him.

"Oops.. " he just dropped the bottle of tequila purposely while I glared at him.

"There, now you can actually clean the pool." he mocked, I walked up to him because I was ready to slap him.

"At least cut me some slack." I yelled as he chuckled lightly something was fishy.

"You better get that bottle." I had enough of him and so I pushed him to the pool and in the process he brought me down with him.

There is just one problem I can't swim, I struggled to push myself back up so I could breathe but the more I struggled the more I was sinking until the water went up my nostrils and I slowly sink in the water.

My eyes slowly opened as I coughed violently, Alec was on top of me and clearly he was wet then I remembered what happened it would have been so sweet to enjoy revenge right now but I almost died.

He breathe heavily against me, I felt weak and like I just swallowed a gallon of water.

I slowly rise up arching my back as both my hands support.

"You can't swim? " he curved his brows. "What kind of pool girl doesn't know how to swim, you almost died." he added.

"You almost killed me." I blurted.
"Excuse me, I just saved your life and if you recall correctly you pushed me into the pool."

"You dragged me down with you.." I coughed admist our argument, he shook his head and sigh but then carries me back in his apartment but drops me gently on his couch.

He comes back shirtless with another dry shirt of his as he tosses it over my face.

"Thank you." I hissed under my breath averting my gaze from him, I quickly went to change and walked back to see him already making hot cocoa.

He hands one over to me while I looked at him in awe.

"Why the fuck are you single ?" I asked confused as he chuckled to himself.

"Because I am" he said while I sat down drinking my hot cocoa slowly.

"oh come on there has to be a catch what are you hiding? " I asked, he sighed after my unendless stare.

"I did love someone but she doesn't even know I exist." he said why I tried to guess the puzzle pieces. "You have a crush on a girl that doesn't know who you exist, who is this girl? I wanna shake her" I said as he laughed.

"She knows I exist she just doesn't remember me I'm trying to get her back." he said why I furrowed my brows.

"What's her name? " I asked
"Her name is... " my phone rang it was my alarm to visit detective Vincent.

"I gotta go I need to see someone important." I said as Alec nodded. "Can I give you a ride ? " he asked.

"it's personal I'll alert you if I need help." I said as he nodded, I went to change and met Alec in the living room.

"Thanks for the Cocoa.."

"Anytime so that means my ban has been lifted." he said.

"Sure, but no more flirting and I hope I meet your mystery girl and I hope she remembers you." then his expression turns sour.

"Will you? " I furrowed my brows at his question.

"Excuse me? " I asked.

"I hope so too." he said as I left.

I was standing outside of the diner, it was 6 sharp and the diner had few people and then Mr Vincent escorted me into the diner as we both took our seats.

"So Amirah how can I help you ?" he asks.

"I'm sorry for tricking you earlier I'm just desperate and I hear you're a detective I just want to know about something I think you might have the information I need." I said as he nods.

"And what may that be? "

"There was a bombing in New York a few weeks ago, Ariel Dallas was killed during the bombing I wanna know who is responsible for it and why? " he looks back at me with no emotion. "Please? "

"I don't do this for free, it's either you buy or you exchange something which is of great value. I did a background check on you and you work for Hunter, if you get me what I want from Hunter then I'll investigate and find the source responsible for the bombing." he said.

"You want me to back stab Hunter? "

"Not exactly, Hunter has been my customer for a long time but there are just some things that he keeps private and confidential and I'm inquisitive enough to do as you request for that information." he said as I nod.

"What do you want to know? "

"I want to know about the death of Adam Dominiquez, Hunter's father if you dig up that information I'll investigate about the death of Ariel do we have a deal ?"

"How do I even do that? " I asked.
"That's for you to figure out."

~To be continued~

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