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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 24


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 24

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

"Paisley??? " Delilah mummered almost in tears.

"Shut the fuck of Delilah, you are just as bad as a hoe, you and Derek go behind my back and fuck, what did I do to deserve this I know you have dad I didn't complain, you have the right to inheritance I didn't complain, you have all the popularity and love I didn't complain and then you go after my boyfriend what the fuck do you want Delilah? " Paisley sobbed heavily her tears running down her cheeks.

"You think I'm happy, you have nothing Paisley you were just lucky mother didn't dump you back in the orphanage." Delilah said and Paisley slapped her.

"You should be ashamed, what does me being adopted have to do with your forged happiness, you had everything growing up I grew up in your shadows, I had to build my own image I tried everything to get daddy's approval but you were always his favorite no matter how hard I tried to overlook it, I may have nothing but I'm better than you two faced cheater." Paisley screamed I went behind her giving her a back hug.

"Paisley come on she's not worth it." I muttered as she sobs quietly. I looked back at Hunter who was paying attention wholely on me.

Delilah spared Paisley one last glare then turned to Hunter.

"I'm leaving but I'm not giving up that easily I'm going to give you sometime to think about your mistake maybe then you'll realize how much you love me."

Hunter stared at her coldly, he only slant his stare back at me nervous I looked back at Deililah who was prancing towards our direction, she stopped opposite my direction.

"Do your self a favor and stop living in your fantasies you're just a mistress he'll just get tired of you and come back to me." she whispered loud enough for me to hear, Paisley turned to slap the hell out of her but I stopped her.

"Amirah let me slap her till her brains resets." Paisley yelled but I didn't let her, Delilah pranced out of the airport, Hunter walked up to the both of us.

"I'm sorry about my sister Hunter." she sighed and slowly folding her and walking slowly away from us, I looked back at Hunter.

"I need to be with Paisley." I said as he nodded, I turned and ran up to Paisley who was on the phone.

"Well guess what we're done." she hanged up and I'm going to guess that was Derek.

She pulled me into a hug.

"He didn't even feel bad Amirah, he didn't care and I broke up with him." she sobbed endlessly while I patted her gently.

"He doesn't deserve you Paisley and just crying over him won't solve anything." I said trying my best to probably comfort her.

We both went to a bar which she suggested to get her mind off the break it was doing more damage than harm, she was drinking so much I started to worry if she was going to pass out soon.

The bartender was cleaning up some glasses.

She ordered another glass which the bartender didn't oblige.

"OK Paisley that's enough you are way too drunk." I slowly guide the glass away from her grasp.

Her eyes were swollen and puffy her entire was flushed pink, her cheeks were sticky wet with her tears her mascara were washed down and her face was pinkish in color due to the excessive drinking and crying.

"No, I still want more." she mourned, I grabbed her by the arm lifting her up and weighing her on me and to be honest she weighs more heavier than she looks.

"No Amirah take me back.." she squirmed like a child while I rolled my eyes at her.

"I'm taking you home." I muttered
It was already 7pm, I dragged her outside and pulled out her phone scrolling through her contacts while trying to weigh a 23 year old woman on my shoulders.

The first one that popped up was Alec, I skipped his number scrolling to find an uber or something but she had none.

I sighed clicking on the only number I knew and waited for it to ring.

"Hello Paisley? " I heard on the other side of the phone, I didn't know what to say I just froze thinking of what I was going to say two minutes ago. "Paisley? " he voiced again.

"It's Amirah." both ends went silent for a minute. "Ummh well.."
"Let me guess Paisley is drunk."

"Yes, it's getting late can you probably come pick us up so you can drive her home, please." I said. "What about staying away from you? "

"Are you going to pick us up or not? " I heard him chuckle lightly on the other end. "I'm coming just text me the address." he said.
"Thanks." I said and hangup texting Alec the address.

Half an hour he pooled his car in front of us, I carefully place Paisley at the back shutting the door behind me and sitting at the front.

"What happened to her? " Alec asked while I buckled my seatbelt." she and Derek broke up just drive us to her apartment thank you very much." concluding our discussion he just did what he was told and drove.

Paisleys apartment was a bit far, the drive to her place was silent she was quiet at the back sleeping quietly my face was glued against the window passing through the street lights.

Finally we got to Paisleys apartment it was a simple Duplex, we both got down carefully dragging her out of the car and into her apartment and to her bedroom, well Alec let me drag her to her bedroom. I switched off the lights and slump back on the cushion couch.

"oh god.." I sighed feeling exhausted as Alec stood In front of me holding up a red wine and two glasses, I squinted my eyes at him.
"What? " he sat down anyways popping it open and pouring it in both glass.

He picked up one and handed the other to me.

"I didn't spike it." he said and I had to take it anyways, slowly I sipped looking back him as he kept his gaze on me.

"Well thank you for helping me with Paisley." I said, he only nodded. My eyes locked on the clock it was already nine on the dot.

'Hunter' I thought to myself, I searched for my phone then I recall not collecting it from my bags after the plane ride.

"Lost something? " he asked
"I left my phone in my bag." I muttered disappointed.

"Wanna leave me so quickly? " he arches a brow. "I want to call Hunter and tell him I'm at Paisley's I don't want him to think I got lost or something." I stated.

The atmosphere between us was quiet I didn't really know what to do next I finished my glass quietly.

"I didn't think you'd come back to Nashville." he finally spoke breaking the silence.

"Well I did and here I am." I said now it was awkward.

"Well guess I'm going to sleep over." I said lifting the bottle and pouring out another glass. "I wouldn't pour that much in one glass." he warned I rolled my eyes at him anyways filling it to the brim.

Carefully I dropped the bottle and holding my glass which was by the way filled to the brim I noticed Alec was studying my figure while I quickly drank the wine I glanced back at him again this time he was looking at chest, I choked on drink and clumsily spilled the drink on my clothes.

"Aww shit.." I spat picking up the glass and droppning it on the table as the top outline my bra.

"I'll help.." he said getting up and striding to the kitchen coming back with a paper napkin handing it over to me, I quickly dabbled it over my top which worsen the main goal and messed up my top.
"Oh god." I sighed.

"At least it's dried." Alec chuckled while I rolled my eyes at him. "I didn't like this shirt anyways." I mumbled as Alec moved closely towards me. "There are still some hovering over the side of your lips." his eyes darted at my lips before crashing his lips on mine, his tongue caressed my buttom lip taking it in and sucking on it gently, he pressed his weight on me till he pushed me down his tongue glides down to the lower end of my lip slanting back and forth.

Backing up we both made eye contact for some time he slowly got off me running his fingers through his hair, I sat down idled trying to process what just happened.

"I'm sorry about that." he mumbled I only nodded. "You just make it hard for me not to." he finally blurted waiting for a reply but I was bewildered. "I'll leave." he got up picking up his keys heading to the door I watched him leave shutting the door behind him.

I didn't know when I slept off but the next thing I woke with something licking my face, I slowly opened my eyes to see it was a cat.

Paisley made her way towards the living room yawning and hissing as sunlight hurts her eyes.

"Amirah? " she yawned.

"Get this cat off me." I whispered loud enough for her to hear as she quickly came to my rescue and settled the car down on her thigh.
"oh Mr cat cat you're hungry? " I arched my brows at her. "You named the cat, Mr cat cat? " I asked.

"It's the neighbors cat when nobody's home he just starts coming over, I didn't see anything wrong with it since he was cute and needed a companion." she said putting the cat down.

"So what will it be pancakes or cereal."

"You have cereal? " I asked she nods walking over to her kitchen and I followed so did the cat.

She pulled out a cereal box from the cupboard setting three bowls in the counter one custom made for the cat.

She pours the cereal into the three bowls each and then pours in the milk and mostly in large quantity for the cats bowl.

She first slides the bowl down to the cat who joyfully licked his bowl quietly, I looked back at her in awe.

"Thanks for watching over me yesterday by the way what the hell happened last night? " she asked.

"You were drunk and I called Alec to pick us up he did and after that he left." she eyed me suspiciously. She handed me my bowl of cereal and a spoon. "You guys didn't do anything? " she cooed and I rolled my eyes at her. "Pfft no." I liut to ftuyyhtyted.

"You're terrible at lying, tell me everything." she said slowly eating her cereal.

"Well we were drinking." she looked back at me in awe. "You guys drank in my house without me, so much 5trr." she muttered dramatically.

"Oh please you were trashed and he just brought up the wine and handed me a glass and I spilled on myself and then he kissed me." she gaped her mouth wide open as the cereal floods down from her mouth.

"Oh my God, Alec fucking likes you I'm going to be a godmother." I almost choked on my cereal.
"Just because you like him doesn't mean I'll sleep with him." I said nervously. "You like someone else? " she asked as I froze.

"You do? Tell me and I promise never to drink again." she said as we both giggled.

"OK I'm Joking about the drinking stuff but still who? Is he hot ?"
"He's dangerous and cold but he was always there for me when things hit rock bottom." I said as she nodded. "Is that why you're back in Nashville." I looked back at her she shared me remorseful looks.

My deadpan expression was my only reply she pulled me into a hug patting my back.
"I wish I was there." she voiced but I'm glad she wasn't because because they could have killed her too.

Wait why is Paisley left unharmed??

'Maybe because she was in Nashville and both Ariel and Avery died in New York' my inner thoughts suspected and something was off.

We both pulled away from the hug eating our cereal, Paisley took another day off and grabbed her laptop scrolling through her laptop.

I already changed into one of her laced gown and sat down next to her, she was scrolling through some movies on her feed.

"What are you doing? " I asked.
"oh I illegally download episodes of Descendant of gods and I'm planning on binge watching it today." she said.

"Sounds like a plan I'll go make popcorn."

"Don't use all the butter." I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen to make popcorn it was on the pan with a foil on top heating up.

I waited patiently until it started popping then I found myself in a memory of popping but I couldn't recall what it was all I heard was screaming then I saw Alec.

"Amirah? " I looked back to see Paisley who ran over to turn off the stove.

"Are you okay? I was calling you over and over but you didn't answer." she said while I tried to figure out what happened what memory was that? and why was Alec in it?

"Come on let's go watch descendants of gods." she said guiding me to the living room connecting her laptop to her TV.

Two days later the memory was still stuck fresh in my memory, I was with Hunter during a meeting at the court house I wasn't actually paying attention to what they were blabbing about.

Soon the meeting was done, Hunter walked up to me studying my expression.

"You look mortified ? There is something bothering you." he said. "No I was just thinking about Paisley."

"What about Paisley? "

"They killed both Avery and Ariel, what if they come after Paisley too." he smiles patting my head. "Don't worry if they wanted to kill her they could have done so long ago." he said.

"That's the thing, they didn't attack when I was in Nashville when I moved back to New York they killed the only people that held me there." I said

"So what actually was their goal." he asked

"They knew what they were doing they brought me back Nashville."

~To be continued~

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